Imgboard bbs nude-/int/ Do you know any Chinese imageboard?

There was an anime one that we made a thread about a few months ago. Some Bernds made a thread there and we made contact with the yellow peril. I completely forgot the address and couldn't find it again. Anonymous anything in China? Doubt so.

No one's made a massive Imgboard bbs nude out of themselves and started a shit slinging match. And the banners are legit so cute. Don't get me wrong, appearances do matter but I'm sure Sooners nude are plenty girls that are or would like to be in tech or expand knowledge of a certain subject on a female imageboard. Already I've gotten so much valuable info on skincare and makeup thanks to anons here. I don't feel my posts are that " triggering ", and are similar to things I'd post elsewhere and receive feedback similar to irl.

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A teen imageboard, also known as chan, is a type of forum, in which people primarily post images. These types of Internet forums originated in Japan and the basis for them continues to be Japanese culture, even in the English based versions. Just like message boards, teen imageboards sometimes incorrectly referred to as imgboards have different topics people can join in on to post pictures, videos, and comments.

Topics range from anime, politics, philosophy, popular culture and more. While many people do post images and videos they took themselves, many of them are from other online sources.

The reason why teens are interested in these types of forums is because it's entertaining to see images of things that they are interested in. Not only that, the forum allows users to comment on the images, which adds in a social component that most teens crave. It's important to be aware that you may find some of the posts offensive because there is minimal moderation and many of them allow anonymity when posting. If you search for imageboards, you will find that many are in Japanese. However, the popularity of teen imageboards is increasing.

You don't need to register with the following sites, simply choose a topic and start posting or commenting. While this website has some adult topics that are not suitable for teens, it does have some topics that teenagers who are looking for a teen imageboard can participate in.

Topics that might interest teens include:. Again, this site has some topics that are inappropriate for teenagers. However, topics that teens should stick with are the ones in the Academic, Media, Lifestyle, and Miscellaneous sections. This website has a larger selection of topics than the last two. You can join in on intellectual discussions about chemistry, news and politics, physics and philosophy.

Pop culture topics about food, games, television, and movies are also popular. You can also participate in the local channels if you live near one of the cities they have available or choose to meet people from around the world.

While there is not a specific teen imageboard, many of the users on these forums are teenagers. Keep in mind that even though many of the users on these forums are the same age as you, it doesn't mean that you should trust everyone you meet on them. The allowance of anonymity on these imageboards attracts criminals and other untrustworthy people.

To remain safe online, don't ever give out your personal information or plan to meet anyone from these forums. Only use these sites for entertainment purposes. Check out the images people are posting, share your thoughts, and leave it at that. All Rights Reserved.

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Imgboard bbs nude.


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There was an anime one that we made a thread about a few months ago. Some Bernds made a thread there and we made contact with the yellow peril. I completely forgot the address and couldn't find it again. Anonymous anything in China? Doubt so. Maybe only very very underground, so you will never find one. There's lots of BBS and there was a basketball imageboard but I think it was taken down.

I think it should be exist. It definitely exists. And I've seen some Belgium and German posters there before. Taiwan: web. Operations will proceed as planned. Ten four out. I remember that day. It was like we sent an embassy Seriously, the chinks couldn't understand us I remember your visits.

Still you can give it a try. No, we found them fascinating. So alien, isolated. To facilitate contacts with us. They seem to be the same as us, just with a light oriental flavour.

Sorry for the mess. Is this an inside joke about cooking dogs? I think they changed the name after the admin was disgusted by the dog fanatics earlier this year. Don't post nudity, you'll be saged 2.

I did not expect that at all. Does China have some deep interesting mobile games? Here they are simply timekillers and money-suckers.