Ball fetish-Fetish Ball 's Freaky Fun and Debauchery [NSFW]

Spin the amazing Wheel of Pain, shop our lifestyle and accesorry vendors, get your photo taken at the Green Screen Photo Booth! Doors at 8pm For Table Reservations: info dallasfetishball. Fetish wear is encouraged. Add to Calendar. View Map View Map.

Ball fetish

Ball fetish

Ball fetish

Ball fetish

Ball fetish

View Map View Map. Already have an account? Picture Gallery. Benjamin Leatherman One of the vendors at Fetish Ball The Ball fetish reserves the right to ask you to remove certain parts of your outfit they may could cause damage to other guests. Do you need event photographers? Benjamin Leatherman Dressing to impress at Fetish Ball We use cookies to collect and analyze information on site performance and usage, and to enhance and customize content and ftish.

Cop pants. Fetish Ball 2020 – Club Red

A ball stretcher is a sex toy that is used to elongate the scrotum and provide a feeling of weight pulling the testicles away from the body. Views Read View source View history. Image via website. It's possible to give a balls-only orgasm if you work at it. Plenty of professional pictures are taken throughout the night which you can find online after the event. Ball fetish fegish needs additional citations for verification. Though the ball is mostly a frisson, there are some rules that are strictly adhered Ball fetish and you would be well advised to observe unless you want to be removed. I love the balls too, especially if the guy has enough self control to keep his cock limp while I spend hours working his balls. Baol love hearing a man slighly moan and shy Julia bradbury lesbain laying there enjoying it turns me on so much. That's OK, most guys won't mind it. Is it just me, do I have a fetish for balls? I want a girl like you lol:.

Whips, chains, clothes pegs and birdcages - organisers of the NZ Fetish Ball have seen it all.

  • It is one of the most popular events of the social calendar in Las Vegas, not just for fetish fans but for anyone who loves to experience the most extravagant Halloween parties.
  • I think I enjoy the balls more than the penis!
  • Cock and ball torture CBT , penis torture or dick torture is a sexual activity involving application of pain or constriction to the penis or testicles.

The Strand is an Arizona based industrial group. Dave Strand formed the band in Aaron will be conjuring a dark and devious Witchhouse dominant set for his first Fetish Ball performance. Ursula Major is a genderfuck performance artist and personality that will captivate you with her bodacious curves from one side, and her beard and bulge from the other. This constantly evolving mishmash of tattoos, fur, corsets, wigs, makeup, sweat, and rearranged body mass will make you wonder why you are struggling to hide a fear boner.

For best results, surrender yourself to the illusion of her femmasculinity. She has graced the stage in many places around the country, and has already been on a series of self funded and haphazard tours around the US.

Having entertained crowds in such a variety of locales, Ursula has an extensive repertoire in both genre of music and performance style. Along with being a captivating solo lip-sync performer Dita is also a professionally trained modern dancer and choreographer and danced with Scorpius Dance Theatre for 3 seasons before starting her own dance company, Sinister Femme Dance Co.

A familiar face in Phoenix, she has performed at a great vari ety of venues in the area with a different troupes including the Pain Proof Punks! Sultry siren Lottie Bedlam brings your gothic fantasies to life through her dark and delightful acts.

A Phoenix local, she has enthralled crowds throughout cities all along the western coast with her unique brand of sideshow, fire dancing, burlesque and more. A dark and daring beauty with a sinister fetish twist, her acts are sure to have you on the edge of your seats and begging for more.

Submit to sin with the violent vixen herself, Miss Lottie Bedlam! Classically trained in theatre, Lydia Wilts has been on stage for a majority of her life. At 18, she fell into the circus world and has never looked back. She is now a nationally touring burlesque dancer, clown, and sideshow performer who spends most of her life on the road, performing for some of the biggest festivals, big-top circuses, burlesque shows, fetish events, and variety troupes in the world.

This clown blends her theatrical background with other art forms to create unique acts including her signature hot wax devil act, silly and sexy clownlesque, and her personal favorite style, nerdlesque. She has also recently launched a membership website supplying NSFW content, mostly focused on clown girls, clownbabes. Maegan Machine is a world renowned impalement performance artist based out of the Phoenix, Arizona.

She will confuse your senses with a little fear, a little shock, a little disgust but not without a lot of blood, a lot of hair and a whole lot of lust. She dropped out of college to run away to Europe with the circus where she turned her unique weirdness into a fascinating ability. The ability to endure extreme amounts of physical pain. Witness her impale skewers through her face and body with a wink and a smile.

She has appeared on Network television, several music videos, and has traveled the world from Mexico to Dubai, bleeding for the masses. He has had the pleasure of learning from many wonderful people; for the past four years he has focused his studies in Tokyo, where he travels yearly to study with his teachers.

Truth has been a Traveling Dancer for 10 years. She is an award winning Pole Dancer and has performed in shows, clubs, and competitions around the country. Flash this coupon and get yourself something sexy! She excels at creating one of a kind pieces and custom creations. She mostly enjoys working with bones, leather, and raw materials, essentially bringing new life and beauty from death.

She has designed and created costumes for theatrical performances and multiple other special events. She will be bringing you brand new never-been-done-before leather blindfolds, one of a kind resin-cast tarot wall hangings, and unique jewelry creations. You can contact her for custom work and purchase one of a kind leather masks, jewelry, unique tarot wall art, and various other delightful trinkets.

We welcome you to participate in making the Arizona exotic community awesome! There has been an enormous surge of erotic related events throughout TV, books, movies and music. People have become extremely aware that there is another world out there ready to explore.

If you have purchased online tickets, your name will be available on the ticket list at the start of the event. Your name is on a list which is matched against the email address used to purchase your ticket s. We do require ID checks for all tickets. If someone purchased a ticket for you, please contact us directly so we can make the appropriate changes on the attendee list. This includes blue jeans and khakis! That being said, there are so many options you can create if you just think outside the box a bit.

Chains are sexy on everyone! Home Depot has a range of stuff you can wear if you just use a bit of imagination and a tad of excitement!

Cameras will only be allowed in the Main Room. There will be signs and safety monitors all around to help remind you of this policy.

Please use the contact form if you are interested in photographing our event. This area will be more focused on play and will feature a more intimate feel. VIP ticket holders will be able to access both rooms throughout the night. There will be no VIP tickets available at the door. Benefits include drink specials, an exclusive lanyard, and extra goodies and surprises throughout the night. Unused tickets will not be refunded under any circumstance once the event has started.

You may also transfer your tickets to another person and simply contact us with that name change. Once you submit a name change for those tickets you cannot go back to the original name for any reason on that event.

All online presale tickets are done internally so we keep track of these things very well. Have no idea what to wear? Do you just need a few ideas? No external alcohol may be brought into the event. ID must be shown at the event door. Anyone caught using or distributing narcotics will be escorted out from the event and not permitted to any future events EVER.

The following are not acceptable: external beverages, alcohol, drugs, weapons guns, knives, tasers, pepper spray, etc. Backpacks or purses may be searched upon entry based on security needs.

The venue reserves the right to ask you to remove certain parts of your outfit they may could cause damage to other guests. They may also ask you to conform to the dress code by covering up your genitalia or breasts. The will call windows open at the start of the event at 8pm.

There will be no will call available for VIP or bottle service. Planning ahead? Vital Vein is a Phoenix based company featuring both bespoke and ready-to-wear latex fashion — Vital Vein. Many stores online and in Phoenix sell everything you could ever need. A decent thrift store will probably have some outfits that work, or better yet, if you have a friend that owns some funky clothes, just borrow an outfit from them. Go to their place and dig through their wardrobe!

Club Red has on-site safety monitors provided by the venue. These people are under the auspices of the venue but work in conjunction with our event managers. They provide the highest level of safety and professionalism at our events. You can be sure they will be watchful through the evening. Never hesitate to ask for help or report something unusual to either the DMs or security guards. Sexy Performances.

August 31st, Dress code? FAQ for answers. Fetish Ball VIP Tickets only available online. Expect to hear sinister and sexy beats to move your bones. Load More. Coming soon! Store Instagram. Our products are light enough to be worn as fashion, but also sturdy enough for play. Our shop is, and will always be, vegan and cruelty free. First Name Email Address Submit. FAQ a. If I purchase online presale how do I get my ticket? Pro-tip: have the confirmation email handy just in case.

Do you need event photographers? Bottle service is also available which includes a reserved booth and a private waitress. A little effort goes a long way at these events. You get the idea. We want you to be outrageous, unique, exploring, expansive, pushing your boundaries and finding new boundaries to explore.

PVC, latex, liquid latex, rubber, metal, handcuffs, chokers, leash, bracers, straps, crops, whips, spikes, fangs, etc.

More women should be like this. Or is it just that they're completely off limits. That's a turn on from me expecially When they slap my clit. Yes No. Deviants' Dictionary. Match made in heaven.

Ball fetish

Ball fetish

Ball fetish

Ball fetish

Ball fetish. Categories

Image via website. The Waste Land is where the main stage is located and where you will find most of the acts performing during the evening.

Music is a mix of Old School, Top 40 and Mash Ups and is a celebrated space for timeless dance classics. Featuring the X-Stage where the audience get to participate in the thrills, the Red Room of Pleasure is more of an interactive zone and is where you will find the numerous vendors on site.

Proving there is just as much Fantasy as there is Fetish. Though the ball is mostly a frisson, there are some rules that are strictly adhered to and you would be well advised to observe unless you want to be removed. The first, and very important one, is the dress code see below. Guests who do not play ball or try to be party poopers will not gain admittance; no refunds, no discussions. Secondly, there is no nudity and no lewd activity allowed on site.

This is not a sex club or a swingers party and although the atmosphere is very erotically charged, carnal behavior is not acceptable. No professional cameras are allowed in the event and no video recorders. Our best advice is to leave your camera and phone behind and live in the moment.

Plenty of professional pictures are taken throughout the night which you can find online after the event. It is strongly recommended that you check out the website to have a look at the photographs from previous events and look at the costumes that are worn. The dress code is not optional and is a big part of what makes the event so special. Costumes are recommended as well as fantasy or fetish wear, including uniforms or materials such as leather, latex, rubber and PVC.

Make sure you check out the dress code before you head out the door. Unfortunately, liquid latex and pasties are no longer allowed nor is the wearing of realistic genitalia!

Balls are OFF limits and I fear any girl touching them. I cringe if she tries to go near them At this point I would seriously have to muster an inordinate amount of trust for that to happen.

Is it because you're scared she will hurt them? Or is it just that they're completely off limits. JK seriously, just that she could hurt them. Omg I am a balls lover as well.

I love them big and saggy. That's a turn on from me expecially When they slap my clit. Sexual Health. Am I the only one who really absolutely loves balls? At first I never really thought much of them, but once I started licking them during oral on my boyfriend, I got really into it and found it hard to stop.

I just really enjoyed the taste and can only describe it as a very "masculine" taste, and it really turned me on. Now whenever I do oral I spend a good portion of the time focusing on the balls, only because I can't help otherwise! Is it just me, do I have a fetish for balls?

And should I learn to control it? Share Facebook. I think I have a fetish for balls? Add Opinion. Have An Opinion? Join the discussion. When do you first realize your love for the ballbag? Littletad Guru. Sort Girls First Guys First. BoyWithGoodAnswers Xper 4. Xper 6. Kiki27 Xper 1. Reading this almost made me cum.

FunEwriter Xper 4. OhLexuss Xper 2. Xper 5. Xper 7. SuperFlanker Xper 5. I'd let my balls slap ur clit. JackKerouac77 Guru. That's OK, most guys won't mind it. Cartoonfish Xper 5. I want a girl like you lol:. Most guys love it. Keep doing it. Blitzkrieger Guru. More women should be like this.

YoshiFanNerdGamer Xper 3. You're definitely my type. SeaCadet Xper 5. Broach Xper 1. Ur my fantasy girl. Related myTakes. Show All. Schooling System In England Explained.

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Pictures from the Ball | Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball

Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. All those in attendance are given carte blanche to display their freak flags at full mast.

We here at the Observer make it our business to bring you the visuals. We do it to turn moments into memories for the crowd. We do it for the regulars who couldn't make it, the people who are filled with curiosity but lack the nerve to attend, and the shocked and appalled who adamantly disapprove of what takes place but they can't stop looking at the photos.

The Dallas Fetish Ball has been running for 19 years and producer Courtney Crave says they're going to do it "big" for next year for the 20th anniversary.

What all "doing it big" will include hasn't been disclosed, but we're intrigued and will be there to capture it all once again. Photos by Roderick Pullum.

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Ball fetish