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Ask Allison and Ella Question. Diaper Girl Stories Diaper Girl Stories. After hugging Kaede back and setting her down with her favorite plush and a pacifier, making sure she was calmed down a little first, the maid came over towards Miu. How silly of me

Diaper gir

Diaper gir

Diaper gir

Chastity ii. Join the community to add your comment. And one of those responsibilities was her position in the Archery Club. I felt the warm Diapwr spread down the back of my legs and I clenched as hard as I could. I could feel little spurts splashing my panties as I desperately tried to fight the uncontrollable release. My bladder ached and my leg trembled, and this Sara bras was the last thing I needed right now.

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A mother was arrested for allegedly starving a three-year-old girl to stop her from soiling her diaper.

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Ask Allison and Ella Question. Diaper Girl Stories Diaper Girl Stories. After hugging Kaede back and setting her down with her favorite plush and a pacifier, making sure she was calmed down a little first, the maid came over towards Miu. How silly of me I suppose bad babies never learn. All three girls felt their blood run cold as Kirumi spoke, hardly able to beli.

Sequel to Baby Pianist and Mommy Maid, so check out that one first! Being trapped, locked away from the outside world was far from ideal at first, but by now the blond haired girl was beginning to think it was almost like a dream come true. Well, if nothing else, it happened to be a silver lining to a monochrome teddy bear locking them inside and telling them, unsuccessfully she may add, to kill one another.

Yawning, Kaede b. Yesterday was a rather eventful day. Three deaths in the span of twenty-four hours. He rubbed his neck and rose from the mattress. As he stretched, he thought about what he could do during the day. But all that came to him were the corpses of his classmates.

He shook his head before staring at the clock. He had slept through the morning announcement. Everyone else mi. A story focused on our A Childish World Series! Includes elements from the Maki and Nanako ones, so make sure to read those first! As her father had to leave on a sudden emergency for a few days, the two girls had been called upon to act as babysitters for the young girl.

After all, they were her friends, and neither of them particularly minded spending a few days looking after her. As they entered, they quickly found that Nanako was not yet awake. And one of those responsibilities was her position in the Archery Club. Which was, coincidentally, where she found herself now. She was always quite confident in her skill as an archer, so she was able to filter out all distractions, and aim her bow directly at the target in front of her. However, as she focused, despite usually being able to keep her mind off anything but archery, she.

Sequel to A Childish World! For context as to what's happening here, read through that one beforehand! Two long, mentally exhausting, and humiliating weeks Maki had been in this other world, and her search for any kind of escape had proven to bear no results. The black-haired girl had hoped that at some point she would suddenly wake up from a dream that went on for far too long, or went to sleep and woke up back in her normal world which was just as she left it.

Unfortunately, her hope for either of these scenarios was quickly waning with each passing day. Since she had come he. Pokemon World Tournament Reunion Lance-the-young. The little intruder carefully creeped away trying not to make any noise yet continued to be betrayed by a slight crinkling that surrounded her.

A low pitch but silent voice called out to the intruder. The sight of the large green man standing behind her filled Xbone with relief as she realiz. Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Sign In. Core Membership. Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Copyright Policy.

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Diaper gir

Diaper gir

Diaper gir

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Doing the crinkly diaper dance in my play pen. Repin Like 0 Likes. I'm having a blast at Milkshake Festival -- Repin Like 2 Likes. I'm cleaning my nursery in a diaper and T-shirt Slow-motion diaper video: shaking my booty in my Attends M10 diaper. Repin Like 4 Likes. Video: My first Slowmotion Diaper Video. Repin Like 6 Likes. Repin Like 5 Likes. Repin Like 3 Likes. I Finally Did it! Adult Footed Sleeper. My diaper is really crinkly, check this sound. Repin Like 9 Likes. Movie on at 6. Say Hello To Sophie!

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Be sure to check them out! I tapped my foot impatiently, waiting for the next order to finish so I could finally go. It was just about midnight, and this would be my last run of the night before I could go home and sleep. What did bother me was finishing this last delivery so I could go home and pee.

I was the only girl on staff and all the boys seemed to have a thing for me, so I was not trying to pull my pants down in front of them. It must have been ten or twelve pizzas, and my face immediately turned sour. I turned back and winked at him. Goodnight Ernie! The effort of pulling the pizza around briefly put a heavy strain on my bladder, and I pushed my hand into my crotch to collect myself before getting into the car.

Most of my deliveries were only five or six minutes away, so anything over ten was a long one. My bladder was screaming at this point, and I sped off, determined to shorten that time. The route was pretty clear, after all it was after midnight, so I was able to make good time to the location.

About five minutes into the drive, I had to keep one hand between my legs to aid in my desperate attempt to hold it. My leg was shaking up and down and it felt like my bladder was going to explode. The whole car fell to one side as the right wheels of my car hit a massive pothole.

I was worried I had busted the tire, but the car still road smooth after. However after my worries passed, my hand felt a different texture than it had a few seconds ago. I was wet. My face went pale and I quickly tried to look down without looking away from the road for too long. Sure enough, the bump of the pothole cause me to leak a small bit of pee into my panties and jeans.

I saw small bit, but really it was enough to make a softball sized wet spot in my crotch so it was a serious sized spurt of piss. I pulled up at the delivery destination and contemplated how I would hid my wetness. Since the spurt happened when I was sitting, most of the wetness dripped to my butt, meaning my front was okay but my ass was very visibly wet. On top of all of this contemplation, my bladder was still screaming for release.

With both bags of pizza in hand, one covering my front and the other covering my side, I slowly approached the front door and rang the bell. There was loud music playing, so I wondered if anyone had hear me, and just as I was going to ring again, the door swung open.

It was fucking Greg, this guy who had a massive crush on my all through high school that I lead on for a bit just to get into the rich kid parties, but ghosted him as soon as high school was over. Come in! I stood still, not wanting to move. My bladder ached and my leg trembled, and this encounter was the last thing I needed right now. I actually gotta run and do another delivery in the area but maybe we can catch up another time? I felt movement inside my body, like my bladder was shifting.

I panicked and clenched up as hard as I could, no wanting to look down or move the pizzas. Someone else ran to the door, it was his best friend Sean who I also knew; this was taking too long. I felt the warm liquid spread down the back of my legs and I clenched as hard as I could. The stream stopped and I looked back at the two drunks, who looked at me perplexed.

The cool night air blew against my legs, allowing me to feel how the pee had spread halfway down my legs. I stood still. I remained still. I put the pizza bag behind my butt and slowly walked inside. I walked as quickly as I could passed the other guys in the house, trying to not draw attention to myself until-.

Everyone cheered and looked at me after the drunken declaration of my presence. I smiled at some of them then stopped in from by of the table. Everyone was looking at me, waiting for me to unload the pizza which was currently covering my half finished accident. Slowly I turned so that my back was to a wall and put the first pizza bag on the table, sliding the other one over to cover my front.

I tried to unzip the bag with one hand but it was no use. I needed to used both. I took a deep breath, felt my heart pounding in my chest, and put both bags on the table. As quickly as I could, I took out both stacks of pizza and grabbed the bags back to cover my legs. Just as I finished unloading and recovering, Greg was back. He walked over to me with a drunken swagger, looking like he was going to try to seduce me.

I just looked at the floor, my legs still trembling to hold what was left in. My eyes widened at the sight of so much money. I opened my mouth to speak but struggled for words. With him so close, I started to get nervous…and felt my bladder relax.

Just when I was about to open it to leave, Greg spoke again. I could feel little spurts splashing my panties as I desperately tried to fight the uncontrollable release. Both my hands were still covering my accident, which surely showed in the front now. There were still people behind me, so either way…I was on display. I quickly shot my hand out to grab the cash, and Greg pulled his hand quickly.

The spurts were getting longer, harder to stop. I was fuming mad, and on the brink of losing control. Slowly I looked up to his smug face, and said:. And that was it. My bladder gave and piss erupted out of me.

The warm wetness spread down my legs without mercy and left a puddle where I stood. The boys in the house were stunned, and I swore the music cut out when I lost control.

My shoes squished every step I took to the car and my legs went from warm and wet to cold in a few moments. As I was about to get into the car, I heard thunderous laughter from inside the house.

My nose curled and rage filled me, but I got inside the car, despite my brain screaming at me to run inside, throw all their pizzas into the puddle I left and tell them all to fuck themselves. When Stephanie returns a half hour later, Picky is rightfully upset and fires the girl on the spot. After begging to keep her job, however, Stephanie is told the only way to keep her job is to accept an appropriate punishment.

When she is told to drop her pants and bend over the desk for corporal punishment, she does as she is told despite her misgivings. When she returns, she is carrying a diaper bag filled with everything she needs to keep her secretary in diapers. Embarrassed by this turn of events, Stephanie hides her eyes as her boss wraps her tightly in a large plastic diaper.

It will come in handy all too soon, as bathroom breaks are no longer allowed. Send snugs and snacks please! Everything is great, proceed without reservation. I am getting slightly uncomfortable, slow down a little, be cautious. Good behavior will reduce down an offense one level and a probation period added.

Breaking of said probation leads to two offense levels upward. If it exceeds the set levels, other punishments may be prescribed. At the end of the probation period. That level is now the set level and the good behavior qualification is begun again. Gag Paci or other gag to prevent pouting. Risk of exposure. Excessive drooling. Writing lines princesses do not swear, etc.

Bottle filled and finished in x-amount of time. More exposed diaper. Diaper used by caregiver. Short skirt. Tight pants. Short dress. Short shirt. Calling Caregiver name.

Little utensils at meal Little initiated. Get out of one punishment free 50 stickers. Diaper change request 10 stickers.

Diaper gir

Diaper gir

Diaper gir