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Includes Fanfiction from various artists from CCS. Blood pounded in steady, deafening throbs against his ears and drowned out all other peripheral noises. All he could hear was the thunderous two toned thudding of his own beating heart; the dull rhythmic pulse echoing in the hollow spaces of his ears. Syaoran was only vaguely aware of his surroundings; of the sickly pale morning light upon the grey mountain, the alarmed cries of his friends Her shoulders shook with each racking sob as she wept, her voice trembling with emotion.

Cardcaptor sakura stripper

Cardcaptor sakura stripper

Cardcaptor sakura stripper

Cardcaptor sakura stripper

Cardcaptor sakura stripper

Touya nodded, turning to Syaoran with a serious look on his face. Syaoran gulped and folded his hands behind his back nervously. Maybe she could change. Humming around Sakurq Cardcaptor sakura stripper Sakura began to bob her head as fast as she could relishing the taste of him on her tongue along with the feeling of the hot water beating down on her back and ass, rolling his head back Syaoran took hold of Sakura's head making her purr as she moved to balance herself on all fours, bobbing her head to match his pace as he started to slowly thrust down her Catdcaptor "fuck Sakura, just like that". He Feeding popcorn to birds in into his back pocket, grabbing out his badge to show the three Cardcaptor sakura stripper.

Spanking the girl art. Twinfinite

Keroberos Main. From their conversation, it is Naked girl dress that Sonomi is a cousin to Sakura's mother and she blames Fujitaka for her death, though not in any direct way. She explains that her bell was created by Clow Reed to give Sakura another chance. Yue awakens to protect Sakura from the bear but quickly loses his power. Audible Download Audio Books. Heartbroken, Sakura says that she doesn't want him to go and that she may indeed love him. Kero, who is unable to explain the predicament to Sakura, asks her to use the Sleep card on all the customers, allowing him to get rid of Suppie. While baking a cake, Kero's ribbon unties itself, letting Kero—who can smell the cake baking—to come downstairs. October 7, I understand. Mizuki, who were once lovers before the latter left for England. Lucia Nanami, the mermaid princess of the Cardcaptor sakura stripper Pacific Ocean, sets out to land to find the boy Cardcaptor sakura stripper saved Cardcaptor sakura stripper a tsunami wave seven years ago. Edit Anime Information What would you like to edit? Toya, meanwhile, is certain that Nakuru is deliberately interrupting him while he tries to tell Yukito the truth about why he is always feeling fatigued.

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  • The episode Cardcaptor Sakura Japanese anime television series is based on the manga series written and illustrated by the manga artist group Clamp.
  • It is a sequel to Clamp's manga Cardcaptor Sakura and focuses on Sakura Kinomoto in junior high school.

Includes Fanfiction from various artists from CCS. Blood pounded in steady, deafening throbs against his ears and drowned out all other peripheral noises. All he could hear was the thunderous two toned thudding of his own beating heart; the dull rhythmic pulse echoing in the hollow spaces of his ears. Syaoran was only vaguely aware of his surroundings; of the sickly pale morning light upon the grey mountain, the alarmed cries of his friends Her shoulders shook with each racking sob as she wept, her voice trembling with emotion.

Sakura struggled to hold back her own tears, to suppress the raw ache that rose from within her soul and threatened to devour her. Meiling watched the tearful exchange between the women with an odd stirring in her heart, a tugging that she recognized as pity. It was quite to her own surprise then, that she should find herself suddenly drenched with anger. By stripping his love of her youth?! Tell us how we can fix this! Sakura is only sixteen years old , her life has barely begun… begun with Syaoran!

I…I made that choice! She nodded numbly as Sakura gently let go of her wrist, feeling the corners of her eyes prickling strangely. At that moment, Sakura glanced over to where Syaoran stood. He had remained silent all of this time, standing a little away from the others and staring emotionlessly at the ground.

Sakura wondered whether he was angry at her. Or worse yet, disappointed. When he did not respond, not even to raise to his head and look at her, Sakura felt her heart tighten with dread. She reached out with a hand, wanting to stroke his face but promptly withdrew it, afraid that he would reject her touch. She tried to smile but in truth she could feel her heart breaking within her.

She had almost forgotten about the potency of those beautiful eyes, that intense hypnotic pull that drew one into their depths. She had fallen in love with those eyes. He then closed his eyes and gently stroked the back of her head. With this Syaoran drew his head away from hers and pressed his lips tenderly against her forehead.

Of course he loved her! She could hardly believe she had doubted him, even for a second. The journey down the steep, perilous slopes of Mt.

She had stumbled so often on this journey; her skeletal, bruised limbs so unable to support her own weight that Syaoran had offered to carry her. He smiled at her now, blinded and unprejudiced of her misshapen appearance and wholly in love with her.

By midday, the group had finally decided to rest and chose the dappled shade of some spotted elm trees to shelter from the sweltering sun. Tomoyo began rummaging in her knapsack for some food while Kero and Meiling promptly offered to look for some firewood to start the cooking fire. She understood their reactions perfectly; they were all still undoubtedly reeling with shock but they also knew that Sakura did not want pity… now they were unsure of how to respond.

Sakura smiled and started to cut the vegetable into narrow discs. A brief silence followed as she thought of something to say to encourage a comfortable conversation. Suddenly Tomoyo stopped slicing the carrot and stared at Sakura with a quivering lower lip. She looked like she was going to cry again and was trying desperately not to. Syaoran and I really are going to be together…maybe not forever, but for as long as we both can.

Tomoyo giggled, dried her eyes and finally gave a cheerful nod. She reached down into her knapsack, pulled out a small copper plated saucepan and handed it to Sakura. Somewhere quiet…but where she can still be close to you and her family. I was thinking of buying a fruit orchard. Syaoran nodded nostalgically. At this remark, Tomoyo stifled a laugh. She had grown up around the Kinomoto family and knew them almost as well as Sakura did.

She also knew how overprotective Touya Kinomoto could be around his little sister. He and Sakura fight like cats and dogs at home but he loves her a lot. Sakura had just dropped the copper saucepan and it had clattered to the ground with an audible clang, spilling water in every direction. She was facing the stream with her back to them, her whole body trembling as she vigorously rubbed at her left arm. Everyone drew a terrified breath as Sakura lurched forward, her knees falling away from beneath her as Syaoran reached out with both arms and caught her.

A thin layer of sweat had broken out across her wrinkled forehead and she had turned dreadfully pale. She continued to hyperventilate, her face contorted with pain as her shaking grew more and more violent by the second. He drew a sharp breath as his fingers touched her. She remembered the time her grandfather had suffered from a stroke….

He drew a quivering breath and glared at the others as tears of fear and frustration rose in his eyes. One tear rolled down his cheek and he wiped it brusquely away with the back of his hand. Tomoyo nodded wordlessly and rose to fetch a woolen blanket from her knapsack. By the late afternoon, the sun had begun its steady descent across the dimming red sky, signaling the approach of dusk beyond the horizon.

Three campfires had now been lit; each fully ablaze as the group struggled to keep Sakura alive, covering her with all of the available blankets to prevent her temperature from falling any further. Right now, it was dangerously low. Syaoran lay down on the cold ground beside the unconscious Sakura and wrapped his arms around her. Perhaps if he could share some of his body warmth with her she would be alright. With one hand, he gently ran his fingers through her long white hair, thankful that she was no longer shaking, and placed his face next to hers.

Her breathing came in short, restless pants and it took all of his strength to suppress the panic that filled him. You needed me then, so I came to your rescue. I thought you were the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, an angel fallen from heaven!

She probably would have raised an eyebrow and given him a gentle, playful punch in the shoulder. You even sacrificed your youth so that I might be happy. He lay his head back down on the ground beside hers and closed his eyes. He drew another shaky breath as he willed himself not to cry. Please live. Tomoyo, Meiling and Kero had been sitting on the ground talking quietly to each other when Syaoran started shouting.

They swung around with alarm and rushed over to see what had happened. Syaoran parted her lips with his fingers, covered them with his mouth and began to push air into her lungs. Syaoran thrust the palms of his hands together and applied pressure to her chest, pumping steadily in an effort to start her heart again. He then asked Tomoyo to take over while he alternated with the mouth- to- mouth resuscitation.

Syaoran breathed into her and then turned his head away to listen for the slightest quiver of air…. Syaoran stared at her incredulously. Why did she have to break down like that when it was clear that Sakura needed her right now? Meiling regarded him with tear filled ruby eyes, her mouth quivering slightly as she squeezed his arm.

In all his life, he had never seen Meiling gaze at anyone with such compassion as she did for him now. He leant down, covering her mouth with hers and blew into her lungs one more time …before his shoulders began to shake uncontrollably with heaving sobs.

He pulled her limp body into his lap and cradled her withered head in his arms, rocking back and forth as he grieved and howled and poured his breaking heart out. He laid his cheek against her cold one and closed his eyes, sobbing fiercely until sound no longer came out. He allowed no one to touch him and no one to pry her from his arms.

Syaoran looked up and met the tender, sapphire blue gaze of a familiar cloaked young man with wire- rimmed spectacles and navy blue hair. The longer Syaoran stared at the man, the more anger that filled him. Before too long, that anger had manifested into hatred and that in turn, into rage. He stared past the concerned and gentle expression of the magician whose face he had long since memorized…and found the reason Sakura had perished.

He pulled Sakura gently from his lap; laying her on the ground and rising to his feet before a torrent of raw, ballistic fury exploded within him. Syaoran lunged at Eriol; fists beating out until one of them struck the sorcerer hard across the cheek and knocked his glasses askew. He continued to attack irrationally; ignoring the frantic shouts of his friends to stop whilst Eriol struggled to dodge them.

The younger man winced with pain, cursing and spitting as he tried to free his arm. Eriol only tightened his grip. Just listen. There was already a shiny new bruise beginning to color his otherwise pale, lily- colored face.

He bent down and picked his glasses up from the ground, examining them for breakages. Night had once again fallen, weaving its gloomy threads across the broad sky where the crystalline stars and the glossy white moon had made their usual appearance. Syaoran was far from celebrating his first official night as a human being. It was an ancient looking weapon; pure silver with a long ornate handle and a large black onyx embedded into its hilt.

Metacritic Reviews. June 3, Kero consults with Yue about the unnatural weather, explaining that he has felt a familiar presence. Sakura seals both cards and before being sealed, they tell her that the Final judgment is coming and that it will be up to someone named Yue to decide if she will become their new master. Create a new Playlist. The next day, Sakura goes up the mountain with Eriol when a blizzard begins to form. NA Kodansha Comics.

Cardcaptor sakura stripper

Cardcaptor sakura stripper

Cardcaptor sakura stripper

Cardcaptor sakura stripper. Works that everyone is watching


Red Light District Chapter 1: The Scandal, a card captor sakura fanfic | FanFiction

Hey There! Welcome to a new story of mine :D. I think this will be a pretty short one, or maybe I'll write this story when I don't have enough Inspiration for "The Jade Heart". It's not on Hiatus don't absolutely worry :D. So, welcome to "Red Light District". This story is Rated M from the beginning of the story since it will have prostitution, murder, graphic scenes, sexual themes and sex scenes. I'm a fan of Crime and Mysteries and I love watching these things on television on unresolved murder cases or old crimes.

His body was found at the crime scene without any form of clothing on. On his stomach, there were brutal gashes that seemed to be the cause of his intestines hanging right out of his body. Pressing the volume button on the remote, he felt himself becoming more engaged in the news.

It was a bad habit that had grown over the years. He would turn the television on while drinking his morning coffee as he flipped through the channels to find a crime case. Normally, he would wake up at AM just to catch a glimpse of the news and be on time for work. Work was the place he loved the most because of the excitement and his skills.

His performance skills at work were always calm and in cold blood, like a usual morning routine when he was in Hong Kong.

Detective Li Syaoran was a man of work. Some would even say that he was a workaholic because he had no time for things that could entertain him. He never had the time to sit down and watch a movie, or even think about seeing a woman. His mother always scolded him, constantly reminding him that he should find a wife soon so she could have grandchildren one day. He never understood why she troubled him with this, though.

He had four sisters who were already married and had children of their own. He could only come down to one conclusion; his mother wasn't satisfied with his decision of being a lone wolf and wanted the best for him. Syaoran sighed, sitting the cup of coffee on the table, while watching the screen carefully with his arms crossed over his chest. An influential business man in Japan was killed…this will surely cause a scandal to rise.

That was all he could think as blurred images appeared on the screen, what Syaoran assumed was the man's lifeless body. Syaoran shook his head unbelievably and then chugged down the rest of the coffee in one gulp. He turned the television off as he stood from the couch. He walked over to the rack, grabbing his coat. On the table beside the rack was his badge and gun that he always kept on him. He could feel the excitement bubbling in his stomach. He was sure that his boss, or the district attorney would call the entire Police Department for the " Mizumi Murder " case to be investigated.

He already felt that there was something on the water, because he heard that a few prostitutes were killed in the same manner as Mizumi. However, Syaoran knew that the Department wouldn't care too much about the death of the prostitutes. The Red Light District was filled with people who looked for trouble. There were prostitutes, owners of strip clubs, and even worse; drug dealers. Even though Syaoran religiously adores his job, he still believed that these people are human.

No one should be treated inhuman, or like someone inferior to mankind when they were still human. He felt extremely disgusted with the standards of the world. When Syaoran arrived to work, he saw his colleagues in a rush to get paper work done, while some answering phone calls. He could only assume that they had heard of the scandal after the News and they were beginning to work on the possible murderer of Katsuhito Mizumi. Some agents in the department suspected that the murderer is from the Red Light District, while some disagreed wholeheartedly to the theory.

Syaoran shook his head at the judgmental theory as he walked towards his office. He stopped midway there, seeing his partner in front of the office. The man had grey eyes with squared glasses and messy, dark blue hair. He gave Syaoran a Cheshire cat smile, and slight nod in acknowledgment. It seems that the department is on fire today," Syaoran said sarcastically to his partner.

Detective Hiiragizawa Eriol was his partner since he came from the Police Department of Hong Kong three years ago, in Eriol was always by his side, and had become one of his best friends in the department quickly, aside from Lieutenant Mihara Chiharu and Agent Yamazaki Takashi. Eriol raised an eyebrow at the sarcasm of Syaoran's response. He noticed the blank expression on Syaoran's face and sucked in an anxious breath, rolling his eyes.

He pushed a few coins in and pressed an espresso on the machine. Eriol sighed. I can only assume that they needed someone influential to report the scandal," he said with disgust. Syaoran nodded at the voiced words of his thoughts as he crossed his arms over his chest. His amber eyes blinked twice at the rage he felt for the reporters. Those reporters never talked enough about the murders that were always taken place at the Red Light District of Tokyo. No matter what the situation was, they would always say that the killer was some drug dealer of the district just because they were nothing special in the eyes of "normal" people.

They don't have respect at all, Eriol. I bet my badge that this murderer has killed someone before Mr. Syaoran nodded his head slowly, deep in thought about this. He or she doesn't seem like a newbie killer.

They seem to be an expert. How right could he be right now? They needed someone important to report a murderer on the loose. The men turned around and saw a woman with long, black hair and ruby eyes. She had her hands on her curved hips. She was dressed in a pale, pink suit with heels on her feet. We needed the District Attorney too," Eriol murmured to Syaoran as he finished his espresso and threw the plastic cup into the trash.

Syaoran shook his head, frustrated. His messy, chestnut hair moved along with his head. You know that it's a bit impolite to greet others with chastisement.

These reporters have not given us a moment to breathe. I don't know how many cups of coffee I've drank from the frustration. She did look kind of terrible with the bags under her eyes, and her hair loose. Usually, she always had it pulled into a tight, professional bun. Mei-Ling was always professional on the job.

She had picked up on the professional habit in undergrad school where she got a degree in Political Science. Mei-Ling walked towards the coffee machine and put a coin inside it, pressing a macchiato. Her body was tense, signaling her need for another cup of coffee. Though Mei-Ling came off as rude to most, including Syaoran, he still cared for her in a way that family should.

You're older than me, but I'm kind of your boss. So, don't start okay? It was something that Mei-Ling always told him during an important case, even in Hong Kong. When both cousins arrived in Tokyo, the District Attorney of Setagaya retired because of his health due to his old age, and the desire to spend time with his family.

In turn, Mei-Ling was promoted to District Attorney. To her, it was the peak of her career. District Attorney ," they chorused together to tease her, which they successfully did since she was scowling.

They chuckled. Mei-Ling shook her head, rolling her eyes as she drank her macchiato. In the meantime, I have to prepare for the press release to calm down those thirsty reporters so everyone can work on the case without any problems. She opened her purse and took out a clip, putting it between her lips.

She pulled her hair back into a pony-tail. She used the clip after wrapping her hair into a bun to secure it. Some locks where in front of her eyes still. The desk was a mess with newspapers, paperwork, and a cup of coffee that was still full, but on ambient temperature.

There was also an ashtray on the table, which explained the smell of burned cigars in the room. At the sound of Eriol's voice, the seat twirled around and revealed a man with brown eyes and dark hair. He was holding a cigarette in between his fingers. He was dressed in a black suit and had a barge attached to his shirt.

Cardcaptor sakura stripper

Cardcaptor sakura stripper

Cardcaptor sakura stripper