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Castration boys stories

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They felt heavy in my hand. Kris looked at his asset. Henry's Exposed Adventure Ch. I take the Stanley knife and I open the bottle filled with decontamination fluid. The missus is in my ear about the housework again. You are typical male! Second Thoughts Wife helps her husband through a Castration boys stories change. The Dead Dick Diddle. Soon Castrahion will have lost your eggs. There is not a single difference visible! The advantage is that it'll make your big one a bit less aggressive, but it'll slow him down too, so you wont get quite as much work out of him". Finished story — Work in Progress — Story was never Castration boys stories — Status unclear.

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  • And the cutting would be without painkillers.

By Dailymail. A year-old Florida man has been arrested for castrating another man he met on an online fetish site for eunuchs, according to police. Deputies from the Highlands County Sheriff's Office said they responded to a home in Sebring after dispatch received a hang-up. An officer was sent to the home just before midnight and Van Ryswyk told him he had 'just performed a castration on a man'. Van Ryswyk then escorted the officer to a room where the victim, who is from Tampa, was bleeding heavily with a towel over his groin.

Near the bed, the deputy found a pink container that was holding the man's testicles. Gary Van Ryswyk pictured , 74, has been arrested for castrating another man he met on an online fetish site for eunuchs, cops say. Authorities said the victim was rushed to a hospital and later flown to a regional medical center for 'life-saving measures'.

Van Ryswyk told deputies that they had conversations about the procedure on eunuch. He allegedly told the victim that he had experience on bulls and other animals while living on a farm during his childhood.

Police said Van Ryswyk had even removed one of his own testicles in Van Ryswyk also told authorities that he had tried to perform the procedure on the victim a week earlier.

The alleged procedure took place at Van Ryswyk's home in the above area in Sebring, Florida. According to BuzzFeed News , Van Ryswyk told investigators that the procedure was delayed after the man became aroused and ejaculated while Van Ryswyk tried to sanitize his penis. Authorities said Van Ryswyk confessed to performing a similar procedure on a man in a local motel a few years ago.

That particularly operation turned out just as bad as Van Ryswyk's recent alleged activities. Van Ryswyk told police he couldn't remember the man's name.

That victim went to the hospital, but law enforcement was never notified. Van Ryswyk was arrested Monday and charged with practicing medicine without a license resulting in bodily injury, a second-degree felony. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Florida man, 74, castrated another man he met on an online fetish site e-mail 2.

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But using such a thing as a tool to intimidate and overpower… Besides, I had already had plenty of such notions. This was over 2 years ago and all is well. I turned to see Mike at my side. On the other hand, my houseboy asset posed no such problem. Harvesting Orchids -- My Gourmet Gonads.

Castration boys stories

Castration boys stories. Orientation

You start to cry like a little baby. Before I will make an end to you being a man, I want to give you the orgasm of your life. I want to make your body get drowned in this overwhelming and dominating feeling of sexual pleasure for the very last time. I want to empty your prostate to the last drop. I take off my miniskirt. I take of my t-shirt.

You are typical male! Despite the remarkable and helpless situation you got yourself in, you are staring at my naked body, like a hungry lion is staring at its prey after a long period of having had no food at all. I see your big loose sack hanging unprotected between your legs.

I lay my right hand upon your genitals. They are soft and warm. The gentle stimulation of this touching your sensitive parts brings life in your Aussie tail at once.

I can feel how your eggs are moving in their sack. I can feel how your cock is stiffening. I take your cock in my right hand, and I start to stroke it.

I do it slowly and gently. In only an instant it gets hard as a rock. I bring the fingers of my left hand together, and I put them behind your dangling sack. I can feel your lovely balls resting on the palm of my hand.

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I take a little pause, in which I continue to play with your heavy balls. The same time I squeeze your right ball softly. Hard enough to make you feel its sensitivity, but not hard enough to cause real pain.

You start shaking your body, as far as your position is allowing you to. You start moaning and gasping for breath…. I go on sucking… I go on squeezing your right ball…. You are gasping louder and quicker…. There it is… your last load… you are pumping it out of your system while you are shocking… Your cock is jumping in my mouth like a kangaroo. Your load is thick, and you are delivering a huge amount of it. As soon as you recover from your majestic orgasm, you realize again what we are together for.

Soon you will have lost your eggs. I have decided to perform the castration naked. I pull the little table as close to you as possible, so that my tools are within my range. I connect the soldering iron to the electrical socket. I wash my hands with disinfecting soap and warm water. You are watching my preparations in fear. I just have to do it!

Surely you can understand that? We agreed that I would castrate you, and there is nothing that can prevent me from doing so anymore. I take the Stanley knife and I open the bottle filled with decontamination fluid. The sharp and cold steel of the knife is glistening in the electric light. The big moment is there! You are sweating out of fear. Your forehead is white. The drops of your sweat are falling on the floor. I bet your heart is beating twice as fast as it should!

I take the upper side of your loose sack in my left hand, and I force your eggs to go to the bottom of the sack. In order to make a proper incision in the sack, I have to stretch the scrotal skin. This forcing the balls to go to the bottom of the sack seems to be a good method. I take a closer look to the scrotal skin, and I notice some thin veins.

I decide to make an incision in the bottom of your sack of about 1. The knife is of course incredibly sharp. You are crying now. I will neuter you! I will castrate you! I will take away your eggs of you! I will cut them out of your sack! In order to avoid cutting through a vein, I make a little curve while pulling the smoothly gliding knife backwards.

There is almost no loss of blood, just a little drop. There is no need to use the soldering iron so far. I have made the necessary opening of about 1. You are still crying and begging me to stop the procedure. But I have made my decision. You asked for a castration, and a castration is what you are going to get! So far, I have only seen male eggs when they were safely hidden in a ballbag. But in only a few seconds, I will see real naked balls!

The thought of that is making me drip between my legs. I lay down the Stanley knife on the table. I push your left ball upwards in the sack, because I want to remove the right one first. As soon as the left one is out of the way, I start to maneuver the left one in the direction of the opening in the ballbag that I just created. The little bastard even manages to escape several times!

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But the cords seem to be longer than I thought. I start squeezing. First softly… but steadily harder and harder… I can see how your ball is actually flattening and distorting under the power of my pressing fingers. You are trying to stretch out your body in order to try to make the ball pain more bearable.

You seem to suffer from severe spasms in your belly. You are screaming out loudly now. Just like a pig would do, on the moment of its dramatic meeting with the veterinal surgeon!

This is so funny! This is great! Your egg is very slippery now. I want to have another orgasm. You are sweating like a farmer collecting his crop in the hot and burning summer sun. After my second orgasm I decide to play another game. I take the tin opener from the table. Thanks to the leverage effect I can compress the ball far more than I could do with my fingers.

Therefore it seems wise to be careful. Your boy pain has turned to be unbearable. You are desperately trying to escape from the metal frame you are on, but I tied you up very well. I bet you are only aware of one thing right now? I bet your very world, your very being alive is nothing but this horrible male agony?

I lay the tin opener on the table, and I take the Stanley knife again in my right hand, while still holding your tormented right egg in my left hand. I see an incredible fear in them. You have been accompanying this sacred moment of the separation with a very loud Aussie yell. I put your egg at the table too. I take the empty marmalade glass, I open it, and then I put your egg in it. I want to complete this arousing castration as planned.

The cord of your right one is still hanging out of the sack. I use my left hand to search for your left ball, and as soon as I have found it, I move it in the direction of the opening in the sack. I assume that I would be able to do this faster if I would have had the opportunity to perform a similar job more often. My skills would certainly improve the more I could practice. At last, my searching and pushing fingers manage to maneuver your left one to the opening in your sack.

But my insisting fingers make it slip out of the opening pretty soon. This one is obviously a bit smaller than the first one! I pull out your left ball as far as possible, without risking tearing it loose from the cords. You are now only seconds away from not being a man anymore.

I apologize for not having my legs properly closed. I know that you can peek right in my naked wet cunt now, but I also realize that you have other things on your mind! He was a smart cookie, and even if he didn't know exactly what was about to happen, he had the general drift. You up for a little bit of castration play? With you playing, of course We'll need to get rid of the hair down there before we start, so if you could hold his cock up and out of the way, it would be a big help".

I hesitated for just a moment, summoning up a little courage, before reaching out and putting my hand on the asset's appendage. The cock was like its owner, short and thick.

The foreskin was thick also, the outline of the glans beneath not discernible. The organ tapered to a blunt point.

There were a few chunky wrinkles of loose skin, held tightly together by the infibulating ring. The doctor produced a small piece of equipment from his pocket. It consisted of a small loop, about five centimeters in diameter, with a handle on it.

When he switched it on, it let off a low hum. He placed the loop close to the asset's scrotum. Immediately small frizzy pubic hairs began to pull away from the skin and attach to it.

It must have been hurting the asset, for I could feel him flinch. The asset kept his mouth firmly closed. He was too cool to say anything. At least, not yet. It took a few passes before the scrotum and inner thigh and nearby crotch was plucked clean. The doctor put his first instrument away, and picked up another. I have to check that all is in order". A quick turn and there was a ping of tensioned metal and the ring broke.

He deftly removed it from the folds of the foreskin. Immediately the asset's cock started to erect. After a few months it becomes an automatic response. Funny, isn't it, after a few more years they loose it again, and become impotent". He skinned back the thick skin to reveal the small knob beneath. It was clean, and he let go of it once again. The penis was now fully erect, the foreskin covering no more than half the glans.

I put my face up as close as I could to the asset's face, and looked him in the eye. The hatred and defiance was unmistakable. It was time for the first lesson.

There was silence as I reached out and grabbed the now denuded balls sitting in their tight pouch. They felt heavy in my hand. We're going to cut them off for you, and it'll never get hard again. I flicked the erected penis with my finger to emphasize my point. I was searching for a response, and got one. I could see fear, as well, now. I can feel a few months worth of spunk swimming around in here. Been a while since you got your rocks off? I'll bet it has. Several months since you got arrested.

I bet before that you were wanking yourself silly every day, virile young fuck like you. That is, when you weren't filling some twat with your meat. God's gift to womanhood, I'll bet. Had your cock up more butts than you can count. Nice fleshy little boy butts. Did they squirm for you when you raped them?

Well your going to squirm for me! I could feel the young man tense up, as he attempted to avoid the crushing fingers. Despite the present circumstances, after months of enforced chastity, the asset had no control over his sex organs. Think about it, you wont get to make very many for the next fifteen years. Now, I can feel all those little sperms, all trying to escape these big fertile balls of yours before the knife comes. So here's a deal for you. If you're prepared to tell me that you're a boy fucking shit-licker who deserves to be castrated to teach him a lesson, then I'll let you have one final orgasm before you loose your manhood forever.

Otherwise, well, it's bye, bye balls". I loosened my grip on the scrotum of my asset, and moved my hand up to rest it on the erect penis. It was hard and throbbing, and I knew from my own experience that it would not take much to bring the asset to orgasm. I continued to stare into his face, while lightly stroking the heavy shaft.

I could see the effect it was having, the fear was almost overpowering now. The asset opened his mouth, as if to say something, and then shut it again, firmly. I waited a few seconds more, and then said "Okay doctor, castrate him any time you want!

The doctor placed a small needle into the flesh beneath the pubic hair around the assets penis. The organ started to wilt immediately; and within thirty seconds it was nothing but a shriveled prune of an organ. The doctor reached for his infibulating clamp.

The doctor was happy to oblige, and inserted the ring as close as he possibly could to the shrouded glans. Still the prisoner remained silent. There was a sort of cracking sound as the ring was pushed tight and sealed. Otherwise, all was quiet. Kris saw no blade, but he was amazed to see the flesh come apart where the instrument had traversed. When he had the bag split the whole way the doctor separated the two halves, so that the testicles fell through the gap.

Kris looked at his asset. The guy was watching the proceedings with an expression of total disbelief. He was not in much pain, but here he was, balls hanging out in the air, about to lose them. Somehow the finality of the situation struck home to him, and he found his tongue. It was not a very hard slap, but totally unexpected, and the gonads were deprived of their usual protection. The asset whimpered, but didn't speak again. It would be the last time the balls would feel pain.

I was secretly pleased that I had scored a minor victory in getting the guy to crack. I once again held the ringed penis out of harms way while the doctor placed his instrument back to the assets crotch. He started to trim back the two halves of the severed scrotum. This time the asset flinched as soon as the instrument was activated, and he squirmed around so much from the pain that the doctor was forced to take things very slowly, and also to warn him of the possible consequences of a sudden movement.

Not yet anyway" he commented to the hapless victim. The asset suffered as best he could, trying to save as much face as the pain allowed him. The doctor removed about two thirds of the original scrotum, leaving two elongated flaps, one on each side.

Once he was happy with the sack he turned his attention to the balls. The severed testicle fell to the floor of the cage. The second pink orb fell to the metal floor. A low whimper escaped from the lips of the asset.

He could not hold it in; the mental anguish was just too great. Finally the doctor picked up another of his magic tools. With one hand he pushed the remaining flaps of the scrotum back against the assets crotch. He had judged well; they covered all of the space where the scrotum used to be, with no loose skin remaining at all. With his other hand he ran the instrument up and down the new seam. It was almost like ironing a shirt, the scar joined and, although there was a definite line where the two parts met, it was hard to imagine there had ever been a scrotum there at all.

The asset looked on, mesmerized, as I slowly lifted my booted foot and lowered it onto the two discarded testicles. There was a dull mashing sound as they ruptured and splattered gore on the floor of the cage. Keep it up and that young fuck'll be no trouble to look after at all". I just smiled. The situation with Mike's asset was totally different. Far from attempting to be cool and remaining silent, he immediately started begging to be spared the knife.

Mike had purchased a rather small asset. Only about five-feet and six-inches tall, probably pounds when wet. Mike knew that with his size, even his missus could knock him around, if need be.

It's for your own good". Commented the doctor, "Lets get the ring out Unrestrained, the penis immediately swelled up to its full length of five inches. The asset had no doubt heard what had just happened in the other cage, for he immediately begged Mike to let him shoot off. Mike agreed. Any hopes that the young man had that he might be allowed to masturbate himself for the final time were dashed, however, when the farmer put his hand to the young assets groin and began to roughly pull the foreskin back and forward over the shiny red knob.

It didn't take long, four months of sperm were soon pumping out into the atmosphere, the young man bucking and twisting as he endeavored to make the most from the brief pleasure of his last orgasm. Mike wiped his semen-encrusted hand on the youth's smooth chest. The doctor finished his inspection of the glans, cleaned it up, and picked up his clamp. I know ten years is a long time, but you want to still have it when you finish, don't you. So let's make sure that temptation is well and truly out of harms way".

The asset whimpered as the clamp was tightened, securing his penis. There was more scrotum than one would expect, so much extra scrotum that the doctor tackled this castration differently than the last.

Instead of opening the bag up along the seam, he pulled the balls down to the base of the sack and ran his cutting tool around it horizontally, so that when he got back to his starting point the bag fell off in his hand, leaving the dangling orbs fully exposed, with nothing more to protect them. Kris noticed that the asset had hardly flinched; apparently the doctor had left the pain blocker switched on. The doctor quickly trimmed the testicles away. This time he worked in silence; Mike didn't feel the need to confront his asset about the loss of manhood.

Already the poor boy was suffering so much; any further trauma might have pushed him over the edge. Once the emasculation was complete, the doctor trimmed away at the remaining scrotal skin in order to make a good join.

He sealed his handiwork, and then stood up. I looked at the asset; he was quietly sobbing to himself, the tears running down his cheeks. He appeared oblivious to all around him. As the three of us left the second cage, they stepped around to the cage of my second asset.

There they found M cowering in total, absolute fear, tears and snot puddling on the floor beneath him. His rather long, thin penis had let loose - he had pissed all over the floor. His whimpering turned quickly to overt crying and begging. He had heard all the activity in the other two cages and was now expecting to be, himself, castrated. I gazed at him for a moment, and then decided I could not torment the boy with the prospect of castration, only nineteen and facing twenty years.

Be very grateful for it! And know that at any time, for any reason, they can come off very quickly and easily. While I was waiting, I wandered back to see how my own newly created eunuch was getting along. The hatred burned strongly in his eyes. The fear had gone, there was not much more that I could do to him. I reached out my hand to the asset's groin. The asset flinched at the touch; the wounds were still tender. It seemed funny to see nothing but the squat penis protruding from the remaining pubic hair.

I ran my finger over the denuded spot where the scrotum had been removed. It was hard to tell that there had ever been anything there; such was the rapid healing of modern surgery.

I inspected the infibulated penis. The foreskin was looking twisted and painful from the tightness of the ring. The doctor had said that it would soon stretch itself to accommodate the new position. Either that or the asset would be in for a very painful time of it. Still, it served him right. He wasn't here for a holiday. Mike had returned with the hovercraft, and the two of us loaded the cages onto the back platform, securing them tightly and padlocking the cages.

The two of us walked over to the hotel. Inside the crowd of farmers who had come into town for Market Day was starting to disperse. We found ourselves a table and ordered a couple of beers. Great, actually. I hope I did the right thing, but That one of mine looks like a pretty tough cookie Treat him hard, don't give him an inch.

Use the tickler on him for the slightest touch of insolence". Lowering my voice, about to express a confidence. I've never done that before with anyone. It was kinda, well, exciting in a way You wait until you fuck him for the first time! I was clearly surprised, thinking Mike had no inclinations that way. But using such a thing as a tool to intimidate and overpower… Besides, I had already had plenty of such notions.

Nothing wrong with it. You're young and virile, and still looking for a wife, it's only natural you'd want to pop your seed inside another human. It's only a temporary measure, it's not as if you're queer or something. I mean, look at me, I still do it, occasionally, when the missus isn't feeling accommodating".

Most of the farmers do it. But if you want, I could come over in a few days and break him in for you. Give you a few pointers. That's what friends are for". We finished our beers and walked back to the car. Mike checked the load to make sure that the cages were secure. I stood there and studied the ass of my mean asset. It was pushed up against the bars that formed the side of the cage, muscular and compact, with a covering of fine downy hair.

Sure beats jerking off all the time, that's for sure. A story about the future "Thanks for the lift" I exclaimed as I climbed into the cabin of the waiting hovercraft. No good Why do you reckon he did it? It only works on your thumbprint.

It wont do anything for him at all". I hope so Nuts cut out

Man 'let date castrate him then keep his balls in jar by his bed' | Metro News

A man allegedly castrated his wiling date then kept his severed balls in a jar next to his bedside. Gary Van Ryswyk met the other man on eunuch. Nearby, there was a pink container which held two body parts that had recently been much closer to the victim. The victim was taken to the hospital and was later flown to a regional medical center. He is listed in stable condition. There was also a camera set up to record the procedure.

According to Buzzfeed News , the man had tried to castrate the victim a week earlier, but the man had become aroused and ejaculated as he tried to sanitise his penis. Police said the man also claimed to have carried out a similar procedure on a man in a local motel a few years ago. The other man went to hospital but police were not informed.

Van Ryswyk was arrested Monday and charged with practicing medicine without a license resulting in bodily injury, a second-degree felony. Anyone who has information about Van Ryswyk is asked to call Det.

Roger St. Laurent at or email detectives highlandssheriff. Get in touch with our news team by emailing us at webnews metro. For more stories like this, check our news page. Follow Metro. Got a story for Metro. Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this article via messenger Share this with Share this article via email Share this article via flipboard Copy link.

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Castration boys stories