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Arni is an experienced presenter who will share his easy-to-follow techniques and tips for methods of capturing wildlife images including gear, camera settings and accessories. Using an image-laden presentation, Arni tells the story behind the picture. From a very young age, Arni has had great admiration and respect for the great outdoors. Since his retirement a few years ago, he has been able to spend the time to improve his photographic skills in the field and in the digital darkroom. As an award winning wildlife photographer, naturalist and conservationist, he is proud to have had his images published in conservation-themed, international journals including the prestigious Birdlife Australia, Wild Seed Project in Maine, National Audubon Society, Canadian Geographic and others.

Arni stinnissen wife

Do you know everything about them? The many native grasses and wildflowers as well as invertebrate species found on alvars are very rare. Arni stinnissen wife North River is one of the best local spots for spring duck-watching, especially in sections where it floods over flat farm fields. There are also personalized compounding services available for those with allergies or intolerances. It is a fact that mammography remains the best screening test for most women. I shall discuss the apparent demotion of Pluto from planetary status and include some thoughts Arni stinnissen wife the media coverage of 'Planet Nine. Be A Friendly Visitor Community Care is currently recruiting volunteers to be Friendly Visitors, who have some time to keep in touch with clients through regular home visits or telephone calls. Last summer, Arni and his wife, Dianne, spent 42 days traveling in Newfoundland.

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Thursday, 3 May Permethrin: Perfectly legal perfectly lethal. The adults fly from Stinbissen to August, larvae are out from July to September. Combining photography with illustration and various artistic techniques, I produce a fusion of both in unique ways that often take on a life of their own in the final artwork…. This is a thallose liverwort, with 2 rows of leaves on one plane, so that they seem flat. Typically the fungus mycobiont associates with a particular alga photobiont ; they may associate with more than one, or may change to others according to their environmental situation. This year there were 2 Arni stinnissen wife sighted, in different territories, and one was photographed. Red winged blackbirds — 24 Grackles — 24 American crows — 6 European starlings — 6 Blue jays — 7. But inyou are more likely to find a rarity, or a life bird, by watching your smart phone screen. As the season advances, they move to deeper water Tifany taylor nude overwintering. The organization is named for a region extending from Georgian Bay to Arni stinnissen wife Frontenac Arch, skirting stinbissen Algonquin Dome. Skip to content.

MEETINGS Our meetings take place on the first Thursday of each month from September to July, and include a guest speaker, a short break to socialize, followed by announcements, reports, club business, and nature sightings.

  • Many people have helped, some people doing whole pages, and others contributing their expertise - some amateurs, some experienced amateurs, and some professionals in their fields.
  • Many club members were unable to travel to the meeting because of the freezing rain and high winds.
  • At the recent Annual General Meeting, five volunteers of The Couchiching Conservancy were recognized with pins for all of the efforts over the years to protect the natural heritage of the Couchiching-Severn-Carden areas.
  • MEETINGS Our meetings take place on the first Thursday of each month from September to July, and include a guest speaker, a short break to socialize, followed by announcements, reports, club business, and nature sightings.
  • Arni is an experienced presenter who will share his easy-to-follow techniques and tips for methods of capturing wildlife images including gear, camera settings and accessories.
  • .

MEETINGS Our meetings take place on the first Thursday of each month from September to July, and include a guest speaker, a short break to socialize, followed by announcements, reports, club business, and nature sightings. The December meeting is our "Member's Night" with short presentations by club members, as well as our annual silent auction fundraiser. This meeting also features delicious desserts prepared by members.

All meetings begin at Our meetings are free and open to new members and visitors of all ages. So come on out and give us a try! Rick has spent a major part of his career studying these animals and is happy to share his research with us. The more we learn about these animals and their habits, the more we can be mutually protective of each other. We'll try it again and hope the weather doesn't go foul on us! Muskoka Field Naturalists. Judi is retired from the Ministry of the Environment, but continues in a volunteer capacity to support the Muskoka Watershed Council through their grassroots cooperative approaches to involve a cross-section of stakeholders.

Thursday, 5 September Trumpeter Swans with Susan Best Susan is a hobby photographer who was captured by the beauty of the Trumpeter Swan 9 years ago.

This inspired a naturally research-driven personality to learn more about their history in Simcoe County. She now coordinates all tracking education and rescue interventions in Severn Township for the Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration Program. Her presentation will give you further information about these beautiful birds and the tireless work of the restoration group. Thursday, 6 June Arctic Plant Adaptations - a fitting topic for our Christmas in June meeting!

Catherine Kennedy , a vegetation ecologist for the Yukon Government, has spent every field season conducting ecological surveys with soil and terrain scientists throughout the territory.

Her work over three decades has included vegetation inventories of numerous parks and protected areas, such as Herschel Island and Ivvavik, and researching vegetation change on the Yukon's North Slope. Her talk will focus on the adaptations of Arctic plants for survival in the harsh northern climate.

Tonight's meeting will also be our Christmas in June! Baked goods are a good seller; crafts, books, plants, etc.

So come on out for our silent auction, baked goodies, and a terrific talk on Arctic plants. Thursday, 2 May Members' Night. You're invited! Members' opportunity to share interesting photos and nature experiences they have had.

Thursday, 4 April Updates on our Favourite Jay! Thursday, 7 February Thursday, 6 September Mushroom season is here! Come to a program by Bob Bowles and find out about these "Magical, Mystical" gems of nature! His talk will include how mushrooms help trees communicate and how they clean up impurities in the soil and get rid of waste that we throw away. Bob was a MFN charter member and has been a frequent guest speaker on a variety of nature subjects.

He recently founded the Ontario Master Naturalist Program. Thursday, 7 June Christmas all over again! Or never was! Guest speaker Eleanor Kee Wellman was snow bound, so it seems pretty safe to invite her to be our guest speaker at the June meeting for her Magical Butterfly program. The auction, which may have included Christmas goodies, will take place with fresh goodies! Besides the auction items, refreshments are enjoyed at this meeting and will be gladly accepted.

Thursday, 3 May Permethrin: Perfectly legal perfectly lethal. Permethrin is a broad spectrum synthetic pesticide and is registered for use in a wide variety of contexts. It is a neurotoxin, which means it interferes with normal nerve function, and it is highly toxic to insects, including our pollinators.

Chris Brew's presentation seeks to raise awareness of the deleterious effects of permethrin on our wildlife, and to highlight the implications for all non-target species, including humans.

Arni and his wife Dianne spent 5 weeks in Newfoundland to capture all these sights on "film". The Stinnissens are members of the Orillia Field Naturalists. Do you know everything about them? None of us do! The presentation will reveal the main insect families with several preserved examples.

Some time will be spent on Ontario butterflies and moths including two or three exciting discovery stories. Which of the following are NOT insects: bedbugs, sow bugs, ticks, silverfish, head lice, or dog fleas? If you're not sure, come to the meeting and find out.

Thursday, 1 February Back to the Arctic - Join Dan Strickland, a retired Algonquin Park Naturalist, as he talks about the wildlife around Cambridge Bay, Nunavut photographed during his second visit there in late June-July, and a high arctic cruise through the Northwest passage in late August Polar bears, walruses, gyrfalcons, shorebirds, and amazing scenery.

Thursday, 7 December Cancelled due to weather MFN member Eleanor Kee Wellman is an amazing nature photographer who can capture every detail of her subjects This talk will focus on the Monarch Butterfly.

Thursday, 2 November Dr. Howie Owens is a naturopathic doctor who has been in full time practice in Bracebridge since the fall of His talk will focus on some of his favourite medicinal plants readily found in Muskoka. Some are native, some are naturalized "weeds" brought here by early settlers as medicines largely forgotten about in today's culture. Some can be utilized as medicines, others he will encourage simply to be admired in the garden or in nature.

Some principles of ethical wildcrafting and turning plants into medicines will also be discussed. Thursday, 5 October Norm Yan is the guest speaker. Norm continues to be very enthusiastic about spiny water fleas as we've heard from him in the past, but this time his topic is "Ecological Osteoporosis in Muskoka".

Norm is a retired professor from York University, but is much in demand to talk about water ecology! Thursday, 7 September Judi and Frank Brouse had an amazing summer adventure in Travel the Chilkoot Trail through Judi's descriptive presentation.

The trail is the traditional trek of the gold miners during the gold rush in the late s. The path is sometimes called the longest outdoor museum in the world as you see many artifacts that have been left by the stampeders.

They probably didn't notice it comprises some of the prettiest parts of the mountains from temperate rain forest to high alpine meadows ending in boreal forest. The park is part of the famous 30, Islands and is characterized by windswept white pines, granite shores, verdant forests and sandy beaches.

The Park's largest island, Beausoleil, straddles the transition zone from hardwood forest to the boreal Canadian Shield, which results in a mixing of northern and southern species. Nature lovers are drawn to the diversity of the park, which includes more reptile and amphibian species than any other national park in Canada.

Thursday, 4 May Arni Stinnissen is another almost local amazing birder and photographer. His goal is to tell Nature's story by capturing unique one-of-a-kind images that will resonate with the viewer, stir the soul, invoke an emotion or perhaps stimulate a memory. The final compositions capture a fleeting moment, one that partrays the beauty, simplicity and fragility of nature. He'll speak to the club about the debate about naming a national bird for Canada's th anniversary, how the Gray Jay came to prominence by default, and the research he's been doing into small outlier populations in Simcoe, Carden, Muskoka, and eastern Ontario.

Thursday, 2 March Need a break from the snow? Join them as they take us on a virtual tour of the tropical cloud forest in search of birds. Thursday, 2 February Dan Strickland , known worldwide for his Gray Jay studies, has also become a traveler to all corners of the world. Join Dan as he shares stories and photos of his recent trip to Ethiopia. The December meeting will also include a Christmas Draw. People can buy as many tickets as they want, and can put them in the draw for one item or spread them around on multiple items.

There will be a separate draw for each item. So bring books, baked goods, or other items that you think might be of interest to raffle off at the December meeting. Proceeds help to defray our expenses, and our members get some great bargains. Digital photography has forever changed the way we document natural history and wildlife subjects.

Auto-focus, 10 frames per second, 10, ISO, 30MP cameras allow us to take still and video images faster and with greater precision. Post production photographic software lets us manipulate, correct and perfect our images.

But can we take it too far? When do we cross the line into nature-fakery and non-ethical behaviour? Join Mark Peck, wildlife photographer and collections technician in Ornithology at the Royal Ontario Museum, for a behind the lens look at the history and future of wildlife photography. Who better to talk about Algonquin's 50 year history. A great program including birding history. Hear the story of how a 50 g insect can fly 6, km to winter in Mexico.

The talk will also cover the life cycle of the monarch, its population status, and its outlook for the future. Join us as we welcome Peter Mills , the son of Alex Mills. The last time we saw Peter, he was an enthusiastic teenage naturalist following in his father's footsteps.

Since then a career choice has made him a full-time naturalist and author. His program will be on amphibians, and will include some live specimens.

They journeyed over km across several mountain ranges, through forests and tablelands, cities and villages, fields and vineyards as spring arrived and turned to summer.

It has the highest habitat diversity in Ontario, the most shorelines, and some of the rarest wildlife. A couple of weeks ago I pulled up snails per 30cm drag along the bottom. The mites apparently hitch a ride with the beetles from food source to food source. Some can be utilized as medicines, others he will encourage simply to be admired in the garden or in nature. Their presentation "Stories From The Wild" will feature photos and video of the wildlife around their farm in Madoc, Ontario. Many people have helped, some people doing whole pages, and others contributing their expertise - some amateurs, some experienced amateurs, and some professionals in their fields.

Arni stinnissen wife

Arni stinnissen wife

Arni stinnissen wife

Arni stinnissen wife. Silver Pins

A highlight was a boat tour to Western Brook Pond, a fiord formed by glaciers, which originally gave access to the Gulf of St. Lawrence until the land rose and blocked the way. There were foot cliffs, dramatic waterfalls, and fog. They then went south to visit the Tablelands. This is an area of the exposed earth mantle, unique in the world, where the ocean floor rose up.

It is a barren area; nothing was growing there. He had an excellent photo of the Newfoundland subspecies of a Red Crossbill, with a very large beak especially suited for the cones found in Newfoundland. They visited Cape St.

He had spectacular photos of puffins from a tour of Witless Bay Ecological reserve south of St. There is a long stretch of flat beach which has a sudden drop off close to the shore, so the humpback whales are at close range.

Arni took photos of the whale activity. Each year millions of capelins small fish like smelts come to shores of Newfoundland and Labrador this to mate. This attracts whales, birds and people. In answer to a question, he explained that the humpback whale is a species of baleen whale.

These whales have a lattice of keratin plates hanging from the top of their mouths. This allows them to take in large quantities of water, and the baleen acts as a strain to keep the fish in their mouths, while filtering out the seawater. He had photos of the fish escaping from the whales. The whales are known to herd the capelin together using bubble nets. The atmosphere and mood are often crafted with multiple studio lights on location.

Based in Elora, Ontario, Wayne Simpson is a professional photographer who specializes in dramatic portraiture and landscape photography. Stefan A. Stefan will discuss the techniques, motivations, and considerations of his black-and-white photographic work, informed by his interest in vernacular architecture, constructed identity, and the shaping of rural and urban environments.

Rose is a photographer, poet, and video artist, exploring psychogeographic themes using analog and digital formats, in creative and documentary forms. He has been a documentary photographer since for Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo new music organizations. Stefan has exhibited his photographs in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Five of his video artworks were commissioned by Penderecki String Quartet to accompany performances in Canada and internationally. I have been a photographer for most of my life and at the same time I have been an artist, Illustrator. When I am out and looking and seeing things to photograph…. Combining photography with illustration and various artistic techniques, I produce a fusion of both in unique ways that often take on a life of their own in the final artwork…..

My love of art and photography has been a life long passion. I utilized my creative skills in the dental industry, until I retired in I will discuss equipment as well as techniques used to create the images of birds, wildlife and landscape. My work has also appeared in brochures for Electrohome Ltd. Indian Ocean Malindi Kenya. I conduct Nature photography workshops, Photoshop workshops as well as conduct lectures on Nature and Landscape Photography for Camera clubs.

An exploration of how we see depth, optical illusions, and how photography and our mind work to interpret reality. The talk will be an introduction on how to get started in 3D photography using any digital camera.

Differences and similarities between 3D and 2D composition will be demonstrated. An understanding of 3D photography will make one a better 2D photographer.

Of the more than fifty issues published, the most exciting have been the four issues on 3-D photography, starting with the sold out Dinosaur Cover of and more recently with the New Woman cover of His past experience in the traditional darkroom and his passion for the craft is evident in both his imagery and his presentations. Most photographers would love the chance to go on an African safari. If you are fortunate enough to have this opportunity some day, try not only to enjoy the actual safari experience, but also relish the anticipation beforehand and the hours of self-satisfaction and joy that are yours for the taking when you reflect back on your trip.

Of course the photos you bring home will be a big part of that reflection process, and the better the quality of your photos, the more enjoyment you might realize.

Planning plays a big role, not only in the quality of your photos, but also in the quality of your safari experience. In Tom and Ellie Jenks traveled to Botswana and Namibia on a wonderful safari to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary. Join them for an inside look as they share how planning was key to their success in various aspects of their trip, and take a look at the photos they brought back and hear the stories of how they got them.

After retiring from a career as a social worker, Tom turned his attention to developing his lifelong interest in photography. He has presented his pictures in talks to several camera clubs as well as various community groups.

His wife, Ellie, has accompanied him on two of his trips to Botswana. While she does not carry a camera, she is an all important second set of eyes looking to find interesting shots he might be missing. Related upcoming events. Peter Van Rhijm Macro Photography.

About Peter: Peter grew up and studied medicine in Holland. Christmas Social. Wayne Simpson Portraits of Resilience.

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The salt water duck can usually be found swimming on the west coast, between Alaska and Northern California as well in smaller numbers, in southeastern Quebec. Whittam says he also saw unique behaviour from the duck during this spring mating period. Business profile. It was more than 30 years ago, but his feelings about it are as strong today as they ever were.

How could anyone not enjoy the fact that someone gave them money for what they enjoyed? He still has it amongst the many artifacts he keeps so his students can recreate them in their own way on canvas. Since that very first piece, Beckett has sold thousands of pastels and oil paintings. According to his website, his work has been featured in major art publications in Canada and internationally.

An award-winning artist, he has been recognized by the Pastel Society of America and the Pastel Society of Canada and his work is included in major collections around the world.

There is no doubt that he is a highly respected and world-renowned artist and. She was so moved by the painting. Beckett was always drawing and finding inspiration in nature throughout most of his life. When he was eight, he entered a. Although the experience was bittersweet, he knew he had the ability to be an artist and he began his education at the age of 13 with Toronto artist, Edna Van Konnet.

However, he started his career in in a completely different direction, in newspaper advertising sales and marketing. By the time he had put in 25 years, he says he was burning out. In , he moved to the Marchmont area of Severn Township, where he continues to live out his dream of working as a successful and esteemed artist.

The art gallery attached to his log home is open to the public and features a large collection of his land and waterscapes, as well as still life subjects. Continued page Kim Goggins Publisher, Editor-in-Chief thevillager xplornet. Editorial and advertising material is protected by copyright. Reproduction of any article, photograph or graphic is forbidden without the express permission of the publishers.

The sentiments of our columnists do not necessarily reflect those of The Villager. I was invited to join some enthusiastic birders at Centennial Park on March 8 to see if the unique waterfowl, normally found on the west coast, would make its presence known, here, two days in a row. At first it was just the four of us, but as the time drew closer to 6 p.

Arni generously allowed The Villager to use one of these photos and it can be seen on page Capturing nature in photos or on canvas is an incredible talent and this month, we are also excited to tell the story of another talented artist who lives in Severn Township. Dave Beckett is known world-wide for his land and waterscapes, as well as still life subjects that continue to fascinate loyal fans and attract new admirers.

We also take on newsier pieces and you can read about the problem Severn Council has with its new OSPCA contract and how Ramara Township is starting to prepare for the possibility of flooding this spring.

The Villager is also available in select retail shops and restaurants along the Highway 11 corridor from the north end of Orillia to Severn Bridge, including Washago.

The Villager P. Letters to the editor are welcome and may be emailed to thevillager xplornet. Letters may be edited. His dad, Lyle Denne, worked for Christopher Norris Gibson when it used to be called Gibson Lumber and then bought it from him in , the year Tom was born.

By the time he was 12, Tom worked parttime at the lumber store, weighing nails and doing whatever else he was able to tackle. By the time he was about 20, he was a regular staple on staff. But the really interesting thing is, many of the people he has working with him now — including his business partner and brotherin-law James Elliott — have been by his side almost the whole time.

Some newer staff members have decades of experience in things like construction, accounting and management. This expertise comes in handy for customers who not only need their vast array of products, but also sound advice when tackling building projects around their home or cottage. Tom and James have about the same amount of time put in and Tom chuckles when pressed to give the number of years it has been since they went into partnership with his father. The management and staff at Timber Mart in Washago have more than combined years of experience at the store.

Sadly, Lyle passed away two-and-a-half years ago, about 10 years after he retired, but he was alive to see the incredible growth of the business under Tom and James. The former building that runs almost the length of the first block of Muskoka Street, behind the businesses that face the street, is now used for storage but it must still bring back a lot of memories for the long-term employees.

So, if it comes up another foot or two from last year, then I will be sand bagging. If the melt comes fast and is accompanied by heavy rain, the fear is that the flooding will be worse than last spring when flows were recorded in excess of cubic meters per second on the Black River at Highway , breaking the flow and elevation record of when the river reached cubic meters per second. If there is even a hint of a potential for flooding in Ramara Township, this spring, the municipality will be ready, says Fire Chief Dave McCarthy.

Last spring saw flooding unlike anything seen in recent memory and he admits they were caught off guard due a few factors. However, for many, the damage was already done. Lennerton lent out her two kayaks and canoe to neighbours who could not reach the road due to the deep and flowing waters of the Black River.

The scene is typical every spring when the river swells beyond its banks but, of course, last year was different and with the Continued page Close proximity to shopping, churches and Couchiching Park. MLS However, that is no reason to put off listing your waterfront property, say local real estate representatives.

A waterfront listing she has on the Severn River sold within 10 days at 98 percent of the asking price and another listing she has on Lake Couchiching had a number of showings and a conditional offer within a week of being listed.

This Severn River home sold in just 10 days at 98 percent of its asking price. Once the snow melts we get more listings and more choice, which means more competition.

Certainly, price is another factor and there is more good news for sellers. However, Stahls, reminds people that the figure takes into consideration sales in Muskoka and Haliburton, as well.

Suites up to sq. Fat bikes are phat By Kim Goggins They make an interesting visual, those fat bikers - traversing across frozen lakes and rolling along trails — with big silly grins on their faces and wide tires on their bikes.

With the right conditions, you can ride just about anywhere. Quite often, you will find the two travelling solo on sidewalks or on groomed trails throughout the Bracebridge area. By the next winter, there were still only a handful of people who were riding them in Muskoka. But this winter, Schuh says the number of people he sees with fat bikes has grown substantially.

They typically use groomed snowmobile trails as their corridor through the Gravenhurst and Bracebridge area. Practicing homeopathic medicine since , I treat a diverse range of health concerns and provide care to individuals of all ages and stages. Visit Orillia, Uxbridge and Cookstown quilt shops. Pleasant, Michigan April May Call for details on this popular trip! There is not much of a learning curve to it. Cycling is generally one of the best exercises we can do.

The suspension is in the tires not in the frame and it puts a big smile on your face to get on one. As soon as he tried it, he was hooked on the sport. He is still running his first bike with the same fat tires. Photo credit: Bert Schuh Fat bikes have grown in popularity in Muskoka but are a little slower to catch on in the Orillia area.

On Feb. My understanding after discussions with hospitals in my riding is that digital mammography allows images to be placed on a computer where doctors have better views of images.

They can also share images electronically from one location to another. It is a fact that mammography remains the best screening test for most women. We need to ensure that the funding is in place to allow for the best possible screening and diagnosis possible.

Tap into Maple started March 1 and will run through May 31, I encourage you to check out the website www. Nestled in the trees, this is a stunning home with soaring ceilings and huge windows.

The kitchen is the envy of any cook. Designed for family living, this home includes a self-contained in-law suite. Six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a Great Room, walkouts to the back deck and a wrap-around porch.

Lots of outdoor living spaces as well. The in-floor radiant heating and excellent quality windows make this a home you will fall in love with. For further details regarding this or any of my other listings be sure to visit www. Last year, the Ramona Hall ladies cooked up about pounds of bacon and sausage!

Floods can be devastating, causing death and losses to communities involving homes, property and infrastructure. However, flood warnings can help reduce the risk of these losses. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Emergency Management Ontario both have information online on how to be prepared for any emergency, in particular floods.

They also have warnings and updates during the year. Advance warning of an impending flood allows the public to take precautions. The following are samples of the warnings that may be heard or found on the website of the Ministry of Natural Resources or Emergency Management. Flood Warning indicates flooding is imminent or occurring within specific watercourses and municipalities.

Flood Watch indicates the potential for flooding exists within specific watercourses and municipalities.

Arni stinnissen wife