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Page loading time secs : 0. Please, register and log in first! It's not that I didn't love my wife, I just wanted something different. I had a one-night stand with my wife's friend from college. My wife Annette found out about it and was furious.

Cuckold chastity device stories

Cuckold chastity device stories

I suppose somewhat fitting for a cuck site! It was a snug fit around the sides of my penis and there was Britney spears nudity enough room for my dick Cuckold chastity device stories to fit in at the top of the tube. This led me to explore sexual fulfillment with others and on the internet. I eagerly did what I was told and she came in an unlocked me. It rebels against the tight confines of your chastity device, but to no avail. All of this kinky behavior fascinated my wife and made her want to become more dominate.

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But when I press a bit further, something in him hardens. Storiew can quickly become unattractive. POV Cuckold 49 - August Taylor cuckolds her sissy husband and makes him watch her fuck a real man with a big cock and locks him in chastity and makes him eat creampies from her pussy. Your writing style is proof positive that a writer can clearly express his or her original thoughts without a lot of flashy content. May 19, at am. Learn how your comment data is processed. All Time All Time. La Contessa Stoeies. So, like, how long do you wear this? Once a Cuckold chastity device stories takes to the household chores, he respects the women around him much more. This is like the biggest news ever! Cuckold chastity device stories to do with these small, delightful and frustrating humans who require hour surveillance? The Syrovy-Kelloways are one of a growing number Gay adult web games Toronto families in which the mother is the sole breadwinner and cgastity father takes care of the kids.

Recently, she has been using this on me she found at an adult store which only makes matters even more under her control.

  • Recently, she has been using this on me she found at an adult store which only makes matters even more under her control.
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  • No arguing, no guilt when we are too tired for sex, just plenty of great orgasms for me and a happy, well-adjusted, eager to please husband!
  • Pegging and Chastity.
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  • The teasing is what makes it work, though.

No arguing, no guilt when we are too tired for sex, just plenty of great orgasms for me and a happy, well-adjusted, eager to please husband! Your Keyholder […]. The chastity belt I am wearing is very effective and totally foolproof, as I have discovered in recent weeks of continuous wear. And I do mean continuous since it has proved beyond my means to take it off since the time I first put it on!

Not that this happened by accident. I have always […]. She always thought that bondage and the like were too bizarre and anyone who would participate in such activities was nuts. One night She and Tracey had been bar hoping while on a long weekend in Florida. They ended […]. I already knew that when I was At that point in life, that made me an outcast. The fun thing for guitar players though is that while throughout adolescence you may be an outcast when you become a teenager, the feelings of your peers toward you make a notable shift.

I […]. I had not come across any other reference to chastity belts until recently. About eighteen months ago while searching the internet for a high-security software protection utility […].

Janet inserted her ID card in the door lock, waited for the panel to slide back silently and then entered the office. As receptionist and book-keeper, her desk was just inside and she slid into her chair with practiced grace.

She wore a pastel-pink jumpsuit and low-heeled rubber-soled shoes. The tailoring and color of her […]. Kinky playmates in The two women were in good spirits that evening. It had been six months since Dee had left the law firm she once worked at with Lori to start out on […]. Perfect evening for a perfect date The Sun is setting as we are driving to the coast. I am so happy that I was able to surprise you with this mini-vacation get away. A weekend at a beachfront resort, dinner tonight at a 5-star restaurant, all the makings to a perfect Valentine weekend.

Looking for […]. Looking for hot couples near? He is being treated to a morning blow job, while I lay chained and in chastity, suffering from a month of teasing and denial. Oriented to kink It was a warm, autumn day in September. My car rolled up to Jaques school of ballet. Not many knew what made their dancers dance with […]. Older posts.

She asked me if I had lost a lot of weight as I was looking better and I told her that I lost a few pounds, but more importantly, built up a lot of muscle and finally have a 6-pack. After some further discussion, I learned that she viewed the combination of chastity with pegging as the ultimate form of submission. She always thought that bondage and the like were too bizarre and anyone who would participate in such activities was nuts. Category filter. With women sharing equal workplace responsibilities, they no longer allow their dreams and careers to wither after getting married or having a family.

Cuckold chastity device stories

Cuckold chastity device stories

Cuckold chastity device stories

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Invade My Life! March Madness Ch. The basic idea is simple: You want him aroused as often as possible. It might seem cruel to you, but if he wants to be in chastity then he wants to be aroused all the time. If your cuckold husband is permitted to watch, then put him in chastity the next time you get fucked with him in the room. If possible, have him locked up for several days beforehand.

Become a supporter and you can read them all. Plus, you get access to all the chastity posts on my private blog. Some women genuinely feel bad about teasing their men and denying them orgasm. He wants to be in chastity. He wants to be teased and turned on and denied orgasm.

Your wife or girlfriend is giving you a gift by putting you in chastity and teasing you. You have a part to play and there are some things you absolutely cannot do. Ladies, if your man starts acting like an asshole at any point during the chastity experience, give him the key and walk away. My husband and I have found chastity teasing to be a thrilling addition to our sex life and I think you will to.

I hope you enjoyed this little primer on the joys of chastity teasing. You get access to lots of cuckold stories featuring chastity play including all 12 parts of Serving the Cuckoldress Next Door and numerous posts from my Private Blog that are full of locked cuckold content.

This is the best article that I came across over the Internet. The way it describes a proper way how wife should tease and dominate. Every cuckold or cuckold wannabe is dreaming about this. I prefer to get teased when locked up in chastity. One of my very big fantasy is to help my wife get dressed for a date. I go off when wife wears revealing outfits indoors and outdoors. When dressed sexy and apealing to men. When she flirts with other men… I will be blunt and say that: Heels, Skirts, Dresses on a dominant women is what drives me nuts, especially if I am to be teased and locked up.

I could go on forever with what makes me feel like a cuck… Thanks for the article I am so buying your books. Male chastity belt is wonderful for cuckold couples. My wife and i have found some Chinese with the cage of 1 inch lenght. Penetration with my penis is prohibited. I fucked her with a strap-on head. Since she found the bull only he can fuck her.

I can lick her pussy, and to suck bulls cock. Thank you. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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I love to tease and I have lots of cuckold chastity entries for you on my Private Cuckold Blog. If you want more, consider becoming a Patreon supporter and get access to every private post. She stands and grabs your ass, pulling you tight against her body. She kisses your neck and cheek, moving towards your mouth. She presses her lips against yours and her tongue gently dances with yours.

You feel a surge of desire and your cock tries to fill with blood. You groan into her mouth. You feel unexpected pain. The first night you wake up just once with pain between your legs. She rolls over and presses her naked body against you. She kisses your chest and caresses your balls. She runs her fingers over the device holding your cock, teasing you.

The pain grows. You stand and strip off your clothes, showing her your caged dick. She smiles as it comes into view. Your willingness to wear a chastity device for her makes your wife so happy. No man wants to hear his cock referred to as cute. The humiliation of it turns you on though. Again your dick tries to get hard.

Again it fails. Again you feel the pain of chastity. It makes me so wet. She stands and pushes a hand into the waistband of her panties. You watch as she slips a finger into her pussy and pulls it out. Her finger glistens with her juices as you open up and take it into your mouth. You taste her. Again your cock tries to get hard.

She falls to her knees in front of you. You can see the key to your cage dangling between her breasts. That makes her smile. She surprises you by taking your locked cock into her mouth. Immediately you feel the warmth and wetness through the plastic. It still turns you on. You feel a surge of pain in your loins as your cock tries to get hard. It rebels against the tight confines of your chastity device, but to no avail. It does. It hurts, but it turns you on.

She really knows how to tease you. She could be serious. Maybe she will leave your cock locked in there forever. She sits and spreads her legs. You fall to your knees and move between her legs. Her pussy is perfect. You taste her juices before moving to her clit and rhythmically licking her.

You want to make your wife cum. Worship me, cucky. Make me cum. Did you have fun with this little chastity teasing story? If you want more teasing, more cuckold chastity posts, and hundreds of other delightful posts to cum to, become a Patreon supporter today.

Charles R Corrado October 22, pm. Is it a little too tight? Your wife smiles. Would you like to do something for me right now? One Comment Charles R Corrado October 22, pm Im so looking for a female like this its my desires my dreams my everything. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website.

Cuckold chastity device stories

Cuckold chastity device stories