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They stop working long before getting tired and nap while on duty. Maybe if I took a nap it would come to me in a dream. Peach Bottom is home to three reactors. Unit 1 was a high temperature gas-cooled reactor that got its operating license in January and was permanently shut down in October Units 2 and 3 are boiling water reactors that began operating in

Sleeping at peach bottom

Often, they took Seeping sleeping, and sometimes everyone on the shift was dozing. Log in to post comments. Photo of Units 2 and 3 c. Some were trivial and quite a few were colorful, but only Slefping, according to papers filed with the N. Various violations of fire protection requirements. Sleeping at peach bottom new people with strong technical backgrounds were being trained as replacements, it pointed out. Another indication of trouble was fines by the N. Now the industry is watching closely as Philadelphia Electric, after floundering for much oftries to re-engineer its culture and convince Government officials that the management problems have been solved and that Peach Bottom 2 and 3, the two reactors at the plant, Sleeping at peach bottom start operating again.

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The plant, owned by the Incontence cloth diaper Electric Corporation, began ''an orderly shutdown'' this morning, Mr. On May 30,the owner wrote back to the NRC saying that security officers blttom properly attentive, and that additional radio checks and periodic post checks were being instituted to boost and sustain that attentiveness level. Retrieved 10 October From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Deni said, ''it seemed natural to cover for each other. Nuclear plants possible terror targets, memo warns. They stop working long before getting tired and nap Sleeping at peach bottom on duty. He said the commission acted after it it learned a week Mumbai sexy girl about what it termed ''pervasive'' sleeping on the job at the plant. Eschewing jeans and T-shirts, they are instead wearing - voluntarily, they insist - gray slacks Sleepint color-coded shirts: light gray for reactor operators, blue for Seeping reactor operators and white for shift supervisors. A variety of reasons have been offered to explain how the staff's alertness in Peach Bottom's pioneer days turned into the kind of dangerous overconfidence that put operators to sleep. Consequently, the NRC lacks reasonable assurance that the facility Sleeping at peach bottom be operated in a manner to assure that the health and safety of the public will Sleepong protected.

THEY came to work in jeans and T-shirts, and passed the hours with magazines, video games and rubber band fights.

  • They stop working long before getting tired and nap while on duty.
  • The U.
  • The Peach Bottom nuclear plant in Pennsylvania was ordered shut down today by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which said it found control room operators sleeping on duty.
  • The NRC immediately sent inspectors to the Pennsylvania plant to investigate.
  • The U.
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A summary of Peach Bottom sleeping guards incidents. March John Jasinski sends the Nuclear Regulatory Commission a letter alleging guards are sleeping throughout the nuclear plant in York County, Pa. Whistle-blower Kerry Beal, on leave during the investigation, is not among the Wackenhut guards rehired by Exelon. Baltimore Examiner , December 12, Sleeping Guards in the Local News:.

The U. Nuclear Regulatory Commission plans to investigate the management of the security force at Three Mile Island, focusing on fitness-for-duty issues such as fatigue and sleeping on the job. The probe, announced in a certified letter delivered to a Patriot-News reporter, was prompted by a story published Jan. The story reported on a memo in which John Young, head of the Wackenhut security, scolded security supervisors for failing to note that veteran officers were telling new hires safe places to sleep undetected while on duty.

Wackenhut is a private security firm hired by plant owner Exelon Nuclear to guard the nuclear station. The memo also said officers were telling new hires ways to short-cut patrol duties. Of additional concern to the NRC were reports that security officers were being allowed to work excessive hours.

The newspaper documented one person who worked more than hours during a day period, and averaged more than 54 hours a week for more than 10 months.

Three of those workers were security officers. Guards, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said fatigue from long hours and boredom were to blame for the inattentiveness.

Guards work hour shifts at TMI. Federal regulations limit those hours to 16 out of 24; 26 hours out of 48; and 72 out of seven days. The agency said it will not announce the findings of the probe. Vito, senior allegation coordinator for the NRC. Work hours to be limited for some nuclear plant workers.

Security workers and others in critical jobs at the nation's nuclear plants will no longer be allowed to log excessive overtime hours under new rules approved by the U. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

The change in the NRC's "fitness for duty" requirements is meant to reduce fatigue among plant employees and improve safety and security. Exelon Nuclear, owner of Three Mile Island, Peach Bottom and Limerick nuclear stations in Pennsylvania, and seven other plants nationwide, expects to increase security staffing to reduce overtime.

The regulations, which should go into effect this year, end a policy that allowed plant operators to meet work-hour limits by averaging the hours of dozens of employees. The process allowed some employees to log hundreds of hours of overtime a month. The new rule bases hourly limits on individuals. The work-hour limits apply to security, maintenance and operations staffers, such as control room operators.

People do," he said. David Desaulniers, an NRC staffer who helped shepherd the rule change through a seven-year administrative review, said the revision will improve plant safety.

The shortcomings of group averaging were evident at TMI, where some security officers employed by Wackenhut Nuclear Services logged hour weeks for six weeks straight last year. In , TMI officials cited three security workers for being inattentive or sleeping on the job.

Each incident occurred during the night shift. Security officers contacted by The Patriot-News at the time said the incidents were not surprising given the overtime officers were being compelled to work.

The NRC rule, which must undergo review by the federal Office of Management and budget before it goes into effect, also:. A veteran security officer at TMI employed by Wackenhut welcomed the changes. Another officer, also requesting anonymity, said the change would significantly reduce fatigue. But he remained skeptical of how much leeway employers would have to waive the rules under special circumstances.

Though the NRC establishes the regulations, it does not require plants to obtain agency approval before authorizing a worker to go over the limit.

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Operations at Peach Bottom began to suffer. Pending the development of other relevant information, I am unable to determine that there is reasonable assurance that the facility will be operated in a manner to assure that the health and safety of the public will be protected. Posts that are commercial, self-promotional, obscene, rude, or disruptive will be removed. He is one of the 24 operators undergoing lengthy psychological screening and retraining. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission's estimate of the risk each year of an earthquake intense enough to cause core damage to the reactor at Peach Bottom was 1 in 41,; according to an NRC study published in August Zech, a retired admiral who was the chief of technical training in the Navy for two years. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them.

Sleeping at peach bottom

Sleeping at peach bottom

Sleeping at peach bottom

Sleeping at peach bottom

Sleeping at peach bottom

Sleeping at peach bottom. Science for a healthy planet and safer world



The Nuclear Regulatory Commission shut down the Peach Bottom nuclear power plant yesterday, citing a control room where operators dozed off and where corrective action by supervisors either failed or was not taken. It is the first time the commission has closed a nuclear power plant for the inattention of control room operators.

Yesterday's order is the latest in a series of violations filed against the utility by the NRC in recent years. A spokesman for the company said the utility has launched its own investigation and plans to cooperate with the NRC. In June , an NRC inspector saw an on-duty operator sitting in his chair, his eyes closed and his head tilted back.

An enforcement conference was held 11 days later. On June 6, , the NRC completed a report which cited a "complacent attitude toward procedure compliance in plant operations" between April and June On March 24, the NRC received information that control room operators were sleeping while on duty and were not following their obligations.

The information came from an individual who requested anonymity, Abraham said. This person also told the NRC that the inattentiveness of operators had been occurring for some time and that shift supervisors were aware of the situation.

Each shift has three operators and two senior reactor operators. Operators must be high school graduates who have received extensive training in nuclear power plant operations.

The NRC started an investigation and hour inspection coverage of the power plant upon receiving this information, Abraham said. In an order released yesterday morning, the NRC concluded that "at times during various shifts, in particular the 11 p. The order, signed by Victor Stello Jr. No fine was assessed. But, said Gagner, "Suspension of operation is a very severe penalty. We consider that to be one of the most severe actions we can take. Other power plants have had problems with inattentive operators but none have been shut down.

One reason the NRC took such a stringent approach, said Abraham, is because "There is an attitude problem. We have met with the company and gotten assurances that it would take corrective action. Apparently they have not remained effective, so we now have shut the plant down by order. Permission to re-open the plant will be granted after a comprehensive plan to correct the problem is submitted by the utility and approved by the NRC.

The NRC is continuing its investigation, Abraham said; "if during the course of the investigation we should discover other problems at Peach Bottom. While the plant is shut down, the company needs to purchase replacement power. Pennsylvania Consumer Advocate David Barasch said he will start an investigation to determine if ratepayers should pay for these replacement power costs.

Barasch said his department has has "continuous litigation with Philadelphia Electric over how its plants are operated. We have spent more time analyzing the relative efficiency of their operation of their power plants, more than any other utility in the state. John Taylor, deputy press secretary to Gov. Casey, said the governor "is concerned as anyone would be about the allegations that are being made, and he certainly wants the NRC to press forward with the investigation and find out what happened and why it happened and certainly to prevent this from happening again.

The Department of Environmental Resources is monitoring the situation and the state Emergency Management Agency has been notified, he said. PE also operates the Limerick nuclear power plant in Montgomery County, about 25 miles south of Allentown.

We are pleased to see the operating record at Limerick is better, and we hope it continues that way. Sign up for our Lehigh Valley School Zone education newsletter.

Sleeping at peach bottom