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This tutorial provides a simple process of blowing out the circular bottom piece of a glass bottle. Caution: Use extreme care and proper safety procedures when performing this technique. Only attempt in a secure area. No one under the age of 18 should attempt this. Did you use this instructable in your classroom?

Bottom of a bottle

Bottom of a bottle

Bottom of a bottle

Bottom of a bottle

Volume 1 Bottom of a bottle I hope hey dont over play it though. Rate These Lyrics. Nu metal [2]. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Prometheus Global Media. Only attempt in a secure area. Beer will just foam up and overflow the bottle whereas water will cavitate on the bottom of the glass which causes the glass to break. Create an account Mature sexy broads SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more.

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November 28, at PM. Currently my main interests in glass collecting are s-era mugs made by Atterbury see my webpage on Atterbury Glass and bottles actually made in Louisville KY by several factories there in the late s. Wil says:. Monday 17 June Zack says:. You certainly know your stuff Bottom of a bottle I know where to come back to for any future finds. Skip to content. Virtually none of that era are known in clear glass. Christy Comfort says:. October 28, at PM.

The song was released in and ranked No.

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This tutorial provides a simple process of blowing out the circular bottom piece of a glass bottle. Caution: Use extreme care and proper safety procedures when performing this technique. Only attempt in a secure area. No one under the age of 18 should attempt this. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. First take an empty glass bottle and fill it up with water to a point slightly above the bottom of the neck, to around the point where the finger is pointing below.

It does not need to be perfect. Hold the bottle at an angle where you can achieve proper leverage with safety in mind. Then in a swift motion use the bottom of the palm of your hand to hit the bottle on the top where the cap would normally be. The picture below illustrates the ideal point of your hand that should be used.

You should hear a crack and the bottom of the bottle should fall off. You now have a see through bottle. It's now time to make so cool bottle art! If this does not work on the first try, you should consider if you have hit the bottle with enough force or if the technique was followed properly.

It's okay if you don't get it the first time. Just a slight point Fill it with what? If I remember correctly, it should be filled with water. Beer will just foam up and overflow the bottle whereas water will cavitate on the bottom of the glass which causes the glass to break.

Add Teacher Note. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Cardboard Gramaphone Passive Speaker. Starting a Handmade Business. SparkySolar 4 years ago on Introduction. Reply Upvote. Truehart 9 years ago on Introduction.

April 11, at PM. Danielle LaRae Green says:. It is sort of like this with the parenthesis symbols actually being more like an O and enclosed. Diamond-I mark on bottom of amber bottle made by Illinois Glass Company. September 5, at PM. August 5, at AM. Any possibility it might be a small model paint jar, such as Testors?

Bottom of a bottle

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Hope this helps a bit, David. Would anyone know what an old glass jar about 3 inches tall would be used for? When right side up, you see markings on side noting 1, 2, 3 ounces…. Pictures would help but maybe a baby bottle of some sort are what I have come across with this description. My guess would be an old medicine bottle. Measurements make sense. You would take one ounce at a time. Can anyone tell me about a Nov 30th embossed Mason Jar that has a base marking of a triangle and the numbers 3 and what appears to be a 9 or a Z?

Gobs of different molds were used by hundreds of glassmakers in the US that made that style jar, and many of them were marked on the bottom with various numbers, letters, as well as geometric shapes and other marks. It would be wonderful to find out for sure if a certain mold was used by a certain glass company, but it would be very, VERY difficult to prove.

One very slim possibility………. Please see my page on Owens-Illinois for more info. I believe I have a owens bottle Co tiny glass bottle with a brass lid. It has an O or 0 Inside of a square. Best regards, David PS. I have a Diet Rite which was an RC brand, with the number 73 on the bottom.

According to Collections collections drpeppermuseum. Maybe the web site mentioned would be able to help you. I have an vintage rc bottle with the marks lg 67 below that it has Can you tell me who made it please? Hello, I have a clear floral vase 10 inches in height with an E. Brody marked on the bottom of the vase. It has C mark. What can you tell me about this vase? When it was made? Rarity and the possible value it.

Hello Aneesa, The only info I have on Brody is what is already written on my webpage concerning Brody. Sorry, David. Brody and what they are producing presently if anything , and where it is being made. Can you provide specific background sources for your statement i. Most of the information on Brody that has been posted online dates from or and before. Anchor Glass acquired the Brody Company in Please see my webpage on Brody here.

I found a old small bottle that is brown and says W. It is sealed with a cork, and it has a very fine white powder in it. Any ideas what it could be or how old it is? Whitall Tatum made gobs of different style of bottles……that type could have been used to hold any of many different products. There would have originally been a contents label pasted on the side which is now gone.

Hi David, recently in the eastern goldfields of western australia I found a small jar embossed with the trade mark — Vaseline — chesebrough — new york and on the bottom was the number This old minesite operated from to Hi Eric, Please check out my webpage on the Vaseline jars.

There are a few pics there showing various types. They are very plentiful, and were made for many years, with many slightly different lettering variations found. I am sure this is an old Vaseline bottle as well from the information I found on your page, but on my clear glass bottle it does not say Vaseline. And like Eric Morey it is only written on the bottom but unlike Eric I could not see a number.

The glass bottle or jar is small, it is clear in color, it does have a rainbow looking effect to the glass but I am guessing that it is either something it was made with or because it has been buried for years. The sides of the bottle are all intact but the top has a couple of pieces broken on it.

But you can tell that it looks like it had a screw on top. And I can see little lines that look like it was not as old as I hoped it was it looks like it was made from a mold and put together. But since I love bottles I will keep it no matter what but I did find your page very interesting and I look forward to learning more. Hi Dalla, Thanks for your post!

Yes, there were many slight variations in the embossed wording on the Vaseline jars. Since the glass Vaseline jars were made over such a long period of time, by a number of different glass companies, there were no doubt many different molds used for their manufacture. Some glassmakers would have used several molds at once, and each mold might have carried a number to identify it if any problems arose with the finished product.

The lines you see are vertical mold seams. There is a lot of misunderstanding of the process by which most typical jars and bottles are made, but to describe it in a VERY VERY simplified manner, basically the molten glass is blown into a hollow metal mold which is typically made of two halves sometimes more.

Those two halves are shut somewhat like closing up a book momentarily , the glass hot syrup is blown into the mold, and after a very short time seconds , the glass hardens sufficiently and then the parts of the mold are opened back up and the finished glass bottle or jar is removed from the mold.

This was done by hand until the first fully automatic bottle machine was put into production in I have an old glass bottle with DuBouchett Many Blanc written on it. At the bottom of the front it says federal law forbids sale of re-use of this bottle.

Underneath the bottle the numbers read R Do you have any idea or information you can provide me. I have a glass bottle that has a serial number etched in it just above the dots at bottom of glass, this glass bottle has a cobblestone body and what looks like a seem , it also has the number 43 in center as well as other numbers around base of bottle.

Hello, we have 2 one-gallon glass jugs. One says Duraglas and has what looks like E on the heel. The other only has the numbers and 30 on the bottom. Any thoughts on the years of these? In general, I think both of your jugs probably date from sometime in the period, and, sorry, I realize that is a wide year date range , but pinning down an exact year may be close to impossible.

I found a beer bottle with 3 sets of numbers. The first set is on the bottom around the outside which is 01 95 ws The next is near that and is simply The last number is on the underside of the bottle and is an underlined Hello Eva, This bottle was made in I believe this may be a product of Owens-Illinois, Inc. Thank you very much. I have some Cobalt Blue bowls that have only numbers on the bottom.

One is 34, another 23, etc.. I was wondering if a manufacturer could be located with these numbers? Hello Dennis, I am sorry but they are merely mold numbers. Most glass companies have used mold numbers at some time or other on their products.

I can think of one instance where the mold number can identify the glass manufacturer. Hi Justin, Yes, you are absolutely right. As with any general rule, there is usually an exception here or there. Most were probably made at their earlier Covington, KY factory, and perhaps some were made at Muncie also— presumably dating in the ss.

I have a tonic bitters medicinal wine bottle that has a star with a 2 in the middle.. The 2 is probably a mold number. We moved into a house in Stinson Beach last year that is on a double parcel and is built over the footprint of a cabin that was torn down in the late seventies. As far as we can tell the occupants of the cabin the last of whom were notorious partiers including Janis Joplin would toss their bottles from the house into the bushes in the lower parcel — there is about a 30 sq ft.

I assume it was made in LA, but am not sure what date the numeral 4 refers to or the other numbers. I hope this makes sense. Thanks for writing! I have 3 bottles, one is a clear cylinder threaded on top, circle on bottom with A inside, a line under the circle and a 3 under that.

Second is I believe a Heinz ketchup bottle but would like to date it if possible- has anH with a B in a circle under that. The 3rd has numerous markings,maybe a soda bottle. Anyone have anything? My boyfriend found varies types of bottle bottoms with writing or numbers. Second is brown with S G. Third is brown with 75 with 3 slashes on bottom. Fourth is brown has NW. Fifth is white with symbol of an arrow with flat bottom and J L on each side. Sixth is white with I guess you already know this is authentic beach glass.

I understand your statement on tumbling but as a beginner I can already tell the difference,especially when you have seen some aging on pieces or another. Hi Valerie, Yes, I totally understand. Thanks David for your prompt response. My boyfriend has been combing the beach in Moss Landing for a few years, taking the dog for a walk. I think he has over 10, pieces from white, blue, amber, aquamarine, pink, purple, green.

I can go on but is this profitable? What is your opinion? I have a tall, rectangular bottle possibly a decanter with a square stopper. On one side, there are 4 embossed, vertical circles, each with a different picture. The bottom of the bottle reads clockwise : D-9, 65, 8, Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. They were made as containers for whiskies and other alcoholic beverages, and were made in many, many different artistic, attractive designs to help sell the product.

They were often saved and re-used as decanters, vases, etc, so lots of them are still around. Sorry, not sure which year would be correct. Although I am not an appraiser, people often do ask about their value. In general these types of decanters are, at the present time, not high in value…. They often show up at yard sales and thrift stores. A good percentage of the were made by Owens-Illinois Glass Company.

Perhaps as time goes on, they will gain in value and interest to a wider group of glass collectors. Hope this helps a bit. I have a 2oz bottle with numbers where there should be a makers mark. The number 3 is in the center with X above. Any comments? So, X at the top bottom of bottle with a 3 in center, and a 4 directly below. Definitely has age, and is not a screw top. Oh, and mine is about inches tall. Hm, I followed the advice given. The stars are the dots and the underlines are the empty spaces on the bottle?

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If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Skip to content. Numbers on the bottoms of glass bottles and jars Numbers digits embossed on the bottoms of glass bottles and jars. September 29, at PM. David says:. September 30, at AM. Joyce lund says:. September 8, at PM. Crystal Gross says:. August 18, at AM. Chris says:. July 30, at AM.

Brooks says:. September 23, at AM. September 26, at PM. Brooks, sounds like a bottle made by Owens-Illinois Glass Company in Grachia Solie says:. July 29, at AM. August 1, at PM. Merlinslady says:. August 8, at PM. August 9, at PM.

Take care, David. Stephanie White says:. May 11, at PM. May 13, at AM. May 8, at PM. April 30, at AM. May 1, at PM. Gill says:. April 28, at AM. Hilda Byrd says:. September 24, at PM. Brenda Allen says:. April 16, at PM. April 19, at PM. Wil says:. July 7, at PM.

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March 9, at PM. March 12, at PM. Kevin says:. February 17, at PM. Mark E. March 1, at PM. Bell L. May 21, at PM. May 23, at AM. Suzanne Ajir says:. February 16, at AM. February 20, at PM. Ty Stanley says:. January 21, at PM. January 23, at PM. Laurie Boyd says:. December 18, at PM.

Kaydee Koch says:. December 16, at AM. December 21, at PM. Sandy Stewart says:. November 25, at PM. Jason Mackler says:. November 18, at AM. November 21, at AM. Dawn says:. November 10, at PM. December 12, at AM. Michele Ridley says:. May 5, at AM.

May 8, at AM. John Chandler says:. October 3, at AM. October 3, at PM. Shannon Murphy says:. Judy Little says:. September 23, at PM. September 24, at AM. Sherrie Coursen Contardi says:. September 1, at PM. September 3, at AM. September 3, at PM. Brandie Hindman says:. July 11, at PM. I found a old bottle with N SS 47 on the bottom of it. Can you tell me how old the bottle is? Shawn Whalen says:. June 25, at AM. Lindsay Yandoc says:. June 14, at AM.

Two dots Does anyone know what that means? TM says:. November 4, at AM. Which cave did you locate it in? I have several bottles from Guam and may be able to assist. Kishan Manoj says:. May 7, at AM. May 7, at PM. Brandon says:. May 3, at PM. Joy gozzard says:. February 21, at PM. Elloise says:.

December 5, at AM. Edward Henke says:. December 4, at PM. I have a clear bottle with glass stopper. Bottom has markings: T.

What do the letter and number code mean? Xenia Cox says:. December 3, at AM. December 3, at PM. Tracey Beni says:. November 28, at AM. Victoria says:. November 23, at AM. November 26, at AM. November 22, at PM. Alyssa Eckman says:. November 14, at PM. Justin says:. November 12, at PM. Susan Allen says:. October 25, at PM. October 28, at PM. Susan says:. October 20, at PM. October 21, at PM. Andrew says:. October 20, at AM. Mike says:. October 9, at PM.

October 10, at AM. Deanna Robbins says:. October 15, at AM. Suzanne Ubick says:. October 30, at PM. October 6, at PM.

October 10, at PM. Ben says:. October 4, at AM. Lana says:. September 16, at AM. September 19, at AM. Doug says:. September 11, at PM. Christy Gann says:. September 21, at PM. Danielle LaRae Green says:. September 9, at AM. Melissa Summerland says:. September 5, at PM. September 7, at AM. Neptali says:. August 30, at PM. Jeffrey birchfield says:.

September 4, at PM. Brandan says:. August 28, at AM. August 30, at AM. Elizabeth Romanus says:. August 23, at PM. August 24, at PM. Christy Comfort says:.

August 9, at AM. Kent Mountford, Ecologist and Historian says:. August 6, at PM. Gaile Norkus says:. August 5, at PM. But why do you think they were made by Canton? July 18, at PM. Thanks Cissy.

July 23, at PM. Jen says:. Rob Marson says:. July 15, at AM. July 15, at PM. July 17, at AM. July 18, at AM. Joanna F says:. July 6, at AM. July 2, at PM. July 4, at AM. Hank Gummersall says:. June 30, at PM.

July 1, at PM. Toni says:. June 28, at PM. June 30, at AM. Stormy says:. June 13, at AM. June 13, at PM. Grace says:. June 27, at PM. Erin P Bennett says:. June 3, at AM. I live on the Jersey Shore, which might help or not Thank you! June 4, at AM. Rndaryam says:. April 16, at AM. April 12, at AM. Charlie says:. March 30, at PM. If anyone has any sense or knows the origin that would be super appreciated!

Many thanks!! Nina Williamson says:. March 18, at PM. May 19, at PM. Drew Lang says:. Bobby J. Schiffman says:. March 5, at PM. March 6, at AM. March 6, at PM.

March 7, at PM. Claire says:. February 22, at PM. Thanks, Claire. Travis says:. January 20, at PM. Joe says:. January 19, at PM. January 25, at PM. Autumn says:. January 15, at AM. January 12, at AM. Rhonda Etzel says:. January 27, at AM. January 28, at PM. Velma Shupe says:. November 25, at AM. Whitney says:. I hope this helps! September 13, at PM. Brittany says:. Zack says:. July 19, at PM. July 20, at PM. June 16, at PM. July 8, at PM. Gail Lach says:. May 17, at PM. Carol A says:.

May 31, at AM. May 31, at PM. May 22, at PM. May 23, at PM. April 11, at PM. April 20, at PM. Dennis says:. February 16, at PM. March 1, at AM. Aneesa Sharper says:. August 31, at AM. August 31, at PM. Brad says:. Brody company makes floral vases today and the C is the model number. July 11, at AM. Dana Schulz says:.

April 9, at AM. April 9, at PM. Rachel says:. December 7, at PM. Eric Morey says:. November 27, at PM. November 29, at AM. Dalla Roberts says:. June 9, at PM. Thanks, Dalla Roberts. Corrine says:. October 13, at PM. Elizabeth Ehmke says:. Mary says:. September 15, at AM. Eva says:. September 5, at AM. August 14, at AM. August 13, at PM. May 10, at PM. May 11, at AM. Tam says:. August 5, at AM. Jeb Harrison says:.

July 17, at PM. Hi David, We moved into a house in Stinson Beach last year that is on a double parcel and is built over the footprint of a cabin that was torn down in the late seventies. James says:. June 11, at PM. Valerie says:. June 9, at AM. Thanks for writing and have a great weekend!

June 11, at AM. Meagan says:. Thanks, Meagan. May 20, at AM. Sue says:. Maybe we should indent our beer bottles too? One tale states that taverns had a vertical steel pin in their bars.

When a bottle of wine was consumed, the bottom of it would be punctured with the pins, ensuring that the bottle would not be refilled. Perhaps this is what glassblowers had in mind when making the punt.

When you shoot water into a wine bottle that has a punt, the water is spread more evenly throughout the bottom of the bottle. Punts allow for more ease when it comes to stacking wine. The Punt Allows The Bottle To Stand Upright Glassblowers used to create punts to push the seam of a bottle up, allowing the bottle to stand upright while preventing glass at the bottom of the bottle from sticking out and cutting people.

Punts Make Your Wine Chill Quicker A punt at the bottom of a bottle increases surface area, allowing more ice to come into contact with it and thus chilling the liquid inside quicker. Published: April 16,

Lyrics submitted by ruben. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Log in. Mixtapes Forums Lyrics Artists add Journals. Artists - S. Read More Edit Wiki. Bottom Of A Bottle song meanings. Add your thoughts 42 Comments. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment I remember reading something where the lead singer guy said that he was sick of potheads coming up to him and saying "yea, i do it for the drugs too!

I'm pretty sute that wiredmonkiekiller is right about the song's meaning. General Comment It took me forever who figured out who sang this song. I never could pick out the voice to figure out who the band was. But I think this song basically describes itself. No hidden meaning General Comment yea the part that goes: "You always call me And ask me how I make it throught the day I'm always fallin I guess it's just god's way of Making me big" is wrong General Comment wow, this song is definitely bad ass.

General Comment okay this song is cool because the guy says he's doing it for the drugs. General Comment I love this song. Its so awesome. I cant get enough of it. I hope hey dont over play it though.. General Comment does he say "i guess it just gods way of making me beg"? Rate These Lyrics. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape!

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Bottom of a bottle

Bottom of a bottle

Bottom of a bottle