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I'M 46 and love to wear knickers I wish I could tell my girlfriend butt think she would leave me if I told her. So I have to keep it a secret which makes me feel unhappy and I know it wrong not telling her. What should w do. I've been wearing panties for over 20 years but last week my wife talked me into wearing a bra. Its been fine around the house because we're not in public.

Husband wears wifes panties

Love wearing panties, started when I wifee, still do at I love 2 Husband wears wifes panties. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. Later in the day it was gone. The man then replies "When I came in my old clothes, you wouldn't let Adult swingers in scallorn texas in, so I assume it is my clothes you have invited to your home, and not me. I've always loved womens lingerie. I feel naked without panties on. I wear vantiy fair hi cut panties feel free and comfortable my wife buys us same color and Husbnad have swim in a public pool and her girlfriends love me wearing them. Am 55 yrs old guy and i wers wearing sexy panties they feel so good and i go to work with them on and of course no body knows i have them on. We haven't gotten to the point of him dressing in lingerie yet, but my husband just began running with me.

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This whore is Husband wears wifes panties wild 16 min Doubleaggressiveb - 9. I moved my oiled Porn rally in and out of his ass until he couldn't stop moaning, and then I pressed the large dildo against his opening. I had to chuckle, "Looks like he wants out of those panties," I said. You have a little wet spot. Contact Support. I took out the nipple clamps as I chatted about what a beautiful day it was and the fun we were going to have. Really enjoyed it! Shared Husband wears wifes panties with friends He looked back at the panties again, cute, but not too skimpy, with black lace in the front to hint at what they would be covering. His breathing was now more rapid I think she knew, or at least suspected. If you would like a response, enter your email address in this box:.

As a woman, I write a great deal about men who wear lingerie.

  • Blindfolded, my birthday boy was naked except for a pair of hot pink, lacy girlie panties bunched about his knees.
  • I don't know how to start this story other than to say that my husband loves panties and lingerie.
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  • Chances are that you came about this article because of you wanting to know the reasons why your husband wears panties.
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I'M 46 and love to wear knickers I wish I could tell my girlfriend butt think she would leave me if I told her. So I have to keep it a secret which makes me feel unhappy and I know it wrong not telling her. What should w do. I've been wearing panties for over 20 years but last week my wife talked me into wearing a bra.

Its been fine around the house because we're not in public. Yesterday was going to take it off to go to mall but she got me to wear a jacket. I wore jacket at mall then Walmart and finally at McDonald's.

I'm going to hate this summer and not able to wear matching bra and panties in public. Today me and my wife is going to sit around in satin panties and satin nightgowns and watch football. Might order pizza but she will have to answer door. My team is going to lose. I'm ole miss fan. I dont know of such a place. My wife doesn't like me telling people I wear panties. A few sales ladies know I wear panties. Happy for U do U let sales girl pick out panties for U too if so good for U if not U should let them pick out some that they think U will like.

I wear panties everyday now for 10 Years my wife and I have matching soma panties and we always match. I feel naked without panties on. I hate the thoughts of wearing mens underwear. I agree tight satin panties great and feel great on.

Always wear them. I like buying panties at tanger outlets in south haven ms at the Haines store. Sunday is best day to shop. It's slow and the sales ladies dont mind being open minded and helping a man shop for panties when it's a slow day. Are there any online forums or sites for likeminded people to share this side of themselves? My wife had me to wear her dirty thong that she wore for two days.

My wife wore a red thong for two days then had me to wear them today. Some people might say its nasty but to me I love wearing my wifes dirty panties.

This story of your neighbor, her panties, and you is incredibly hot. Full Brazilian. If you are going to wear panties, wear them correctly Not only will you be frequently wet They will be accepting and helpful when you show and share your panties, and they will also make you pretty. That night she came by my house,brought me a bag of her worn panties! After we talked after minutes,she left.

I want to wear womens dirty panties. Please send them to me. I will pay money! Yesterday I wore my wifes dirty nylon bikini panties. They felt so good. To day we are wearing matching pink silky bikini panties that are lace trimmed. We are out of town and going to the mall to panty shop. She let me wear a pair of her socks and pants. Damn I feel sexy. If so I agree it does feel great makes me hot.

My wife sleeps naked. I try sleeping in panties and nighty but she talks my panties off of me while in bed. I was at Victoria secret with my wife today. We both bought a Brazilian cut satin string bikini panties. They was on sale two for fourty bucks. I like cotton spandex the best, But I have dozens. My only problem is trying to decide which pair to wear.. There is nothing like the feel of a new pair of women's panties for the first time.

I bought a 3-pack of Hanes nylon panties yesterday and broke in a pair of them last night. It was very enjoyable and I can't wait to try on the other two pairs!!

A girlfriend I had 15 years ago wore nylon hanes and she got me to wear a pair for a day because I forgot to bring my mens cotton bikinis. After that one day I was hooked. You will be hooked also. I love sitting around in satin panties and bra with my wife and watching football.

This is a lovely story. My lovely understanding wife loves me wearing my satin Bra sets. I love lounging around in my Thong Bra sets. So relaxing. Love wearing panties, started when I was14, still do at Like to play with panties and see other men wearing panties! Some times I put a Bra on to compliment my matching..

I very excited in lingerie..!!! I'm Been wearing panties since age I'm married and love putting my hand in my wifes satin panties. I also love seeing a satin bulge on a man. While I don't know your girlfriend I find it amazing how many women are so accepting of such things!

Ease into the conversation with a "what if" or "what would you think if". I wear my panties all the time. She wouldn't have it any other way! And,yes, at first it was an awkward confession. Now we have fun with it! I love the feel of my silky panties.

The satin feels really good on by butt as I walk. I was at my local mall and saw a fine teenager girl with tight running shorts bikini panties lines tanned legs. She was so hot. I wanted her panties to wear.

I married but got home earlier took my silky panties off and masturbated while thinking of wearing her panties. I bet that would have felt good. I've been married for 12 years. A year after being married I told my wife I prefer to wear silky panties. She threw out all my mens underwear and replaced them with panties. I love panties but what would happen if I want to leave her or if I cheat and get caught. Will she tell everyone I wear panties.

Me and my wife likes the Brazilian cut panties from Victoria secret. They are satin with glitter writing on the sides. You only live once Don't worry about the price,,,!!! Any body else bought panties with labor day sales? If so please tell what u bought and how sexy they make you feel.

They are light blue with dark blue flowers. Yesterday I was at hanes outlet store and bought a silky string bikini panties made by maiden form.

I put them on this morning and they fit and feel amazing. Was going to get black but chose a pink pair.

Sissy cums in panties 81, I'll make sure there's a fun new story for like-minded mistresses--and their pantyboys--to read. Warning: either you have javascript disabled or your browser does not support javascript. We went to the mall on Chicago's miracle mile. Ironically, most crossdressers have been said to be married, and this makes this a mere assumption that they are misogynists. Resend confirmation email. Live Cam Models.

Husband wears wifes panties

Husband wears wifes panties

Husband wears wifes panties. Upload successful


True Story: My Husband Secretly Wore My Underwear - CLEO Singapore

However I suffer from a skin condition on my legs, lower back and lately around my backside and privates and before some of you start thinking STDs etc no it's a form of dry skin which leads to open sores and spots etc. At work today wearing them and I can tell you she was right the only problem now is how horny I am!!!

It is very fun and adds alot of spice in the bedroom. Went shopping with my wife last week at Frederick's. She grabbed 5 pair of mediums for her and a pair of sexy black lace ones in XL for me. While checking out the salesgirl said to her, " Oh you must have grabbed these by mistake, they're a XL. The salesgirl smiled at me and said "Oh", and then wrapped them all up. I became instantly hard, wish I could have shown her me wearing them months ago permalink.

I had a very bad experience in a Frederick's in San Antonio in My ex basically did the same thing but the immature girls checking us out were very rude and making jokes.

We complained to their management to no avail. I am glad that things seem to be better today! I wear panties on a daily. I order from Victorias secret and no dealing with store people. It is there loss, if I felt comfortable in a store i would probably buy alot more. I buy my boys panties, we have all shopped together before also. Nothing is quite as much fun as having two big burly men at the lingerie counter with heads down and with burning crimson cheeks as I sort the silky lace pile into their separate selections in front of the sales associate.

Nothing quite makes my panties so wet as to see the female clerk smiling at them and telling them to enjoy their panties as they pay their own bill, so humiliating sweet! It definitely sets the mood for the obligatory modelling session afterwards Originally posted 12 months ago. Kimmy in heels : Oh no sweetie, I'm talking about my husband and a few of the boytoys I keep around. My son's haven't expressed interest in panties that I know of, I've one still at home old enough, but haven't ever had the subject come up.

I've seen the typical young man things over the years, panties going missing Stained sheets.. Et al. But I've never seen one of my son's wearing panties. If I did, I would be supportive, but never sexual Sorry gurls, Tabby's gate doesn't swing in the incest direction. To clarify, I've raised two sons from infancy to adulthood. I still have one at home, on the cusp of leaving, ready to find his own way in the world. Neither of my two sons showed any interest in women's undergarments beyond the typical urge to explore the female sex and masturbation.

To that end, i, like most mothers and sisters, have seen my panties dissapear, only to show up in the wash mysteriously later. I have never heard one of my brood ask to wear, or buy panties.

Now, if they had, I would have been the supportive mother and tried my best to help my son's understand if it was a fetish thing, or a gender identity thing, or any of the myriad issues that might have cropped up. I love their daddy to pieces, and I love his femme alter-ego, but I don't ever think that I would have been anything more than a supportive mother of my son's had suddenly decided panties was the way to go. When I talk of my "boys" here, I am talking of my husband, his close mates, and a few of the boytoys I keep about for bedroom play with my big pantyboy hubby!

I even have a bottom that joins on occasion to keep my big guy happy, he does enjoy a little pantyboy bottom of his own every now and then. All of this is about good clean happy healthy fun with consenting adults If you are reading more into that from my posts, you aren't quite getting my point, and I am sorry if I am confusing you. Number 2 they make me feel sexy and good about myself. You wear your panties with pride!

My wife supports my dressing , but doesnt want to see me dressed. She buys me petticoats, stockings , tights , bras and panties so I cant complain. My wife also supports me crossdressing. I love having sex with her while dressed.

Great to know other guys have the same interest 2 months ago permalink. I told wife before we were married that I liked wearing tights. She bought me two pair of women's tights and enjoyed how they looked on me. I like how they feel on my legs and butt. I always get my wife sexy panties and lingerie for birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine's Day.

I enjoy how they look on her but I end up trying them on when she is not home. I don't know if I'm a crossdresser or not. Should I tell her or not? Sign up for a free account, or sign in if you're already a member. Flickr logo.

If you click it, you'll go home. Sign Up Explore. Upload Sign In. Go back to the beta groups experience. If you raid your wife's or See more. Photos Discussions Members Map About. My wife bought me some panties!! What is the most recent item of female attire that you have bought? Yesterday I purchased a pair of 3 " heals at a thrift store. Size 11 wide with What your wives or girlfriends think of your crossdresseing My wife's clothes!

I see a load of pictures of people in beautiful outfits, but how many are actual I love to wear panties I have been for a long time now. I started young with a f Lets all find a bit more about each other I am from north yorkshire near northa Sisters clothes 21 replies.

So my sister is going away on holiday at the end of May and is leaving me with t It's been a while since we've done this I think. What's you're favorite thing to Dressing in your Mother-in-Law's Clothes replies. Has anyone here dressed in their Mother-in-Law's clothes -complete outfits or li How often do you get to wear your wife's clothing?

I'm a lucky guy, as my wife goes out to work several times a week and I'm here a I became instantly hard, wish I could have shown her me wearing them months ago permalink elainemcrawford says: I had a very bad experience in a Frederick's in San Antonio in Kimmy in heels says: bangbangtabby : When you say "boys", do you mean sons? Exhib Couple says: My wife also supports me crossdressing. Would you like to comment?

Husband wears wifes panties