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One was in my military physical we had to do a duck walk. My boxers were a bit small and when I squatted down my penis and testicles hung out a leg hole. It was very embarrassing yet exciting and even more my walk must've looked off because they made a couple of us repeat it so all eyes went to me when I had to redo mine. On my back I had to pull my knees to my chest as f…. On my back I had to pull my knees to my chest as far as I could.

Heck, in fact, every once in a while I'll look over at my own husband and have to inform him that his manhood is trying to escape; especially if he's wearing loose boxers with an escape hatch in the front. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. A 28 year old man hanging out literally in his skivvies at his in laws' home is inappropriate. You confront him of course. Up and down depending. That doesn't mean this wasn't accidental, but I'm a big proponent of listening to your gut. No, it wouldn't. I need support downstairs.

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned who also has nail polish remover in her cabinet, I guess. I get aroused and stuff and I want to have sex but I always feel disgusting afterwards. Pnis was upsetting too. Lime Green. I went Wild cat feeding san diego to the living room and sat down, careful to make sure nothing was showing. I'm always scared of my pants magically falling off when that happens. OK Cancel. Is it ok to masturbate with a relative just watching no touching? No, create an account now. Handsome guy accidentally expose his dick under fo His beautiful uncut cock and Penis fell out of boxers balls accidentally pop out when his kilt I am a very open minded individual who loves sex in every way. Pornhub ot the most complete and revolutionary porn tube site. Add Opinion. When seated, aren't you "sitting on them"? Up and down depending.

For me, I hang consistently to the left.

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  • Handsome guy accidentally expose his dick under kilt His beautiful uncut cock and his balls accidentally pop out when his kilt
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  • For me, I hang consistently to the left.
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For me, I hang consistently to the left. With boxers and loose pants, adjustments by hand are sometimes necessary, more for my balls than my penis they after all dangle in a more peculiar manner, and one ball is typically larger than the other for almost all guys -- it's a matter of biology.

When walking in the buff, my penis will swing when soft, and point straight ahead and a bit upward when hard. Either way, he and his ball brethren prefer to be free, versus constrained in clothes.

When sitting down, he tends to stay to the side, or rest on my lap for lack of a better word. Sitting while straddling, say on a horse with your legs spread, requires a bit of preventative adjustment.

Of course, when he comes to life, all bets are off. Depending which way he was pointing and the path of least resistance, will determine which way he'll grow downward, sideways, up towards the belly -- depending on pant type and underwear. I find the times he's at his absolute happiest, are when he's tucked into something warm, moist and tight :- That's truly the only time he's out of the way :- The funny thing is, I've thought the same about girl's privates. When seated, aren't you "sitting on them"?

As when seated on a toilet, how do you control the direction of the stream? When on a bike saddle leaning forward, is there direct clitoral contact? And yes, I'll admit, I have stood in front of a mirror with my penis tucked up between my legs towards my butt, and my legs squeezed tight to hold it out of sight, staring at myself and wondering what life as a girl would be like, absent my best friend. I totally loved this.

In reference to your questions! I suppose that when a girl is seat, she IS sitting directly on her vulva -- at least the bottom portion. However, it doesn't hurt. It just feels like the bottom of your leg or something. When a girl sits on the toilet, oftentimes she will learn forward as to direct the stream backwards.

If the urine isn't coming out to forcefully, it will automatically trickle down into the toilet per laws of gravity.

If it does come out forcefully. Then it will sometimes shoot straight out. I have to admit that sometimes I've had to pee really bad and it will shoot straight over the toilet seat. Kind of embarrassing, but it's happened! As for a bike seat, yes, if I learn forward, I can maneuver myself to receive direct clitoral contact.

I rarely find myself in this situation. I'm fascinated. But when peeing, if a girl has her period, its a completely different story I always wondered how that worked. Would love to know more about how everything down there works, and would be glad to share the same. Have either of you tried peeing standing up? Any success in controlling the stream? Also, do either of you have inner lips that protrude? Can you feel any sensations when they rub around during everyday activities?

I know my guy pops up :. Ive never tried peeing standing up, I think its actually impossible. Because we don't have a penis, there's no tube for it to come out neatly in a single shot, so it would just shower all over our legs and pants and there would be a mess all over.

You have to bend and sit on a toilet at all times. There's just no other way So you can imagine To feel any sensation either around lips or clitoris, I need some something to turn me on Probably the best answer I've seen on here so far, props to you, my friend. My boyfriend and I are so comfortable that I've actually asked him this question. I can't speak for all men, because they're obviously all different sizes, but this is what applies to him.

When he sits down while wearing boxers, he is typically not erect and thus his penis is only a few inches. Sometimes it's towards the left and sometimes towards to right.

I'd assume that if it points straight down then you are dealing with a penis on the "smaller"-side considering there is not much room there. There is no sitting on his penis! Like I said, this may apply differently to each man. He does sometimes sit on, pinch, and squish his balls. This is why you see men adjusting themselves sometimes. I can't speak for how a man walks with that hanging between his legs.

I suppose that it will always be a mystery to us women. I've asked before and his only explanation is that it'd be weird to not have it there as he's had it his whole life. Perhaps it works as the equivalency of having breasts for us -- a body part that protrudes from our body. Sitting on your balls is one of the most painful things in history. At least in my history. I've had lots of stitches and cuts and scars but sitting on my balls always makes me want to blow chunks.

Thank the Lord it doesn't happen very often. I guess each guy subconciously developes his own style of sitting down to minimize this risk but it still happens once in a while. LOL Got me giggeling.

Haven't wore boxers in a long time but when I used too. It could go any which way really? Totally depends. Especially if he's flacid. I mean, boxers are kinda constrictive some of them too it depends on the boxer.

Some can be constrictive and not let it flip flop as much. SOme aren't and it could kinda flop around even from time to time. This doesn't mean it's floping constantly. IT may just move when in one position, and then again in another. So for example. IF you get out of a car it goes from being more flat in the boxer or upright cause of the seat etc.

To being drooped and hanging? IF you will. Likewise running will have a similar effect although it may bounce inside or jostle. Up and down depending. So it totally depends see.? Do remember it is still attached and can't go TOO far.

I mean I can't say I've ever sat on my Penis it's not like 20 inches lol. Not saying it's totally minute, just saying it would take a lot of length I think for that to happen. This does occur frequently and this is why you see guys adjust their pants sometimes and straighten them out when sitting down. It can sometimes even hurt, if it gets in too much of a bind. NOt horribly just enough to know your uncomfortable and you want to reposition ya know? Kinda like a wedgie I'd be guessing for a girl just uncomfortable.

Can't say I've ever sat on it tho no? It is in front of them. It is sticking out so our clothes are sort of constraining it against our bodies, which explains why guys like looser fitting clothes.

Boners can be kind of embarrassing, I try to privately adjust it so its facing upward, that way its not real obviously pointing out and it usually goes away pretty soon. We spend a lot of time adjusting. All too often when I wear boxers, my manhood sticks through the opening in the front of my boxers. So that means if I did not have a fully zipped fly, then my boxers would not provide a second line of defense at covering myself. But luckily I have not left my fly unzipped in about 10 years.

We never squish our manhood when we sit. Lind's answer is quite accurate for me when I'm sitting down. And for walking? I guess it just kinda hangs while I walk.

I really can't describe that lol. I guess that's why we wear baggy pants that are sagged. Is that also why guys wear like 2 pairs of basketball shorts and pair of pants obove the underwear and shorts to be sage when having a boner and keeping it from moving so much?

Now, generally, I was nude in the morning because I wanted to be and was heading back to my room after a trip to the bathroom, and she just happened to wander out into the hallway to the kitchen, she hears me, starts to say a pleasant "Hello," but her eyes bugged out when she caught my cock in its full view. I guess this might be more why I'm more into briefs. SOme aren't and it could kinda flop around even from time to time. This does occur frequently and this is why you see guys adjust their pants sometimes and straighten them out when sitting down. I guess it just kinda hangs while I walk. My topics when I wasn't an asshole It could go any which way really?

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