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On December 26, , an earthquake with an estimated magnitude of 9. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. A general view of the scene at the Marina beach in Madras, 26 December , after tidal waves hit the region. Tidal waves devastated the southern Indian coastline killing people, the home minister said, warning that the grim death toll was expected to rise.

Asian tsunami how far inland

Asian tsunami how far inland

Asian tsunami how far inland

Asian tsunami how far inland

Retrieved 13 February Hindustan Times. Geoethics in the Field: Leading by Example. Submit Awian letter to the editor or write Private dancer ketch letters theatlantic. The earthquake was the third largest ever recorded and had the longest duration of faulting ever observed; between eight and ten minutes. On March 11,a man in Klamath River, Calif. Most Recent. The Phi Phi Islands are a group of small islands that were affected by the tsunami. However, this fault has been quiescent since that large rupture.

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Focus on bettering yourselves and your family, and control what you can. Wow, that was a great summation.! When a sudden change in the seafloor occurs, it can cause the ocean to flow away from the disturbance and quite often towards land while creating large crashing waves. The second and third waves came minute intervals after first. On 26 August of the Girl in smallest skirt era, there was a strong shock in the Kyoto region, causing great tsunnami. Will the US follow suit for the sea level rise expected over the next few years? Asked in Tsunamis Where is the safest place in a tsunami? Since very few people belive this, most of howw population will continue living their liveses as usual. Bibcode : Geo If we view an earthquake as sound, know that it propagates in a 3D bubble, able to bend corners and repropogate a new set of special dynamics based on the energy lost and the angle that sound escapes through. Are we safe? Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America. They say they are preparing for an upcoming natural disaster.

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  • With wave speeds that can reach as much as miles per hour, a tsunami can travel as far inland as 10 miles, depending on the slope and the shape of the shoreline that it is traveling across.
  • This article lists notable tsunamis , which are sorted by the date and location that the tsunami occurred.
  • This event would likely lead to a mega tsunami that travels across the Atlantic and devastates the East Coast of the United States.

Soon after the devastating tsunami in the Indian Ocean on December 26, , many people have asked, could such a tsunami happen in the United States? This web page summarizes what we know about tsunamis that have struck the U. Below, we outline the sources of data that can help answer the question, and then indicate when and how large tsunamis have been for specific regions of the U. Tsunamis are ocean waves caused by large earthquakes and landslides that occur near or under the ocean.

Scientists do not use the term "tidal wave" because these waves are not caused by tides. Tsunami waves are unlike typical ocean waves generated by wind and storms. When tsunamis approach shore, the behave like a very fast moving tide that extends far inland. A rule of thumb is that if you see the tsunami, it is too late to out run it.

Most tsunamis do not "break" like the curling, wind-generated waves popular with surfers. Even "small" tsunamis for example, 6 feet in height are associated with extremely strong currents, capable of knocking someone off their feet.

Because of complex interactions with the coast, tsunami waves can persist for many hours. As with many natural phenomena, tsunamis can range in size from micro-tsunamis detectable only by sensitive instruments on the ocean floor to mega-tsunamis that can affect the coastlines of entire oceans, as with the Indian Ocean tsunami of If you hear a tsunami warning or if you feel strong shaking at the coast or very unusual wave activity e.

There are three primary sources of information we can use to answer the question Could it Happen Here? In this web page, we will focus mainly on the historic information 1. This catalog includes two types of measurements: runup observations from eyewitness accounts and wave height readings from tide gauge stations, most often located in harbors.

In scientific terms, runup refers to the vertical height a wave reaches above a reference sea level as it washes ashore. Wave height is the vertical measurement of the wave before it reaches shore. Inundation distance is the horizontal distance a tsunami reaches landward from the shoreline. Hawai'i has a long recorded history of tsunamis. Tsunamis have come from both earthquakes around the Pacific rim or "Ring of Fire" , termed teletsunamis or far-field tsunamis, and from earthquakes and landslides near Hawai'i, termed local tsunamis.

In the 20th century, an estimated people have been killed by tsunamis on the islands of Hawaii. One of the largest and most devastating tsunamis Hawai'i has experience was a teletsunami in ffrom an earthquake along the Aleutian subduction zone. Runup heights reached a maximum of feet and people were killed. Local tsunamis have also hit Hawai'i, primarily from earthquakes and large-scale subsidence along the south flank of Kiluea.

The largest of these were in that killed 81 people and in Because Alaska, including the Aleutian Islands, is bordered to the south by a major subduction zone capable of generating large earthquakes, Alaska has experienced a number of damaging tsunamis. Two megathrusts have ruptured in great earthquakes: the Aleutian and Alaskan subduction zones. Not only was a Pacific-wide tsunami generated from this great earthquake, but landslides in the coastal fjords such as Valdez also generated localized, but extremely damaging waves.

The tsunami caused damage and loss of life across the Pacific. West Coast. Alaska's famous fjords are also the source for another type of "tsunami": one in which landslides perched on the steep walls of fjords catastrophically fail and splash into the water, generating extreme wave heights, such as the Lituya Bay landslide.

Again this is a localized phenomenon that does not produce teletsunamis as with tsunamis produced by great earthquakes. The historic record of tsunamis along the U.

Nevertheless, potentially tsunamigenic fault structures do exist locally offshore the U. This subduction zone is thought to have last ruptured in a M 9. However, this fault has been quiescent since that large rupture. Great ruptures along this subduction zone would most likely cause local and possibly ocean-wide tsunamis that could affect the western United States. Of the teletsunamis that have struck the West Coast, the Gulf of Alaska tsunami caused the most extensive damage, particularly in Crescent City, California.

West Coast since In historic times, tsunami waves recorded along the Gulf Coast have all been less than 1 meter. Some of the reports are from the Gulf of Alaska earthquake recorded in Louisiana and Texas and are technically termed a seiche. A seiche is an oscillation of a body of water, typically caused by atmospheric disturbances, but in this case caused by the ground motion from the earthquake. Seiches can also occur in lakes from earthquake movements.

There are a couple of early 20th-centutry reports of tsunami waves from Caribbean earthquakes along the Gulf Coast that are difficult to evaluate, but the wave heights all appear to be less than 1 meter.

The most famous Atlantic tsunami is the Lisbon tsunami, that was generated by an earthquake on a fault offshore Portugal. This is a complex event; most, if not all, of the tsunami energy may have been triggered by a submarine landslide. The maximum tsunami runup from this event was meters concentrated on the coast of Newfoundland, though it was recorded as far south as South Carolina. Like the Gulf Coast, there a couple of reports of small tsunamis from Caribbean earthquakes, all less than 1 meter.

Puerto Rico and the U. Virgin Islands are more susceptible than other locations in the eastern U. Tsunamis have impacted Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands more than 6 times in recorded history. The web site of the Puerto Rico Tsunami Warning and Mitigation Program also asks whether a tsunami similar to the one in the Indian Ocean could hit the Caribbean region.

An event in off the Virgin Islands is thought to have generated waves 12 meters high. The tsunami with the greatest amount of damage in Puerto Rico was in from an earthquake off the Mona Passage.

With a maximum runup of 6 meters, the tsunami itself killed 40 people with an additional 76 people killed by the earthquake. The Caribbean region as a whole has a history of other earthquakes that have caused damaging tsunamis. Other territories of the United States are located adjacent to large subduction zones.

Guam and Marianas Islands are located next to the Marianas trench. American Samoa is affected by earthquakes about miles away along the Tonga-Kermadec trench. These historic reports are based largely on the tsunami catalog maintained by the NCEI. Could a tsunami such as the one that affected the Indian Ocean on December, 26, happen in the United States? What are Tsunamis? Hawai'i Hawai'i has a long recorded history of tsunamis. Alaska Because Alaska, including the Aleutian Islands, is bordered to the south by a major subduction zone capable of generating large earthquakes, Alaska has experienced a number of damaging tsunamis.

West Coast The historic record of tsunamis along the U. Gulf Coast In historic times, tsunami waves recorded along the Gulf Coast have all been less than 1 meter.

Virgin Islands Puerto Rico and the U. Other U.

Geological Survey of India Special Publication no. Trending Questions. Tsunami run-up measurements along the Sri Lankan coasts are at 2. The tsunami that we are all waiting to occur will submerge Florida state. Do have similar predictions for the west coast.

Asian tsunami how far inland

Asian tsunami how far inland

Asian tsunami how far inland

Asian tsunami how far inland

Asian tsunami how far inland. Related Questions

Aimee, Generally speaking, some natural disasters have precursors which may be publicized while others do not. Look for the precursors. Think about Water, Food, Shelter, Security. Our website and others are filled with all sorts of related preparedness information. Just begin browsing and formulating your own ideas. There may be a theoretical risk to your area from the large fault in the Pacific near the Oregon-California border, but the science?

Guess for that, you might be interested in knowing what the elevation in your area is? Hi Ken,I was just curious if you had a chance to put together the model for the West Coast yet Thank you. With that said, if you happen to live in the northwest, beware of the Cascadia Subduction Zone which will one day produce an enormous earthquake and tsunami….

Hi, Jen! I noticed Jacksonville Fl. Was not on your list. Are we safe? If the west coast get hit, it would most likely be caused by an earthquake. Do you live on the Big Island? I live in Keaau at about ft wondering how big a tsunami would have to be to reach my house. Good Luck. I hear the Juan de Fuca plate is the most likely? There are only two ways off the Shore…across the Cheasapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel to the south, to the North we will get so hung up in traffic that there is no way we could escape.

People are saying that this will happen on Sept 23, Like LOTS of people are having dreams and visions. I know people who are taking vacations on that day and are visiting relatives in safer places. Go stay at a hotel in Western PA or something. Your family are not replaceable.

Schools are closed on Wed Sept. It will be too late then! Believe and repent.. You should take a trip to somewhere off the East Coast. Grab some essentials. We live on Long Island and will drive into the Pocono mountains if need be do get away, as its only 1. No one knows when it will erupt, but when it does the East Coast entire East Coast will be hit. Please shoot me an email as my search for answers will continue. Thanks and god bless.

The turbulence and debris will turn you into very small pieces of fish food right quickly. The only way to survive is to move away from the coast. By the way, A La Palma eruption is over due. In fact, if you had the means an appropriate sea-worthy boat and if you feared massive traffic congestion or the inability to escape inland in time, and IF you had adequate warning BEFORE the tsunami started pulling water out of the shore prior to its onset , then yes, escaping in a boat would be viable.

As long as you were offshore a bit distance depends on the underlying seafloor , the effects will be minimal. I have seen this tsunami in my dreams, the first two times I dreamt of it..

It was awful, in my last dream, I estimate the wave was feet high.. I live around Atlanta, Ga.. I knew it was from God. Please call on the name of Jesus, as Lord and personal savior. That is the only way to be saved from the devastation that is coming upon the US, and the whole world.

Repent of your sins, and put your trust in God, read the Bible and get to know Jesus. The coming destruction is written about in Isaiah I found on YouTube there are many, many having dreams..

I do believe Isaiah is describing the rapture, the looting of the earth as God takes what is His. The rapture could come at any moment! Before or after this calamity.. I live in Maine also. I am concerned about the predicted asteroid hit by Ephraim Rodriquez, I think I am in a very safe area above Farmington Maine, but how far inland would a much larger tsunami than ft travel. Say a to foot one?

Because if this happens as predicted it would be much larger than ft. I am about 74 miles from the coast as the crow flys. My elevation is at feet, but I could quickly be at feet if I needed to. Please answer me if possible, as I am doing everything possible to prepare for my family and neighbors.

Yes, I believe you would probably be underwater. The town itself is about 20 to 25 miles from the Atlantic shoreline, however the proximity to the path of least resistance is very close. With the scenario given in this article, I believe you would be at a fairly high risk to some damage.

What is your opinion if you are 10 miles west of Phila? Is the city itself a bigger worry than the suburbs for water? I know crowds would be a problem. Not sure where it would originate to get all the way to the city. I live in Paulsboro NJ!!! I want to know, I live like 50 kl off the shore but I live near the Delaware river like 5 min… Do u think that the tsunami gets here?? Hi Angie! I live in Paulsboro too. I was wondering the same thing.

I also worry about our government and the way they would handle things after. I am a prepper and do my best with that. Marshall law would definitely follow. What are your thoughts? God Bless, Lisa. Paulsboro, NJ is toast. Yes, Paulsboro NJ is only about feet above sea level and would be affected.

IF there is a tsunami as described in this article, it would sweep up Delaware Bay and then up the river. Thank you! Charlene, That would be an interesting project. Knowing that the Canary Island mega-tsunami scenarios is a real threat nor if, but when it occurs , and for those who live within the tsunami levels on the map, how long would it take for the water to recede.

The reasoning of the question is that after watching some of the survival prepper shows, if some individuals were to have subterranean shelter, that could be made water tight, the amount of available oxygen would be limited and thus there would be the need to open the watertight seals to allow for proper oxygen replenishment depending on the number of individuals within shelter.

What would be the timeline for the recession of the water at the levels shown in the maps? Little nervious.

I am moving to Naples On the gulf coast of Florida. Based on the scenario of the article, I believe that the Gulf of Mexico will not be hit hard compared to the eastern facing Atlantic shoreline due to the origin of the tsunami.

Although I am not an expert in this field, I would suggest that a tsunami of the magnitude in this article would not traverse the state of Florida, despite its extremely low elevation. I disagree. I highly doubt that it would traverse the state. Although certainly devastating to the entire coastline and probably many tens of miles inland, it would lose impact the further inland it travels. Have you measured the width of the state lately?

Sugarloaf mountain is on the southwest shore of lake Apopka twenty miles west of Orlando. Its elevation is greater than feet and there is a ridge in this same area that has elevations in the f range.

Also,this is approx miles inland from the east coast. A foot tsunami will not reach or cover Sugarloaf. No way, no how. How will the Washington, DC area be impacted by a tsunami. Lawrence River would affect the coast s of the great lakes. While the St. Lawrence River is a funnel from the Gulf of St. Lawrence, it appears that the only real opening from the Atlantic is about 50 miles across to the Gulf, which would then have to hang a left down the St.

My instinct tells me that the effects would be muted well before then. Do you feel the government ramp up in supplies in Fema Region 3 and them bringing in foreign troops is to prepare for this tsunami? They say they are preparing for an upcoming natural disaster.

Also I saw a map that this will effect the southeast portion of Tx too. Is this accurate? My family is located there. The most likely major disaster, currently, is financial collapse, in my opinion.

As far as Texas and the Gulf, the effects of the tsunami will be greatly reduced because it is mostly blocked by Florida from the East. This would primarily be an east-coast event. Any models for Texas? Do you have any website references for your stating fema regions and then sticking up on supplies….. I mean havent they been doing this for years? I live in hinesville Ga right by Ft Stewart, is this far enough away from the coast worst case scenario? It says 42 miles from Savannah but I see rivers.

If they go up the rivers how much further inland do you think the water will travel? Now all the oil refineries on the coast all the oil and fuel washed on land and out to the sea where will it go? All the salt water that will go into the rivers and some lakes will kill a lot of fish. This will not only hurt the U. Plus when the water recede wow what happens then? PLUS the bible will tell you about global warming and heat.

Look it up get yourself and family right with GOD. You thought Japans tsunami was bad wait. Pray Read Belive, sleep well everyone. I live in the Allegheny Mountains in Pa. Thank you. I live in the heart of Savannah and my kids go to school on the island were screwed if one comes huh? Thank you for your model, I firmly believe in be prepared, not scared. What I was wondering is given your model do you think Waterbury Ct will maybe be a safe place to go?

If a tsunami hit the east coast. Your model is based on a natural disaster? What if it was a nuke , far fetched i know. For the sake of argument.

Say in massachusetts. Bristol county? Would it travel that far? Steve keep your eyes to the sky if the government does not tell you watch the sea birds when they move inland in very large numbers then move inland also. Philadlphia will be hit by the tsunami, but not as bad as Miami and the southern states.

The problem is that river that goes right throught it. That is going to cause great flooding. It depends upon more than the elevation and force. While all of that is eminently logical, it also would cause terrible disease from polluted water.

There would be not only flooding, but dead folks and livestock. The later would float as debris as well as the flooded animal areas filled with fecal matter. Likewise the sewage of such an event would be completely without mitigation. Depending upon the time of year, then one could expect terrible issues with not only sanitation but ruined crops, disease spread by pests and insect vectors from such a mammoth event too.

Ground water in other nearby regions may be foul and make the area unliveable. As such, anyone attempting to get away would likely head West and South entirely dependent upon the season in which a collapse occurred. As such, those bugging out would very likely cause a chain reaction of other folks attempting the same thing. It would cascade with bugging out folks innundating the nearby towns as they ran low on fuel and supplies.

At first the locals would be glad of the newcomers purchasing supplies, food, and motel rooms. Think about that. If you live on the East Coast, then bugging inland would likely take you away from all of your supplies and heavy items like water and would result in terrible chaos and violence.

I can think of many scenarios in which living there would result in doom in most any kind of collapse event. Look at the National Drought Monitor map.

Wherever once relocates to must have adequate rainfall and clean accessible water for not only drinking but raising crops and livestock.

It is too arid. Sure the population density is very low in some places, but unless you can expect an agricultural future, then there is no future. All of the West has suffered long term drought save a few places.

That affects both agriculture but also game animals and fish too. Long term drought leads to terrible losses of soil microbes for nitrogen fixation. That makes it sterile.

There is high salinity too. I live in Daytona Beach…. If this were to happen though, would they alert the media so we would have enough time to drive out of florida…? Would we have time?? By the time the decision is made to alert the public to evacuate is given, then the roads will be completely full of much higher than normal congestion. Given a bad economy and the avoidance of routine car maintenance, then one can expect many stalled overheated vehicles among them.

As such, many folks may be trapped in traffic. Meditate upon this. How far could you travel realistically in your vehicle if everyone else is also trying to drive away? There are maps on the Internet that show population density. I urge you to look them up. Since many folks prefer to live in urban areas, as they would be evacuating mostly via interstate highways, then the closer you are to the Eastern Coast, the more the cascades of traffic jams would come into play.

What then? You are fuelless, low on supplies, and likely have encountered stalled traffic on the highway. People would be panicking and likely armed folks would either be attempting to steal supplies from each other or protect themselves.

Would you really wish to be among those folks? With that kind of population density and without the local agriculture to feed those folks, then there is little chance at long term survival. Under tsunami conditions, well there would be nil chances at survival. Hi Olivia.. God bless and guide us all. Romy BTW how is this map.. Hopefully never.

The shaded-colored coastal areas however, yes, those will certainly be underwater. The real threat of a tsunami hitting the East coast and erasing Florida from the map is not a chunk of land breaking from the Canary Islands. The most immediate threat right now within the next two months is a string of meteorites that are following comet Ison. Please look it up on youtube and inform yourselves.

This comet is not a regular comet. Scientists are puzzled by its formation because it appears to be made up of several segments. When it passes around the sun it could break up into several pieces and no one really knows their trajectory after this.

The Earth will be passing through its trajectory and no one knows what it could be dragging because we cannot see what is coming facing the sun. It is very possible that several meteorites will hit our planet and that a larger one could fall near Puerto Rico at an angle that will cause a great tsunami that will hit the East coast of the USA. In addition, no one knows if its passing near the sun will trigger solar flares that will head our way.

The sun is about to change its magnetic field and precisely now is when Comet Ison will fly by the sun. We could be without power for several months and I am going to leave it to your imagination as to what can happen if we get hit by a tsunami and there is no power.

This scenario can happen in December or January Look it up. Why the news have not mention any of this? Basically there is nothing we can do? If we are in NJ we are going to be under water? If a meteorite hits the earth we are not going to have a chance to go or run anywhere??? Just prepare for having to walk out and if you can use your car, go as far as you can. Get on the survival sites and take notes.

Good luck to all of us and God Bless. The meteorites are coming in the direction from the sun, as they are following comet ison. If we look up at the direction of the sun with our telescopes, it is practically impossible to detect anything coming our way. Even the Vatican is in alert pointing their telescopes at the skies.

At the most, we will have a twelve hour notice. By then most of the roads and highways will be shut down by the traffic.

We live in palm bayFlorida and we live off of us1 and the river is right across the street. And less than a mile from the river on the other side is the ocean… Are we safe at all if a wave were to happen? My husband says yes, I say no.. Anyone close to the water could have issues with soil erosion, sewage contamination a frequent issue in hurricane zones , alterations in the salinity of the soil by ocean flooding, hurricane impact, tsunami, etc.

Practically every property from a prepper standpoint has issues with it, be it drought resistance, fertility, tornado zones, earthquake, erosion, hurricane, flooding, too arid, too cold, too hot, etc. Palm Bay Florida is a very large city of over , and the most populated zone in your county.

While you might have a higher chance of acquiring marine life as a food source, salt, temperate weather, almost no freezing issues, on the minus side there are so many as to be innumerable. Michelle, I have bad news for you. The tsunami that we are all waiting to occur will submerge Florida state. In fact, after this tsunami, the map of the territory of the USA will change. Chances are that the tsunami will be generated by a meteor that will fall somewhere near Puerto Rico.

Since very few people belive this, most of the population will continue living their liveses as usual. News from comet Ison: The comet has broken up into thousands of pieces big and small as it went around the sun two days ago due to the extreme heat and pressure.

Now its trayectory may change because we are dealing with many objects spreading out and slowing down. We could be getting hit by many meteorites in the last weeks of December or early January of We could even be hit by a mid size meteor capable of causing a great tsunami.

Would the mid-Atlantic Ridge play any part in decreasing the energy of a Tsunami from the Canary Islands? I live in Atlanta, so the only tsunami I would see would be that of cars working their way here. I live on the eastern end of long island… about 15 min to the very end. Takes 3 hours to get to NYC on a good day. Absolutely terrified is an understatement. Instead, by bringing awareness to the subject will hopefully cause some to know about the risk — even though low probability but with potential high impact.

Something like this may never happen at all. A general recommendation for anyone is to get a weather radio public alert radio because in addition to weather events, you will be alerted to a tsunami event too. As with any oncoming disaster, TIME is your best friend. Getting out of harms way before the others clog the roads…. I leave on Long Islang, Huntington to be specific. I recently had a dream and in it Jesus directing a lot of people to a mountain top.

He told me he is putting them to safety, of course I found myself on top of the mountain also but did not see water nor anything else. He knows best, we have to trust in him and he sure will keep us safe…. During Sandy and Katrina we had days of warnings. In a Tsunami we may get a 6 hour warning. In Japan 19, lives were lost, 1. If we were hit by a foot wave, our cities, road, electrical grid, and building would be destroyed.

People who got out, would not be returning. People who stayed, would have no power, water, food or shelter. Unlike Sandy and Katrina there would be no rebuilding!

There are nuclear power plants along the eastern coast of north America and a Tsunami could cause another Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. Preparation is key. Not if but when. Expectation if heading to the White mountaians from Salisbury Ma is my plan- things are getting very unsettled in the Canary Islands.

Facing Katrina and Sandy last Summer as the beach errosion continues to take beach front homes —Its time to get ready. Open-mindedness is one of the many keys to survival. What the landfall will be like cannot be estimated with the data provided. The direction of the wave, and the landscape will determine the effects more than simple elevation. I also wonder what effect the continental shelf will have.. It may serve as a barrier to mitigate the impact.

Escape scenario? I live on the East Coast. Long pig will end up on the menu. These maps are totally bogus. Just based on elevation and not a true physical modeling incorporating fluid dynamics. Come back with some real science and not fear-mongering. The maps have nothing to do with fluid dynamics and the many other variables which would affect the behavior of a tsunami in any given area.

The maps present a glimpse of the raw data — height elevation. No more, no less. They have found archaeological evidence on the Bahamas islands that they were inundated by a massive wave thousands of years ago.

Also look at a map and see how the coastline curves along east coast, this will concentrate the effects of a wave. Unfortunately I live 10 miles inland from Cape Canaveral, hoping for less than a hundred footer. Irregardless if it is a meteor striking or the direct result of the Canary Island volcanic activity and subsequent earthquakes that cause such a deadly tsunami, it is obviously of vital importance to be well prepared in advance. Harry has offered some very practical tips on what people should be doing and looking for.

Seabirds, in fact, any unusual animal migrations and behaviors are very reliable signs that something bad is about to happen. The CB radio would be a necessity for communicating. Pay attention not only to weather radios, but scanners which monitor activity of first response organizations as they often will get the information in advance of the public. Try not to panic so that you can think clearly and make safe discisions for you and your family.

Having plenty of bottled drinking water on hand as part of an emergency package, is also recommended. Emergency nutritonal and high energy food items for the short term can be peanut butter, crackers, raisins and trail mixes, granola bars.

As also mentioned back and secondary roads are usually safer bits for avoiding traffic jams on main highways. But be prepared that in the case of either traffic jams or accidnets, because of the timing of impending danger, you may have to leave your vehicle and travel on foot. So have backpacks with a change of clothes, jackets and medications that you need or might need and also a first aid lit.

These items should already be packed and either in your trunk or ready to grab at a moments notice. Make sure you and loved ones and friends are right with God now.

Be alert and prepared for the evacuation of the East Coast Tsunami. But always be prepared to drive from the destruction of the Tsunami and please keep your self right with the Lord and pray for the knowledge of what will happen.

I will Pray for you all. May God Bless you all. I truly believe what you wrote. By GC. I beg to differ. We ceased to be one nation under God when we legalize abortion, killing millions of babies a year.

We ceased to be one nation under God when the Supreme Court defied God law that marriage should be between a man and a woman. We have become the Sodome and Gomorha , unless we get right with God we will all perish because judgement is upon US people. Pray, repent, give your life to God. I pray for all of you to find refuge in him because he is the only true way. Maggie I totally agree. Time to repent and get your life right with God.

We are NOT a country that is right with God. No one is saying anything about houston texas. I live here with my family and im concern. There are black helicopter flying over our I 10 interstate highways now.

Will houston texas go under water as well. Should I relocate my family and what state is really safe. Eyes open but so confused. I live in Chelmsford, MA. A suburb to the north of Boston by approximately 30 miles.

So scary as most of family live in Cambridge or Somerville, both of which are adjacent to Boston. Would we have ample time to reasonably evacuate the major cities? Does the Government have that kind of protocol in place right now? Very unlikely to happen in our lifetimes, chaps. Plenty more to worry about. Most of which will consume you if you let it, life is too short.

Focus on bettering yourselves and your family, and control what you can. Within reason and considering probabilities. If you can get to Canada you may be safe for awhile…but, the plagues in Revelation will still reach you , no matter where on earth you are.

Make sure your soul is right with God first. You would be far better off flying out in a small plane. Focus on that, if you really want to spend countless hours on this. Your odds of going out in the next years are far higher from an accidental nuke exchange, or from an escalation going out of control on purpose. As well…. If one was large enough and it was within a couple of thousand miles of you though, you would not have to worry about a wall of water, for you would be incinerated first.

Pick your poison, or try and enjoy life and be thankful for having a brief moment to be alive. If the tsunami did hit, what would be the potential result for areas directly north of New York City along the Hudson River?

So Im just curious about tsunamis and I live in Miami. If I decide to stay and die while watching it come from.. Downtown Miami office building roofs?. Okey dokey. I think they are called tetonic plates…. Anyhow I do not know if that statement had any truth to it-does anyone have any suggestions or ideas…websites as appreciated.

Has anybody heard of a strong earth quake that is suppose to happen between April 15 to the19 of ???? Regards to diana….. Earthquakes started 2 days ago but on pacific coast. I live in the gulf west side of southern florida. How high would a Tsunami be if a Cascadia fault quake 9. The Ring of Fire is extremely active and Cascadia Fault has recently had a doozy of a quake.

I read that the Fault is over and one article states over miles long. I also understand that Mt. Ranier is now active and Mt. People who live in coastal cities should be required to go through classes when moving there, explaining the dangers. Earth, being in the 17th of a 30 year Volcanism makes this possible. Or am I wrong? I realize that you asked this 2 yrs ago.

As of August, the prediction has changed. The earthquake alone will devistate everything from I-5 west. A street in Maryland disappeared today with many cars over a railroad track. Beg you to move above feet elevation, and why delay? Get right with God. Nice to have a mountain range or two between. Are you saying we will be 10 feet under water? Hi, I live in Orlando close to Disney. I think one option for a certain amount of people would be to go to a building at least 35 floors high and watch the wave go underneath.

Still though there would be many horrors awaiting in the aftermath. Might be better to be dead and in peace. Look up a guy name Efrain Rodriguez. He is warning people in the United States that a tsunami will hit the eastcoast at 2am anytime now until December Get your lives right with the Lord.

He will be your only safety during this event. May God bless you all. It is still coming. Please do not take things lightly. Make sure you are right with God, only thru the believing in His son, Jesus, and repenting of your sins.

Today is the day of salvation. Your next moment is not guaranteed. God bless. I am an engineer, have done risk studies, and worked on a tsunami inundation sensor network proposal one time. People have no idea when that is going to happen, except probably not in the next few weeks, how large, and in what direction the tsunami will be oriented. I see a lot of people here asking about their specific location and how that would be.

As the author points out, these are not inundation charts, these are altitude charts. These show approximately the maximum extent of a tsunami wave, but even that is not exactly true, because moving water can travel uphill, but at the same time, it is bleeding off energy as friction with the surface.

Tsunamis this kind are directional, meaning there is a lobe of higher wave height. How the wave presents itself locally is due to local geography.

A narrowing inlet will see higher wave heights than a circular island with a steep base. The only way to find out about your location is to run actual simulations of various mountain collapse scenarios and see how that sets up the initial conditions, propagate the wave, then model your local geography.

You would need to run thousands of simulations to represent the thousands of ways the mountain can collapse. It has been done for some locations. But the point is, one must not look at the scenarios in the article as real, they are instructional, but are not possible as presented.

To prepare, presume one is either in or out of the inundation zone, and if in, how would one get out? Works for hurricanes too. Or ten. It seems some could use a basic physics refresher, as well. Continuing to learn never hurt anyone since Galileo.

The Lord can do whatever he wants to do. The only safe place is in Christ. The only thing i tell you look up the prophecy of Efrain Rodriguez, pray ask for a circle of protection because this thing is gonna hit hard, obama know cause Rodriguez told him but he didnt believe him, i believe because as for me and my 10 yr son we have been dreaming about this, will happen soon between sep 1 , look for signs and ask the spirit of god to show you because god is tired america has turned away from him, god bless u all.

The Canary Island scenario, in my opinion, might yield less energy relative to how fast it travels, wave height, how far inland, etc. I firmly believe that an asteroid or other space object will be the final death knell for the eastern seabord.

Just Florida, where I live, will possibly be wiped out either way, but I believe that Florida might fare somewhat better from a Canary Island event. An Asteroid event would garner and produce so much energy, and unbelievable wave heights, that when it the tsunami hits Florida, the land, being that Florida is mostly sand, soft rock, and underground aquifers, will give way and sink as the tsunami continues it assault westward towards the Gulf of Mexico.

I could be wrong, but tell me your thoughts please. I do know also that the entire Eastern Seaboard will be severely affected either way but might fare better from a Canary Island event the water might recede in that instance but with an asteroid event from space, most of the land i.

Florida will probably collapse and sink. I wonder if a nuke were detonated on the Canary Islands it would create something far more devastating than normal. Cool thread by the way. Surfs up bro! What about the Pacific Ocean? Lots of activity happening in that area lately. Tonga Fiji Tuvalu nothing will be left of these islands if this hapoens. This is not for everyone but I think some people missed the part where the author stated that the maps only show elevation, not the predicted distance the tsunami would reach inland.

Will Allentown and Bethlehem Pennsylvania be affected by a foot tsunami? Hard to tell from the map, it looks close.. Do have similar predictions for the west coast.

I live a few miles from Monterey Bay and miles from San Francisco. I Live in Philadelphia pa i know it will floor here so whst place would be safe for me to go? My daughter live in AZ is she going to be safe with my grandsons?

Land,the size of miles; feet wide would slide into the ocean. Tucson will be the new beach front. Also, a tsunami would reach the state of Kentucky. It is interesting that the New Jerusalem is miles.

I have had many dream in recent months where I was going from door to tell telling people to stack up on water, non perishable food, flash lights and candles. God bless you all and get right with God. I live in a small town called miramar in florida which is 13 miles inland. The problem is, i live right next to a canal that leads to North Miamai beach. Wondering how to plan a scape with my situation.

I have watched just about every Japan and Asian tsunami video. Tsunamis are serious business. They hit a coast at full height then eventually reduce height and choose a path of least resistance but in some places double up to great heights like at Minamisanriku were it washed over the tsunami warning center at 50ft above sea level but on the immediate coast. I can see a Canary Island tsunami funneling directly into the Long Island sound and us not having Long Island for protection. Im near the coast in Ivoryton and we have Bushy Hill Mountain a 1 hr hike away and a few other mountains nearby above ft sea level.

Ill say just going up a hilly road above sea level would suffice. Just to let everyone know; that once they do arrive inland to safety, there will be plenty of stores open for food etc if they can get there.

We are mountainous up here in New England and the effects would be mostly immediate coastal and river edges with water funneling in to low resistance areas leaving houses way up high unscathed 10 miles inland.

The hills like the breakwaters in Japan although all breached even the 45 ft fudai tsunami wall at 60ft were the village survived will lessen the impact. But this article and watching the footage of people stranded on the hospital roof in Minamisanriku, is going to motivate me to make an emergency backpack for any disaster that may strike.

Use google earth to look around and find your highest mountain and have a plan and survive off you back pack until you can walk to safety of ride a bike. Even if Im at the beach were I work as a ranger, I could walk to a place above sea level in 5 hrs.

The key is to have resources to survive at your immediate survival. Will it come up to Tennessee or Tallhassee and do I need to go up further to a mountainous region,because were trying to do our first time Homestead and we are not running from God by far it is the ppl,.

When the Grid shuts down prisons open and they spread out and we want 10 to 10 acres. I found this article while searching today for information regarding the possibility of an asteroid hitting the ocean near Puerto Rico in September of this year.

Any thoughts on what will happen to the gulf coast of Texas in this scenario? We are feet above sea level and a little less than 20 miles inland. Should I be worried? But even with the idea of a tsunami is not as likely as a lot of other threats that are around the pike. I live in Greenville NC about 70 miles inland and about elevation.

Would this city be effected. My cynicism grows the more comments I read on this article. How can anyone be so incapable of finding out information yourself? What if this, What if that?

If you have ANY doubt then move!!! Just take action instead of trying to find some excuse that would allow your justification of avoiding making the tough decisions. I am hopeful that will be ok.

I am concerned because I may not be able to get back to my home and that has all my livestock, tools, ammo and supplies? I live in Sebring, Florida. Distance to the Atlantic is 65 miles. Gulf is 64 miles to the west. In the event of the near Puerto Rico predicted asteroid hit any prognosticators on how Sebring will fare? Puerto Rico is much closer to Florida than the Canary Islands are. It would take a wave from a meteor impact less an 70 minutes to propagate from there to inland Florida.

Just a tip! If you are informed of a tsunami, the best way to escape is…. Hope nothing happens tho guys and you wont need this! Jumping into a pool if you are about to hit by a tsunami is about as useful as jumping up into the air right before the elevator you are in smacks into the ground when the cable is cut. I live in Manchester NJ approximately 15 mies from the ocean and approx 10 miles from the Toms River River and the bay.

Is that area safe? Wow, we are in derby ct just left and up from new haven. It looks like its touching us from ft. Either we are gone or have beach front property. The down side is the river that expands out. Just a question. I live a little ways north of Tampa Pasco County specifically. How much time would we have to react? I used to live in Brooklyn and got out of the city, thank God. What could the back lash be to them?

Looking for a reply to my e-mail… Thank you kindly. I feel sorry if you think a tsunami of only feet will come, but more then likely a meter tsunami is possible to strike, Why? The fools that rule will cause the fools themselves to use a nuclear weapon that will raise the waters just off the coasts and there will be no warning!

Have yourselves and the enemies got nuclear subs? What happens when one of them has an accident? What happens when anyone one of the nuts that rule or fight for will hit back with the same?

Things will get high or maybe higher! Now consider the frequency of earthquakes increasing and the intensity is also on the increase, have you not realized that this is mentioned in the bible, and the fact at the end of the age as we know it today it is predicted a massive earthquake shall come, and it shall shake the whole earth!

Mean while if we had CMAE or constant magnetic acceleration energy, there will be no need for the fools that rule to desire or seek out fossil fuels. Other than this dude in Puerto Rico who had a dream about the asteroid hit is there any evidence at all that this is going to happen? The entire story originated from him. There is no real evidence that this will occur.

Will we get hit by a tsunami sooner or later — yes. Will there be a tsunami on September 24 — no. What we will hear though at the end of September is that there was a miscalculation of the date in the dream that got this whole thing rolling and the date has now been moved to yada, yada, yada. Are we in the end times.

Then there was a notice posted on the weather channel not too long ago, stating to expect a tsunami caused by a 9. Definitely something is possibly coming and no one is speaking about it, That could mean a real shortage in fossil fuels, and all the more we need an energy this universe runs on, and the only research for that energy one can put their finger on is cmae.

While it is a known fact all governments and scientific fields of research have gone a different direction in this field, such as ring proton and neutron, They have floundered with the actual energy we need,. I agree that something is up and that something is not going to be nice. Be prepared but not for a flood yet.

Everyone thinks the tsunami will be feet, What makes anyone think that will be the limited height for such an event. What are the possibilities of it being much higher. Possibly double that. There actually is scientific evidence of an event like this occurring. We cannot tell when but it WILL happen.

An event triggered from a landslide and I created a 1, foot wave. That was in a bay though so in the Cumbre Vieja event it would be very different. But feet is a good average. Compare with the highest ever known Tsunami, and the extent of flooding at various elevations and distances. Question, would Western North Carolina Mountains be a safe place to be?

I think a lot of people have dreams like this. Sometimes i see 2 nuclear attacks. Sometimes i see a giant wave. But the wave might be atomic energy. I am in different places when these things happen in my dreams. It could happen at any time. I have a philosophy that these are dreams about how things might be if we stay on a particular course. I usually dream of being near two large nuclear disasters. Related Questions Asked in Tsunamis How far inland did the largest tsunami go in?

Read More. Asked in Oceans and Seas, Tsunamis How far inland should you go if there is a warning of a tsunami? Asked in Tsunamis How far inland did Japanese tsunami go? Asked in Tsunamis How far inland did the tsunami of travel?

The Asian Tsunami The Asian tsunami travelled at approximately 2, metres 6, ft inland Asked in Tsunamis Where is the safest place in a tsunami? As far inland as possible. Asked in Tsunamis Can tsunami come in Delhi? It is too far inland. Asked in Tsunamis Did a tsunami ever hit Chicago? Asked in Rain and Flooding, Tsunamis Can a tsunami flood the grand caynon? The Grand Canyon is way too far inland to get a tsunami. Asked in Geophysics What steps do think can be taken for survivals of tsunami?

One very important step that can be taken to survive a tsunami is to go as far inland as possible. Islands in the path of the tsunami should be evacuated. Asked in Tsunamis Which tsunami has the ability to destroy cities?

ANY tsunami has the ability to cause damage to objects along the ocean shore. The size and magnitude of the tsunami will determine how far inland you'd need to go to be safe.

Asked in India, Tsunamis How far can a tsunami reach? Most only go inland a few hundred yards. The most current one in Japan went in as far as six miles. Asked in Mexico, Tsunamis Will san antonio get swept if there is a tsunami in the gulf of mexico? San Antonia is much too far inland to be affected by a tsunami.

Asked in Earthquakes, Tsunamis How far inland can a tsunamis flooding travel? The tsunami can flood as fast as a commercial jet plane. Asked in Tsunamis, Length and Distance What is the farthest that a tsunami wave can travel inland?

Mega-tsunamis - tsunamis that are extraordinarily huge - are said to be able to travel as far as 25 kilometers inland. More tsunami tidbits from our users: Landforms slow them down considerably. The distance traveled inland is directly related to the change in elevation. Asked in Tsunamis, Earthquake in Japan How high did the run-up heights of waves go in the Japanese tsunami?

The Tsunami in Japan Most scientists reported that the 33ft 10m Tsunami wave, triggered by a massive earthquake on March 11 measuring magnitude 9. This city of Sendai was 80 miles km from epicenter of Earthquake. Asked in Tsunamis What if a tsunami hits Miami Florida? Go to micosukee in ave and 8 St.

Tsunamis: Facts About Killer Waves

On this day, ten years ago, a magnitude 9. Today, many of the communities have recovered, though painful memories and some ruined structures remain in place. Across Asia today, memorials were held in remembrance of the thousands of victims. Amid the commemorations, continued warnings from earthquake experts that early-warning systems need even more development and funding in the region. Gathered here are images of the event, a series of then-and-now comparison images, and photos from today's memorials.

Seawater splashes in the air as the the first tsunami waves hit Ao Nang, Krabi Province, Thailand, on December 26, Foreign tourists far out on the sand after the water receded react as the first of six tsunami waves started to roll towards Hat Rai Lay Beach, near Krabi in southern Thailand, on December 26, People flee as a tsunami wave comes crashing ashore at Koh Raya, part of Thailand's territory in the Andaman islands, 23 kilometers from Phuket island, southern Thailand, on December 26, The photographer who took this picture escaped without injury, but retreated at the first wave and watched as a second wave tore apart the wooden buildings, with a third and largest wave coming forward and "ripping apart the cement buildings like they were made of balsa wood".

Waves wash through houses at Maddampegama, about 60 kilometers 38 miles south of Colombo, Sri Lanka, on December 26, Tsunami waves triggered by earthquakes crashed into villages along a wide stretch of Sri Lankan coast, killing more than 35, people and displacing millions. In this photo taken by a tourist Eric Skitzi from England, tourists watch as tsunami waves hit the shore from inside the Casuarina Beach Hotel resort in Penang, northwestern Malaysia around pm local time GMT on December 26, The resort hotel lifeguards noticed waves were huge and sounded warning to all tourists around the hotel beach area to run to the safety area.

Waves crash through houses at Maddampegama, Sri Lanka, on December 26, A natural color satellite image shows the coastline of the southwestern city of Kalutara, Sri Lanka on December 26, at a. An aerial view of a destroyed and flooded village after waves hit following an earthquake near the provincial capital of Banda Aceh, Aceh province, Indonesia, on December 28, A general view of the scene at Marina beach in Madras, India, on December 26, , after tsunami waves hit the region.

Waves devastated the southern Indian coastline killing an estimated 18, people. An aerial view of Marina beach after a tsunami triggered by an earthquake in the Indian Ocean hit the area in the southern Indian city of Madras on December 26, An Indian woman mourns the death of her relative who was killed in the tsunami in Cuddalore, some km mi south of the southern Indian city of Madras, on December 28, Estimates of the death toll in Indonesia top , The ruins the dome of a mosque that was hit by the tsunami, seen on December 14, in Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

Acehnese women cry as they pray at mass grave to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Boxing Day tsunami on December 26, in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Ruins of a bridge that was hit by the tsunami, seen on December 14, in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Visitors take pictures of the glowing names of tsunami victims at Aceh Tsunami Museum in Banda Aceh on December 26, Survivors of Asia's tsunami and relatives of its victims cried and prayed as they gathered along Indian Ocean shorelines on Friday for memorials to mark the 10th anniversary of a disaster that still leaves an indelible mark on the region.

Personal possessions of tsunami victims are arranged to be photographed outside a police station in Takua Pa, in Phang Nga province, on December 19, Thai police opened a shipping container filled with documents and possessions of victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami after being asked by Reuters for permission to film its contents.

The three meter by 12 meter container was handed over to Thai police in and contains hundreds of plastic police evidence bags - each one holding the precious items found on the body of a victim. People light candles as survivors, local residents and visitors gather for a ceremony for victims of tsunami in Ban Nam Khem, a southern fishing village destroyed by the wave, on December 26, In Thailand, where 5, people were killed, among them about 2, foreign tourists, commemoration ceremonies will be held in Ban Nam Khem.

Hundreds of lanterns which symbolizes the spirits of victims of the Asian tsunami, are released into the sky during a commemoration service to mark the 10th anniversary of the day this natural disaster happened, on December 26, in Ban Nam Khem, Thailand.

Soe, the eight-year-old daughter of a fisherman from Myanmar, rests in a hammock outside her family home in Ban Nam Khem, Thailand, on December 13, Ban Nam Khem, a small fishing village on Thailand's Andaman Sea coast and home to a large migrant workers' community, lost nearly half of its population of 5, in the tsunami.

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