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If you thought breastfeeding was a controversial topic, wait until you hear this story. A woman from Buenos Aires, Argentina, will be featured on an upcoming TLC special titled "Extreme Breastfeeding," for her decision to nurse her rottweiler puppy alongside her infant son. Thought you'd heard it all, did you? The woman claims that she did it to save the dog's life, and she'd make the same decision again if she had to. And thank god, we have Gauchita here today.

Breast feeding her pet picture woman

Today's Best Discounts. And she'd do it again. During that time, she triggered her body to pictue breast milk by systematic breast pumping. The national president for the SPCA, Peter Mason, said there was nothing in the Animal Welfare Act that applied specifically to a case like this, but he had some concerns that the dog could develop long-term behavioural issues. And thank god, we have Gauchita here today. Actually, don't answer that. Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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  • Human—animal breastfeeding has been practiced in many different cultures in many time periods.
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Verified by Psychology Today. Animals and Us. Recently, French researchers described a remarkable case in which a female bottlenose dolphin adopted a melon-headed whale calf Penonocephala electra , and raised it for three years.

Their article in the journal Ethology is only the second documented case of foster- parenting between animals of different species in the wild. And I suggested this unlikely relationship was analogous to human pet-keeping. One of my Facebook friends did not agree. But she was wrong.

The surprising fact is that in many parts of the world, there is a long history of women nursing animals. To modern sensibilities, the idea of a woman suckling an animal is, to say the least, weird, and even perverted. The most extensive academic treatise on the geography and functions of women breastfeeding animals is a fascinating but little known article by Fredrick Simoons and James Baldwin titled "Breast-Feeding of Animals: Its Socio-Cultural Context and Geographic Occurrence.

Simoons and Baldwin argue that with some exceptions, breastfeeding of animals was, at one time, found nearly worldwide. The types of animals that were fed, however, varied geographically. On the Malay Peninsula, women nursed baby pigs, dogs, and monkeys, and they usually returned them to the wild once the animals were grown. On the Japanese islands of Hokkaido and Sakhalin, Ainu women suckled bear cubs.

The Ainu venerated bears and ceremonially ate them. Bear cubs whose parents were killed for these sacrificial rites were nursed by lactating women. Among the people of the Pacific Islands, the breast-feeding of animals was nearly universal. On New Guinea, both pigs and dogs were nursed. In both North and South America, tribal peoples breast-fed pets. Monkeys were the most commonly nursed animals in Amazonia, but the list of species also included dogs, peccaries, and deer.

In North America, women were reported to have breastfed puppies, deer, bear cubs, and even beavers and baby raccoons. Simoons and Baldwin offered a couple of explanations for the geographic distribution of animal suckling.

The first was ecological. Virtually all of the groups in which the nursing of animals was common did not have domesticated milk-producing animals. Hence there was no alternative source of milk for orphaned mammals. The second was cultural.

Some societies had negative views of creatures that were routinely suckled in other places such as piglets and puppies. Thus the fact that dogs and pigs are considered unclean in some Islamic regions explains why these animals were not nursed by humans in the Middle East. Simoons and Baldwin reported that wet-nursing of young animals occurred in different societies for four reasons.

Needless to say, breast-feeding of animals has fallen from fashion even in cultures where it was once accepted. Animal nursing was never common in Europe because of the availability of milk-producing domestic animals.

Simoons and Baldwin believe the near-universal absence of the practice in the modern world is the consequence of the spread of Western values across the globe. That said, there are a few holdouts. Deer are venerated among the Bishnoi religious group in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan. Lactating mothers in that culture continue to breastfeed orphan or injured fawns.

Simoons and Baldwin argue that breast-feeding was an important step on the path to pet-keeping and the domestication of animals.

John Bradshaw is not so sure. The only other published account of cross-species adoption involved a group of capuchin monkeys which adopted a baby marmoset and raised it for 18 months. Carzon, P. Simoons, F. Breast-feeding of animals by women: its socio-cultural context and geographic occurrence. Anthropos, Hal Herzog, Ph. Extreme dog grooming and pet day spas reflect the humanization of pets. What does science tell us about the welfare of emotional support animals?

Why should owning cats and birds be linked to cancer in women but not in men? Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. Is Autism Becoming Neurodiversity? Hal Herzog Ph. Follow me on Twitter. Friend me on Faceook. Like the dolphin who adopted a baby whale, humans have often breast-fed pets. Source: John Bradshaw, used with permission based on MacRitchie References Carzon, P. Submitted by Carol on August 6, - pm. I would have to draw the line at beavers ;.

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Religious and ceremonial reasons have also been a factor. You may get equipped for taking erotic delight carrier. Traditionally piglets, monkeys, puppies and kittens have been used. Breastfeeding coalition emblem. For the Awa Guaja tribe in the Brazilian Amazon basin , community means more than humans.

Breast feeding her pet picture woman

Breast feeding her pet picture woman. Re: the woman who breastfeed their pets


Mom Tandem Breastfeeds Her Baby & Her Puppy | CafeMom

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Breast feeding her pet picture woman

Breast feeding her pet picture woman

Breast feeding her pet picture woman