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An Alaska mother has been charged with killing both of her daughters in separate incidents two years apart. Stephany LaFountain was indicted on charges of first and second-degree murder in the deaths of her 4-month-old child in September and her month-old in November , according to a Fairbanks Police Department press release. Fort Wainwright police said the year-old mother phoned and told dispatchers her daughter was not breathing around p. Her husband had been deployed at the time, but his family made it to the scene and administered CPR. The infant was taken to Fairbanks Medical Hospital, where she was pronounced dead four days later.

Stephany LaFountain was indicted Bridget the midget wainwright charges of first and second-degree murder in the deaths of her 4-month-old child in September and her month-old in Novemberaccording to a Fairbanks Police Department press release. Quote from: milnews. However, much more can be achieved with a smile and a gun. You may ask for one, but it is not a requirment. Wainwright is a small town of people, with the services and entertainment typical of small town Alberta.

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Wainwright Alberta.

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Thread starter Matt Start date 20 Aug Ironically, I'd spent some time in Wainwright when the battlegroups would come over to do their live-fire stuff I spent 6 years in the Canadian Army prior to emigrating to the States and joining the US Marine Corps. Anybody remember JD's Saloon downtown?

How about Bridget the Midget? What are the light infantry battalions now doing for their main course of live-fire training? I had forgotten all about JD's but now remember a good few nights spent their. Tango, you must be talking about the Regency in Edmonton? Lots of decent bars along Whyte Ave, but nightlife in Wainwright was pretty lacking.

Remember how JD's only used to serve beer in plastic mugs as they didn't want the liability of squaddies using glass mugs to beat the shyte out of each other with? If memory serves me correctly, in the fall of '96 or '95 the KOSB were just wrapping up their training and 2 Para arrived, so the 2 units were in camp concurrently and their respective CO's made the mistake to let the boys out in town on the same night.

Was quite the brawl in JDs. Proximo LE. This will hopefully involve a less prescriptive series of exercises for the Infantry, and take focus away from just the armour. Makes sense, given the size of the training area at Suffield. I just remember Suffield as being this wind-swept immense prairie that it wasn't uncommon for it to be 33 degrees during the day in August and then a cold front would blow in that night and you'd wake up the next morning with 2 inches of snow on the ground and the temp would be around degrees.

Talk about unpredictable weather! RIP Wainwright, spent a jolly time in that one horse town. Would Big Earl have had a name change then? You think you can cross the paddock in 23 seconds? Book Reviewer. Reviews Editor. I don't know who came out with less bloody noses, but I'll tell you, the next day, both battalions were formed up and the owner of the bar that the brawl took place was going through the ranks with each unit's RSM pointing out who was to have their pay docked to cover damages done to the premises.

Cuddles LE. Vonshot War Hero. Wainwright was a dump, locals would leave "reserved" signs on the slot machines while they went for a urine Calgary was good to go to for a few days, Cowboys, fantastic waitresses.

Tim Collins was correct in his book then by saying the Government is cutting costs all the time and it will be training that suffers the most Train Hard Fight Easy?! Wainwright was an awesome package! I seem to remember a real out in the sticks place called LloydMinster with a real shit kicking saloon bar?! LostBoss LE. I remember that the walk of shame was in fact a fairly long tab Lone tree just doesn't do it for me in the forestry stakes. Does anyone else remember the Police briefing that you got as soon as you arrived from a strident chap in a cropped sleeve shirt, big arms and a belt full of toys telling you to keep your shirt on and not fight the Natives?

CAP was set up in Tony's Bar across the road from where I watched the drama unfold, with the Bugles Pipes and drums stood on the bar playing the sash it was 11th night after all.

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Joining up? Check the Recruiting FAQ. News: Joining up? Pages: Author Topic: You know you are past your expiriy date Read times. M9C, I can't help but notice that your avatar looks less like Bellerophon riding Pegasus than a flying pig? Target Up Williams The words I share here are my own, not those of anyone else or anybody I may be affiliated with. George Wallace. Park Hotel Wainwright Hotel. Unless so stated, they are reflective of my opinion -- and my opinion only, a right that I enjoy along with every other Canadian citizen.

Quote from: E. Campbell on April 18, , It is ill that men should kill one another in seditions, tumults and wars; but it is worse to bring nations to such misery, weakness and baseness as to have neither strength nor courage to contend for anything; to have nothing left worth defending and to give the name of peace to desolation.

Subscribe , and help keep it "on the air! Quote from: milnews. I do remember something from Staff College. Take that BGen whatever-your-name-was.

I'm gettin' old Aw yes, Tiffany's. Interesting place Nos superstes inflatus fossor We survive pompus fools. Sure, apes read Nietzsche. They just don't understand it. ArmyVern is awake.

Quote from: Pusser on April 18, , You can locate the peer closest to you by logging on to www. Help IS out there. Quote from: Petamocto on April 17, , Quote from: mikeninercharlie on April 18, , The land of hills, glens, and heroes; where the ptarmigan thrives and where the red deer finds shelter; as long as mist hangs o'er the mountains and water runs in the glens, may the deeds of its brave be remembered, and health and victory be with the lads of the Cabar Feidh.

PMedMoe is retired and loving it! Quote from: ArmyVern on April 18, , Quote from: PMedMoe on April 19, , Quote from: ArmyVern on April 19, , Tank Troll. Blow me! And the rest can get bent too! I know the voices in my head are not real When all the stuff you would put on your face has been deemed so carcinogenic that most 3 world countries won't even use it.

When "gucci kit" was a US jacket liner and the then mythical IPE bag You remember the Urban legend about the Brit who tried to run across the buffalo paddock in Wx You can fit more stuff in your buttpack than most can fit in a ruck You now require a driver because your only qualified to drive "monuments" You remember screaming "Budget Cut!

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