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I said I care for her health and I would not tell anyone about this massage. She smiled and said I can do as I want,she believed I was doing this as a treatment to give relief to her body. Less did she knew my intentions. Slowly I lifted her saree till her upper thighs,I could partly see the maroon panty. Wat a thighs she possessed.

Anu and her panty

Anu and her panty

Qanta Ahmed. It was saturday and when I woke up I saw my Anu neatly bathed and was in a black silk saree. Indian Sex Stories I avoid wearing panties when at home. She says morning and I replied and I went out of the room. Then her body twitched and she jerks her hips very hard times, before Anu and her panty the juices. Sa isip-isip ko OMG!

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The story continues to other series of nights when Anu and her panty chachi slept in my room. He brought out her freshly washed panty and bra too and laid them on the bed. Further on seeing no opposition from Anu chachi I felt more horny and buried my face in her ass crack. Anu chachi turned and kept looking at me all the time as I hurriedly moved close to her. I turned her wildly and Anu chachi just turn quickly knowing that her nephew is really hungry for bare creamy, milky heavy breasts. I wondered how is it possible? Great story, love voluptuous curvy Indian women they are so hot and sexy. I saw the first glimpse of her Anu and her panty crack and I knew my goal is near. Anu smiled and hit him on the arm playingly, she was beginning to get excited about this evening, she trusted Dev completely but this was uncharted territory and it made her tingle. At that age I was not aware that when women is hot and wants sex makes her leak fluids out of her love whole. I started licking and kissing and gently biting her on both her ass cheeks. Show all. I went to my room and got into comfortable shorts and Tshirt and waited patiently for my voluptuous beautiful Anu chachi to come to sleep with me in our room.

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I could hear Anu call out for Gopal from the Kitchen.. She was crying relentlessly. I had to see the cams one by one. I placed my right hand again on her soft butt cheeks from over her sarree and this time just near her ass crack. They went in deep. Anu chachi moaned aloud and wrapped her hands around me more tighter as my mouth hungrily sucked her excited sensitive elongated nipple making her feel pleasing waves in her body.

Anu and her panty

Anu and her panty. Live Cam Models - Online Now

Under the slippery soapy water, it was a suggestive movement like a hard cock inside a wet pussy. Anu had never felt anything like this before, she knew what it meant, and it was turning her on. He would sometimes move the finger in quick thrusts, sometimes in slow tighter movements and sometimes all the way through starting from the tip to the base of his finger, rubbing all areas. Dev moved from the first web to the second, second to third, till he reached the last one.

When he started moving his finger between the fourth and little toe, Anu was dripping wet. She had never realised her feet were so sensitive to such a touch, she felt shock waves through her body. The fact that her eyes were closed enhanced the sensation, had she been watching it, it might have felt different. In her darkness, Anu could only imagine Dev's cock pounding into her pussy with the same rhythm he was making with his fingers.

She started twisting and twirling within the tub. This was getting out of hand. Dev realised Anu's discomfort, it was now or never, he had one last move up his sleeve, while his left finger kept thrusting between her last two toes, with his right hand he lifted Anu's left leg out of the water and put the last three toes in his mouth.

His tongue started darting between the fourth and little toe on the left leg. He kept sucking on it while moving his tongue in and out of those gaps. The texture of his tongue between her toes drove Anu over the edge. She wanted more of this and there was no going back, not because she could not but because she did not want to. She wanted more of this. Anu started moaning like a whore. This feels so good. Oh my god! I have never felt these sensations before," Anu remarked, "This feels so hot, it is turning me on so much.

She started to tweak her nipples, she knew Dev would be watching but she did not care. She needed this. Make those movements inside me. Oh fuck!! Finger fuck me Dev.

Get over here. He laid down her feet and his right hand went straight to her pussy. She took his hand by the wrist and shoved it inside her panty and his fingers into her pussy. Dev started a few strokes and she realised the panty was restricting the back and forth movement, it was uncomfortable, she lifted herself and removed the panty with her own hands and threw them on the floor with impatience.

Anu had nice thick luscious lips and they kissed like long lost lovers. It was wet, sloppy, hungry and horny. With his hands he kept finger fucking her, first with two, then with three, he used his other hand to caress her clit. They were still kissing, and his cock was pressing into her stomach. She lifted her body ass as she reached a crescendo and felt an orgasm coming. Dev could feel all her juices enveloping his fingers within her pussy.

He felt her warm muscles loosen within her. Her forehead was sweating, and she was physically exhausted. She was still wearing the eye mask, and leaned her head on Dev's shoulder. They sat like that for a while The night was still young Thank you.

Report Story. Exceprt from the story: "She wanted more of this and there was no going back, not because she could not but because she did not want to. Thank you for all the overwhelming comments and response to this story.

I am sorry I have not yet published the second part as I am still looking for some ideas in which direction to take the story in. If any of you have any suggestions, feel free to share and I would love to incorporate it. It was a fantastic narrative and thoroughly arousing.

It made wonderful reading and evoked emotions and sensual feelings. Great work keep it up. Title of your comment:. Please type in the security code You may also listen to a recording of the characters. Preview comment. Title your feedback:.

If you would like a response, enter your email address in this box:. Send feedback. Feedback sent successfully - click here to write another. Login or Sign Up. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission. Password: Forgot your password? Security code:. Submit bug report. I could clearly feel the soft breast of Anu chachi on my back.

It felt great. I wanted to feel this more. I wanted to feel this on my face. I was sexed up again. As I turned my face straight away was buried in her neckline. Ooooooh her skin smell was awesome. It was very soft. I laid gentle kisses on her bare neckline. Hmmmmmmmmm that felt great. As long as Anu chachi breath calmly I could to any extent I thought. Now maybe if I just move downward a little my face will be on her bare cleavage.

On the cleavage of Anu chachi. The smell of her skin here was even more strong. It filled my nose and mind with pheromones that made me crave for Anu chachi more and more. I laid gentle soft kisses on her bare breasts. I wanted more I thought. I wanted to suck those nipples of Anu chachi covered safely under her blouse and bra. I want more I thought but I was really scared that my attempt open her blouse will surely wake her up. I moved my hands upward trying to unhook the blouse.

I tried a lot but failed to unhook it. The hooks were too tightly tugged into one another. I thought why to waste this chance of burring my face into her magnificent cleavage. In an attempt to open her blouse she might wake up surely this time and I will lose every bit of joy I am having right now. The story continues to other series of nights when Anu chachi slept in my room. If you have liked what you have read please let me know so I would share further events. I woke up next morning around 8 AM.

Anu Chachi had already left. She usually wakes up around 6 AM every morning just like my mother as they had a lot of morning chores to take care of. I sat in my bed and the last night visions came back to me.

Again and again I could see Anu Chachi lying in my bed with her saree above her knee as I gazed upon her flawless beauty standing in front of the bed.

The visions made me horny and I wanted jack off. I quickly went into my bathroom and jacked off think about my adventures of last night, smooth fair skin of Anu Chachi, her breast —so soft so tender, so milky….. I jacked off a load of cum as soon as I remembered how Anu Chachi smelled. It was awesome. For a young boy feeling a woman the way I did was more than a dream come true. However I wanted more I thought. I just prayed for that to happen again. I hurriedly perform my morning duties and took bath and went downstairs to check on the scene.

As I went downstairs I saw my mother and saw my grandparents in the drawing room. Anu Chachi was in the kitchen preparing breakfast I guessed. The scene was very normal. And mostly she herself does not know about events of last night. This relaxed me. However facing Anu Chachi was becoming more difficult than I thought. First I thought about ignoring her and not to go in kitchen to ask for breakfast. I entered into kitchen with my heart pounding. Her tone and behavior was very normal and I got relaxed as I knew my adventure has not put me in any kind of trouble.

Throughout the day my mind kept racing with the visions of last night. I just kept thinking about Anu Chachi. I gazed upon her whenever I got chance. She was wearing a bright orange saree in which she looked really beautiful and appealing.

I further thought that Anu Chachi usually wears night gown at night and wished that she would wear a night gown tonight as her blouse was a big encumbrance to my inexperienced hands. As night fall soon after dinner I moved upstairs to my room thinking about all sought of possibilities the night could bring on to me. Soon I heard some on the steps leading to my room on the terrace. My heart raced and I wished to see Anu Chachi and Rinku to come in from the door.

He came lied to my left. I waited for sometime. I thought Anu Chachi might come a little later. I knocked the door and prayed to see Anu Chachi wearing a night gown and not sarree and blouse. The door opened it was Anu Chachi wearing night gown. I felt great. Anu Chachi walked in and closed the door behind her.

This time she also put the latch and locked the door. That enthralled me more. I waited patiently on my side of the double bed till complete silence overtook my room. There was complete silence and I could hear Anu Chachi and Rinku breathing. I looked at clock it was I wanted to see her nipple and areolas.

I thought of my next move. I moved my hands slowly towards her butt. I kept a check on her breathing. She was calm.

I gently laid my hands on her right butt cheek covered by her gown. Aaah I felt good. I pressed my palms more and her butt cheeks got pressed underneath my palms.

I moved my hands slowly and found my destination. She was breathing calmly. So I got more courage and I pressed my fingers in her ass cracks from over her gown. I was in heaven. I thought. I moved my fingers up and down her ass crack gently being careful not to wake her up. I played in her ass crack like for minutes than later again went feel her butt cheeks. I gently played with butt cheeks pressed them in my palm a few times.

Later I got bored and wanted to feel her breasts. So I went back to my side of bed and waited till she turned to face me. I felt like God was listening to this young boy as Anu chachi moved and turned to face me soon in like a minute or two. Aaaaah such a beautiful face and luscious lips. I wanted to lick her face too.

But knew I could not as I could not wake her up in any case. I soon looked down at her breasts. The valley which smelled great and fantastic last night was in front of my eyes again. I looked at her face intently to see any kind of movement in her. This gave me courage and I slowly moved close to her. I gently placed my hands on her bare cleavage straight away. Her cleavage was in my palms. I moved my fingers in circular motion on her cleavage.

It felt awesome. I wanted more. I slowly pulled night gown up in the air. It was very elastic and I was surprised and it could be easily moved. She took one breath heavily and left out a sigh. I got scared and felt like my heart will just come out.

My eyes were closed and my right hand was still tugged into her gown. I felt more weight on my right hand and felt it was buried in soft flesh even more. I opened my left eye halfly to see what has happened. This encouraged me to move further. I opened both my eyes to see what is position. As Anu chachi laid on her right side her left side was up.

Her gown had moved down and it was tugged under. However she was wearing a bra. But the view was amazing and her white milky cleavage looked bigger than ever. As I got sexed up I got bolder and started pulling her bra downwards. I wanted to see her bare breast. But that was too difficult as her bra was to tight. However I thought I had enough place for my finger to move in her bra. The idea took me over.

The view of her nicely shaped perky nipples under her bra made me bolder and I wanted to feel those. I tugged my fingers under her bra and moved it in. And finally my thirsty fingers touched something. I knew now where my fingers were exactly. The nipple seemed to give me attention. As soon I touched it I felt it started bulging. It grew a bit fatter and stood more erect I thought. I pressed and twitched her nipple more and more.

There seemed small tension on her face as well. I got sexed up and started to pull her bra down. I pulled it more forcibly when suddenly Anu Chachi woke up.

I got scared my fingers snapped out of her bra and my hand fell beside her soon as she raised her body to sit on bed. It happened so fast I could not even close my eyes. Anu Chachi sat motionless for a second and started moving out of bed redressing her gown up.

I got scared and thought this time she has surely woke up and will go and tell downstairs of what I did to her. I thought about her stopping her but instead of walking out of the room she went to bathroom inside my room.

I silently laid waiting for her to come out and thought about asking for forgiveness when she comes out. Soon the bathroom door opened and instead of moving out of the room Anu Chachi moved into bed and immediately slept beside me.

This time she slept even more closer to me facing me. Suddenly Anu Chachi moved more closer to me so close that her body touched mine. Did she want this too? I moved towards her facing her. She was so close to me that I could feel her warm breath on my face and I knew she felt my breath on her face too. Her eyes were closed, her face looked calm but breathing was heavy.

Her fascinating beauty was inviting me to be more bolder. I looked at her face and started moving my hand down towards her cleavage. I looked at her breast and there was some difference. Her cleavage this time was massive and her breast seemed to hung out loosely under her gown material. I got bolder and placed my hands on her breast from over her gown material again.

I got excited as I thought about the view I will get once I pulled the gown material down. It was her areolas. Her white milky breast popped out of it right in front of my face. Aaaaaaaaaah the sight was heavenly. For the first time I saw bare real breast in front of me. My cock started throbbing so hard that I felt I would cum any moment.

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I took divorce from my husband 6 years ago and since then I was living alone with my daughter. My daughter age is 18 and we lived in an apartment in Delhi. I have never appeared in front of her anything less then jeans top or salwar kameez obiously after I stopped breastfeeding and she too a kind of conservative girl, who likes to change in bathroom or if in a room then locks it from inside.

One time she came back from the school and I prepared her food and went to his room to give her food. Usually I woke up early morning and finish my daily routines before her wake up.

Because her school timings are from am to pm we have an attached batroom in our bedroom and we both mother dauhgter sleep together. So I take bath before my dauhgter woke up in the attached bathroom normally I came out of bathroom only in a towel wrapped around my boobs and changed in the room while my daughter sleeps. That day too I came out of bathrooom with a towel tied around my breasts. I took the jeans from the drawer and put it on. I avoid wearing panties when at home.

Then I remove my towel that leaves me in only jeans. All this while in the room and thinking that my dauhgter was sleeping but I was wrong. I was shocked when I saw that my daugter was lying on the bed but her eyes are open. She says morning and I replied and I went out of the room.

After that day my attitude towards my daughter has changed a bit. I became freer with her. Her school shirt was stuck to her chest showing her bra clearly.

I gave her a towel and told her to dry herself. She took it and went to the bathroom after sometime she call me and ask for her clothes. I was making dinner and my hands are messed up with the wheat flour so i told her to take it herself to go to the bedroom she has to pass through the kitchen when she pass through the kitchen she was in her panty and sameez camisole first time after many years I saw her without outer clothes.

There was a little itching in my nipple area. I was aroused by my own daughter. Then one day I went for shopping with one of my friends. I bought jeans for my daughter when we came back she was at home in a salwar kameez. But she resists later i found out the reason that she was not wearing a panty. I assured her. Then she starts opening her salwar knot and then lower the salwar, it fell on the floor it was a sin, but I was enjoing my own daughter milky legs.

Then she took the jeans and pulls it up on her thighs, dong so her kurta rise upto her thighs, that made me realize that she was not wearig panties not that her pussy area has shown but i know above what height the panty line should start then she closed the button of the jeans while she forget to pull up her zip.

Then she turns around to us for showing the fitting but I was thinking about smthing else. On this Anu tries to close the zip but it got stuck then my friend Reeta ask Anu to come near her. On one night, I felt a pain in my back,so I asked anu to give a massage to me. Anu takes some oil in her hands and applies to my back on reching the bra straps she said mom can u get that bra off or it may got wet with oil.

I said ok, and remove the bra. It was 11 pm in the night, so I felt a little sleepy. Anu: its ok mom then she switch off the light and sleep adjacent to me. Next morning when I woke I was on my back with my breast pointing the roof and Anu was in the bathroom.

Then Anu came out of the bathroom in a skirt and camisole. I lay on my back pretending to be sleeping with my boobs naked. I opened my eyes and look at her standing next to me staring at my breast. Then I made her turn around and rubs her legs from behind then I move her frock up just below her hips.

I rub the thighs, on the hips, squeezing them, upto her neck. In process I insert a finger in her ass crack and ask her. While my fingers still in her crack. Then I made her turn and lie on her back now she is totally exposed, her eyes still closed. I moved my hand from the toes to the knees then the thighs then a gentle rub on her pussy lips.

Then moves onto her breasts they were not big but the nipples are very stiff and pointing towards me. I massaged them squeeze them even licked the nipples once. I increased the speed. Then her body twitched and she jerks her hips very hard times, before throwing the juices.

I drank them all. Even after she finishes I sucked her pussy for few minutes. Then I lie on the bed and made her sit on my navel and told her to squeeze my breasts.

Now my l inserted my left hand finger in her ass again and with my right hand I m fingering my self. Then I incresed my speed of both fingers and shoots the cum high in the air. Both of us are tired now and we lie down there went to sleep in each other arms. After hours on hearing the doorbell we wake up. She then wears her frock without panty or bra and went to open the door.

Please Login or Register. Indian Sex Stories Indian Sex Stories. My Daughter Anu. Last Post. One can clearly see her whole body beneath the frock. I said come inside and went to the bedroom. All forum topics. Previous Topic. Next Topic.

Anu and her panty

Anu and her panty