Ass slapping stories-

Are you curious about slapping your partner or being slapped by your partner during sex? When it comes to sexual spanking, slapping, whipping , we can get a bit uncomfortable. Any erotic pain-play can stir up emotions in many of us. Sex comes with all kinds of emotions, both positive and negative. Here is the bottom line: If you are both into it, have consented, are turned on, and are adults, slapping is totally OK.

Ass slapping stories

Ass slapping stories

OK, storkes of these facts actually prove a nationwide trend Ads butt slapping. Swing upwards through the stroke and then pull away a kind of souped-up regal wave. There should certainly not be any unexpected face slapping during sex. To see if he was right, Kraus and colleagues logged every example of friendly Ass slapping stories that occurred during the season. But there's not enough evidence to show that butt slapping is something parents slappint be worried about. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled up her head. Castle and Beckett explore their fantasies. He Cum breifs buy grabbed her ass Aladdan sex pushed into her to the very brim. But not only had Thompson heard of it, WTSP reporters got to the bottom of the situation and interviewed the alleged offenders. Then he kneed down behind her and leaned towards her ear.

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When Mr.

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  • I sat at a coffee shop in Bronte.
  • Maya loves being spanked, but that means it takes cruelty to punish her.
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The victim's enraged mother, Land O'Lakes resident Tonya Thompson, heard that this sort of clownishness happens in other school districts. Everybody panic, because those two facts are the basis of a new "trend" that's dismantling our schools from the inside out: Butt slapping. Officials in the Pasco County School system hadn't heard of a butt slapping epidemic, even though it's happening right behind their backsides.

But not only had Thompson heard of it, WTSP reporters got to the bottom of the situation and interviewed the alleged offenders. They said it normally happens on Fridays. OK, none of these facts actually prove a nationwide trend in butt slapping. Not even YouTube searches -- usually a hot bed for the ridiculous trends kids get into -- revealed any meaningful evidence that "butt slapping" is anything more than one isolated incident of, well, butt slapping.

Sexual harassment is never funny. But there's not enough evidence to show that butt slapping is something parents should be worried about. US Edition U. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes.

Newsletters Coupons. Terms Privacy Policy. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Recently, a few 8th grade boys threatened to slap a girl's butt at a Florida middle school.

I was very shocked," Thompson said. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Join HuffPost Plus.

Andy Campbell. Suggest a correction. MORE: Weird. Today is National Voter Registration Day! In , the government left impoverished black men infected with syphilis untreated in order to study the effects of the disease as it progressed. The men never knew they had syphilis. Many of the men infected their wives and children and some died before a whistleblower alerted the media

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Ass slapping stories

Ass slapping stories

Ass slapping stories. Change picture


When Mr. Richard Castle, Mystery writer and Millionaire, came home from work the couch table wasn't clean. Kathrina came out of the bathroom in her short maiden dress. It was black with a white apron and a white bonnet.

Her legs seemed endless and as usually when seeing his maid, Mr. Castle craved to touch them. He enjoyed the view for a second before looking at the rest of her. She was holding the duster in her shaking hand. When she hesitated he roughly grabbed her shoulder and dragged her over to the couch. That is disgusting. Who do you think you're working for, some middle class guy you can cheat on and watch TV in his living room instead of cleaning? I clean all time. He yanked the white bonnet out of her dark, silky hair.

You are a very, very bad maid. Do you know what you deserve? She slowly shook her head, afraid to speak. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled up her head. He was still holding the duster and started to let it roam over her body now. Along her neck first, and then down her back and over her ass which was barely covered by the tiny short skirt of the maiden dress.

He grinned wickedly as he moved the head of the duster up and down her legs and then slowly, deliberately, let it glide between them. He let go of her hair and pushed her skirt up until her butt was covered with nothing but her rose colored lace panty. She gasped as she felt the feathers of the duster tickle her feminine parts. It somehow aroused her. But how could that be? She could not possibly like being punished? The next touch with the feathers went over her slip and up her belly and she could hardly suppress a moan.

A cruel grin covered his face. He grabbed her ass, kneading one of the butt cheeks. Then, without warning, he let the duster go down on her butt. She screamed out in shock. He watched the skin on her butt turn reddish, then gave another smack.

And another. Harder than the one before. Then he threw away the duster and slapped her with his bare hand. Every word was accompanied by a slap. She moaned every time he hit her. Then he kneed down behind her and leaned towards her ear.

He let his hand slide over her ass to the place between her legs where her slip was dark from her wetness. He leaned forward again so she could feel his cock on her sensitive butt. It's so hard and stiff and so hot. So I can punish you from the inside. Because you need to be punished.

She couldn't suppress a shiver. Her pussy was throbbing with lust and anticipation. He roughly grabbed her ass and pushed into her to the very brim. Not waiting until she had accommodated to him he started to move inside her at a quick pace. Yes, that is your punishment.

It needs to be hard so you can learn from it. He filled her completely and the skin of his cock rubbed over her walls with brutal force. Sweat pearls formed on both their foreheads. He fucked her from behind at a feverish pace, holding onto her ass while she could hardly keep herself up on her shaking arms. Grabbing her breasts he pulled the maid up against his chest. With both hands he kneaded her flesh through the fabric of the dress while his cock kept ramming into her.

Because of the changed position his tip sharply brushed over her walls. She was beyond words and beyond screaming. Being fucked by her master on his couch in her work outfit was more than she could bear, especially after being spanked by him. Then he bit down on her neck leaving a mark and grabbed her hips again, pushing her upper body down until she rested on her elbows, allowing him to go even deeper. He kept his hand on her back and rammed into her at full speed.

Her muscles started to spasm around him as she came, but he didn't slow down. Her whole body seemed to explode with the delicious pain on and inside her. His forceful thrusts pushed her up into Nirvana and she nearly collapsed. Her body gave up all possible resistance and her muscles completely opened up for him.

He pumped into her, his thumbs rubbing roughly over the flesh of her ass. Every stroke seemed to go deeper than the one before. Within seconds his orgasm hit him as hard as he had spanked her before. He could see stars and groaned while his hot load spurted into her. He held onto her until it was over and they both collapsed on the couch.

Castle opened the zipper of the maiden's dress and she turned around to face him, shoving the costume off her body. She grinned feverishly, her eyes gleamed with bliss and she pulled his head towards her to kiss him. He let his fingertips roam over her body, stroking her skin and touching her butt carefully. Not too hard? It was alright. Wow, how did you get that idea? I would never have expected that from you.

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Yes, in a sensual, naughty way. Yes, this is smut. Pure smut. Really graphic. Take care if you don't like that. It is smutty, by the way! Chapter six has arrived with a hot sports lesson Punishment When Mr.

Get on your knees! This time his hand left a red print on her bare skin. You wanna know why? I can tell Then he opened his pants, shoving them down far enough to free his throbbing erection. I am a writer. Castle and his house maid. Chapter 1 2. Punishment 3. Through the back door 4. Phantom in the Opera 5. Strangers 6.

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Ass slapping stories

Ass slapping stories

Ass slapping stories