Hiei and kurama really gay-H&K Frustrations

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Hiei and kurama really gay

Hiei and kurama really gay

Hiei and kurama really gay

Hiei and kurama really gay

Hiei and kurama really gay

Obsessive Bloodsucker. She says that the Tear Drop was the item that helped her find a bit more of peace within herself, and my guess is that she wanted, then, to find the original owner of the jewel and reunite him with him as her own form of gratitude. She's ditsy and peppy, all things Hiei cannot stand. And they always seem to understand and know what the other is thinking. Mukuro being Hiei's superior doesn't mean much. You know, Shizuru is Kuwabara's kuramma and Hiei is Yukina's rrally. Play Word Blitz!

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Get an Invitation. What type of trouble do they get into? So, yeah, tah! A lot of people stereo-type guys who teally kind of girlish, though they may be straight, and many of my friends dress dark and evil, and yet they are as straight as a circle. If someone says Hiei and Kurama are straight, it's only because someone wants them to be and is "reading" into the anime. That, my friends, was a prime Hkei of two sexual deviants flirting up a storm in the midst of a heated batle, emphasis on heated. The owner and moderators of this forum are solely responsible for the content posted within this area. Fifteen loosely connected drabbles for Hiei and Kurama; some porny, some not. They simply do not care. Rating Newest Oldest. I totally support gay couples. That's my opinion gtg later Shadow Dragon Kitsune. I hate seeing flaming reveiws on people's stories saying things like, 'They are Pregnant after pill gay! Hiei and kurama really gay surprised to find his sister making medicine for Kurama.

Yu Yu Hakusho fans-Why do people think Kurama is gay?

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Kushina, you gave your life for your son.. Shikaku, Inoichi, you died and entrusted your hopes and techniques to Shikamaru and Ino. But you were side characters so lmao bye. Ramen guy, you fed Naruto for years and you were the only one, in the Village, to not scorn him or hate him out of ignorance.

Nevermind that you were away on a mission to protect the whole world. Nevermind that it was stronger than death and she fulfilled your dream of becoming the Hokage, that you gave her hope after the loss of her little brother. Also your design is b-o-r-i-n-g. Nevermind that your death was one of the causes of a mass murder and a war. Fugaku and Mikoto? Haku and Zabuza…..

Orochimaru, you were in pretty much every arc of Naruto. I have a lot to talk about Mukuro. I was basically counting the chapers until i got to talk about Mukuro. Besides, imagine it. To make things looks more, er, you know, straight and appealing to conservative audience? And then Togashi goes like: Okay, okay.

No way. So remarkable to me folks sorry for the wall of text, hahaha. This had me wonder why Gai or even Lee were mocked for it. Dai killed several of the seven swordsmen of the Mist before dying himself something that was never brought up before hand and Itachi was even wary of Gai. So why wasn't this this information carried over with Lee, like when Neiji mocked him. Its like how everyone knew that Naruto had Kurama, but not that the 4th was his father.

The difference is Gai and Metal can use Ninjutsu and Genjutsu but actively choose not to. Lee however is physically incapable with the exception of some basic abilities such as dispelling Genjutsu and using chakra to walk on water or scale buildings etc. Very few characters were explicitly gay. But the crumbs were all we ever got.

But as I grew up, I became less and less satisfied with implied representation, until I stopped watching anime all together. An actual kiss between two queer characters in a genre anime. I cannot tell you how I rushed to watch YOI after that.

I loved every minute of it. And I cried, because fifteen-year-old me had finally gotten her wish. JavaScript is required to view this site.

Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. Look at this big ass Mukuro rambling right there I have a lot to talk about Mukuro. Even people who barely watched this series as kids can at least remember the girls from the Tournament, right? For me, Mukuro is one of the characters I remember the most from this series.

This older woman stronger and old than you with fucking awesome scars and complicated past is your love interest! Have you seem Sensui and Itsuki? And conveniently having under her wing not only his Tear Drop but also the guy who put the Third Eye on him.. But she went after him. For what? All this for a second in command? I doubt so. My personal theory is that Mukuro was grateful.

She says that the Tear Drop was the item that helped her find a bit more of peace within herself, and my guess is that she wanted, then, to find the original owner of the jewel and reunite him with him as her own form of gratitude. So she looked for Hiei. And then she told him all about herself to show him that she, too, was purposeless and full of hate and she, too, could heal, and so can he. Because she was grateful.

The way she did it was fucked up? Weird and ominous and way more bloodier than a therapist would recommend, but she too is fucked up and fucked up people find fucked up ways to go forward, I guess.

Hell, probably Mukuro is kinder than she herself knows she can be. You know why Yuri on Ice is such a big deal?

Youko's Kitsune. Even if he can interest the fox in his project, his services will still come at a price. Dun do it. You know, the part in which Kurama gave Hiei the gem, but Hiei tried to give it back. Sekah please excuse the previous post.

Hiei and kurama really gay

Hiei and kurama really gay

Hiei and kurama really gay

Hiei and kurama really gay

Hiei and kurama really gay

Hiei and kurama really gay. Report Abuse

Lelouch struggles to survive his inner turmoil. Kaname comes to grips with the reality he sees in front of him. Sesshomaru lives a hermit lifestyle, trying to escape his fate. Cesare doesn't believe in destiny and dreams. These broken brothers are scattered to the winds. All this and everything in the land of Tsukuyomi will be flipped onto its head when Byakuya arrives with a revelation about his connection to the clan, the brothers, and Madara himself. Meanwhile, Naruto in the modern day world uncovers his uncle's darkest secrets, his younger brother Chiaro dragged down into hell along the way.

I lift my hand and touch his face. The face that I had memorize for over the years, the face I know like I know the back of my hands.

The face that I know will forever be engraved in my being like my second shadow. Or: Kurama has been in love with Hiei as long as he knows but he didn't want his best friend knowing about it and wanted to keep as it is, but when Hiei suddenly announces his marriage everything changes. He isn't prepared to find Youko.

Summary: The heart's of the three worlds is the most powerful being's to ever exist. They have the power to destroy the world or make it prosper. Until they find their soulmate they are in an eternal sleep. This is the story about Haruka and Misaki Rosezeria. A boy who was born with both genders inside him and. A Girl who is his twin. This is the boy and girl who changes the fate of the world. They are forever asleep until three beings come together Spirit Detective.

Can they get these three or four beings to come together in order to save the world. Will they allow them to be their soulmate or will they just reject them. What will happen when King Emma finds out the heart's have awaken from their sleep? This story has lots of romance drama angst and action.

Hiei and Kurama have known each other longer than anyone realized, and their partnership established long before the Dark Tournament.

No one had ever really asked where and when they had met and they never volunteered the information. As a show of good faith between Raizen and Yomi, Yuusuke offers to keep Youko Kurama's mate company while the fox is away. It's not that simple. Fifty years ago, Hiei left Kurama and his human friends behind and escaped into the wilderness of the Makai. He has been running from his memories and his own regret ever since. But, when Hiei feels a familiar spirit nearby, he realizes he might be getting a second chance Koenma has always had an attraction to Urameshi Yusuke; actually he made him a Spirit Detective to keep an eye on him.

Other animators did the same with Gundam Wing, there's only one official pairing in that series not Heero and Relena, believe or not but you can't tell by looking at some of the official art. And they are not the only ones, it's one reason most anime and manga have at least one if not more bishounen.

Source s : Been watching anime for over ten years. I don't believe in God any more because of a tragic motor scooter and gun accident that blew off my left foot and three fingers.

I often wonder that if I saw Bozo naked would I think that chocolate milk cannot be sold in stores in a plastic container, or could it? That is a very deep and philosophical question that many great people like Coach Ditka and Jesus could not answer when they went before a grand jury for illegal dancing in Utah.

Just because Van Halen does not play at your grammar school dance doesn't mean that you have missed out in life or did something wrong. You have to move past those issues and begin to address the fact that Men are from Mars and Women are from Saturn. I once fed a dead rat to a blind man in a tossed salad and he was not happy with the dressing I picked for him.

Do you ever reflect on the meaning of extra large shrimp or why plumbers don't lay plumbs when bricklayers lay bricks? Dance freely and don't forget to wear sunscreen when you go to the bowling alley. The government and aliens want you to stop smoking and you are just falling into their plan and trap. Think about all the people in the phone book that cannot play the piano or shoot a cross bow.

Why is that? I cannot explain this to anyone unless they open their mind to free thoughts and the acceptance that dogs can teach humans to create a clean burning combustible engine to put in our automobiles. I do generally wear only women's orange panties when I cut the lawn in the morning. I think that is the best answer that I can provide with this limited amount of time and research.

Yu Yu Hakusho is a shounen anime, which means its target audience are boys from ages about 7 to Romance is not a part of it. If someone says Hiei and Kurama are gay, it's only because that someone wants them to be and is "reading" into the anime. The corollary is also true. If someone says Hiei and Kurama are straight, it's only because someone wants them to be and is "reading" into the anime.

Don't worry about it. Some people want them to be gay, so in their minds they are. Some people want them to be straight, so in their minds they are.

Actually, no they aren't but fans have perpuated the belief that they are gay due to their relative closeness. They're a favorite among yaoi fans. No they aren't, even though there are fan comics out there that have KuramaxHiei. It just isn't right. I'm just glad that they are made by fans not by Yoshihiro Togashi. Lauren B. All your Questions seem a little bit revolving this one show called Yu Yu Hawkasho.

Have you seen it? They just act fem because that's just the way they act. I don't believe they are gay, but you won't catch them trying to peek under skirts or anything either.

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May 15, 12 min read. See More by HieiBotanClub. Apr 27, NOTE: Onl. Jul 4, Dec 7, Offers on everyone Always Open. Aug 30, Because I struggle with connecting and like to see what spicy characters are out there. Looking mainly for money and other characters, art as add on preferred, but feel free to try!

Not looking to resell my Migs and Dainties tho! In the beginning it might have, but it won't. One reason is Yusuke has Keiko and Keiko has Yusuke. Since episode 1 Yusuke and Keiko had obviously had feelings for each other, and that can't be changed.

Secondly, Botan is more like Yusuke's mother if anything. She tells him what not to do and what to do. She treats him like a kid, and she can't help but embarrass him a couple times. It more like a motherly relationship than it is a "attraction". He's the only boy she's ever showed and interest to through out the entire show. I've never seen Keiko do anything that would actually help the whole team out.

All she does is cry and morn over Yusuke, while taking care of Yusuke's alter persona, Puu. She's just there, I guess, for moral support. Think about it. Yukina has ice powers and can heal people, Shizuru has better spiritual awareness than Kuwabara, and Botan gives the team their assignments and Yusuke his spy equipment; also she is highly advanced in white magic Remember when she prevented Keiko from becoming a demon and opening her third eye.

If you're not familiar with her white magic, read the manga. Keiko is a whiner, and I think Hiei would much rather kill her. She doesn't do much use to the team anyway. He would probably want someone who has at least some use to the team.

Botan seems to have more than enough. Plus, I have seen no signs of this couple anywhere. You know, Shizuru is Kuwabara's sister and Hiei is Yukina's brother. If Yukina and Kuwabara have a relationship growing among them Which is obviously happening , and Hiei and Shizuru began to have a relationship with one another. Hiei would be dating his future stepsister.

Plus, Hiei is already trying his hardest to keep Kuwabara out of his family as it is. Other than that I don't think Hiei and Shizuru would have an attraction towards each other. There is no way in the world that this would ever happen. I think Hiei would think of it as degrading and foolish. Implying that she thinks that her brother would probably act like he does. Yukina and Botan have no signs what so ever that they are of the lesbian type.

They only think of each other as friends and nothing more. I really don't understand why people would put these two together. There is no sign of them liking each other that way, and there is hardly a conversation between them that leads to relationships. There is nothing here that could prove this to be a real couple.

Botan only thinks of him as a superior and respects him. She has even let her mask slip a couple of time and even yelled at him. Koenma seems too immature to deal with a relationship despite the fact that he might be over years old. He is also probably to busy with maintaining the worlds' order to even have time to deal with a relationship.

Kurama wouldn't, Yusuke wouldn't he's got Keiko so he'd probably mention that he doesn't feel for her that way , Kuwabara wouldn't he'd do the same thing as Yusuke , and Hiei well if he refused her, he'd break it to her in his cold uncaring manner. Maybe it's because she's got the most similarities out of anyone with Hiei.

She's dark, cold and a loner. Sounds a lot like Hiei, doesn't it? He only respects her. She has defeated him in battle and she even has taken him under her wing.

I'm sorry but Hiei seems like the kind of guy who would never like to have a woman that is better at him than everything. He has pride and an ego, and those things won't let him stand an eternity of being humble and embarrassed. That is against his character. Plus, she would remind him of his past and would be too cold to be there to comfort him. She's just like him so he'd obviously have some inner turmoil with his past when around her. It seems like the people who write them are only wishing for their own fantasies to come true.

I don't know if that's what they are doing or not, but I'm highly against these pairings. All of the stories are predictable as well. I'm sorry, but that is not a story, it is a fantasy of a simple mind.

I don't mean to be offending to anyone, but that's just the way I see it. The same thing goes with Botan he's always the perfect guy, attractive and gentlemen like who can only keep their eyes on Botan now and forever. I haven't read all of them but the many I have read are more than enough.

Kurama is a wuss when it comes to women. I have not seen him argue with anyone at all, only state his opinion. Kurama would never be able to handle Botan. She is a trickster, sly, bouncy, comical, outgoing, and a tease. Kurama would never be able to keep his woman under control.

Botan would definitely need a man who would put her in her place hard and to the point, and Hiei fits that category quite well. Secondly, If they were ever in a relationship I think that Botan might go insane. Kurama would do everything she says. A relationship has to have a fight, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship.

If there is no fighting in a relationship, then the couple would hold in all their problems with one another. Sooner or later, a member of the couple would never be able to handle all the problems so they would run away and divorce. It turns out there are a lot of real cases like this.

Oh and as for Youko Kurama. He isn't really there longe enough. He just appears and goes away, so that won't last. Plus, Kurama wouldn't have the heart to release Youko Kurama on Botan. Yes, I too have seen all the pictures of them together and stuff, but think about it. There are a lot of pictures of Hiei and Yukina together, but their brother and sister. There are a lot of pictures of Yusuke and Kuwabara together, and their rivals.

There are a lot of pictures of Kieko and Botan together, and they're not a couple. Kieko has Yusuke. I do agree that the do look good together and the thought has crossed my mind about Kurama sexuality, but it wouldn't work out. For one thing, Hiei can only tolerate Kurama, like he does Yusuke. Kurama is the only other demon on the Urameshi Team, so obviously Hiei would hang out with him more. If Hiei hung out with Yusuke or Kuwabara more, the chances are that they would be dead in an instant.

Yes, Hiei listens to Kurama, but that is because he respects Kurama. He also listens to Yusuke as well. Kurama just knows what to ask Hiei to do. Yusuke asks Hiei to do something's that would go against his character. I'm currently working on a search for proof as we speak. I've been working on it for a while. I really love this pairing!!! They are perfect for each other. I'm sure everyone is familiar with DBZ.

Hiei and kurama really gay