Blende orgasm-Blended Orgasms - What Are They?

Sign up for exclusive pre-sale news and to get the latest from the forefront of sex tech. Blended orgasms aren't new — but employing research, data and advanced engineering to help people with vaginas achieve them is. With overwhelming public support, we helped shape changes to CES policies to destigmatize sextech and support the innovation our team and industry are capable of. With our award now reinstated, we look forward to being one of the first sextech companies to exhibit at CES Innovation Through Inclusion.

Blende orgasm

How does Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg monitor screen time for his kids? Do what feels good and stick with it. This ejaculation is released from the urethra during a G-spot orgasm which creates a profound and powerful experience. Yahoo Celebrity. This is totally up to personal preference and Blende orgasm no right or wrong way to stimulate the clitoris. Hq softcore serve personalized stories based on the selected city OK.

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Blended orgasms are a mixture of clitoral and G-spot orgasms.

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  • It's a sleek, matte black device with a bulb on one end that stays outside the body, on the clitoris, while the massager strokes the G-spot internally.
  • If you've been known to troll—er, frequent—female-centric websites for insight on getting her off, odds are good you've stumbled across something called a "blended orgasm.

However like a cocktail, it is a sum of its differing parts coming together to create something deliciously pleasurable. Mix one part clitoral, one part vaginal, one part cervical stimulation and blend to orgasm.

If there was a holy grail of orgasmic ecstasy, it would have to be the three-headed mythical beast of a climax, known as the Blended Orgasm. The G-Spot orgasm feels more like seismic muscular contraction deep inside me and then I get that shower of tingles from my clitoral orgasm. The combination of the two sensations is completely mind blowing. Meanwhile, Veronica, a year-old dancer, is somewhat taken aback when I ask her in she ever had one.

It was as if every nerve ending in my body was singing. Sounds awesome, so why is he an ex then? Obviously, I didn't agree,' she tells me wryly. But before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to take a quick class in Orgasm Mechanics The female orgasm is still somewhat of a mystery, experts can never quite agree on why we come like we do.

One theory is that there are two different nerves responsible for the differing orgasms. The clitoral orgasm is due to the sexy pudendal nerve being alive with nerve endings, whilst the pelvic nerve that services the vagina and consequently, your G-spot protrudes on the front wall of your vagina wall and feels stringy and rough like your mouth after eating rhubarb.

Meanwhile, the cervix responds to the hypo-gastric, pelvic and vagus nerve-systems. Hence, why you should start doing your Kegel's right now! These muscles need to be tight as, for maximum pleasure. You need inordinate amounts of foreplay thank me later , kissing, teasing licking, sucking, kissing, licking, teasing, ad infinitum before you get anywhere near intercourse. The best positions are Girl-On-Top or Reverse Cowgirl on top but you're facing away from him because of the easy access to the clitoris and you are in control of the angle of penetration.

Is he's on top, then by propping yourself up with pillows so your hips are elevated, you'll have better access to the G-spot, as well as the opening of the uterus. If you start to lose the momentum of your orgasm during intercourse, then stop and go back to foreplay and build yourself up to boiling point again. I repeat, this is exercise should not to be rushed he can also thank me later. You certainly don't need a man to experience a blended orgasm, but you do need a couple of dildos.

To really get a feel for your body, partnered up or not, masturbation gives you the opportunity to find out exactly what your wonderful body is capable of. Fingers are great, but toys are brilliant for this!

You need a powerful vibrator for your clitoris and another longer toy for your G-spot and the opening of your cervix. Go for a longer vibe that is long with an upward curve at the end. First, this will give you your G-spot a workout. This sensation is something akin to wanting to pee, but it passes to pleasure, quick smart.

Thrust in and out to stimulate the top of your cervix. Combine them together and you'll be blending on high speed in no time. Here are some tools that may help you achieve the blender orgasm Leave a comment. Image via British Invasion. Listen Now. The Anal Episode Sealed Section. What's Your Number? RELATED health benefits to having sex more often You certainly don't need a man to experience a blended orgasm, but you do need a couple of dildos.

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Blende orgasm

Blende orgasm

Blende orgasm. How to stimulate her with your mouth and hand(s)

It's a sleek, matte black device with a bulb on one end that stays outside the body, on the clitoris, while the massager strokes the G-spot internally.

The device exists in its current form thanks to rapid prototyping, or the use of 3D printing. Vars said Lora Dicarlo has an integrated, vertical production line -- all that's needed to create a new product is her CAD program, a 3D printer and Vars herself, who holds a doctorate in design-focused mechanical engineering.

The entire in-house production process takes place in a single sqft room in the company's co-working space. The company streamlines its production process even further by using specialty materials throughout the iteration cycle, mainly from the long-standing 3D-printing company Stratasys. Follow all the latest news from CES here! Commenting is currently disabled due to technical issues. We apologize for the disruption and are working to bring comments back as soon as possible.

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My advice: Rather than pressuring her to have a blended orgasm, simply keep your focus on giving her internal and external stimulation at the same time. A shockingly small number of men do—or even know how to do—this. The combination of sensations can be mind-blowing for a woman as she fires from multiple erogenous zones.

One of the easiest ways to provide dual stimulation is to put your hands to work. This is an underrated sexual act, so she'll be impressed by your dexterity. First, get into a comfortable position, sitting with your back against the headboard of the bed. Then, have her lie on her back between your legs, facing you. This position gives you tons of support and leverage, so you can go for a long time without starting to cramp up.

Spend a little time warming her up with caresses all over her body. When she starts squirming for more, use one or two fingers of your dominant hand to focus on her clitoris I highly recommend using lube to help your fingers glide around on this delicate skin. Since you'll be using two hands, keep it simple on the clitoris. Try going in circles, or moving your finger diagonally across the surface of the clitoris. Check in with her for feedback about what she likes best—if she doesn't know, or seems shy, try two different strokes and ask her which one she prefers.

Meanwhile, use your other hand to stroke her breasts or thighs. Once you've gotten into a rhythm with her clitoris, you can start to use your non-dominant hand on her internally. There are two different techniques I suggest trying. First, simply move one or two fingers in and out of her vagina. Again, a little lube will keep things moving smoothly.

The majority of the nerve endings are in the outer third of her vaginal canal, so try to focus more on that region. Another option is to aim for the anterior wall of her vaginal canal the side directly under her abdomen.

Start stroking the top of her vaginal canal, gradually increasing your pressure. You're actually stimulating the internal fibers of her clitoris through layers of skin, so you need a fair amount of oomph.

Try each technique, and ask her which she likes best. Once you've homed in on her clitoral and internal preferences, keep going. Let her ride that wave. When most guys think about oral sex, they think about using their mouths and only their mouths.

One of the most frequent pieces of feedback I hear from my female clients is that they want their partners to get their hands involved during oral.

Orgasm control - Wikipedia

Okay, you've heard of a clitoral orgasm and you've heard of the G-spot kind — both damn good in their own right. Now imagine if you blended the two types for one phenomenal fireworks-like finale.

Yep, you can actually do that. It takes some specific techniques — which we teach you here — and a bit of practice, but experts say it's a skill you can master. Get more tips on how to have an orgasm. As we said, a blended O is the combo of the two different ways women can climax. Clitoral orgasms usually come on faster because that area is so accessible.

G-spot orgasms — named for the dime-size pleasure zone behind your inner vaginal wall — are considered much more intense because they reverberate from inside your body. This kind of big bang won't just leave you feeling ah -mazing; your guy will reap its benefits too. Plus, men love it when a woman really loses herself in lust. Watching you experience twice the power of a regular O will absolutely drive him over the edge as well.

Before you pursue a blended O with your guy, it's a good idea to learn the ropes on your own so you're then able to better direct him, explains Lori Buckley, PsyD, a certified sex therapist in Pasadena, California. The best way to start is by lying on your back comfortably and letting your body de-stress. When you feel relaxed, begin manually stroking your clitoris lightly.

As you become more aroused, increase your pressure and speed until you're close to reaching your peak. Once you're near the brink, take your hand off your clitoris and move it to your G-spot. If you're not sure where yours is, locate it this way: Insert a finger palm-up about an inch or two into your vagina, feeling for a spongy or puckered area along the front wall. You'll know you've found it when a warm, sexy sensation washes over you As you massage your G and become increasingly excited, resume stimulating your clitoris with your other hand or a vibrator If it doesn't happen the first time, practice, practice, practice.

Once you've located your G-spot and know how to bring yourself to a blended orgasm, you're ready to go for it with him. This position should make it easier: Lie on your back on the bed, your feet dangling over the edge, with a few pillows underneath your bottom to raise your pelvis.

Have your guy stand or kneel depending on how tall he is and how far off the floor the bed is as he penetrates you. You two will form an L shape; he shouldn't lean too far over your body because you'll soon need room to reach down and touch your clitoris. Once he's inside you and you feel his penis stroke your G, have him thrust until you feel close to climax Let him watch as you softly tease your clitoris with your fingers.

It'll lead to an incredibly explosive finale," says Cadell. Once you've mastered this missionary move, test-drive a few slightly trickier — yet superpleasurable — positions.

One option is a blended O during doggie-style. Lean your upper body against the bed for support while reaching down and massaging your clitoris as he thrusts. But doggie-style offers a bigger bonus: You can make him do all the work. His hand is free to rub your clitoris as he thrusts, putting him totally in charge of the two different types of stimulation.

If you crave more control over the G-spot stroking, try woman on top. You'll feel his penis tickling your G-spot," says Cadell. Or by leaning far enough forward as you thrust, your clitoris will rub against his pelvis, creating completely hands-free stimulation that will culminate in blended-O nirvana.

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Blende orgasm

Blende orgasm

Blende orgasm