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Flight attendant virgin america

Flight attendant virgin america

Overall rating 4. As a new hire I was attacked on racial, Karnal studios madison wisc vintage pottery and religious grounds. Jan 10, These charts show the average base salary core compensationas well as the average total cash compensation for Flight Attendant in companies like Virgin America in the United States. Eventually, Choma felt the itch to travel again and went back to being a flight attendant. This is the city Virgin America has hired you to work from; therefore, you have to report Flight attendant virgin america work at the designated city and airport. Printable Application : No. No sure why I am thinking it has something to do with furthering your career within the company but I really don't even think that's a good reason but who knows. If you are a pilot or flight attendant do yourself a favor and work for a real airline. Also can, keep in mind CAN lead to alot Flight attendant virgin america parties when out of town, I think you know where i am going without being

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And you only get paid when airplane doors are closed. If you meet with these criteria and you are successful at your interviews, you will be screened for a background and drug check. Found 17 reviews matching the search. Great uniforms, Flight attendant virgin america lighting and just an amazing experience. Advice to Management Love vx forever. This was probably the most fun I ever had at vigin interview. As a new hire I was attacked on racial, ethnic and religious grounds. Thanks for International george tracy support, hope I ameirca you all on the job. The management, work rules, and compensation however need revamping. Good luck with your Northwest interview!

Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession.

  • Launched in August , Virgin America Airlines is a new, California-based airline with brand new planes.
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  • Virgin America.

Junice in San Jose, California. Ladymercury in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Kel in New York, New York. Does anyone know if VA has a guarantee number of hours that you have to work each month? Where are do you fly? Are the new FA's on reserve? Is there another training class coming up? Thanks so much! Dawn, thank you! I'm currently a flight attendant for another airline. I was thinking of applying because it's a better location for me. Do you know if they are opening anything at LAX?

Do you know if you'll be on reserve a lot? This sounds great. Kel, their website says they are hiring but doesn't specify anything else. Can anyone tell us what they pay per flight hour and per diem? It seems to be the coolest ever so it is glad to hear it from someone that works there. Bubblesthefa in Marina, California. Drop me an email because somebody is misinforming you the duties of a flight attendants position. Being too tall or to short has nothing to do with how to open an emergency exit, or helping a passenger when they are having a heart attack.

Or putting out a fire in the back or front of an aircraft or knowing how to take down a terrorist. Helping a passenger with there luggage is not in our primary description and any flight attendant that has just recently done training will tell that when your doing emergency evac it can be stressful the first time. Being a flight attendant is not a glamour job, it is a real job. Its a very fun job but a real job. Monnalisa in Ripon, California.

Has anyone heard if they're hiring in SF right now? Most of us know you can't live on a Virgin Paycheck Larry what is there starting pay per flight Hr? And there Per diem? Brian in Lynn, Massachusetts said: Hey Guys,I just wanted to clear up any rumors that are on this board. I am from Boston, and I went to the interview at the end of November, and was offered the position. I start my training on January 5th so for those of you that like myself, live on the east coast Wendy in Los Angeles, California.

What Paycheck? Sir Richard Hi Larry - I see your still visiting the forum. How's it going in the friendly skies? Say hi to the crew for me. Take care, Wendy. Looking Up in Midland, Michigan. I want to do this so bad, I'm just keeping at it. Hi, I was wondering if there was an open house for virgin america?

I looked on their website, but the option to apply for flight attendant was not available. I worked for Air Wisconsin. I am looking for a western base and it sounds like they have them. It sounds like they are hiring , but how are you guys and gals getting this info? Janet in San Diego, California. It'll likely be in San Mateo. I'm looking forward to meeting my new classmates! Would love to hear from you!

Johan in San Francisco, California. To answer your question, as far as I know we are taking applications for flight attendant positions. Here's how to apply Let me apply! You should see the In-Flight Team Member listing there our verbiage for flight attendant. Click on that and you can start your application process from there.

Best of luck to you all! And to those of you starting training in February, congratulations! What qualities are they seeking in flight attendants? I have applied several times under different email addresses and not one of them has received anything at all and it has been months. I have medical background, flight attendant background, and I am an aviation mgmt major.

The reason I ask is because even though I am a holding a great line with another airline , I am just ready to move on. This airline that I am currently with is not a place that I can envision myself being happy long term, but I really like Virgin America and would love to work there! Kelly in New York, New York. Does anyone know if they are hiring out of Orange County? CFS in Monrovia, California. Hey kelly in NY they should be hiring maybe sometime next month.. I interviewed for LAX and didnt get it But this guy that works for VA at LA said they should post it up later next month for orange county!

Great, if you hear anything, can you let me know? I can give you my email? Thank you, CFS!! Nikki in Redmond, Washington. The airline business , I mean FA, is tough. Does a lot of damage to your body if not in great shape. Also can, keep in mind CAN lead to alot of parties when out of town, I think you know where i am going without being I have many stories some great some very bad. Congrats to the crew. A very close friend of mine told me I should go to 20 20 with my stories ha ha, he was very serious.

If interested I will check and see if any one would like to here them. I will personally respond. Nikki in Redmond, Washington said: Hi! Does anyone know if not having a degree is a huge deal if applying with VA?

What happen was the demand for a the position got bigger because flight attendant started to retire so the education requirement was lifted. Some airline still like you to have a college education. No sure why I am thinking it has something to do with furthering your career within the company but I really don't even think that's a good reason but who knows. Can anyone tell me what Virgin America is looking for in a flight attendant. I have applied under 5 different email accounts since you can only apply once per email and not one response.

My suggestion to you would be to contact Megan in their people department to see if your resume was reviewed. She is very nice and will talk to you. Please keep in mind just like any other airline they may have tons of resumes and not very many people to go thru them all. You can get the phone number by calling information and asking for VA headquarter in Burlingame Ca. Hey kelly! For inflight crew it would be out of san francisco but if you wanted airport crew, they just posted Orange County Santa Ana!

Its a great airport and area to work around! I will definetly let you know if i see them posting LAX, but if you dont mind got to their website and apply for orange county!

Virgin America is the best. The company Sir Richard Branson. He is awsome!!!!!!

I don't mean to sound rude nor arrogant, but you need to start thinking straight and focus on your goal to become a flight attendant ASAP without waisting any further time with "where your heart belongs"!!!! So you will get called on your days on, and you will fly all 5 days. Flexible Schedule, especially once holding a line. I really enjoyed the front-line employees I had the honor to work with. Because the airline is so new they're still working on flight benefits with other companies and as of now employees still can't fly for free on Virgin Atlantic but that'll probably come soon. Dental Participation in the group dental plan that offers preventative, major restorative and orthodontic coverage Vision A vision care plan that provides affordable eye care benefits including: exams, prescription glasses and contact lenses.

Flight attendant virgin america

Flight attendant virgin america

Flight attendant virgin america. Virgin America Flight Attendant Job Requirements:


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Virgin America is an airline based in the United States. The carrier began operations in with an aim to provide low-fare and high-quality service. The airline is headquartered in Burlingame, CA. Currently the carrier serves over 21 destinations in the United States and 3 in Mexico. On April 4, it was announced that Alaska Air Group will acquire Virgin America and the acquisition is expected to be completed by January, To become a flight attendant, there are minimum requirements that must be met.

The general requirements are covered in the post Flight Attendant Requirements. This section will discuss the requirements specific to Virgin America. To obtain a flight attendant job with Virgin America, strong considerations will be given to flight attendant candidates:. Starting a flight attendant career can be great for people who love to travel. In this career you may work one or several flights per day.

When the required airline training program has been successfully completed, you will be assigned a base location. This is the city Virgin America has hired you to work from; therefore, you have to report to work at the designated city and airport.

Depending on your current location, this may require you to commute into the base city to work or require potential relocation to the designated city. Looking to start a career with Virgin America?

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Flight attendant virgin america

Flight attendant virgin america