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Furry doujin

Furry doujin

Furry doujin

Furry doujin

I just want to help my Kaa-chan. The blonde teen was on his back. Fufry 19 0. Silver then kissed Naruto's tip. Naruto felt the tight pink walls, starting to squeeze his long member. Naruto then use more speed in his movements, making Silver howl. Silver smiled, hearing Naruto's words. Furry doujin then move slowly moved his hips. Naruto and Silver continued to share the kiss.

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Furry doujin

Furry doujin

Furry doujin

Furry doujin

Furry doujin

Furry doujin. Live Cam Models - Online Now

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I found a lot of hot Furry girls on Twitter. Of course, I'll be adding other Furry girls, as well, and from my Furry edition. Anyway, Naruto goes to a job interview with Silver, and well Well, I really do not have any else to say until the end of the chapter. Okay, let's get started. I still do not own Naruto or anything else I use in this chapter and future chapters. In a far away city, called Okami, were humans and animal like beings called Furries lived, together, a human boy with blonde hair was getting ready for a job interview.

His name is Naruto Uzumaki. He was 15 years old, blue eyes, and blonde hair, and had whisker marks on each side of his cheeks. Naruto was living with a Fox Furry, named Kurama. He never knew his parents; sadly, they passed away when he was a baby, so Kurama deiced to raise Naruto like if he was her own son.

Naruto even calls her 'Kaa-Chan. Kurama is a Nine-Tailed Fox the highest rank of fox, she was over years old, even with her age, was in her prime and beautiful as well, thanks to her looking like she's in her 30's. Kurama is a Red Fox with silky fur, black eye fur around her eyes, which were natural ruby red eyes. Her ears were long and red with black on the edges. Kurama has long red and black hair with two long bangs.

Kurama has massive N-cup breasts, and a massive butt to match. Kurama wore a kimono, showing some of her chest. Oh, and Raven-san called and told me about your writing skills. She says that you're really good at it. Once I got this job, I'll be able to help you more around the house. And I'll have some extra money aside and one day get my dream job of writing stories. I really hope to get this job.

From left to right, Naruto's neighbors were also Furries. She has golden fur, thanks to her species of Furry. She also had golden eyes, long golden hair, a black nose, and ears that reached her shoulders. Next was Buxbi. Buxbi is a tigress with fur body fur, white hair, golden eyes, a pink noise, dark orange strips, and white fur on the tip of her tail. Malt is a Cow Furry. Malt had that brown fur, and white spots.

She had short brown hair, short horns, and green eyes. Then there was Vivienne, like Malt, Vivienne is a Cow Furry, she had short black hair with one long shade of grey, two small horns, chocolate brown fur with light brown fur, and green eyes.

Next was Margaret. Margaret is a skunk lizard Furry. Margaret had green skin, and a light green underbelly. She had red eyes, and a long tail. Last was Gina. Gina is a giraffe Furry, and she was the tallest out of her friends. She had yellow fur with brown spots. She had brown hair, and a short tail. What they had in common was their beauty, and they had amazing bodies like his Vixen mother, from their massive breasts and massive asses, due to them being M.

I have not met my boss, yet. But I'm sure I'll get the job. Dulce is a large orange rabbit Furry with green eyes. Dulce is taller than Naruto, and she's also a college student. Naruto and Dulce sometimes hang out and play video games, or watch movies. Naruto give Dulce the nickname "Dee", since they were good friends. Dulce had a rocking body for someone her age, having thickness around her thighs and ass, and K-cup breasts.

Naruto heading to the next floor. On next floor, once again, he bumped into more of his neighbors. Both of them were snakes Furries, one a viper and the other one, a cobra. Gretchen Kukovi is the viper and Maggie is the cobra. Like Dulce, Gretchen and Maggie are both college students and friends to Naruto. Gretchen had dark brown skin with slight golden scales, and a white underbelly, and she had golden eyes, and short black hair. Maggie had a lighter brown skin with yellow scales, and yellow eyes.

She had light brown hair with two bangs and had a cobra's hood. Both snakes were tall, like most of the Furries in Naruto's life. And like the other Furries, both snakes had massive breasts, thick thighs, and big asses. She has red eyes, long brown hair and hair on the tip of her tail, a long neck, four horns, light brown orange skin and light peach underbelly.

She was big and tall, twice of Naruto's size, maybe even three. Like his mother, and all the neighbors, Lesdi had massive breasts, around the O-area, maybe bigger. To the people of the city, Lesdi was strange and slightly crazy, but to the blonde If you like, I can make you lunches. You've always been such a big help to everyone. It's the least I can do, for a young man.

Laverne is a Doberman pinscher Furry with dark chocolate fur and brown fur underbelly, and green gold eyes. She has long ears like Doberman do. She also has long dark chocolate hair. Laverne is a mature woman, and everyone respected her. Like Kurama and the Furry M. Laverne always called Naruto, "Sugar" even since he was a little boy.

I also want to have a bit of money to save on a new laptop so I can write stories. I wish you the best of luck, Sugar. Naruto walked down the streets of this fine city. The blonde teen saw humans and Furries living their daily lives. Naruto got a call from his teacher, Raven Hunt. Naruto continued his way to the company. But someone caught his eye. Naruto saw a Hyena Furry dropped some papers, and she was trying to get them. Before this Furry could, Naruto quickly helped pick them up for this Furry.

Naruto saw it this female Furry is a Hyena. Naruto saw she was about the same height as Kurama. She had long silver hair, with green olive eyes, round pink see-through glasses, and hoop earrings, and brown fur with black spots that hyenas have, a shot tail. This Hyena had a wonderful body with double K-cup breasts, and a massive thick ass.

About 30 minutes later, Naruto finally made it to his destination. Naruto walked in to the building, seeing many people working. A Furry Zebra came, and asked if Naruto needed, anything. I am the assistant manger and assistant to our CEO. How may I help you today, sweetie? Rachel is a tall zebra Furry in her late 30 to early 40's.

Rachel had white fur with black stripes. Rachel had a body of a M. F, M-cup breasts, thick thighs, and large rear-end, and though she was a Zebra, she had such wonderful blue eyes. Naruto saw that Rachel had the colors of a Zebra, and wonderful black hair. Naruto followed Rachel to the CEO's office.

Next to the CEO's office day, a Puma mountain lion was working by her desk. On her desk, her name is Kitty Vaniji. Kitty is a Puma Fury with light yellow fur with white fur on her underbelly and tip of her long tail, blue eyes, and long black hair, and wearing glasses. Naruto saw she was as pretty as his vixen mother and the other Furry girls he knows.

Furry doujin