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This is a list of all airline codes. Historical assignments are also included for completeness. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Airline codes for airlines beginning with:. Hitit Computer Services.

Fly latin cheap tickets dhala

Fly latin cheap tickets dhala

Fly latin cheap tickets dhala

Fly latin cheap tickets dhala

Asia Continental Airlines. Amiya Airline. AHS Air International. Renting a car is also a great option for getting around in the city during your trip. Aerotranscargo [6]. Air Experience FlightCranwell. Airbus Industrie. Air Ambulance Services. Agence Nationale des Aerodromes et de la Meteorologie.

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Mor Morden, den, Morden, Robert G. Hurkisson is cupies the whole coast as far as the place for shops in the area, in- Moruya. I always know when the timing isright. Tel : 02 www. Throughout the voyage he had studied a formidable little book about tropical hygiene, and passed on to me much disquieting information about malaria and black- water, cholera and elephantiasis ; he used, over his cigar in the evenings, to Fly latin cheap tickets dhala how hook-worms ate their way from the soles of the feet to the internal organs, how jiggers laid their eggs under the toe-nails, and retailed the Blushed pussy of slow paralysis with which the spirillum tick might infect us. Soup is always the starter and tonight it is cream of radish. So netuishing, tool EverReady contains rich. What is the first sign of AIDS? Most applications will take about four weeks to process but time may vary depending on your situation. After his wife left him, he the ideal place to find a fruit-picking went away from the mines and lived job. These vehicles will already have a equipment into the Fly latin cheap tickets dhala of the vehicle lot of Mushroom paper model on the clock but Australian and set up your bed each night vehicles often do more than ,km! Also, when we are channel surfing do not ask me to goback, there was a good reason why I skipped it.

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Miami International Airport is the main airport serving the vibrant city of Miami and the greater Miami area. The airport is located in close proximity to the city center, only 13 km away. Miami International Airport is the main airport in South Florida for long-haul international flights and is a major gateway between Latin America and the U. There are a variety of transportation alternatives to get to the airport from the city center, including the rail, bus, taxi, and rental cars.

Both systems ensure a comfortable and convenient trip to the airport from the city. The Metrorail system operates from various locations in Miami, providing service to the airport.

It takes about 15 minutes to get from Downtown Miami to the Miami Central Station, which is in close proximity to the airport. From there take the free MIA Mover train, which provides transportation to the airport terminals. The Metrobus system is another convenient and affordable transportation alternative to get to the airport from the city center. The Metrobus connects to the Metrorail and Metromover. You can take the Metrobus from major locations in the city to the Miami Central Station.

Taking a taxi to the airport is another transportation alternative. Taxis are a convenient and comfortable way to get to Miami International Airport. Taxis are accessible from every part of the city. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the airport from the city center by taxi. Renting a car in the city is another transportation alternative to get to the airport. Renting a car is also a great option for getting around in the city during your trip. There are various rental car companies located in the city.

You can also return your vehicle at the Rental Car Center at the airport before your departure. The airport is also one of the biggest gateways between Latin America and the United States. In Miami International Airport handled a total of The airport features a total parking capacity of 8, vehicles as well as basic services such as ATMs, baggage wrapping stations, storage spaces, currency exchange services, a lost and found, Wi-Fi areas, spa services, and smoking areas.

Some more unique services that Miami International Airport offers include a yoga room, nursing suites, pet relief areas, and a room airport hotel. The airport also features artwork and exhibitions throughout the terminals to promote the arts and culture. The airport also features a selection of restaurants, cafes, and fast food chains for passengers to enjoy.

Search history. Depart on. Return on One Way. Show non-stop flights only. Change class Economy Premium Economy Business. Find best deals. Home Miami - Dhala. Miami - Dhala Estimated Prices. Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices Please search to see prices.

October November. Latest Sale. Bus The Metrobus system is another convenient and affordable transportation alternative to get to the airport from the city center. Taxi Taking a taxi to the airport is another transportation alternative. Rental Car Renting a car in the city is another transportation alternative to get to the airport. Transportation to Dhala City Center from Airport.

View on the Map. Dhala Map. More Information About Dhala. Dhala Airport. Complete Your Booking. PNR Code. Online Check-in. Reservation PNR code. Traveler name. Traveler surname. Bilet İptal. LBP Lebanese Pound.

You should receive a response within Once your visa has been approved, you will 24 hours of lodging your application. The morale of expatriates was low; and in Government House we were thoroughly depressed by the situation. Go to the gynecologist for a pelvic exam and ask to haveit recorded on video. We are third in line to get into the crater which opens up at 6am. While it did warm up somewhat after the rain, it was still a little chilly. A three-course meal awaits ashore. None It should be open when she brings it to you Q.

Fly latin cheap tickets dhala

Fly latin cheap tickets dhala

Fly latin cheap tickets dhala

Fly latin cheap tickets dhala

Fly latin cheap tickets dhala. Know your dates, get live prices in seconds:

Australia by State see: www. If your visa application is refused, you will You can either apply in person at the post receive a reply stating the reasons for refusing. It is not sides of the photocard.

Some can be downloaded online. Travel agents eg FlightCentre Make sure you still take your original driving and certain airlines offer this kind of service. The international driving 1 in each continent, going the same way licence alone is not valid. Use flight search engine websites like Skyscanner to find the best prices. Companies Watch out for a practice that is becoming increasingly common: IP tracking.

Finally, if you really want to fly out in December, make sure to check flights on Christmas day or New Years Eve as usually tickets on those day are way cheaper. You do not Flight duration varies between 23 hours most need to declare it to customs as long as you expensive , and over 35 hours cheapest. Otherwise, you can buy one Vaccinations later in Australia. No vaccines are required to enter Australia, but make sure your routine vaccinations are Health care up to date.

Try to fit in routine medical and Australia has signed agreements with the dental checks before you leave dentist, GP. These agreements entitle visitors from those countries to some Visit your GP for a list of medication to take subsidised health services for essential with you according to your medical needs. If you are on prescription medication, you are. If not, it is highly recommended Note that emergency at hospitals will only to get a travel insurance - e.

If you choose to be insurance from World Nomads. Please note that these fees covered at work or if you need repatriation cannot be claimed from Medicare. It quote and a link to pay the additional offers a large panel of policies allowing amount — quick and easy! The big four in Australia are. We recommend you to transfer your money from your bank account at home to your Australian With some banks, you have the possibility bank account or opposite to avoid transfers to open your bank account before arriving in fees.

The good thing about opening OPTION your bank account before arriving in Australia International transfers can often be very is that it will allow you to transfer money to expensive. Banks charge high fees and use your new bank account to avoid fees when lower exchange rates compare to the actual changing money at the airport or in the city.

A good alternative is to choose For example, Westpac bank allows you to a company that is specialised in international create a bank account online quickly. All companies are accredited and secured online platforms specialised in international money transfers. They are able When you prepare your trip to Australia for to offer you good exchange rates very close your Working Holiday adventure, there is one to the actual market rate and only charge you important question: How to transfer money a small transfer fee per transfer.

There are numerous one with specialised companies: options to do so but some of them will make you save money! Why to transfer money? Therefore would probably be around 1. There is First of all you would need to open a bank a difference of 40 AUD! Indeed, when you work in Australia it is necessary to have an Australian bank account, as your employer.

The most money you transfer, phone the most fees you pay. Whereas CurrencyFair always charge the same transfer fee, no matter how much you transfer. The weather is hot and humid low season from April to October.

We would advise you to state, Queensland. It is popular with leave with an amount that you can live on backpackers because it has the most sun for your first weeks in Australia, to give years per year! Brisbane has a sub-tropical climate. Perth, more isolated on the west coast is For an estimated budget for a 2-person road growing rapidly and is perfect for those who trip, see PAGE 67 want an immediate change of scenery.

Perth has very hot summers and cool winters. Adelaide is bang on the doorstep of some of most famous wine regions. Adelaide has hot summers and mild winters. With a tropical climate, In winter, the best region to visit is the Top it is hot all year round up there! End, the most northern part of the country North Queensland and Northern Territory. In Australia the seasons are the opposite In the south it can be very cool or even chilly. In general it is still quite hot - between 25 travel all over Australia.

In Sydney, the careful in the northern part of the country weather is sometimes a mixed bag, because because the wet season officially starts in the heat can bring rain afterwards. But in October so it can already be very hot and general the weather is good and warm. In Autumn you can travel more or less If you are planning to buy a vehicle avoid anywhere in Australia.

In the southern half arriving in a small town where the choice will of the country, the temperatures are pleasant be limited. In the northern half it is the end of in Sydney. However, the prices are higher, the wet season, so it will be warm and humid. There is still a risk of flooding, so be careful! This will avoid tramping the town with your backpack looking for an available room.

If you want to work on the farms straight away, You will most often travel from town to town remember to check the fruit picking seasons, using different forms of transport. You will PAGE To avoid this, we recommend you find out Never-ending highways, fabulous landscapes about the direction you are planning to take and strange little towns hidden in the middle of and build an approximate itinerary for your nowhere… Australia is without doubt paradise trip.

When you decide to travel in Australia, develop a plan and check how you are going it is important to be aware of the number of with it every 2 months for example. The distances separating towns are huge and If you are travelling for a year, count at least require some planning on your part!

This choice has similar to ours. Australians dress up to go out, consequences because according to whether but they are less likely to refuse entry into a you choose east or west you will discover a club for not wearing a shirt. Remember that airlines set a weight limit We strongly recommend you flick through for luggage. Usually it is 20kg for checked our guide to decide which route interests you luggage max.

With most. Distances are long from one place Your hand luggage can usually be up to 7kg. If you are planning to travel at some Ningaloo Reef in the northern part of WA is the point it will be more convenient.

If you go there between March and to search for a small object in the central part July, you can try the unique experience of full of gear! There are backpacks designed swimming with whale sharks. There are towns every 50km maximum and it is almost impossible to feel isolated. Shorts and T-shirts will be appropriate dress for most of your trip. And, despite our preconceptions, it can get cold!

This vast continent has contrasting seasons and nights can be chilly. If you are travelling and working in rural zones, bring comfortable clothes and shoes. If you stay in town, standards of dress are. Check with Card. On arrival at customs, you will give in your bank in case they are linked with your card together with your passport and Australian banks, which could be another your visa will then be activated for 12 months. After 6 weeks it can be more declared to customs. For more information on difficult with stricter conditions.

There are many banks in Australia, but not all of them have branches in all the states. You will need to order your debit card that will arrive, make sure you have enough money be received to your postal address within a few available in your bank account. Payments will days. It may also by your bank on your card! For example with Westpac, they will offer you to pen an account with BT Super when you If you want to take your phone from home, are opening a current account.

A Visa card is best. We recommend to use companies looking for work. For more information on the best ways to transfer your money, go to PAGE If you are planning to travel around the country, we recommend you go with Telstra to have best coverage. The simcard costs between 0 and 2 your bank.

Otherwise you will be charged a AUD, and then you pay to top-up as needed. Otherwise, you can top-up in supermarkets, newsagencies and Useful tip: If you want to buy a van when you convenience stores like 7Eleven.

In shops. After you need to type in on your phone. A member of staff will give However, outside the main cities eg West you your TFN after checking your identity coast, north, centre, outback it can be very name, date of birth, passport number etc. This enables you to connect an anonymous test on the ATO website. Remember that you need to obtain your TFN Again the operator with the best coverage is first because you will need it to obtain the Telstra, with Optus in second position.

Prices ABN. Applying for an ABN is totally free. TPG is financial year 31 June. When completing one of the best known companies but there your tax return, you will need to enter the are others Dodo, Telstra etc. Anyone who wants to work in Australia needs a TFN.

When you start a job, you must provide your. It is essential if you want to work Certification is a compulsory requirement. This training aims to provide workers with safe Mandatory in all states, you obtain your RSA work practices, risk management, personal by taking part in a special course.

With the protection, and safety signs, equipment to RSA certificate you are allowed to work in prevent accidents at the work place. You will also learn how to be compensation system. It means that the White Card from any is not the same everywhere.

It is not obtained Australian state or territory will be recognised in the same way in all states of the country. Declaration Form that needs to be completed In Victoria it will need to be in a classroom.

So if you want to work in you will never have to do this course again hospitality in NSW you will have to obtain a once it is completed. It is mandatory in. In most cases you will only have to or any other gambling establishments race do a short bridging course to get full qualified courses etc. The RSG course aims to train in that state. It also trains you on the use of the Pokies. Reductions are often offered if you stay online but for others you still need to attend an from 1 or more weeks.

In New South Wales and Victoria, training must Beds offered range from private rooms to be completed in classroom. Online training is dormitories mixed or single-sex from not available.

You will have to share kitchen Tasmania and Queensland, training can be and bathroom. Most hostels also have a done online or in a classroom. NSW does not of year. QLD does not accept certificates before arriving on the doorstep. Here are the main Backpacker chains which The RSG Certificate once obtained does you can find in all Australian towns: not expire and you will never have to do the course again.

This qualification is nationally accredited. You can also ask at Visitor Centres who Territory, and South Australia this qualification can usually provide a map for you to find the is completely recognised. For the other states hostel of your choice. Given the number of you can use the statement of attainment options, this is also a good way to get some received to apply for recognition of prior advice on which to choose.

You have your own Take a look at these to find some bargains. You can find with the other tenants. Word of mouth is also very according to the town and area you are effective for finding a place, so talk about it to in. The amount varies usually 1 or 2 centre of town than on the outskirts. The first step to find ads for sharing Renting an apartment apartments is THE reference website in It is easy to rent an apartment in Australia. You usually rent through To rent an apartment, you will need to pay: an agency rather than directly from the owner.

The deposit The bond. You keep a copy of this. Practical and cheap, it has been becoming NB: If you are on a working holiday visa increasingly common over the past few years.

WHV , agencies may want to avoid renting to backpackers, so it may be difficult to find an You can stay temporarily, free of charge, with apartment unless you flat-share with others. You again need to sign up to the website on their website and To take part in couchsurfing, you need to sign become a member to access the ads: up free of charge on the website, in order to www.

Prices vary exchange for work within the household, according to their location isolated or not. They may also ask you to do other slightly more expensive.

Outside etc. In general, counter products that you buy by weight are less www. Wwoofing is very popular in Australia. To take part in the programme you need to sign up on the website and pay to gain access to all the contacts on the site : www.

Adelaide to Melbourne. Budget classes have reclining seats, and Bus on the longest routes, sleeper carriages are available. Travelling by train is generally Bus services in Australia are comfortable longer and more expensive than by bus. All buses are non-smoking. The Reservation is compulsory for all train travel! Australia is a vast continent, so be aware one town to another.

The safety standards for that travelling by bus takes a long time. Between the Melbourne takes 15 hours, between Adelaide most popular destinations such as Sydney, and Perth, around 39 hours and between Brisbane, Melbourne, there are many flights Brisbane and Cairns 30 hours. Premier Motor Service is a private company The further in advance you can reserve, the for budget travellers. They serve many of the lower the prices will be. In general, you will same destinations as Greyhound.

You can get a better deal if you travel on weekdays. They prices are often cheaper than Greyhound. Again, it is possible to opt for a Pass. Car Sharing can also choose to get a package with nights in hostels or tours already booked for you. Premier Motor Service You can find ads offering lifts on notice boards www. Plane There are also some dedicated websites: www.

Given that Australian cities are far apart, flights are the best way to travel from. However, remember that in Australia it www. Jucy Rentals East coast www. There is a wide choice of rental www. If you www. An Wicked international driving licence is not compulsory www.

If your original licence www. Some rental companies require a In general you will have mainly 2 options. This is free International Driving Permit. If you have There are offers for every budget, from a large an accident and the company must repair the camping car Motorhome to a small basic van car, they will use your deposit, but you will not LowTop. Be aware that prices are not fixed. Some bank cards visa premier, gold If you would like to compare the different mastercard or travel insurances may also offers available, we recommend the search cover you if you have an accident.

You can check all the best deals here: To give you an approximate idea, budget www. In high season, reserve as far in advance as. Car rental you can as vehicles sell out quickly. Cars are cheaper to hire than vans and you can travel faster. We also recommend using comparison sites Some of the main car rental companies: to get the best prices. Because they have Avis: www. Therefore you are Europcar: www. Most suppliers Thrifty: www. So once again, the best. An international driving licence is not it will completely change your experience compulsory if your original licence is written in Australia.

Whatever the type of vehicle, in English, although it can be nice to have as mobility and freedom in such a huge country back-up as occasionally certain individuals open up a lot of possibilities. If your original licence is in a foreign language an International Whether you want to discover Australian Driving Permit is compulsory and you must landscapes or visit potential employers, with also be able to show your original driving your own vehicle your travel options are taken licence. Some rental companies require a to a new dimension.

The lower prices one? What are the requirements for registering mean that the excess the amount you must the vehicle? Daily prices are lower when you rent a vehicle for several days.

Unless you are travelling for a short time eg 1 month , purchasing a car can be the most economical approach. You must drive a car back from planning to travel for a long time, bear in mind one town to another, often in days. The that there is not much living space in a car, main advantage is the price. Many cars But this attractive idea is more limited than it sold on by other backpackers come ready- may first appear.

Often there is little choice for equipped with camping gear included in the the dates and destinations and the durations price of the car. Otherwise check out Gumtree are short so not much time to visit anything and ads in hostels and on campsite notice on the way. Prices to discover the Australian outback, and could vary according to fittings and equipment be an advantage to find picking work.

These vehicles will already have a equipment into the front of the vehicle lot of kilometres on the clock but Australian and set up your bed each night vehicles often do more than ,km!

This Pop tops: campervans with pop-up roof so could be important for the more adventurous you can stand up inside the vehicle. They are travellers who want to venture further into the usually better-equipped, with a seat inside, Outback. They Outback, in the north of Western Australian are usually furnished like small campervans, and in the Northern Territory. You can use roads closed to 2 wheel drives unsealed You can visit many of the most famous sites roads with corrugations, beaches, some except the Bungle Bungles , and the vast national parks not open to 2 wheel drives… , majority of National parks in a conventional and can explore the territory more.

Prices vehicle. Never underestimate. You need a pink or white slip dramatically and this can mean low to zero to be allowed to sell your car at the market, in the Outback! You can still sell it but must display Beware of 4WD routes with floodways and the white slip so potential buyers are aware of rivers to ford if you have only a standard 4WD.

Prices are better, Campervan. This is a good opportunity to and it is easy to find ads. It is only a good compare a choice of vehicles, and given that idea to buy from a dealer if you cannot find most Car Market sellers are backpackers, what you need by other means; if the dealer vehicles are often ready-equipped with all you offers guarantees which you do not get from need to travel and camp.

This is subsidized by local government the car was overpriced to begin with It is the car park for a week to sell their vehicle. Many campervans, station wagons, or 4W In the low season from March to September drives have over km, but are still up to prices will be lower as there is less demand.

However, there will also be less choice. This will give you an idea of its general condition and whether or Here are some rules and tips to help you with not it has been well-maintained by previous your purchase. The price should not be THE owners. Prices are often negotiable as What you need to consider: many travellers need to sell quickly. Decide on a price range and stick to it. Sydney Travellers Car Market. Services for NSW. Registration requirements Also check out Gumtree for individuals selling vary between the states and territories, but off loads of camping gear they no longer want generally involve identification documents — you can find some great bargains, as long as passport , your drivers licence, a postal you can travel to pick them up.

However, in Australia the government has recently done Then, it is time to check the vehicle. Check away with stickers in windscreens. Now, the the tyres, the engine, check that all doors whole system is computerized. Also check the inside of the vehicle, if there are Rego is valid for 3 to 12 months according two batteries, make sure the electric system to how much you pay , and covers third party is working.

Check there is a spare wheel You would Take it for a test drive. Before sitting behind the wheel, make sure the car is registered. If the Be aware that legislation is different depending owner refuses to let you try the vehicle, do not on the state where the vehicle is registered buy it! If you have any doubt, you can always rather than where you are when you buy get it inspected by a qualified mechanic.

If you buy your vehicle in NSW in Sydney for example but the vehicle you Should you wish to buy the vehicle after purchase is licensed in a different state, you testing it, comes the admin part. You should must follow the rules of this other state where complete the transfer of property papers the vehicle is licensed.

Otherwise, you must with the seller. The slip will basically transfer re-register the vehicle from scratch more the ownership of the car; it will include the costs and more paperwork.

Beware any car sale that Some states are stricter than others. For does not include a roadworthy certificate. Some states are more relaxed than others. For example, Western Australia and South To do so, the best option is to visit the Australia do not require the garage check. Registration Center in the state you are Finding a vehicle with rego in these states can.

Here are the specifics for each state: campervan. Warning: Prices quoted are an indication only. Check on the internet if your car model is already equipped. Prices vary state! Depending on where unless rego has expired more than 3 you are planning to go, you can cancel the months ago. Avoiding accidents is one thing, but avoiding breakdowns is really another altogether!

You can sign up to roadside state , or go online and pay over the internet assistance and become a member with a before the registration expires. If the problem is minor they can fix it where you are. Assistance If it is more serious, they will tow you to the nearest garage. In Australia, there are 2 types of insurance. Here are the most well-known: people. This can be a reasonable up with the same company… You could benefit price for budget travellers.

Here, prices start to be higher. Park at the side of the road expensive. All For each type of contract you can obtain a accidents must be reported to the police, free quote on line with the main companies. When you call the Prices vary according to your age, the number police, they will tell you whether a police agent of years you have been driving, the age of will be sent out to you, or if you must drive to your car… the nearest police station.

Then contact your We recommend you at least take Third Party insurance company. This is mandatory when selling or Note the details on the scene visibility, buying in certain states such as Queensland, traffic conditions, state of the road etc , Victoria and Australian Capital Territory.

This the details of the collision speed and means that for these states when you want impact points. Remember that in these the road and the positions of the states, safety checks must be conducted in vehicles involved. Therefore, you can either sell without rego,. In this case, you must meet the campsites… and also on Gumtree, Facebook requirements of whichever state this is. However, dealers are likely to Useful tip: A vehicle with valid registration will want a significant reduction, and you may get be much easier to sell!

The next step is advertising. If you have to sell quickly, you can go to a If your vehicle has more than ,km on dealer, who will accept your vehicle with or the clock, it is unlikely that locals will be very without rego. However, dealers are likely to interested. In this case it is best to target want a significant reduction, and you may get backpackers.

Make an ad, with some good photos that According to the season and where you are, are clear and show the advantages of your plan weeks to be sure to sell your car. If vehicle. State the year, the kilometres, how you only have a couple of weeks, aim to in a many months of rego are left, when the vehicle major city where backpackers arrive, and also was last serviced, information on repairs be aware that markets are very different. For or parts you have replaced, and general example, Gumtree worked very well in Perth, service history, and any other information to but not at all in Sydney — the best opportunity attract buyers.

It is useful to go into detail on to sell in Sydney was by far and away the car equipment provided with the vehicle extra market. In winter, there are regular cases of battery, camping equipment, games, surf backpackers having to sell their vehicles for board, guitar…. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure the transfer of ownership has been successfully completed. If it has not, the buyer may end up paying fines or being held responsible for road infractions committed by the previous owner!

When you post your ad on the internet, you may be contacted by con-artists who pretend to be buyers, and ask if they can send you the money by Western Union or. Paypal without seeing the vehicle. On highways, the speed limit rises bankers draft as payment. There are relatively frequent speed traps radars on Australian roads, especially in The rules of the game more urban areas. Road Conditions Remember that to drive in Australia it is best to have an International Driving Permit to show alongside your original licence and this is compulsory if your original licence is not in The main roads are all sealed and well- English.

If an animal jumps out on you suddenly, it is often better to hit the animal although it will In the north roads can be flooded especially cause damage to your vehicle rather than in the wet season. If you come up against a to brake suddenly and violently, which often flooded road, stop and evaluate the depth of results in a loss of control of the vehicle, the flood water.

Animals such as kangaroos and cattle, These huge truck convoys can be metres frequently cause accidents on the roads in long, and carry very heavy loads, so they need Australia, especially at night.

If you see an animal at the edge of the road, slow down! Road signs isolated areas it is recommended to carry a can of fuel with you if you are able to store it Most road signs are similar to those you see in outside of your vehicle, ie on roof racks if you Europe and North America: are driving a car.

They can be In Australian cities, green parking signs yellow, red or orange. Fuel means you can stay for 2 hours. Electronic parking machines are easy to find There are plenty of service stations in large in pay for parking areas.

The system is simple: towns and in the surrounding areas, but in pay in advance for a limited duration. Your rural areas they become scarcer.

In some parking space has a number, and the parking. Toll Roads explains why their rules are so strict. Nuts, grains, fruit and vegetables even dried , In Australia, nearly all highways are free. However, there are no toll booths to Fruit, vegetables are honey are prohibited.

You can also buy a pass for several days If you want more information on any of Electronic pass or register your car with a the states, you can consult the following credit card number in advance E-Tag so Australian government webpage: www.

Cameras quarantinedomestic. These systems are designed. Here are some tips to. Quarantine zones help you to get ready. Interstate quarantine prohibits transporting certain food products between states. The Equipment aim is to protect the agricultural industry in If you are going to rent a campervan, all the each state by preventing contamination from equipment should already be there.

If you are diseases or pests imported from other states. The exact list of prohibited products varies from state to state, but in most cases the.

You can also buy a available in most towns service stations, lantern so you can eat dinner outside. You may need to travel long distances before finding a service station up to km , but WATER usually there is a station every The North of the country is the hottest and kilometres on sealed roads.

Bear in mind that it is not recommended to At least one water container is essential. Plan keep fuel inside your vehicle, so if you have a to bring a stock of drinking water and also car without roof-rack you may want to weigh non-drinking water to wash yourself and the up the risk of running out of fuel with the risk dishes, etc.

But always take more than you. You can hot shower check the temperature before you find these in DIY or camping shops Bunnings, get under the shower. Mitre10, BCF…. Useful tip: Use your windscreen sun visor as a bathmat so you can shower barefoot! It is not expensive and you will soon see…. It will change your life! You should also have some board games Be aware that more complex devices eg when you travel. You should also have a surf computers may reject the current provided, board, soccer ball, playing cards It will take around 3 hours of driving to recharge a computer.

BUDGET An alternative option is to stop off at a public library or to spot power points in public If you want to set out on a road trip, make places public toilets, shopping centres, sure you arrive with as big a budget as you MacDonalds…. Make sure that your vehicle has this well- the reality is not quite as simple!

Given the known accessory, or go to your nearest branch cost of living in a city, it is difficult to make of Supercheap Auto to purchase it! They can significant savings. These 2 with no extras, and covering only km! Camping shops are easy to find in Australia NB : Remember that this budget is only an — remember that camping is a national sport!

Go to supermarkets or shopping centres to buy food. You can Coles and Woolworths nicknamed Woolies find them in most Australian towns and they offer good products at reasonable prices.

The have very competitive prices. Their own brand, Petrol in Australia is a little less expensive Black and Gold is cheap. However, the price can Outside of these major brands, you can find increase x 1. Petrol a few convenience food stores Foodworks or prices can vary greatly and is more expensive Aldi, but they are only in certain states.

Diesel prices are similar to For fresh produce remember to go to markets. There are 4 main types of petrol Heavily taxed or imported products are available: expensive, such as alcohol, tobacco.

Facebook too. Sometimes people give away Shops are free to fix their own prices. There is some reasonably priced supermarket chains, you get coupons on your wine thanks to local production. Beer is till receipts with 4 to 8 cents per litre of petrol, expensive and spirits even more so. Budget valid in partner petrol stations. And taking into account the number of times you will fill up in a year, the savings are. In all the big stores prices between pre-packaged products on especially chains like Coles and Woolworth , the shelves vs at the deli counter.

Cheese there is an area where they put products that and cold meats are often cheaper at the deli are close to their sell-by date, with reduced counters. This usually happens at the end of the day.

There is often also a variety of equipment camping chairs, blankets, jewellery See what you can find in the waste bins of If you love reading, these shops offer a wide major supermarkets. If you are intending to visit several as possible. The Pass will be The 3 main advantages of a caravan park are much cheaper. Use an Esky ice box for a fridge. They You will not have any difficulty finding places summarizes all the free and cheap camp to spend the night in Australia. Camping is spots in Australia, listing the facilities available part of Australian culture, and the wide open at each site, directions to get there, with very spaces offer numerous camp spots.

We recommend you avoid caravan parks as You can also download applications on your much as you can to reduce your expenses. After a while you realise that it at the campsite. What are your priorities? But even in Australia, usually signposted on the road the dry season you could be in for a surprise!

The most so you can find suitable camping spots sophisticated caravan parks even have a TV. Prices vary according to the facilities offered, Facilities vary widely between camp spots. There are often unsealed roads and Here is an example list of prices for 1 night weather conditions can result in road closures.

They are completely free. Camp spots are areas that have been set up Managed by the part of the Australian for camping.

They usually have pit toilets, and government responsible for roads, they are sometimes have a water container often not often right next to the road, and can be noisy drinking water and barbecues. Showers are during the night, especially if they also accept harder to find. These sites are in convenient locations, but The services they offer vary widely usually. Water tanks are quite common but can be empty and cannot be trusted as drinking Some states are more relaxed and accept free water.

It is rare to find safe drinking water or camping more, especially Tasmania. If you see a blue sign with RV on it, this mean Make sure you check your guidebook to that the town accepts campervans so you can choose 24 hour rest areas so that overnight sleep there without risking any problems.

Some are day rest areas only. The best tolerance usually according to whether they option for your shower is to purchase a solar have had problems with budget travellers free shower, especially if you are palnning a road camping there in the past.

You can also pay a try to free camp. Travellers Public swimming pools are also a good way to with 4WD vehicles will find it easier to access freshen up and have access to a shower. In general on these pesky insects but will not seriously these public machines do not wash quite get rid of them.

Check the rim of MICE the washing machine for powder left from In certain areas of the country, mice are previous users before you put your clothes in everywhere and can easily get into your so you do not get it on your clean wet clothes vehicle.

A bucket, washing line, several solutions sticky tape, poison, traps , and some soap or a capful of Dettol gentle the most effective of which is a trap with the disinfectant is enough. Unfortunately you are going to have containers with poison in which work quite to live with flies for at least part of your trip. You may even unknowingly inherit tips to help you avoid going crazy! There are fly repellent products, but they are often expensive and not very effective. Distances between towns are vast The East Coast is undoubtedly the most and nature still has the upper hand on this taken route by travellers and the most touristy coast.

Beaches, as magnificent as they are region of Australia. The adventurers, at require a 4WD to visit this part of Australia.

The main cities on You can discover wild canyons, huge and the coast are Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns. Marine creatures lovers will route to take. Seasons: The North and the South have two different seasons. Beware of the wet have any problems finding places to spend season from November to February North the night, for free or at minimal cost.

Beware that it is winter in the South Sydney, Melbourne.. However, you will not see high season. The Northern Territory is the state where you will come across the most aborigines and the place where you will come closest to the ancestral culture of Australia.

This route will give you the opportunity to. Thereafter you will be able to will pass less towns and more roadhouses, refresh in the shade of the Valley of the Giants make sure you stock up on water and fuel.

You might have some free camp sites all along the Stuart Highway. Great Ocean Road for example. The Time needed: Take three weeks from Darwin landscape of the island is completely different to Alice Springs to the Australian Outback. There you will find hills, deep forests, lakes,.. The The scenery in between Melbourne and best time to visit is between October-March. Adelaide is of a magnificent beauty.

If you can try a little for free camping of at least cheap camping. Here are some practical tips to help you make the right choices. Each case point , you can just go to one of the agencies is different, and sometimes it will be cheaper at the port who are offering these excursions.

The advantage of reserving on the spot is that And if you are planning on doing several you can check the weather and reserve at the excursions, try to reserve them together and last minute, the day before your tour leaves. The disadvantage is that the tour could sell If you have a car and can get to the place out in high season. They regularly offer reductions. Sometimes the staff will even stop you in the street! Maintain a healthy scepticism concerning amazing reductions advertised in travel The advantage is that they can advise you agency windows — they usually stay the same regarding all the different companies offering all year round!

You can also negotiate reduced prices with For excursions in large towns or cities, have them, compared to the on the spot price, a look on group discount websites such as especially if you are a group or if you want Groupon, as they regularly have advantageous to reserve several excursions. For organized offers. This does not accommodation… etc. If the weather is bad on that date, you have to make do.

It can also be difficult to choose given the wide choice of agencies all offering different prices. With hour. Whether in agricultural or summer season. However, there is also a lot urban regions employers often prefer to of demand from backpackers for this type of employ young people for short periods of work, so try and arrive early in the season to time to meet their seasonal needs for workers.

However, in this context it is just as easy to Remember that in Australia, you need a take the wrong approach or follow false leads certificate for all jobs where you serve alcohol. This guide is here to help and The RSA certificate can be obtained by orient you at each step, and those steps will completing a day of training about Australian be different depending on whether you want legislation, and you have to pay for this to work in town or in the countryside.

There are a lot of jobs available in shops, such as fast food restaurants, clothes shops, and all kinds of small independent shops. Supermarkets offer a large volume of jobs Jobs for everyone all year round, but cashier and shelf-stacking jobs are often already taken by Australian In town, certain job categories do not require a students. These are usually food factories fish, hotels, hostels, shopping centres, or offices. These jobs are State-specific — the certificate is only often well paid and there is high demand for recognized in the state where it was workers.

For more information go to PAGE All the information about how to do this can be found at: www. White Card training for transport and Of course there are many ways to identify delivery. Hospitals competitive town centres. There are so many often use specialised interim agencies for jobs in suburban areas usually well-connected temporary contracts. Nurses in particular are with public transport. However, you do need to register as a nurse in each of the states you Prepare your resume, dress well, and prepare wish to work, and obtain an equivalence.

Go out into the town and tour round work, with branches across Australia except the shops with your CV. You can also ask www. We tend to work across Australia. Recruitment company covering all types of work across Australia. Most jobs in are very popular. You may need to go there Sydney and Brisbane, specialised in industrial every day to consult the new job offers as soon work. Recruits for jobs in and backpackers: around Sydney.

Agency specialised in jobs for backpackers. Recruitment company covering all types of Tel. Tel: other languages www. The Australian www. They also give It is often useful to go to Backpacker hostels. The main supermarkets also have noticeboards with job offers and also ads from Each main Australian town has its own daily those looking for work.

Notice boards outside schools and However, you will find the most offers in the universities can also have job offers for work Saturday edition. Your contact can explain to you how he or she got in, and maybe give you the name of a What kind of jobs? In the these communities there are also many less Perth region, you can also look at ads in the qualified jobs on offer: maintenance, cleaning, Sunday papers. During maintenance periods the mines are The most usual schedule is to work several closed or being renovated, and sometimes entire weeks without a day off, and then take a they recruit unqualified workers for short full week of leave.

The isolation can put some missions. This is a good way to gain initial people off this kind of work, because outside experience in the mining sector.

How to find a job? Some of these jobs are ideal or long term ex-pats. Recruiters prefer for those who want to work short or medium to take employees on for long contracts, term to finance their trip. Visa travellers because they do not require Also there is specific training that must be any particular skills and there are many completed on-site — another reason for jobs available across the continent.

Each recruiters to avoid high employee turnover. Australian state has a wide range of fruit But there can still be good opportunities if you and vegetables to harvest at different times are motivated. If you have any other qualifications which could Usually the work is arduous testing your levels be relevant, make sure you highlight them of physical fitness. The work is often repetitive and tiring. Networking works in Australia, especially. Job types can pick using bags or buckets depending on the farms.

Strawberries give you backache collected at ground level. Picking is the number one type of job in agricultural work. But there are different types Generally, your experience of picking will of picking.

You can collect fruit or vegetables, depend enormously on the farmers, their way from the ground or from trees, in very different of working and the overall atmosphere. Give working conditions.

Some fruits are easier yourself a few days before finally making up to pick than others. For example, cherries your mind.

On the other hand, tomatoes and Picking from trees often involves using ladders onions generally have a bad reputation….. On the other hand, if you have back problems, Apples are easy once you get the hang of picking on the ground can be painful. Try to picking them quickly and often. The picking is find the type of picking which will suit you selective. As soon as you have picked them, best.

For the first few Picking can be selective or exhaustive. Selective picking involves choosing the Be gentle in your movements because some fruit or vegetable to pick according to its types of apples are easily damaged and the size, colour or both. The farmer will no doubt farmer will often examine the quality of the show you samples of what should be picked.

You much you collect. Exhaustive picking involves collecting more depending on the type of trees. Manual or less all the fruit produced by the tree. Easier than your hands and can be painful to start with. You pick the smallest fruits so that This involves sorting and packing fruit and the others have space to grow big. The vegetables. The working conditions are farmer will show you what size fruits to leave.

The environment is often Thinning needs a certain amount of patience noisy and the task completed in a production and a sharp eye. These jobs may also be paid according to the quantity you sort or pack. Expect that you will need a few days to get up to speed. It is often done manually, but use of machines tractors is Cutting back trees or vines using pruning occasionally necessary for the biggest trees. These jobs, often well paid, need To plant young trees you will need to use a a good level of physical fitness.

They are pick and shovel on a daily basis! Pruning shears can be electric or manual depending on the region and the type of Every year thousands of travellers cross the pruning. Pruning can be paid according to continent looking for work in the agricultural how much you get done, or paid by the hour, sector. There are several ways to find work fruit picking, but the best bet is always to use them all at once to increase your chances.

When you contact them, use the opportunity to find out about the local fruit picking situation this year. Even if the answer is negative, ask some questions, as the information can be valuable.

Maybe they could direct you to another farmer who is looking for workers, or let you know about the season — early this year? Farmers appreciate meeting you before giving you a job and it is easier to make a good impression compared to the phone.

Check the noticeboards in backpacker If there is no one there, it can be useful to hostels. Sometimes, you can give your name prepare a note to leave in their letter box at reception to be added to a list of people explaining that you are looking for work.

See looking for picking jobs…. A extent. Talk to locals when you do your shopping, talk to backpackers you meet in hostels or in pubs. INTERNET They have offices in most towns and you can consult job offers free of charge on the You can also use the internet to find contacts computers made available to the public. When you go to see them on their the relevant region. Act as soon as a new ad is posted. If anyone If this happens a few times you will need to asks you to pay them a deposit — run for your contact this agent to try and find work in the life!

Working conditions go by more quickly when you work every day… so why not? Often working hours are It is usually easier to find a job when you have only from 8. Remember working conditions and high temperatures in that these jobs require a good level of physical the afternoon. Caravans, tents or rooms may be offered to pickers for a symbolic amount. If this is not Nevertheless, this type of work is accessible the case, the best solution is to live in caravan for most people. Some farms provide kitchens and laundry Everyone can find their niche in this kind of job, washing machines and dryers for their as long as they have willpower and courage.

But in agricultural regions with limited tourist activities, it can be to your advantage Pay rates vary according to the farms and to fit in the maximum number of hours per the different types of jobs.

They can be paid week so that you can get back to travelling weekly, by the hour, or by production per as soon as possible. The weeks tend to basket, per tree, per punnet….. Pick methodically, from zone to zone. Look after your. Advice to pickers back… You need to stay the course. First of all, organize where you technique where you to pick together will stay according to the seasons and your even more effectively than alone All this information can weeks. You can even ask them if they have other contacts who could be interested.

Each drive begins with a list of highlights and a clearly mapped itinerary. There is advice on the best time of year to undertake the drive, road conditions, market days, and major festival dates. The tour pages contain descriptions of each stop on the route, linked by clear driving instructions. Side panels contain information on the most authentic places to stay and eat, as well as details of local activities, and tinted boxes relate background information.

Most drives feature a mapped town or countryside walking tour, designed to take a maximum of three hours at an easy pace with stops along the way.

The tours are flexible: some can be linked to create a longer driving tour; or they can be dipped into as day trips while based in a region. Using the Sheet Map A pull-out road map of the entire country is attached inside the back cover. This map contains all the information you need to drive around the country and to navigate between the tours. All freeways, major roads, and airports — both domestic and international — plus all the ferry ports are easily identified.

This makes the pull-out map an excellent addition to the drive itinerary maps within the book. The pull-out map also has a comprehensive index to help you find your destination, and is further supplemented by a clear distance chart, so you can gauge the distances between the major cities in Australia. On top of all these natural wonders, there are many wine regions where you can savor internationally renowned New World wines; sophisticated, multi-cultural cities with excellent restaurants and lively and diverse arts scenes; and the easy-going nature of the locals at every stop of your trip.

When to Go Times to Avoid Each of the drives suggests the best time of year to make the trip, whether it is because the scenery is at its most spectacular or the weather is particularly pleasant. The wet season Oct—Apr is hot and humid, but it also offers spectacular wildlife and thundering waterfalls at places such as Kakadu National Park. The southern half of Australia has seasons that are opposite to those of the US and Europe.

The Outback is best explored in winter Jun—Aug , as summer Dec—Feb brings flash floods and high temperatures. Fall is temperate and spring brings on stunning wild flowers, especially in South Australia and Western Australia. Summer means time at the beach in Australia and it appears that every Australian takes the latter half of December and all of January off to watch cricket and work on their tans. Winter in New South Wales and Victoria sees snow in the mountains and wet weather almost everywhere else, although in some areas April brings the most rain, while in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, the most rain falls in January — often with amazing thunderstorms — the result of the sub-tropical conditions there.

Summer may be the best time to enjoy many of the coastal drives, but accommodation will be booked up well in advance. Unlike in most of Europe, though, you can still find empty stretches of beach. Easter signals the end of the beach season, and all of Australia heads to the surf for one last plunge.

In the wet season, many roads are closed by flooding and landslides in the tropical north. Kilda Esplanade, Melbourne, Victoria Festivals The Melbourne Cup, the famous horse race, does not quite bring the nation to a halt in early November as it used to, but it is still a big affair.

All over the country, a plethora of spring flower festivals, sporting events, and art fairs take place and every region has its own annual agricultural show. Details of main festivals, where they are held and when, are given in each drive. The exception being from the east coast to Perth, of course, which is around 6 hours from Sydney or Melbourne.

However, it is also possible to reach the other major cities in Australia by following the drives in this guide. Arriving by Air Airways, which stops over in Bangkok Flights to Australia can be very expensive, especially in December, the peak season. If you can fly on short notice, check with discount travel agencies and online as the major airlines often release unsold tickets at the last minute. Along with its low-cost offshoot, Jetstar, it operates the most flights in and out of Australia every week.

Jetstar operates increasingly widely throughout Asia as well. Most of the big airlines fly to Australia from major continental cities such as Paris, Berlin, and Rome. If traveling from Ireland, most flights will stop at London Heathrow before continuing on to Australia. One of the largest airline operators in Asia, Japan Airlines, also flies to Australia. Above Road sign showing routes to Coffs Harbour and airport Before arrival in Australia, you will be given customs documents to fill in.

Foodstuffs and untreated wood are items that interest customs people, as they constitute a biological hazard. Officials will not hesitate to confiscate any food or banned items and issue you with a fine. Australia is a country with a large agriculture industry and it is vigilant on this issue, routinely using sniffer dogs around the baggage halls.

Always fill out the customs form correctly and declare anything you are uncertain about rather than risk a fine, and discard uneaten travel snacks before landing. Australian Airports The main airports for international travelers are Sydney Airport often called Kingsford Smith Airport , which is always busy, and Melbourne also called Tullamarine Airport , which is much less frenetic than Sydney.

Most overseas flights land at these two airports. Adelaide Airport has direct flights from Asia, but for flights from Europe and North America you will be stopping in Melbourne or Sydney first. Hobart in Tasmania only handles domestic flights. Domestic flights are very frequent in Australia and it is easy to add a domestic connection to your flight plans. It only takes an hour to fly between Sydney and Melbourne and Sydney and Brisbane, for instance.

However, the costs are pretty high compared to traveling by road. Before booking, check what the luggage allowance is, as this can be lower on domestic flights and excess baggage costs are expensive. Always take into account the distance between domestic and international terminals if you are taking a domestic flight to your final departure point from Australia, and make sure you leave enough time. Check-in lines, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne, can be a problem.

Flights between Australia and Europe can take at least 24 hours with a minimum of one stop. A layover is an excellent idea, however, especially for those traveling with children.

Asia is the most common stop, which leaves a much shorter flight of around 8 hours to Australia and ensures you arrive reasonably fresh. It is also possible to stop over in Dubai, the most popular hub in the Middle East, then fly direct to Australia. Two or three nights is usually enough time to refresh and explore a little. Also, you might consider arranging flights so that they account for international time differences.

Arriving at your destination in the afternoon, spending the rest of the day awake and then going to sleep at night will help to counteract jet lag by getting your body clock in sync with local time. Arriving by Sea Obviously, being an island, Australia can be reached by sea. However, most of the ships arriving are on around-the-world cruises or cruises taking in Australia and New Zealand.

While the cruises are limited and quite expensive, there are few more glamorous ways to arrive in Sydney than cruising into one of the most beautiful harbors in the world.

This journey south takes 14 hours to sail across the choppy Bass Strait from Melbourne. The ship has plenty of different classes to suit all kinds of travelers.

It is a relatively safe, friendly, and relaxed destination, and visitors should encounter few problems once past the customs counter at the airport. All visitors, other than New Zealand passport holders, need a pre-arranged visa to enter the country. For visitors from most countries, this will be in the form of an Electronic Travel Authority ETA , which can be obtained through a travel agent, airline, or applied for online. This electronically stored authority is for short-term visits to Australia of up to three months.

Another electronic visa that can be issued over the Internet is eVisitor, available to European Union and a number of other European countries. No paperwork or special passport stamps are required for entry — the visa is stored electronically. Travel Insurance Most travel insurance policies will cover you for loss or theft of luggage and other property, as well as personal accident and repatriation in case of a serious medical condition. Delayed or canceled flights are generally covered, as are the expenses incurred because of this.

Policies also cover lost luggage, allowing you to replace missing items such as clothes and toiletries immediately. Note that if you do wish to undertake activities and sports considered dangerous by the insurer, this will generally require a different insurance policy or an extra premium to the normal policy.

Read the terms and conditions carefully because coverage, excess amounts, exclusions, and deductibles vary widely.

Also check to see what kind of coverage, if any, is offered under your home insurance policy. Some credit card companies also offer limited travel insurance benefits if you use your card to book your trip or to rent a car. Note that dental emergencies are not covered under this arrangement, nor with standard travel insurance, so make sure your insurance policy covers this.

Visitors not covered by these arrangements can face hefty bills for medical treatment, so ensure that you have adequate travel insurance. Most public hospitals have a casualty ward for accidents and emergencies, but note that if your case is not urgent, waiting times can be very long.

There are hour medical centers in the larger cities that have shorter waiting times for non-urgent care, and most smaller country towns always have a doctor on call.

The state capitals also have emergency dental centers. There is a good range of over-the-counter medicines, although the brand names of items you are familiar with may be different.

A pharmacist will always be on duty and can assist with minor Practical Information 13 Above left NSW fire engine Above center An Australian park ranger Above right Transferring a patient from the air ambulance ailments. Foreign prescriptions will not be filled unless endorsed by a local General Practitioner GP. If you have medicines that you need to take regularly, always take the prescription with you.

Things can get very lively late at night on weekends. As with any country, take the usual precautions, however, and avoid poorly lit areas and parks late at night. Public transport is relatively safe, but hitchhiking, particularly for women or even couples, is not recommended.

Taxis are generally a safe way to travel. Disabled Travelers Disabled travelers are very well catered for in Australia and the facilities are usually excellent. Hotels, restaurants, most tourist sights, cinemas, theaters, airports, and shopping centers all have wheelchair access and most nature park trails have wheelchair routes.

While public transport can occasionally be a problem, there are radio taxis that have wheelchair-accessible vehicles in a surprising number of places, even smaller rural centers. Tourist information centers, or visitor centers as they are sometimes called, are a great source of information regarding wheelchair access and facilities.

Prepaid phonecards are available at newsagents and can save time and money. For international calls, rates vary depending on the time, and the day of the week. All numbers have an area code before the actual number. Cell phones are ubiquitous in Australia and numbers always begin with Most Australians use phones with complex contracts rather than a prepaid system. The three main companies are Telstra, Vodafone, and Optus, although others are also available.

If you are traveling to remote areas, Telstra, the ex-government telephone company, has the best and widest coverage. Telstra has a 3G 3rd Generation network branded as Next G. Many rural areas of Australia only have cell coverage within town limits, quickly dropping away as you leave town. Keep this in mind if you are on the road and need to call ahead to the next stop to get directions or make accommodation bookings.

If remaining in contact is crucial to you, consider renting or buying a satellite telephone. Some companies rent all over the country, so you can pick-up in one city and drop the phone off at another. Car rental companies may also offer these. These phones can be expensive to rent and calls are not cheap. Internet service in Australia is not as fast as in the US or Europe, nor as widespread in hotels. Although Internet access either by broadband cable or Wi-Fi is becoming more widespread in hotels in the state capital cities, it is less so in old motelstyle accommodation or RV parks.

Note that these also only work where you have mobile phone coverage — which excludes many rural and Outback areas. One and two cent pieces are no longer in circulation — the smallest coin is a 5 cent piece. Taxi drivers like to know in advance if you want to pay with a large denomination bill to make sure they have change. It is a good idea to tell your bank that you are going to Australia, as they may restrict the use of your credit or debit cards for security reasons.

Remember that if you use a credit card to withdraw cash you may incur bank charges, so ask your bank about this before traveling.

Australians use debit and savings cards to cut down on credit card charges. Using EFTPOS Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale , purchases are debited directly from your account and often you will be asked by cashiers if you wish to take out extra cash at the point of purchase.

This can be handy in rural and Outback areas where there are no ATMs. Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted almost everywhere, while American Express is not as commonly accepted in rural areas.

Bureaux de change are usually found in areas popular with tourists. Tourist Information The Australian Tourist Commission is the national tourism body, but each state and territory also has its own tourism authority.

The offices located in small towns — often staffed by volunteers — are a wealth of local information, including road and weather conditions. Before heading off on remote roads, especially 4WD-only tracks, always consult with the local tourism office about the conditions and potential problems, such as swollen rivers or construction. Central Australia is 1. Opening Times Most Australian sights are open daily and are busiest on weekends. Standard shopping hours are 9am—5 or pm Mon—Sat.

Late-night shopping until 9pm is generally Thursday night, sometimes Friday night. On Saturdays and Sundays, hours vary widely, but generally shops are open until at least 1pm on Saturdays in the country, while supermarkets and shopping centers in cities open throughout the weekend. Banks are generally open am—4pm weekdays and to 5pm on Fridays, but hours vary from bank to bank. Restaurants usually open from noon to 3pm, with dinner served from pm.

In rural areas, last orders may be as early as 8pm, but most city restaurants will serve food until around pm. Electrical plugs have either two or three pins and are virtually unique to Australia. As soon as you arrive, buy a flat, two- or three-pin adaptor from an electronics store.

Car Rental Insurance Most of the big international vehicle rental companies have branches at airports, in the large cities, and at popular tourist destinations. These companies, such as Avis, Budget, Hertz, and Thrifty, offer a wide range of vehicles, with standard 2WD cars most commonly available in the more urban areas and along the east coast, and 4WD vehicles being more standard in remote regions. Talk to the rental company about your trip and pick the vehicle most suitable for your journey — 4WDs use more fuel, so do not rent one if you do not need it.

But, on the other hand, do not limit your route by hiring a 2WD if you may want to venture off the main road onto dirt tracks through national parks. As well as the big car rental firms, there are local companies, which may offer cheaper deals, but can be less convenient in terms of picking up and dropping off vehicles at different locations, or provision of substitute vehicles in case of breakdown. Britz and Maui are two firms that specialize in 4WD and camper-van rentals see p20 and also rent vehicles nationwide.

In Australia, third party insurance is included with car rental. With 4WD vehicles, the excess can be much higher; however, this too can be reduced to an acceptable amount by renting from companies that specialize in off-road vehicles, such as Britz and Maui.

Higher rates of insurance apply to drivers under the age of 25 and many companies will not rent to drivers under A credit card is almost mandatory for rentals in Australia, especially for 4WD vehicles. It is a good idea to have everyone in the vehicle with a valid license on the list of drivers — driver fatigue is a common cause of accidents in Australia due to the long distances often covered, especially in areas such as the Nullarbor Plain, the Top End, and the Red Center.

What to Take A valid national drivers license is generally all you need to rent a car in Australia. However, if you have a drivers license from a country that has a license in a language other than English, it is best to check. In this case, it might be prudent to get an International Driving Permit. It is a legal requirement that you have your license with you at all times while driving. Equipment recommended for tough cross-country trips, such as shovels, GPS units, ropes, vehicle recovery equipment, and satellite phones, can usually be rented with the vehicle.

A tire pressure gauge and foot pump are also useful tools to take or rent, as driving on sand often requires reducing tire pressure. If traveling a long way, especially in the Outback, take spare fuel and oil, plenty of water to drink, and a good supply of emergency snacks see p22—3 for tips on driving in the Outback.

Driving in Australia 17 Above left Treelined road in Fryerstown, Victoria Above center Road sign warning of kangaroos Above right Post office clock tower, Castlemaine, Victoria Road Systems Australia has a comprehensive and well maintained road network.

The more popular routes are the best served, with multi-lane highways, while other routes generally consist of good two-lane roads. There are plenty of unpaved country roads, but these are usually well-graded and can be driven easily. Note that rental companies will generally not insure a 2WD vehicle for unpaved roads. Tollways are the preserve of the major capitals such as Sydney — highways between states do not attract tolls outside the built-up areas.

Fines and penalties for speeding and other offenses vary from state to state. Drunk-driving laws are strictly enforced in Australia and the maximum legal blood-alcohol level is 0.

Should you be involved in an accident while over the drunk-driving limit, your vehicle insurance will be invalidated. Drivers must always give way to emergency vehicles. The wearing of seatbelts is compulsory for driver and passengers. Australians are generally easy-going drivers, especially in rural areas where it is common to wave to other drivers on the road — on some trips you will only see a few vehicles a day. However, make an error in the city and you may be greeted with a different kind of hand signal.

Although well marked, the inner cities of Sydney and Melbourne are not for the indecisive or unprepared driver. If you get lost, pull over safely to the side of the road and look at the map or ask for directions. Traffic reports are broadcast on city radio stations. If you are just driving through a city, make sure your map has well-marked highway numbers on it so that you are not distracted by multiple signs and destinations — it is best to look at the highway or route number to keep your bearings.

On the approach to smaller towns, keep a look out for the changes in speed limits and school zones. On straight stretches of road in the country, make sure you are aware of the distance you have to overtake and the acceleration of your vehicle — larger four-wheel drives laden with luggage and camping gear need plenty of distance to overtake other vehicles safely. On small winding highways through hilly country, overtaking lanes generally occur every 3 miles 5 km or so. This extra lane allows slower vehicles such as trucks and vehicles towing boats and trailers to pull over to the left lane and allow faster vehicles to overtake.

For further tips on Outback driving, see pp22—3. While Australians are used to driving long distances, especially in the Outback where it is not uncommon to drive up to miles km a day, this might not leave you enough time to explore — or enjoy yourself. Buying Fuel Gasoline is considered expensive by Australians, but is relatively inexpensive compared to Europe. There are two grades of unleaded fuel as well as diesel and bio-diesel, which is becoming more popular — ask your vehicle rental company if you can use this.

Note that diesel is generally slightly less expensive than unleaded fuel and if you rent a heavy-duty 4WD it will probably be a diesel model. Most service stations are self-service and you pay after you have filled up, quoting the number of the pump also called a bowser. Because of the larges distances involved in driving in Australia, it is advisable to carry a spare plastic tank of fuel.

Above Unusual road sign, Southern Australia Taking a Break Australian road authorities are aware that the long distances that people drive in Australia can cause accidents due to fatigue, and advise taking a break every two hours, sometimes providing free coffee stops for this purpose. There are plenty of well— marked roadside stops, ranging from merely a place to pull over and nap, to picturesque picnic spots and overnight camping areas. Note that service stations in Australia are key break points — quite often the only stop with food and refreshments you might see for hundreds of kilometers.

They sometimes have amusements such as small wildlife parks and offbeat museums. It is advantageous to fill up your gas tank, buy water, and top up snack supplies at these stops before continuing your journey. Breakdown and Accident Procedures Any accident involving injury in Australia must be reported to the police within 24 hours.

For insurance purposes, you should report every accident with vehicle damage to the police and to your car rental company. Always get insurance details and never admit fault — that is for the police to decide. Driving in Australia 19 Above left Kangaroos on the Bamurru Plains Above center Helpful signage along a route Above right Coastal road on Wilsons Promontory, Victoria If you break down, try to head to the hard shoulder or side of the road, put your hazard lights on, and phone your car rental company.

If you are in the Outback, always stay with your vehicle when you break down. Deaths in remote areas are most often caused when people leave their vehicle and cannot be located. Your vehicle offers the best protection from the elements. These actually become road lanes during peak times and your vehicle will be towed away if it is parked in this zone during these times.

You will need to contact the local traffic authority or the police to find out where the vehicle pound is and retrieve your car — but only after paying the fine. Parking Maps As with most cities, the bigger and busier the city, the harder it is to find a parking lot in the city center.

Parking restrictions are well marked in Australia, and street parking is usually limited to one or two hours during business hours with metered parking. There is often a parking ticket machine within 50 yds 50 m of your parking spot — it is a good idea to have plenty of loose change as the machines generally only take coins. Display the ticket on the dashboard of your vehicle — and note that it is not unusual to find a parking inspector hovering as your time counts down.

While Hema Maps have quality maps, including ones tailored for 4WD tours, your best bet for a long trip is to purchase a road atlas. Keep in mind that all major car rental companies now also rent Global Positioning Systems GPS with their vehicles, which take away a lot of the stress from driving and navigating in unknown areas.

The motoring organizations opposite all have searchable driving directions and maps online, Where is is a useful online source for maps and directions. For most Australians today, this simply means towing it to a favorite beachside park, unhitching it and going fishing or surfing for the duration.

One of the reasons for this is that trailers are unsuited to sandy or rough road driving, so Australians tend to use it as a base and explore the surrounding area using 4WD vehicles, returning to base every night or occasionally camping out. However, hiring a 4WD vehicle and a trailer will seem too complicated and expensive for most visitors to Australia.

It makes more sense to rent a camper van. The two main rental companies that specialize in renting out camper vans and motorhomes are Britz and Maui although you can compare deals on sites like Fetch. There are even 4WD camper vans, which sacrifice a little comfort for the ability to get to the more remote and sometimes most beautiful places.

Large mobile homes can be rented, but these are even less suited to going anywhere off the main highways. Only those who prefer comfort including a real toilet, shower, and kitchen above all else should consider this option. The most important decision is to choose which sights you wish to see, plan your route and then assess what kind of vehicle can make the journey.

Then decide on whether you prefer comfort versus convenience. Generally, the more you want to get off the main road and explore the wilderness, the more comforts you will likely have to forego. Motorbikes Australia is an excellent destination for motorbike touring. You can rent any kind of motorcycle, from small cc cycles to larger tourers, such as the BMW GS. Bikes that can handle some dirt riding such as the BMW are more useful than Harley Davidsons if you are heading off down unpaved roads.

Driving with Children The law in Australia requires securely attached baby and toddler seats for children under four years old and approved booster seats for children aged four to seven.

The major car rental companies all carry an extensive range of infant and baby seats, so if you need one ensure you request these at the time of booking.

Australia has beautiful sandy beaches, fascinating wildlife, and plenty of open spaces to keep children entertained. However, the main challenge that you will face traveling with children is keeping them entertained on the long-distance drives that exploring Australia entails. Obviously, games, MP3 and DVD players, and the like, are useful devices for killing the long hours when the scenery and wildlife are not at their most interesting.

Use your stops wisely, choosing to stop and refuel at places that offer something entertaining for children, such as a playground or mini-zoo. Above Camper van on the road in Victoria Campervans that can cater for a full family of five or six complete with fridge, stove, microwave, shower, and toilet are available and make a good option, particularly if you are not looking for major driving challenges.

Vehicles are available with hand controls from most car rental companies, but it is necessary to book these well in advance.

Most public lots and parking areas have dedicated parking bays for disabled drivers, clearly identified by the international disabled sign. The bays are often close to ramps and lifts, and are generally wider than the regular parking spaces.

The use of disabled parking bays is closely monitored and heavy fines apply to unauthorized users. In order to use disabled parking, you must obtain a temporary disabled parking permit.

In Victoria, a temporary permit for a holder of an overseas parking permit may be arranged before arrival through VicRoads. Apply at least one month before arrival by fax or by mail, enclosing a copy of your overseas permit together with the dates you will be in Australia, and your address on arrival.

Driving in Rain and Heat It is best to avoid driving during heavy rain in the tropical north, if possible. During the wet season in the NT Nov—Apr , many roads are closed due to flooding and possible land slips. The Road Report website gives up-todate information about which roads are impassable or closed in the NT at any time, as well as more general information on likely closures and when routes are expected to reopen after the rains.

It can take a while for damaged roads to be repaired at the start of the dry season. The website has recommendations for restrictions by weight and type of vehicle, too, although these mainly apply to road haulage and heavy freight transport.

If planning to drive in extreme heat on a desert drive in summer Dec— Mar , carry spare water, food, and fuel, and make sure you travel in an airconditioned vehicle. It is worth taking some kind of shade covering in case of vehicle breakdown.

The Bureau of Meteorology website is useful for weather forecasts, including bushfire weather warnings and has a helfpul UV index, which advises when to project skin from harmful UV rays. The most dangerous aspect of this is black ice, which can affect the lower slopes of the mountain ranges.

If you are heading to the ski areas of Victoria and NSW, snow chains must be carried during the declared ski season — snow or no snow. These can be rented from local service stations before heading up the mountain, and if you do not know how to put them on, have a trial run before attempting it in a blizzard.

It gives them the opportunity to really explore the wilderness and get close to nature. However, time should be spent preparing for Outback travel. Check your route, looking ahead on the map. Remember that conventional vehicles in Australia are not insured for travel on dirt roads. Safety There are a number of basic points of safety that should be observed on any trip of this kind.

Plan your route carefully and carry up-to-date maps. If you are traveling off-road on 4WD roads between remote destinations, travel with another vehicle, if possible, and inform the authorities either the local police, national park office, or visitor center of your departure and expected arrival times. Ask them about the road conditions, too.

Make sure you have plenty of food, water, and fuel for the trip. Calculate your fuel economy and then plan where to get more fuel and supplies. If you do break down, run out of fuel, or become stuck, stay with the vehicle unless it is unsafe to do so. Your vehicle will provide good protection from the elements and is a much bigger target for a search party to spot from the road or air. If you fail to arrive at your destination at the expected time and have informed the authorities of your plans, a search party will be sent out to look for you.

While some travelers try to tackle 4WD trails in a 2WD vehicle, this is a very dangerous thing to do. If it rains in Outback areas, it quite often floods suddenly and a 2WD vehicle will have extreme difficulty negotiating creek crossings and muddy tracks.

Attempting these roads and becoming stuck will waste the resources of locals and rescue personnel who should be available to tackle legitimate emergencies rather than those who have taken unnecessary risks. Finally, your insurance will not cover you when driving a 2WD on these roads.

Another factor to take into account with Outback driving is that nobody drives at night except truck drivers hauling large road trains — up to four truck trailers linked together. Be warned that these huge vehicles can produce large amounts of dust, so slow down if one is approaching and pull over a little to your side of the road. This is because animals such as kangaroos, small marsupials, emus, and farm livestock will often be active at night.

Plan to arrive at your final destination of the day at least an hour before sunset — this is a safety margin in case you are delayed en route — plus it gives you time for a refreshing sundowner when you arrive. Early mornings on the road can be dangerous as well, but the danger decreases as the day goes on. First, get to know the vehicle before you leave the rental agency. Their staff will take you through the basics — on using 4WD and how to check the oil levels and water.

Ask as many questions as you like as they prefer this to answering an emergency via satellite phone. If it is not included, see if you can rent one.

This is to be used only as a last resort. A satellite phone is a good idea if you are traveling with just one vehicle in remote areas and can usually be rented from the rental agency or independently see p Keep in mind that even with a 4WD some roads are considered too dangerous to be covered by insurance. Make sure you are aware of any restrictions when booking your vehicle. Driving in Australia 23 Above left Cars parked in the shade in the Outback Above right Iconic road sign warning about the dangers of wildlife on the open road Most 4WDs are taller and narrower than conventional vehicles; keep this in mind when you are heading to a shopping center underground parking lot or even hotel driveways with low awnings.

These vehicles are also heavy and generally lack the acceleration of a standard 2WD vehicle, so bear this in mind when you first try passing on the highways. Learn the characteristics of the vehicle before heading off to remote areas.

For your first time on dirt roads, do not try to drive like the locals do. They have often been driving these roads every day for years and have a highly tuned if sometimes incorrect idea of how fast they can go safely. If you feel that you do need some assistance to become a more confident off-road driver you can take a Britz 4WD Tag-a-long Tour or a 4WD Training Course to hone your extreme driving skills first.

Roof Racks and Transporting Bicycles If you are renting a vehicle and want to carry extra gear and bicycles, it is best to rent a dedicated 4WD with racks or a camper van with a bicycle rack. Protecting the Land It is extremely important that you do not damage the environment you are enjoying.

Do not cut down trees or disturb vegetation in any way. It may not seem so romantic, but cook using your stove rather than lighting a fire wherever possible — and remember that bush fires devastate large areas of the country every year. Do not use soap in rivers and creeks, as the detergent can damage the fragile ecosystem.

Some Aboriginal areas require a permit just to drive through, so make sure you have the correct permit. Camp at least yds m from water and use existing tracks and camp sites — do not create new ones. Take plenty of trash bags and carry your trash out of untouched areas — do not bury food waste. If you need to make a bush toilet, dig it at least 1 ft 30 cm deep and at least yds m from any creeks and rivers.

Never feed the wildlife — no matter how cute — and do not touch any Aboriginal rock art: the oil from your skin can permanently damage it. The standard is generally good, with a growing number of stylish boutique hotels, charming guesthouses, and eco-lodges, but there are also plenty of basic rooms.

Facilities and Prices Australia has no national grading system for accommodation. However, some state tourism organizations have their own rating systems. These are a handy indicator of standards and facilities.

As always, however, they tend to focus on amenities and fail to take into account charm and service. In hotels and motels, air conditioning is the norm and often there are teaand coffee-making facilities, a small refrigerator, TV, and occasionally a microwave or electric stovetop. En suite bathrooms are standard, but often only with a shower, not a bathtub.

These rooms will also usually contain one double bed and one single bed. The big city and boutique hotels are in line with international standards and are often very well-priced. The average country motel rooms and RV park cabins are fairly utilitarian and often quite expensive — but in these destinations, supply and demand dictate the prices.

Hotels, Motels, and Resorts The capital cities are well supplied with luxury hotels, including the international brands such as the Hyatt, Hilton, Sheraton, InterContinental, and Westin. There are also boutique properties, and these tend to be individually owned and operated and can provide a more interesting experience than many of the luxury brands and chain hotels. They are reliable and clean choices — if offering uninspired and dated decor.

Many of these have restaurants serving familiar Australian menu standards, but they do tend to close early, so call ahead to check the closing times if you are on the road. That said, some of these interesting Aussie pubs make great places to spend the night.

In the more remote areas, these convenient but no-frill rooms are often used to house government workers on short-term contracts in the area and can — somewhat surprisingly — be in short supply, as they are booked well in advance.

Some host dinners featuring topquality, locally sourced produce. An interesting option is a farmstay, where you can get a taste of the life of the cattle drover, without having to endure the discomfort.

Camping and RV Parks RV parks with pitches for both tents and trailers are found all over Australia, along the vast coastline, in the isolated interior, and at popular locations in national parks.

These often offer much better access to the natural sights and wilderness than the nearest hotel-style accommodation.

As well as room for trailers and campers, trailer parks often have on-site static trailers and, increasingly, cabins, units, and chalets with air conditioning and small kitchens for self-caterers. RV parks in Australia are generally well equipped, with plenty of shower and bathroom facilities, as well as a laundry, kitchen, and a very welcome outdoor swimming pool.

Self-catering There is an increasing trend for selfcatering apartments in Australia, which can be rented for anything from one night to one month or more. These generally come with kitchen and laundry facilities, satellite television, and Internet, and are found in cities, large towns, and popular tourist destinations throughout the country. These selfcatering apartments are great for vacationers who like to cook, families with children, and travelers who want to stay in one place for a couple of days, do some laundry and regroup on a long trip.

Prices for apartments can be on a par with motels, making them great value, as cooking your own meals can be a lot cheaper than dining out every night. Reservations Outside the main hotel groups and chains, which have the usual sophisticated online systems, bookings can be made by telephone, often without the need to provide a credit card number. There are many websites, such as Discover Australia, that can help if you want to plan it all in advance.

On the other hand, lastminute websites such as Wotif and Last Minute offer great rates if you are flexible about traveling — this can be a good way to travel outside school breaks, Easter, and the height of the summer. If you are traveling during busy periods you will need to book months in advance. Keep in mind that if you are driving through rural areas, cell phone reception can be a problem if you are trying to book from the road rather than in a town. Stayz is a useful online booking service for vacation apartments, and state and local tourist offices can also help with finding accommodation.

Australians are equally at home with a curry laksa, seafood spaghetti, or kangaroo steak. Practical Information Restaurants Most restaurants serve lunch between noon and 3pm, with dinner served from to pm. However, once away from the major cities and towns, you will need to be seated by — 7pm to get an evening meal — many Outback and rural kitchens close by 8pm.

While it is fine to just drop in to casual eateries for a meal, it is always best to make a reservations for peak times at popular restaurants in vacation spots.

Some of the most celebrated restaurants can be booked up many weeks in advance. Major credit cards are accepted in the majority of Australian restaurants. In more formal restaurants, it is good to leave a more substantial tip, but it is not mandatory. Every state capital city has a chef or two who is well regarded in Australia, and sometimes on the world stage, and meals at these restaurants can be extraordinarily well-priced by world standards.

Top restaurants often use wattle seeds, lemon myrtle, and yabbies crayfish ; while bush tucker tours in the Northern Territories see p will usually give visitors the chance to learn about and taste food such as goanna lizard , kangaroo, and wichetty grubs moth larvae.

Picnics and BBQs As a result of immigration in the midth century, Australia is home to a wide range of nationalities who now run some amazing delicatessens. Salamis, cured meats and cheeses, marinated vegetables and olives, dips, and other goodies can all be found at the local deli and make perfect picnic fare — and the weather is usually sunny, too.

Load up with a picnic hamper and a chilled bottle of Australian white wine for a memorable picnic. Even more of an Australian tradition is the barbecue BBQ. While you are on the road you will see BBQs — free or coin-operated — everywhere, from public parks to camping grounds.

Australians do not need much encouragement to throw some prawns or steaks on the BBQ, and on weekends the parks are full of groups chatting around a hot barbie. Gourmet Shopping An obvious thing to shop for is Australian wine. Most wineries also have excellent restaurants so be sure to book a tour that includes dining. The wine regions also have farmshops selling local cheeses, chutneys, and other produce.

While excellent seafood is caught all along the coast, the irony is that it is not available locally as it is whisked off to the big east coast cities.

You will often have to buy fish from the supermarket. However, there is plenty of excellent produce to be had. These are a showcase for regional producers and you should be able to stock up on homemade breads, cheeses, honey, and fruit. Each tour notes the location and day of the week for these markets.

Protected from big waves by the Great Barrier Reef, they provide a playground for watersports and seaside relaxation. The Cassowary Coast road, heading north out of Mission Beach, is unsurpassed in its display of natural beauty, with palm-lined sands and secluded coves. The Tablelands that overlook the coastal strip are home to ancient rainforests with skyscraping trees, spectacular waterfalls, and quiet lakes. On this drive, enjoy the lazy tropical sun and the surprise afternoon rain showers.

Take a cruise on a crater lake, or travel on the scenic Skyrail over the rainforest canopy. Snorkel in clear, green-blue waters and walk among rare, primitive plants. Number of days: 4 days. Distance: Approx. Shopping: Cairns Night Market is a permanent covered market selling arts, crafts, and souvenirs. Look out, too, for fruit stalls along the route selling delicious, locally grown, produce. In the wet season Nov—Apr , jellyfish can make swimming in the river mouths and ocean dangerous, and at its peak Dec—Feb cyclones and heavy rain can cause serious flooding.

Opening times: Most museums and shops in Australia are open 9am—5pm. It is often difficult to find restaurants open in smaller towns on Monday and Tuesday nights. All main routes on this drive are paved, apart from the 2WD-accessible track to Garners Beach. Daily trips from Clump Point, at the northern end of Mission Beach, allow visitors to experience the beauty of the reef by snorkeling, scuba diving, and glass-bottom boat.

Clump Point Road, Clump Point, ; 07 ; www. Jacobs Rd, ; 07 ; www. For a land-based activity, try the 5-mile 7-km Edmund Kennedy Walking Track 3—4hrs at the southern end of the beach, which passes through mangroves and rainforest and is the perfect place to appreciate the wildlife. The area is popular with locals who fish off shore for barramundi and mangrove jacks.

The winery offers a wide range of fruit wines made from local mango, passionfruit, and mulberry. Enjoy free tastings — the flavor is Australian and the bouquet is tropical Queensland. At the end of Murdering Point Road lies Kurrimine Beach, a quiet hamlet and a popular fishing spot, perhaps due to the protection of King Reef, just offshore.

The long, sandy beaches are ideal for exploring and the waters are good for snorkeling in season beware of stinging jellyfish. Flying Fish Point; 07 ; www. The large Chinese pleasure garden in a natural community here grew from the environment.

Paronella Park open immigrant workers brought in to clear daily; 07 ; www. This is a Street in There is also a strong Italian community, so look out for romantic playground, full of diverse delis and stock up for picnics. To learn flora and fauna. The park offers more about the area, visit the Innisfail rainforest walks, guided tours, and Visitor Information Centre Bruce firefly-lit night tours through an atmospheric avenue of tall kauri trees. Highway, Innisfail; 07 This mile km long road derives its name from the itinerant gangs who used to travel this route cutting the sugar cane.

It winds through sections of virgin rainforest, past waterfalls, and meanders alongside sugar cane fields. Look out for canecutter barracks, old-world sugar towns, a sugar mill and several charming Queensland pubs. It is worth the trek along the peninsula just for a look, a relaxed afternoon in the sun, and a swim. There is a good camp site at the point. Pull over to roadside fruit stalls and stock up on bananas, paw-paws, mangoes, and other fruit in season.

Cnr Merragallan and Millaa Millaa Rds, ; 07 ; www. Pickford Rd, Biboohra, ; 07 ; www. Allow time to explore walks and waterfalls along the way. Millaa Millaa is a quiet country village at the center of the mile km Waterfall Circuit get a map at www.

For more walking opportunities, try one of the Misty Mountain Trails see box , over 80 miles km of forest tracks. Highlights include the Malanda Environmental Center open daily. This explains the geology of the Tablelands, with interactive displays and guided tours. Just west of town, on the Malanda—Atherton Road, Malanda Falls Conservation Park has a walking track to Malanda Falls on the North Johnstone River, which tumble over ancient volcanic rock to a refreshing creek and swimming hole — an excellent place for a picnic.

Tree kangaroos and platypuses can be spotted from the viewing platform. The trail leads to Carter Falls Lookout. Bring a hat, water, and binoculars. This is a tough walk that requires a fair level of fitness as it is steep in parts and includes creek crossings. Access may be closed in the rainy season. Visit www. Lakes National Park. Lake Eacham has an easily accessible tarmac track around it, as well as BBQ sites, picnic areas, and toilet facilities.

Lake Barrine is the largest crater lake on the Tablelands. It is a two-hour walk around the lake, with the first section accessible to wheelchairs. Water birds, fish, and turtles thrive in the ecologically rich habitat. Enjoy a lake cruise from the jetty by the teahouse, or swim in the tranquil 10,year-old lake. A major attraction is the Curtain Fig Tree — it is about a minute walk along Fig Tree Road to this amazing tree the boardwalk is wheelchair accessible , the aerial roots of which drop 49 ft 15 m to the ground.

It was built by Chinese immigrants who were early settlers here, running market gardens. Visit the Mareeba Heritage Museum open daily; www. Mareeba can also provide a superb birdwatching experience at the Tropical Savanna and Wetland Reserve open daily; www.

Once a hippie hangout, Kuranda now has a well-developed infrastructure. Try the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway www. It is possible to take the Skyrail out and then the train back to Kuranda.

A popular jumpingoff place for the Great Barrier Reef and the rainforest at Daintree, Cairns is also a pleasant spot to make the most of the big-town facilities and to shop, eat, and explore the harbor and Esplanade. Visitor Information 51 The Esplanade, ; 07 ; www. Stay in a villa, a large or small cabin, or just camp. It offers big rooms with balconies and ocean views.

From the museum, and then head right along head down Shield Street the marina, admiring the back to the waterfront. Just boats. Take a detour to sea. From here, turn left to walk along the Visitor Information Center 3 for the boardwalk. Follow the timber maps, then head for the bandstand in deck over the mudflats to the Cairns the left-hand corner of the park and War Memorial Cenotaph 9, cross diagonally to the Anzac Memorial commemorating locals who died in Park.

Continue along Cenotaph, continue north along the the Esplanade past Trinity Wharf 6. On the square is Cairns Museum 7 open q, a popular lunch spot for locals.

Return along the Esplanade to the Pier and parking lot. For information, visit www. There are also play areas for children and BBQ facilities. Take a stroll and breathe some exceptionally clean sea air Right next to it is Tjapukai Aboriginal along Four Mile Beach or walk around Cultural Park www. Do not The Magic Space miss the undermuseum and water world of gallery display colorful coral — Stone Age seen on a dive — artifacts, and before heading on murals by to the rainforest. Turn right before a safe haven for cruise liners, which Daintree for the Discovery Center.

There are swimming beaches and a marina. Bay; www. To reach the center, take the y Trinity Beach car ferry across the Daintree River, Queensland; looking out for estuarine crocodiles. The coastal strip between Cairns and Port Douglas hosts a string of laid-back The World Heritage-listed forest is the largest tropical rainforest in Australia seaside towns such as Trinity Beach.

The awardswimming enclosure with lifeguards winning center offers guided tours of on duty most days. The landscaped the tree canopy. National Park www. The 2WD road can be bumpy. Port Douglas. An ideal spot for sitting in the sun and people-watching, while enjoying a coffee and browsing the books. Number of days: 3 days.

Road conditions: All roads are paved, some are mountainous and winding. Take a map as roads are not always well marked. When to go: This drive is delightful all year round, but most comfortable between June and August. Opening times: Most museums and shops are open 9am—5pm. It can be hard to find restaurants open in smaller towns on Monday and Tuesday nights. The city is made up of small seaside districts with safe, sandy beaches; dramatic rocky points; and superb coastal views.

The beaches are the great attraction, and are furnished with boardwalks, picnic areas with barbecues, a tree-lined esplanade, and public art. Continue to the corner of the main block of Seaview Terrace to the artist-run Seaview Gallery 2 open daily; 07 This gallery exhibits paintings, pottery, and jewelery by local artists, including the works of Redcliffe artist Barry Kidd. Continue on down Seaview Terrace to the esplanade. It is now a playground for kids and the focal point for thousands of photos.

Numerous storms and cyclones have spun past, yet still the SS Dicky remains in its beach grave. From the beach, head up to the esplanade and follow the walkway to the right beside an area of wallum heath, the infertile yet botanically rich scrubland that once covered much of this coast. Follow the walkway as it winds through the heath — look out for birds and wild flowers.

Take the bridge over Coondibah Creek. Carry on along the walkway, past a string of houses, to the sandy point at reserve that is also popular with kayakers.

Return along the beach to the parking spot on Seaview Terrace. Beerburrum St, Dicky Beach, ; 07 Norfolks on Moffat Beach moderate Ocean-front, five-story resort with large, heated swimming pool, offering 2- and 3-bed self-catering apartments. For scuba diving, contact Wildcat Watersports 72 Omrah Ave, ; 07 ; www. For guided kayak tours, try Blue Water Kayak Tours 07 ; www. Parking Park at the end of Seaview Terrace at the seafront. Glasshouse—Woodford Rd, ; 07 ; www.

Built by John Kerle Bennett in , this heritage museum also has displays of period clothes and photographs. The Buderim to Great Walk Trail www. With little light-pollution, Mapleton is a good place to observe the star-filled skies — learn more at the Mapleton Observatory in the town school by arrangement; Flaxton Drive; 07 be followed through a rainforest featuring species of native plants.

However, its showpiece is the spectacular Mapleton Falls. These waterfalls are located on the mile km Sunshine Coast Hinterland ; www. The road to Kondalilla Falls is just past Flaxton. The Blackall Range Created by volcanic activity millions of years ago, the Blackall Range mountains have a rich, basalt soil that supports sub-tropical rainforest. Waterfalls adorn the escarpment all year round, powerful in the summer and gentler in the winter months.

To explore further, make a diversion to Kondalilla Falls National Park www. A traditional timber-growing and dairy-farming area, Montville, settled in , has examples of Australian architecture from this era. Gallery open Wed—Sun; Main St; 07 for displays of modern art. Maleny has a different ambience from the other towns in the area — it is not quaint and historic, but hip, funky, organic, and green.

It is also a rich milkand cheese-producing area.

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