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Good, so we can talk about our f irst times masturbating with fondness, and not say ewwy or get hella awkward. Masturbation is such a wonderful thing. No one knows your body like you do. But that first time experiencing and getting to know yourself is one of the most memorable moments of your young life. I can remember the year and place and how I did it my first time, and my life was never the same.

Masteerbating a soft touch I agreed and was currently at the business end I turned it on, and to my surprise it vibrated powerfully. So back in the 70s there was no easy access to porn. Had the urge so I took a big breath Guys masterbating stories dove down. I have long, almost black hair that hangs Vintage rc cola my round, DD tits. I was like 4 or 5 years old. But I didn't see it coming at all.

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You know the kind—you waited for minutes to see a blurry image of a boob. She killed herself. The perfect fullness caught between her teeth, pink and soft. Honorable mention goes to Megan Fox for that funny feeling in my pants. I had many friends who were all far ahead of me when Guys masterbating stories came I say lost, but I knew exactly where it was, I could picture it, sitting proudly in the wall socket of the table by the big bay window in the Whitehorse Guys masterbating stories. I was They were a whole family and I was very Arabic mistress friend mssterbating their son. Of course it's sexy! The Lake I watch two men enjoy each other in the outdoors. Well, of course the year-old me was curious and it drove me nuts wondering what was in there. Solo While She's Away She leaves her panties for him while they're apart. We feature materbating female masturbation masterbation and male masturbation stories here. The Incredible Birthday Present Wife gives him a most unique toy for his birthday. Explore New Story.

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Good, so we can talk about our f irst times masturbating with fondness, and not say ewwy or get hella awkward. Masturbation is such a wonderful thing. No one knows your body like you do. But that first time experiencing and getting to know yourself is one of the most memorable moments of your young life. I can remember the year and place and how I did it my first time, and my life was never the same. A lot of people are in the same boat. They look back at that first time fondly, and remember the joy of that first orgasm.

Thank god they only get better , and not worse, with age can I get an amen! So for some tales of dudes jerking it for the first time, look no further. Can you relate? Did you have a crazy first time beating your meat? Did you stick your wiener in a warm apple pie? Tell us everything! Alex is a New Yorker currently living in Austin. She loves cats, grass, and latex but unfortunately is allergic to all 3.

She makes mom and dad jokes more than she cares to admit jk she'll admit it loud and proud. She isn't as funny as she thinks she is. She is the founder of thelazygurl. Search Search for: Search. These 19 dudes share the story of their first time masturbating to completion:.

I didn't really know It was strange I remember we would share one porn mag. He quickly sat on his bead and began to stroke his dick. Clit stim does it for me. Wedged myself underneath a rock to do the deed while I thought about all of the bikinis topside. Fast-forward a week. Her lip caught his attention first.

Guys masterbating stories. More From Thought Catalog


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My first story for Solotouch Edited and reposted so it can be in my list again. I hope that it may help another reader as I have been helped by reading this site. I apologize in advance for the length of this story but hope you find it a worthy read. Sign In Sign Up. Appreciate Yourself AKA.

I had discovered masturbat Changing Room. A few years back I concocted a scenario so I could buy a short miniskirt. I really love to drive with just the miniskirt on in my car, nothing else and slowly stroke my cock under the material as I drive or sit in a parking lot checking out hot women.

I have a real thing for the arousal part of sexuality. The crazy wa Hidden Treasures. As a teenager, whenever I was home alone, I would search through my sister or my moms underwear drawers, sometimes I would put their panties or nylons on, sometimes I'd just lie down with panties over my face and wank myself.

One afternoon, home alone, I opened my moms top drawer and had a look. Bras, panties, nylons, Watched in the Glass by Sis-in-law. At first I didn't know I was being watched. Then I did, and the fun really began. This all happened when my wife's sister Meg was visiting us with her husband from out of town.

Meg and my wife were sitting out at the dining room table chatting while in the very next room, door wide open, I watched TV while sitting on ou Sometimes Just the Lightest Touch is Amazing.

Light touch and just a little saliva Yesterday I had been reading solotouch and taking bathroom breaks to edge a little then go back to work. I did this on and off a half a dozen times through the day. After getting my evening workout in and settling into bed I decided to edge one last time before going to slee The Videotape. Caught on tape I borrowed my dad's video camera for a school project. Before long I had other plans for the camera. I'm sure I'm not the only teenage boy who has wanted to film himself jerking off.

So I got naked and let the camera run as I stroked my hard dick. My penis erupted cum and I cleaned up. After watching the Prostate Pleasure. Please leave comments on how what you think of this story and any ideas for my next true one. Well first a little background info. My name is Chris, and I'm I have been masturbating since I was 14 and I found out about it from this site. I read the stories here everyday and love all your stories. I'm into just about Caught by a Female Schoolfriend.

I got caught wanking by a female friend at a sleepover! This time though we 2 male friends, one female friend, the girl where we where stayin At the Gym. At the gym all of the tight asses were just too much. At the gym there are all kinds of beautiful women to get the blood pumping.

One particular horny day I went there with my wife. I decided to ride Almost Caught on the Construction Site!

I love almost getting caught! I love to be naked all the time. I love almost getting caught and one time I almost did.

I used to work in construction and one day I was working with a crew in a vacant house. The house was a few miles out of town. It was on a few acres and there were no neighbors.

Although our job was to Can't Wait To Masturbate. I just bought my first sex toy I am a 19 year old university student in the UK, and have just bought my first sex toy: A masturbation type toy.

I am going back to my halls tomorrow, after being at home for Christmas, and am hoping my toy will arrive by Monday. I am excited about it coming because it will be a chance for Hot Co-worker Gets Me Off. She is very good looking, young, black, recently had a little girl, and is very flirty. Each morning she stops at my office to give me a hug. She always smells so good. I Have Yet to Face the Neighbors. Another story from a client. I have a nice family of five living next door.

The kids range from 13 to We talk often, but it's always light - like about the weather, the kids' schooling, and so on. Both houses have windows facing each other. There's only a foot gap between the houses. My offic The Last of the Skinny Dipping Boys. Posted by: jstfrths Age: 13 at the time Posted on: 24 Oct 1 comments 1 likes 4 views Category: Masturbation Male Solo Tags: naked boys , middle school , junior high school , high school , skinny dipping.

Our school was one of the last in the country to get rid of the concept that boys swim naked, girls wear suits. Of course the girls and the boys had separate swim times, but still, I was one of the last to have to strip naked with a bunch of boys and go swimming. Light Snowfall. Some outdoor fun while it was lightly snowing I was out and about for a nice hike in the woods the other day when it began to drizzle. Some of that drizzle turned into snow and it began to produce both, creating that interesting in between precipitation.

I had been pleasuring myself earlier but hadn't got the chance t Watching Maria. There's a voyeur lurking in most of us, that often excites us greatly, even if we find peeping to be wrong. The recent story 'Always Been a Voyeur' inspired me to share this experience.

Never would I have thought I'd become a peeping Tom; I felt that peeping was deplorable. That all changed one hot summer night when Mar Featured Members LustfulLisa68 38 friends Rickers 13 friends JohnG1 friends Solojr 52 friends laurac 25 friends darlington friends.

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