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Hi, my rabbit is a year old the dad is only about 6 months or less. They did mate and I thought she was definitely pregnant. She made a beautiful nest about a week ago she also pulled fur and lined the nest. She has had the nest for like 7 days. The thing is she normally doesn't go in the nest or bother with it but still a week later she is making haystache and going in it; is she pregnant?

False pregnancy in rabbits

False pregnancy in rabbits

False pregnancy in rabbits

Rude comments??? She was young and doing a false pregnancy. Pregnant bunnies, whether real or phantom, have a one-track mind. She has worked at the same animal clinic in her hometown for over 20 years. Is my rabbit pregnant? These are just a couple things I learned from this article; I learned many more things as Keenan connor tracy. This is because it may become difficult to reintroduce the two rabbits after the female Fwlse given birth if they are not properly socialized during the separation. Additionally, males will still have active sperm.

Terra bbw pics. What is False Pregnancy in Rabbits?

Pregnancj More. By continuing to use our site, Falss agree to our cookie policy. Gabbits rabbits don't always 'look' pregnant, not even on the day they kindle give birth. This page was last edited on 7 Januaryat False pregnancy in rabbits noticed gooey blood where …. That's why it's helpful to know these pregnant rabbit clues for confirming your suspicions. Yes, if she is scratching at the bottom of her cage and her stomach is larger than usual she is most definitely pregnant. Did this summary False pregnancy in rabbits you? Now I've mated her for the second …. She was put in with the French Lop buck about 9 days ago. Since there is no fertilization of the ova, the Adult tennis group activities of hormones that promote gestation remain low. She is quite young 4 or 5 months so I think ….

Pseudopregnancy: hay gathering and fur plucking behavior.

  • Females can be prone to false pregnancies, even after being fixed.
  • I have an unspayed rabbit that I got five or six months ago I'm not sure how old she is , and even though she's had absolutely no opportunity to become pregnant, in the last month she's started exhibiting every one of these signs, especially being grumpy and digging it can get annoying at 2am :P.
  • Have you bred your buck and doe rabbits together?

Intact unspayed female rabbits does can undergo periodic false pregnancies , also known as pseudopregnancies. Pseudopregnancies mimic true pregnancies. However, they last only days rather than days of true pregnancy. Rarely, neutered males may also gather and transport nesting material but with no fur plucking behavior.

Below are symptoms of false pregnancies in rabbits. Because rabbits ovulate reflexively in response to sexual stimulation, the proximity of a male, an infertile mating, or mating behavior between two females housed together can stimulate ovulation and result in pseudopregnancy. Once reflex ovulation takes place, it results in the formation of corpora lutea that secrete progesterone. Although there are anecdotal reports of treating pseudopregnancy in rabbits with hormone preparations, in most cases, treatment is unnecessary as the condition is self-limiting.

The nesting behavior usually lasts 1 to 3 days, after which the rabbit will resume normal activities. From WabbitWiki. Jump to: navigation , search. Textbook of rabbit medicine. Pseudopregnancy: hay gathering and fur plucking behavior. BSAVA manual of exotic pets. Category : Health. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion.

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As per RWAF , rabbits neutered later often demonstrate the same behaviors as an intact bunny. Pregnant bunnies, whether real or phantom, have a one-track mind. I started trying when she was one, and she's around two …. Consult with your vet if you believe your rabbit is in pain. However, the babies need to stay with mom for a minimum of 8 weeks because of their sensitive digestive system. If you're unfamiliar with how to safely palpate an animal, it's recommended that you take your rabbit to the vet.

False pregnancy in rabbits

False pregnancy in rabbits

False pregnancy in rabbits

False pregnancy in rabbits

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Pregnancy in Rabbits

Females can be prone to false pregnancies, even after being fixed. All the same, your rabbit needs patience and empathy. Prepare yourself for mood swings, elevated hunger, and strange practices. False pregnancy is also referred to as a phantom pregnancy or pseudopregnancy. It occurs when a bunny becomes convinced they are pregnant, even when this is impossible. As far as the rabbit is concerned, there is no difference between phantom and genuine pregnancies.

She will act the same as when pregnant. There is no litter at the end of the pseudopregnancy. Any female rabbit of breeding age three months and up can experience a phantom pregnancy. Keep an eye on who they interact with, and how. As Clinical Veterinary Adviser explains, phantom pregnancies have a range of causes. They all result in the same thing, though. The rabbit ovulates, and believes she is pregnant. This is maintained for up to 20 days.

The two typical explanations for a pseudopregnancy are:. This is always more likely, though. Any rabbit of any age can experience a pseudopregnancy, as long as she has reached sexual maturity.

It makes them less likely, though. Spaying also comes with a wide range of additional health benefits. Primarily, spaying will make your female calmer and more docile. This is particularly important during a false pregnancy. While your rabbit thinks she is pregnant, she will be cranky and territorial.

Just be aware that spaying a female will not make her less appealing to male rabbits. An unneutered male will still try to mount a spayed female.

This may lead to a pseudopregnancy, or a fight if the male refuses to take no for an answer. Genuine rabbit pregnancy symptoms include:. The trouble with pseudopregnancy is that the symptoms are the same. As far as the rabbit is concerned, they are pregnant. They will engage in the same behaviors as a pregnant bunny for around 18 — 20 days.

A genuine pregnancy will be detectable. Can you feel little lumps, around the size of marbles? If so, the rabbit is pregnant. The challenge will be getting close enough to check without being bitten. Of course, this places rabbit owners in a tricky situation. What if the pregnancy is real? If this is the case, up to twelve baby bunnies will need to be housed, fed, and rehomed. There is no way of knowing for sure until over 34 days have passed. By this point, your rabbit would have given birth if pregnant.

There are two primary explanations. They may be so focused on building a nest that they have no time for anything else. Alternatively, they may have blocked their throat with fur. Pregnant bunnies, whether real or phantom, have a one-track mind.

When they start building a nest, it becomes their sole concern above all else. They may eat just enough to focus, then get back to it.

This should only last around a day. You may find that your rabbit is unable to resist their favorite treat, either. Hay is for nesting. Raisins and carrots are for her. While the rabbit is pulling fur for nesting, they may swallow hair. A tiny amount to create a hairball is fine. Large chunks can make it impossible for a bunny to swallow food. If your rabbit has not eaten or drank for 24 hours, you should see a vet. Regardless of their reproductive status, this is dangerous.

This is in comparison to a genuine pregnancy, which lasts around 31 days. Until this point, it may be a nervous time. Make your rabbit as comfortable as possible. Offer more food, ideally hay. Some will be eaten, but most will go into building a nest. Your bunny can have extra exercise once the pseudopregnancy concludes.

Also, try to put as many soft and fluffy items in the hutch as possible. Your rabbit will use these to line their nest. The more you provide, the less likely they are to tear their fur out. Your pet will be irritable and territorial. This still needs to be done, though. Consider wearing gloves to protect yourself from angry nips. A phantom pregnancy will right itself. There is no treatment needed in terms of medication, or even veterinary care. A rabbit could experience a constant, never-ending stream of pseudopregnancies.

This is partly because a rabbit becomes fertile from the moment they give birth. A rabbit can also experience phantom pregnancy from the moment the previous one concludes. All the same, their hormones will be surging constantly.

Sometimes, false pregnancies happen, and there is nothing you can do to stop them. Something is triggering a hormonal reaction in your bunny, for good or ill. No, the event of a false pregnancy will not cause problems for your rabbit. Fertility will not be affected, and the absence of a litter will not emotionally scar them.

While rabbits instinctively prepare for the arrival of their young, they are not natural caregivers. One expert at The House Rabbit Society advises against breeding bunnies at all. As soon as the phantom pregnancy comes to an end, your rabbit will forget all about it.

Most importantly, their temperament will return to normal. We need to remember that rabbit mounting is not only sexual. Now, some rabbits will be fine with this. Others will fight back, and stake their claim for pack leader status.

This includes two females. Heck, it includes two sisters. Two female rabbits are more than capable of sparking false pregnancies in each other. It remains possible, though. The more important question is when two rabbits — of any sex — are ready to love together. Introduce the bunnies outside of a hutch first, and let them establish a pecking order.

Bonding is also important here. Once this process is complete, two rabbits will be able to share a home without incident. Any gender combination is fine, if both pets are bonded and fixed.

It takes at least six weeks for these procedures to take hold. Until then, both rabbits will at peak hormonal level. Additionally, males will still have active sperm. Patience is a virtue, and it will retain the virtue of your bunnies.

Rabbits are a prey species , and they know it. This means that they are driven by an unyielding and overwhelming urge to reproduce. The more rabbits are in the world, the likelier the species is to continue. Neutered male bunnies still have testosterone in their bodies, and spayed females still have estrogen.

False pregnancy in rabbits