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Radcliffe, who found fame as the young wizard in the Potter films, plays a troubled stable boy who ritualistically blinds horses in a production that has caused a flurry of excitement among his hordes of teenage fans. Radcliffe confessed afterwards to first night nerves but said he had no qualms about baring all after two weeks of doing the play in previews. You could hear a pin drop in the auditorium when year-old Radcliffe performed his naked scene with actress Joanna Christie, who plays his girlfriend. Grant said. But did fans of the clean-cut boy wizard object to their hero smoking, swearing and appearing naked on stage?

Daniel radcliffe naked onstage pictures

Daniel radcliffe naked onstage pictures

Daniel radcliffe naked onstage pictures

Newsletter Sign Up Continue reading the main story Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box. The final frontier in nudity was male, which apart from Michelangelo's "David" was a taboo in the arts until recently. Weekly magazine, delivered Daily Newsletter Website access. Editing by Daniel Trotta and Xavier Briand. He naed as private as he picgures voluble. The year-old man said, "It's very, very bad behavior. But theater was probably where it became normalized.

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Could you tell whether he was cut or uncut? He added: "Besides, I like having a girlfriend. Alacer alert the media! Maybe a movie next time? Little Harry Potter's been naked quite a bit since becoming a man. The actor gets in By carry cummings ee heart i with co-star Natasha Pruchniewicz for what is supposed to be a very steamy sex scene. Scott I say this as a gay dude… the girl has a waaaay better body! Hello and thank you for registering. Daniel radcliffe naked onstage pictures Harry Potter You can see the hilarious, but sexy, pics picturez Daniel and the Dsniel guys taking it nakrd off to bathe in a river, below. Darth Paul No. He must have a rather tiny dick because no one can agree on it. Does Zoe know about shrinkage?

Actor Daniel Radcliffe reaches for the hand of a fellow actor during a curtain call after the opening night of the play "Equus" at the Broadhurst Theater in New York, September 25,

  • For five months in , actor Daniel Radcliffe appeared as Alan Strang in the play Equus , a role requiring some full-frontal acting.
  • Daniel Radcliffe is getting naked again - but you won't guess what the director is making him do 'down there'
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  • Daniel Radcliffe , 28, left Hogwarts behind him several years ago , but The Boy Who Lived has followed him around ever since.

From the moment he hit the big screen as the title character in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in , it was plain to see that Daniel Radcliffe was a good-looking guy. Despite the fact he was playing a school-aged wizard, we could all tell he was destined to be a total heartbreaker.

As we've watched the actor grow up over the course of the fantasy franchise's eight films not to mention that naked appearance on stage in Equus , our appreciation for his chiselled jawline and piercing baby blues has gone from strength to strength.

We're here to prove to those of you who still think of him as a cute, bespectacled schoolboy that he's shed his child-star image and turned into a certified heartthrob worthy of your crushes. And after you've scrolled through every swoon-worthy picture of Daniel, check out another Hogwarts alum who's turned into a total looker.

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And heis penis is pretty. Click Here for a sample. And yes, I AM an actress. Wearing a cock sock in certain shots, apparently. The director of the Allan Ginsberg movie told him not to shave his bush.

Daniel radcliffe naked onstage pictures

Daniel radcliffe naked onstage pictures

Daniel radcliffe naked onstage pictures. PICS: The world’s 10 best gay nude beaches

Hopefully it was for the role and not a lifestyle choice. From those pictures, you really can't tell if he's even naked. There could be a cock sock there. I just hope the manscaping was confined to his chest and not that glorious bush of his I'm surprising he's shaving his bush. When he was interviewed about playing Allan Ginsberg, he said he would be doing a nude scene and would be leaving his bushy natural because that's the way it was in those days.

So he's doing a full frontal scene in the Allan Ginsberg movie? If not, what does it matter if he shaved his bush? I was on the third row got Equus in NY.

He sprouted a woody all on his own and he is definitely not cut. Little Harry Potter's been naked quite a bit since becoming a man. He must have a rather tiny dick because no one can agree on it. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. More importantly, it looks pretty chilly out on the beach.

Does Zoe know about shrinkage? Are we going to finally find out whether he is cut or uncut? Because there was never any consensus from those Equus photos. He's British. He's uncut. He's also part-Jewish, R3. Bigger version:. Why is he playing with his weiner? Fluffing for the big scene. Wearing a cock sock in certain shots, apparently.

Had a semi. Is he actually fluffing or fiddling with the cock sock out of concern that it may slip off? I'd assume that different temperatures have quite an effect on dick size and dick shrinkage.

Kudos for him to do the scene himself and not have a body double. He is wildly unattractive - he's Rachel Dratch on steroids. Details please, R9. Could you tell whether he was cut or uncut? And is it true he has large balls? I'm pretty sure he's cut. Was it any good? I saw it in London and Richard Griffiths was great.

However Radcliffe getting nekkid is what sold tickets. Yes he has massive balls. It was amazing and rather painful looking watching them flap around in the final scene. Why the hell is it so fashionable and arty nowadays to play naked on stage… this is a weird fashion in arts…. I clicked over to see video footage indeed, it appears the young man is blessed with bulls balls. Strangely, I just realized that I have watched this young man age about 8 years or whatever it is over the span of just a few short days and realize that this actor has been exceedingly fortunate to have landed a role that he can pretty much call his own for as long as the HP franchise keeps pumping out new product.

I admit that i went to see the play because of harry potter peen. Excuse me, being a penis conoseure myself…. Oh Danny BOY, whut hoppend???????? Poor dan… He just lost a lot of fans and porn hungry new ones. Very sad…. Wrong choice of role! Maybe a movie next time? You WISH he was your friend, little girl. By the way, remember the whanger on Peter Firth, who performed this role on film?

His pud was on display in the theatre. The poor guy only has so much blood supply. And yes, I AM an actress. I should be so lucky to work with an actor of his caliber. Theatrically, not biologically. Celebrity dick shots remind all of us to keep the tool healthy and camera ready. Search for:. Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of danielradcliffe equus newyork stories and more. Olive Yurdich Yes, been there and saw that. Scott I say this as a gay dude… the girl has a waaaay better body!

Alacer alert the media! Daniel Radcliffe has a penis! PearlsBeforeSwine I believe he was 17 when he first started playing this role. Darth Paul No. Dick 8- In Britain you are an adult at Bill Cooper Great to see a Datalounge expression used by the author. Key Apparently age of consent in Britain is actually Joe Nuss Its a free world and anyone can do what they want as long as it is legal. Leo Sherman Nudity alone is not pornography, even if it is a minor.

Blowsah Smith You filthy brits, with bad teeth and goody-two bits nonsense! Hal However you slice and dice it, his nudity is the big attraction here. Becky the pictures are so blurry that it actually looks kind of like my husband… well except for the size of his… you know. Nobody seen a naked man before??

Zuzu Why the hell is it so fashionable and arty nowadays to play naked on stage… this is a weird fashion in arts…. Erin OMG!!!!! Sam he has a nice dick. Mario it shows me a different pic…i feel scammed. Mario i feel scammed i shows me another pic.

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News: Update: Promotional images of Daniel Radcliffe from 'Equus'

DRESSED in a leather jacket and hunched antisocially over his cellphone, Daniel Radcliffe could have been any other disaffected teenager adrift in gadget-world. But suddenly he looked up and leapt to his feet as if prodded by Emily Post herself.

Radcliffe explained. It was early in the summer. A year earlier Mr. He was spending the time, it appeared, hanging out, obsessing about cricket and marshaling his views. Radcliffe appears to be negotiating the tricky transition from child star to adult actor without falling prey to drug-addled delusion, insufferable narcissism or late-night reality television. Radcliffe looks nothing like Harry Potter. He wears no glasses; he has no scar on his forehead.

He talks rapidly, with a streetwise London accent. He is 5 foot 5, shorter than you would think as so many actors are but comfortable enough to joke ruefully about it.

He was compellingly polite. Older friends had talked to Mr. Radcliffe about what the play meant to them, he said, and the role was a way to prove that he could put aside childish things without being too obvious about it. Alan Strang is a tortured soul with a deep connection to horses who, having blinded six of them in a night of misguided religious and sexual ecstasy, is stripped of his defenses and possibly his soul in a series of grueling sessions with a psychiatrist, played by Richard Griffiths.

Griffiths is reprising his role from the West End show; the other actors are all new to the cast. In a follow-up conversation by telephone last month from New York, where rehearsals for the new production were under way, Mr. The Harry Potter role has been so all-consuming that it has left Mr. Radcliffe with little time for anything else. Radcliffe has had to grow up on screen, in full public view, braving the twin perils of adolescence and the forces of Voldemort.

But the director, Thea Sharrock, said he was far from nightmarish. I felt excited to find this character with him and to prove to the world that this was something he could do. The play requires Mr. Radcliffe to appear full-frontally nude in a prolonged scene, but it did not bother him particularly, he said. I am terribly self-conscious. View all New York Times newsletters. He explained.

There was very much of that effect. You tighten up like a hamster. It was the emotional nakedness that was more daunting, he said, and that he had no stage experience. So he took extensive acting lessons.

He learned the Alexander Technique. He did vocal exercises in which, given a text, he read aloud just the vowels, and then just the consonants.

He learned how to project. He imagined that different parts of the room represented different sorts of emotion, and ran back and forth between them, emoting. Radcliffe progress over the years. The journey from child star to bona fide actor is a tough one, he added. And they have terrible status problems. But Mr. Radcliffe resolved to be different. Griffiths said. Radcliffe is an only child who grew up in Fulham, West London.

He fell into acting at the age of 9, he said, because he had few talents in school or at sports. Although he has spent a couple of semesters at a regular school, he has mostly had tutors.

I like cars, but they talk about tire pressure and horsepower. Does it go fast? Yes or no? Radcliffe still lives in the house he grew up in, with his parents and two dogs, Binka and Nugget. He is extremely close to his parents.

He is as private as he is voluble. In a recent magazine interview he suggested that he lost his virginity several years ago to an older woman, and he may or may not be currently involved with a girlfriend, but he is not going to talk about it. He can generally walk down the street without getting noticed.

But like any show business figure in Britain he has to contend with the British news media and their fanciful stories. He reeled them off. One of them was that I had asked two former S. And I hate beer. Nude, of course. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles. Newsletter Sign Up Continue reading the main story Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box.

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Daniel radcliffe naked onstage pictures

Daniel radcliffe naked onstage pictures