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Skip to content. Is it possible for nonpregnant women or women who have never been pregnant to lactate? If so, what would be the best way to stimulate in a safe, healthy way? I'd love to please my new husband with this. Are there any draw backs?

Breastfeeding my girlfriend

He was fragile. The act of breastfeeding doesn't 'gross me out. Is that so hard? This dad certainly understands breastfeeding and that is not all sunshine and rainbows. Girlfriejd you've ever breastfed, you know that just thinking about nursing can, Equi lite riding helment, have certain consequences. There are things dads can do to help, they can get up with mom for moral support. I've always considered myself to be open-minded Breastfeeding my girlfriend anything intimate. While breastfeeding is a natural process, and one that many women find fulfilling, there are some potential drawbacks.

Femdom tricked. How I went from nursing my daughter to breast-feeding my date.

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Breastfeeding is a very intimate bonding experience between mom and baby. Everyone knows that only a mom can physically breastfeed her baby, this may leave some dads feeling left out. Some woman think that is exactly the way it should be. They feel that dads should not have a say on anything related to breastfeeding.

They feel that a dad has no right to tell a mother to or to not breastfeed their baby. I am on the fence about this one myself. But, and it is a big but, I feel like the baby is THEIR child, so both parents need to be on the same page of every aspect of parenthood. It really can be a tricky subject. World renowned chef Jamie Oliver came under fire for comments he made about his wife breastfeeding. I exclusively breastfed and am annoyed by this for two reasons:. Unless he meant it was easy for him, for which if he did we owe him an apology.

Here are 15 dads who shared their brutally honest opinion about breastfeeding. I have so much more appreciation for her strength and all that her body is able to achieve. I won't lie, I get easily turned on now that she's a mother and find myself giving her 'the look' after she nurses our child.

Many men are amazed at what their partners body is able to do. Women are amazed as well. This loving dad is obviously not turned on by the act of breastfeeding, but more in watching is wife nurture and feed his child. Attraction to one another is not just based on superficial qualities, we are attracted to people based on their nature and how they care for their baby.

If you get down to the science of it, we actually choose a mate based on their ability to produce healthy offspring, so watching the one you love care for your child makes your heart swell. There's a pretty good chance you ate off your mom's boob, so why are you mad? I also love that he sees that there is just simply no big deal about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding has become quite the controversial topic lately.

Whether you are part of the breast-is-best vs. I am personally one who tells all mom to whip it out anywhere and feed your baby. I am glad this dad and I see eye to eye. If a mom knows she has dads support she will be more confident in her abilities. See, we found a way dads can help!

I love that my wife has had so much success with breastfeeding our daughter Grace. But Grace is 3 now almost 4 and drinks her water and juice from a cup without problem. Can we stop with the breastfeeding now -- or at the very least, put it in a cup?

Here is our first controversial opinion. Extended breastfeeding is another issue people love to talk about. I have read both the reported benefits and doubts about extended breastfeeding which leaves much to talk about.

Although this dad may be right, that he may be sleeping on the couch. But, this comment also shows how hard it can sometimes be for dads to express their opinion on breastfeeding issues. If you are reading this, what do you think? Does this dads opinion matter? My twins love nursing directly from their mama and that makes late-night feedings even more hectic. I wish I could help more Here it is, the post that I was waiting for.

The feeling of helplessness. Dads want to help mom, they want to be an equal partner sharing in the joys and pains of parenthood. When a baby twins in this dads case refuse to take a bottle, it can leave dads feeling helpless. Especially at night time when it seems like mom is always the one getting up with the babies. There are things dads can do to help, they can get up with mom for moral support. Or they can bring things to mom if she gets thirsty or bored.

By helping mom, not only will she appreciate it, but dads will feel more involved in the feeding time. It was also no problem when she did it for our second. Now we're on child number four, and I'm starting to see changes in the way her breasts look. They're more elongated and just different.

I will always love every part of her she made me a father , but you asked me a question. I'm not a huge fan of breastfeeding anymore. It makes some sense stay with me now a man is with a woman before she ever had children and has that image of her. When things start to change, it can become hard for dad to adapt to that change. This mean woman kept staring at my girlfriend -- who was nursing our child covered, mind you -- and had many comments under her breath.

I hate that women who breastfeed outside the house have to experience such criticism. I want to give this dad a hug! Women can face a lot of criticism when nursing in public, even when they cover up. A lot of shopping malls and other public places have created private and safe places for a women to nurse.

However, if a woman chooses to nurse anywhere she should be able to without fear of stares or nasty comments. The fact that this one dad supports his wife fully in where, when and how she chooses to nurse makes him deserve a dad medal! Here is another story about a dad who appreciated the attractiveness of a woman when breastfeeding.

This dad clearly understands that a bigger bra size is not the point at all of breastfeeding, but feels free to enjoy the perks and benefits that come along with it. The act of breastfeeding doesn't 'gross me out. I have left her breasts alone since she's still nursing our daughter That grosses me out.

This dad's thought process is not that uncommon. Women can feel quite weird to have their partner be intimate with that specific part of their body. However, I will remind everyone, women biologically have breast to feed their young, not for mens enjoyment. I see my wife doing it all the time and am curious about how it feels.

She and our son have the most incredible bond. Just don't tell anyone I said this. We aren't using last names I asked my husband his thought on this as soon as I read this. He said he was never curious, but I am not sure if I believe him! What I find a little sad about this confession is that this dad was immediately embarrassed that he had this thought. It's been next to impossible to get her to leave the house for 'us time' -- even when she pumped enough milk for three days.

All I'm asking is to go to Applebee's. Is that so hard? It is not just about the physical milk but the emotional bond. However, he is entitled to feel the way he does.

So many of these opinions go to speak about how left out a dad can feel when it comes to breastfeeding. Women can almost panic at the thought of going out while they are nursing. Some women are very uncomfortable nursing in public. Some are worried about leaving their baby with someone else while they are nursing. I know I did. Yeah, shocker.

I had no idea how to handle my wife's breasts once we got the green light to, um, you know. I was afraid her milk would squirt everywhere, but that doesn't happen as much as you'd think. I'll have to wait before I can play with them how I used to, but for now sex is good. Sex, sex, sex! I swear! At least this dad is honest and open about it.

He is also honest enough to be open about how he had no idea what to do when him and his wife became intimate. This is quite common and it shows how important communication is between the breastfeeding mom and her partner. If the mom or dad is uncomfortable, it is important that they are honest with each other about it. My wife keeps a schedule, has reminders on her phone, an adaptor to pump in her car, and those little bags she keeps everywhere.

I'm so impressed with her dedication and how much she hustles to keep up with our baby's demand. It's a job!

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Breastfeeding my girlfriend

Breastfeeding my girlfriend

Breastfeeding my girlfriend. Orientation


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Breastfeeding my girlfriend