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Drosophila telomeres have been maintained by retrotransposition for at least 60 MY, which predates the separation of extant species of this genus. Studies of D. The maintenance of their separate identities suggests that HeT-A and TART cooperate either in the process of retrotransposition onto the chromosome end, or in the formation of telomere chromatin by transposed DNA copies. The telomeric retrotransposons and the Drosophila genome constitute an example of a robust symbiotic relationship between mobile elements and the genome.

Het a

Het a

Het a

RNAi and Array Information. Rhyming Dictionary: Words that rhyme with het. Transcript Expression. Gays' reverse usage of "gay" the deragatory term as a means of getting "even" with z using the deragatory term. Developmental Proteome: Embryogenesis. Number of Transcripts. Can you spell these 10 Het a misspelled words? Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

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Departmental morale and performance has Het a and after an initial period of hesitation the engineering team have embraced the process fully and are developing with the help of HETA at an accelerated rate. Ancient Koine Standard Modern. Discover a world Celebrity scandals forum opportunity with HETA. Categories : Aa letters. The local scripts of archaic Greece. We provide specialist training for young people looking to join the Engineering industry, whilst also delivering a variety of industry Hef courses designed to transform your workforce. The Italic alphabetsand ultimately Latinadopted the letter H from this Greek usage. The Greek Heta codepoints are distinct from another set designed to represent the tack-shaped Claudian "Latin letter half H". Like other archaic letters, Unicode Heta comes in an uppercase and lowercase variant to cater for Het a needs of modern typography. Views Read View source View history. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Namespaces Article Talk. At the Internet Archive. Just like vocalic Eta, it could occur in a number of glyph variants in different local varieties of the alphabet, including one shaped like a square "8" similar to the original Phoenicianbut also a plain squarea crossed squareshapes with two horizontal or with diagonal bars. I would highly recommend HETA and its services to all within our industry.

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  • We provide specialist training for young people looking to join the Engineering industry, whilst also delivering a variety of industry standard courses designed to transform your workforce.
  • The Italic alphabets , and ultimately Latin , adopted the letter H from this Greek usage.
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Updated sequence information for this Drosophila species is no longer provided by FlyBase. Gene model annotations for this species are now updated and maintained at NCBI, using the gnomon automated annotation pipeline. The FlyBase BLAST tool will continue to support queries against the reference genome of this species, but not queries against annotated transcripts or proteins. For the current release, there is no JBrowse or GBrowse view of the gene model annotations for this species.

That sequence data can be accessed from archived gene reports, via the archived GBrowse tool, and via archived bulk-data downloads. Click to get a list of regulatory features enhancers, TFBS, etc. TAGC Jump to Gene Search FlyBase. Open Close. Important message. General Information. Feature Type. Gene Model Status. Not Applicable. None publicly available.

Other Summaries. Alliance Auto summary Interactive Fly. GO Summary Ribbons. Protein Family UniProt. Protein Signatures InterPro. Pre-C2HC domain. Experimental Evidence. Automated Description Alliance of Genome Resources. Alliance, FBgn Automatically Generated Summary FlyBase. Gene Model and Products. Number of Transcripts. Number of Unique Polypeptides. Protein Domains via Pfam. Isoform displayed:. InterPro name. Comments on Gene Model. Sequence Ontology: Class of Gene. Transcript Data.

Annotated Transcripts. Additional Transcript Data and Comments. Reported size kB. External Data. Polypeptide Data. Annotated Polypeptides. Polypeptides with Identical Sequences.

Additional Polypeptide Data and Comments. Reported size kDa. InterPro - A database of protein families, domains and functional sites. Sequences Consistent with the Gene Model. Mapped Features. Feature Mapper. Gene Ontology 0 terms. Molecular Function 0 terms.

Terms Based on Experimental Evidence 0 terms. Terms Based on Predictions or Assertions 0 terms. Biological Process 0 terms. Cellular Component 0 terms. Expression Data.

Expression Summary Ribbons. Colored tiles in ribbon indicate that expression data has been curated by FlyBase for that anatomical location. Colorless tiles indicate that there is no curated data for that location. Transcript Expression. Additional Descriptive Data. Marker for. Subcellular Localization. CV Term. Polypeptide Expression. Expression Deduced from Reporters.

High-Throughput Expression Data. Associated Tools. Bulk Downloads. See Gelbart and Emmert, for analysis details and data files for all genes.

Developmental Proteome: Life Cycle. Developmental Proteome: Embryogenesis. External Data and Images. FlyBase Wiki. Image Based Resources. Alleles, Insertions, and Transgenic Constructs. Classical and Insertion Alleles 0. Pre-selected data. Choose specific data. Transgenic Constructs 0. Deletions and Duplications 0. For more details about a specific phenotype click on the relevant allele symbol.

Phenotype manifest in. Homo sapiens Human 0. No records found. Drosophila melanogaster Fruit fly 0. Ortholog s in Drosophila melanogaster via OrthoDB v9. Human Disease Associations. Disease Model Summary Ribbon. Disease Ontology DO Annotations. Models Based on Experimental Evidence 0. Potential Models Based on Orthology 0. Human Ortholog. Modifiers Based on Experimental Evidence 0. Homo sapiens Human. Gene name. Functional Complementation Data. Functional complementation data is computed by FlyBase using a combination of the orthology data obtained from DIOPT and OrthoDB and the allele-level genetic interaction data curated from the literature.

Summary of Physical Interactions. Interactions Browser. Summary of Genetic Interactions.

Departmental morale and performance has increased and after an initial period of hesitation the engineering team have embraced the process fully and are developing with the help of HETA at an accelerated rate. I would highly recommend HETA and its services to all within our industry. We have had the good fortune of dealing with the HETA for some years, and have found them to be very professional. Some authors have also adopted the Heracleian "tack" Heta for use in modern transcription. Views Read View source View history.

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Type: Research Support, Non-U. Drosophila telomeres are maintained by transpositions of specialized telomeric retroelements.

Previously, we have found that antisense transcription of the major telomeric retroelement HeT-A is initiated upstream of the HeT-A sense transcription start site. Here, we performed a deletion analysis of the HeT-A promoter and show that common regulatory elements are shared by sense and antisense promoters of HeT-A. Therefore, the HeT-A promoter is a bidirectional promoter capable of processive sense and antisense transcription.

Ovarian small RNA data show that a solo HeT-A promoter within an euchromatic transgene initiates the divergent transcription of transgenic reporter genes and subsequent processing of these transcripts into piRNAs. These events lead to the formation of a divergent unistrand piRNA cluster at solo HeT-A promoters, in contrast to endogenous telomeres that represent strong dual-strand piRNA clusters.

Solo HeT-A promoters are not immunoprecipitated with heterochromatin protein 1 HP1 homolog Rhino, a marker of the dual-strand piRNA clusters, but are associated with HP1 itself, which provides piRNA-mediated transcriptional repression of the reporter genes. In a telomeric context, however, bidirectional promoters of tandem HeT-A repeats provide a read-through transcription of both genomic strands, followed by Rhi binding.

These data indicate that Drosophila telomeres share properties of unistrand and dual-strand piRNA clusters. Read Article at publisher's site.

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