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Leisure suit larry naked video clops

Leisure suit larry naked video clops

Leisure suit larry naked video clops

Leisure suit larry naked video clops

Those are tits to die for! Early on in gaming history, graphics were rather difficult to do on computers. You presume this baby could easily double as his nightstick. You know in every game, Al Lowe always hides something in the garbage can!! Do you mind if I fondle your brochure? Perhaps appropriately.

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Stand up and make your voice heard. Now, when creating large spreadsheets, will store data in extended or ex- panded memory and swap Free pictures erect panis to the hard disk Leisure suit larry naked video clops free up system memory. Photos tended Leisure suit larry naked video clops wash out when taken from more cclops four feet the effective range of the floodlights and strobe flashes. All express services lei you set up an account and provide you with pre- printed shipping forms, then bill you directly or through a credit card the former is smarter, since you can track individual shipments on the express service's invoice. The dpi mice will also be re- leased in sizes to fit small hands and large hands. For further information, contact The Hunter Group at 41 6 Pick PC Screen Fresenter if you're in the market for an affordable, simple slide-show maker. Remember, gamewrights, the power and beauty of the art of game- making is that you and the player col- laborate to create the final story. Farb suif also write a book, his third that describes diving and photo- graphing famous American shipwrecks. Row width and column height are infinitely adjust- able, graphics and text can be mixed in any combination of colors and sizes, and onscreen text can be any of the colors in the palette. Satisfaction Guaranteed. I recently bumped into your mag- azine in a grocery store, and I was very impressed with the quality. Three stunning babes with big tits have some naughty fun Like Dislike Close.

Illustrations by Stephen Maurice Graham.

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Set up wherever you can. Dial a phone? In 30 minutes, Finesse can transform a beginner into a seasoned publisher You can turn out proposals worthy of the Fortune , design your own newsletter, or create powerhouse presentations from scratch. You can start building a medieval city, then switch it to an ancient Asian one — or a moon colony. Western Ave. Both not only emulate the HP LaserJet series, but they also pump out PostScript output from such top-ranking soft- ware as Aldus PageMaker and Ventu- ra Publisher A budget-minded alternative, the Citizen GSX pin dot-matrix printer, handles home office docu- ments and correspondence nearly as well as a laser printer.

Leisure suit larry naked video clops

Leisure suit larry naked video clops

Leisure suit larry naked video clops

Leisure suit larry naked video clops

Leisure suit larry naked video clops

Leisure suit larry naked video clops. Big Tits Index

Warrenviite, IL ; Thompson Co. CA ; Weifefn Accta. CA London W14, England; 01 He. Japart- Infcergroop CommLinications. Peter GoWsrruth. Offices: New Yorlt: Broadway. South K Si. Surte , Washington, DC , Tel, West Coast Eton A-b.. Canoga Park, CA Fax Korea: Kaya Advtsng,.

Schvite; Director of fle- search Rot? Ass 1. Everything you experience, including movement spellcasting and combat, is from your point of view! At our Monday morning staff meeting, I announced I was going to automate our sales tracking and invoicing system later that day Skepticism ran iilgh.

But he keeps trying because he thinks it's critical to the business " I'd already tried three times before to program a database: first with dBASE much too complicated. This time, I was confident. Because 1 just bought Alpha Four, the relational database for non-programmers like me. I spent 45 minutes over the weekend with Alpha Four's audiocassette tour. So I knew how easy application design with Alpha Four would be, even the first time. I knew within hours, I'd be able to build a fully relational customer tracking and billing system, complete with custom menus, beautiful screens and extensive help messages for error- free data entry.

And that's exactiy what I did. You should have seen Marge's face when the first, perfecUy formatted invoice came off the printer. I "painted" reports and invoices on-screen. Widi Alpha Four, I created different databases for cus- tomers, invoices and inventory and then related them into a "set," just by drawing on-screen, a diagram of the links between the databases. Now, we never have to enter the same information more than once.

New invoices can be generated for existing customers without having to re-enter their information— we just "look it up" in our customer database.

Our mailing list went right into the new application without even having to convert the files! When you enter data, you can automatically change the case of letters from lower to upper. Display information from a look-up database in a multi-column window anwherc on the screen. Select from the window and Alpha Four automatically fills in the related information. For example. And it's fully guaranteed. This is a limited- time, one-copy- per-organization oflfer, available from Alpha Software, or through your local dealer.

Remember to bring proof you have an existing qualifying product. All trademarks are registered with the appropriate companies. I understand it is fully guaranteed and I may return it within 60 days for a full reiiind. But they can come true. You can give up that tiresome commute and telecompute instead, you can go into business for yourself, and you can work where most people relax. It just lakes a lot of planning, a wealth of patience, and an enormous amount of courage to strike out on your own from home.

The ideal home office is a warm, secure space near the hearth thai has everything corporate America depends on to communicate and compute. In the mind's eye, it's a high-tech island jusi a few feet from the kitchen and the kids, where you interact with custom- ers and clients, make management decisions, and work hard at bringing in business.

Unfortunately, when it comes to setting up your own office, re- alities intrude. Your home office may be where you hang your hat, but it's probably not comparable to the efficient, productive work- place you've come to expect when working for others. Does it make sense that your home office won't live up to the standards of the corporate floor? After all, you don't have the resources— money, time, and people— that companies command. Your home ofTice can easily integrate the complete suite of modern business tools in a space tucked away behind the garage, up in the attic, or in a corner of your family room.

Not jusl your computer, not just your phone, but everything else you need to match your downtown competition. How long will it take to put together an efficient, integrated home office? Six days or six years. You can spend now keep the bottom line fiercely in mind, but you'll have to face the fact that technology costs money , or you can spread it out and let your office grow as your income grows. Whatever direction and time- table you choose, assembling the integrated home office can be as simple as turning the pages of the calendar.

No need to add anything here, right? If you've got an IBM PC- compatible or , your home of- fice is perfectly able to handle most of today's chores. For future home office expansion and integration, move to a as soon as it's economically feasible. Sooner or later, you'll need a piece of software that won't lake anything less than a To save space in the typi- cally confining home office, buy a small-footprint PC in a slimline case or a tower-style system that squats on the floor.

Its lower MHz machine is a speed demon with name-brand components and should keep you computer-current for the next three years. But don'l toss out that old PC or even hand it down to the kids.

Use it in your office to free your main ma- chine from time-consuming chores like printing form letters and invoices or sorting mailing lists. Conned your two computers with DeskLink, a sim- ple two-computer network that lets you access files on either machine from either system. A laptop computer is indispens- able if you work outside your office or want to make money when you're on vacation. Integrating on-the-road work with office-bound duties re- quires a portable computer neariy as powerful as the one at home.

You can't do much better than the ZEOS Notebook , a seven-pound laptop that doesn't force you to compromise your work habits while on the road. Connecting the laptop to your desktop is another job for DeskLink, though the less-expensive LapLink III works fine for simply sending files from the laptop to the desktop and back. Home office computer integra- tion should start inside the machine, so invest in a graphical interface: Win- dows 3.

GeoWorks Ensemble runs on even the oldest, slowest PC and does a lot of things Windows hasn't yet figured out, but for the mo- ment it lacks support from other developers. And the Lines Were Open Strip your home office of communica- tions, and it's just another spare bed- room with a computer.

To reach your customers, to take orders and buy products, to sell your clients on the quality of your services and then see the projects through, you must have the same Hnes of communications al home as you did in your pinstripe days. Start with your phone. Unless your business requires a listing in the Yellow Pages, slick with a residential line — its monthly fee costs roughly half as much as a 19 9 1 business line. Another service, one that goes by the names ring alert, distinctive ring, and similar names, actually adds another phone number to your line and then rings different sequences for each number.

Use it to separate your business and persona! To separate incoming calls to phone, fax. If your business depends on the phone, buy a reliable, single-line phone like Radio Shack's DuoPhone- And though memory-dialing phone fea- tures are important, don't bother with them if your computer dials numbers for you from a contact-manager pro- gram like Act! Partner your phone line and phone with a quality answer- ing machine to make sure business doesn't slip through your fingers. A machine like the.

It turns your computer into a fast fax machine that sends and receives fax messages in the background, without slowing down your other PC work the board also includes a bps modem for telecomputing. The new line on communica- tion — electronic mail — beats using an express service or even the fax ma- chine if you're sending long docu- ments created on your PC.

All you need is a modem and your PC. The ZOOM modem is one of the least expensive and most widely available from mail-order companies. Annoimciiig a lechnologiccd breaktlirough Uiat inslantiy enables you to do things you couldn't do before. One that Inuisfonns the roniiiuteryoti have into the computer you want. And it does it on any liard disk equipped PC.

From an onUnmy XT to a For home or occasional users, applications in the easy Appliance level have a simple set of choices, clearly shown in push-hutton Ibrni ou-srreen. It's a new way of computing that makes so much sense, vou'U wondtT whv no one else thought of i1. A world where data is shared mstantly between seven applications. All of which can be mnning at the same time. For lookhigyom- best, Uiere's nothing better than GeoWorks Ensemble. In an amazing sizes, 4 pt.

With dazzling documents. From presen- GeoWorks Ensemble helps you get more done faster by giving you the capabilities of the most expensive graphical workstations. Without giving up the DOS software yon tdready know.

And without adding expensive hardware to the P ] you already own. For everjlhing from office- work to homework.

You'll be amazed at how much more you can accomplish on any PC, anytime, anyplace. Create a trip itinerary. Plan your dinner, and generate a convenient shopping list.

Manage your investments and develop a personal savings plan. Leave messages for your family— even leave important numbers for the sitter. All are specialty designed to insure that you can readily use them. Come in todayf We guarantee success. Complete cotor systems start at Jess than S, Price applies at participating Radio Shack stores and deaiers.

Circle Reader Service Number WED 3 Let ft Go Out Good You can easily fool people into thinking ihat your home of- fice is as professional as anything in a corporate tower simply by paying attention to what leaves your desk and how it ar- rives on your customers' desks. Start with your business cards and stationerv'. First impressions are always important. It's a buyer's market right now, so shop around for a perfect laser printer.

Macs do home offices, too. Though most home businesses sur- vive on PC compatibles, a IVIacintosh makes an excellent, albeit expensive, partner in the home office. Last year's introduction of three lower-priced models — the Classic, LC, and II si — means that more home offices than ever can afford a Macintosh.

Macintosh software rivals that of the PC in almost every home office area, from inexpensive utilities to powerful applica- tions. Macintosh peripherals, on the other hand, are often more expensive than their PC counterparts, while some home office computer hardware— a light and inexpensive laptop computer, for instance— has no Macintosh equivalent. Yet the Mac makes sense as a home office computer.

If com- puter time is but a fraction of your home office hours, you'll find Mac software easier to fearn and simpler to use, especially if you turn to the computer infrequently and thus never become com- pletely familiar with your software's intricacies.

The Macintosh is still the champ if your home business relies on visual results, such as desktop publishing, presentations, or graphic design. For speedier performance and color, the Mac LC is the most economical Apple. Can We Talk? First, you'll want to choose a GUI that ''speaks" your language— English, plain and simple.

Easy Operation Sectmd, ytnir GUI should have neat, organized dis- plays that present your iiptions clearly and concisely- Easy -to- follow graphics make it simple tor you to see exactly where you are in a program. Handy pull- down menus keep your options t Licked away and out of sight until you call tor them. And pop -up dialog boxes guide you through tasks, making sure that your computer does what you want it to. Something in Common GUIs provide a unitorm operating environment, which alleviates the frustration and contusion of switching from one task to the next.

Of course, you'll also want to choose a GUI sup- potted by many of the leading software publishers. For ttue convenience, your GUI should operate with just the point and click of a mouse cursor con- troller.

The mouse makes it quick and easy for you to select your choices from menus and dialog boxes, taking the mazework out of getting around the many computing options your GUI otters. So take a scroll through Desk Mate and dis- cover for yourself just how easy computing can be. Remote lighting and appliance controls. Security alarms and lighting. Automated thennostats. Video monitoring systems. Whole-house security systems.

They're all yours in the Heath Home Automation Catalog. To receive your FREE copy, call today toll-free. Both not only emulate the HP LaserJet series, but they also pump out PostScript output from such top-ranking soft- ware as Aldus PageMaker and Ventu- ra Publisher A budget-minded alternative, the Citizen GSX pin dot-matrix printer, handles home office docu- ments and correspondence nearly as well as a laser printer.

Its color option is interesting, but you'll be hard- pressed to find many applications for color priming unless your business of- fers design or presentation services. Still, it makes an acceptable stopgap while you're saving up for a laser. If you have more than one PC in your office, hook up your printer to each computer. That's easy — and inexpensive — with something like SimpLAN SNAP, a printer network that uses snap-in modules and tele- phonelike cable to connect everything.

You print normally from any PC up to 1 6 computers can be linked to a single printer. You don't get any ex- tras like print spooling with Snap, but for most home offices, it's a great way to save money by using one printer with several PCs. It would be nice if that expensive laser printer, which shares many com- ponents with a copier, could serve double duty. Though you can jury-rig a system that uses a scanner to scan in art or text and then print it on the la- ser printer using a special double-end- ed cable, you're much better off with a stand-alone copier.

Small-sized, limit- ed-function personal copiers — the heavily discounted Canon PC-1 is a great example — keep you in your of- fice, not in the car heading for the copy shop. Remember, too, that the modern office often pairs the fax and copy machines. You duplicate pages you want to fax rather than rip them out of the newspaper or magazine and copy faxes you receive for perma- nent filing on plain paper because fax paper fades rapidly. Perfect Incoming, Too Your home office can communi- cate all it wants, but if it's just one- way conversation, you'll get nowhere.

You must have competitive, inexpen- sive ways for people to send messages and parcels to you and your business.

My Way I love my home office. Like many home office workers, I started out with what I had. In my case that meant a PC, a five- year-old IVlacintosh, a 9-pin dot-ma- trix printer, and a desk squeezed into the corner of an upstairs family rtxim.

I didn't have enough space to spread out papers. A phone line rip- pled across the floor from the near- est jack to my modem, and I constantly had to apologize for the annoying buzz that clients heard from my decrepit portable telephone. I considered leasing office space — it goes for a song in the Southern city where 1 live— but I didn't want to pay the overhead month in, month out. So I made room. With the help of an extremely handy father-in-law, I transformed a 13X8 foot toolroom into an efficient home office.

I designed on the fly, with just the sketchiest of details in mind: plenty of power for the elec- tronics, air conditioning to fight the Southern climate, a 3-foot-deep desktop along two walls to hofd com- puters and printers, and floor-to-ceil- ing sheives for software.

I didn't skimp on the things I thought vital— a comfortable chair, adjustable task lighting, and a topnotch phone. My office isn't perfect. Macs and PCs communicate and share printers — but not always effortlessly. Storage space is a problem. But I know where Cm going. I've pinpoint- ed my office needs, and I have a rea- sonable purchase plan that will upgrade my equipment and make my business more competitive and more productive this year than last.

That's the great thing about my home off ice— I decide what it is and what it will be. You'll love the way MoneyCounts provides concise printed reports, revealing 3-D graphs, automatic check writing — in shon, a complete and easy system to document your financial activities. MoneyCounts installs on your system in just minutes! Don't know any accounting? That's okay. MoneyCounts has all the expertise built right in. MoneyCounts automatically finds and alerts you to the five most common types of errors including transpositions.

Just in case you need a little help, however, MoneyCounts comes with a clear, well-organized manual and FREE, unlimited technical support. You'll have a detailed accounting of where your money goes at your fingertips. You'll have a pleasant surprise at tax time, too.

MoneyCounts organizes your records at the touch of a key — even estimates your income tax and forwards information to popular tax preparation programs. Whether you need accounts, , transactions or just want to better manage the family budget, award- winning MoneyCounts is the ideal financial partner. Works with all printers and monitors. Includes primed manual and FREE technical support. City -State-. Rent the smallest size to start — pack- ages are retrieved for you, not jammed into the box.

You'll probably send rush letters or packages from time to time, so it makes sense to settle on one express service, if only to simplify your ac- counting and keep tabs on your costs. All express services lei you set up an account and provide you with pre- printed shipping forms, then bill you directly or through a credit card the former is smarter, since you can track individual shipments on the express service's invoice.

Once you have an account, tell your most imponant cus- tomers and clients to charge it to that account when they express material to you. Just remember to figure such costs into your overhead when you set your rates or itemize them on your own invoices. Make sure you establish a drop- off procedure with every express or shipping service that comes to your home so that packages will be left for you when you're out.

Though an at- home neighbor works well, it's best if the driver can leave packages in a pro- tected, covered area, such as a garage or back porch. You'll have to sign an agreement with each service, taking responsibility for any packages left.

Toll-free telephone service is an- other mark of a major player, but your home office can compete here, too.

If you're selling products by mail order from your home olTice, you may want an service that lakes calls, verifies credit cards, and then sends you the orders and even mailing labels daily.

Callers simply dial the area code, then your number, then the four-digit access code you've provid- ed. This way you restrict who calls in on the number while still making it easy for clients and customers to call you anytime, from anywhere.

Then There Was Light Finishing off your office can take years. Integrating that ex- pansion with the rest of your plans, though, takes some preplanning. Get along with what you've got until profits make it possible to upgrade equipment. Set up wherever you can. Design and create your home office, stage 1 , in what spare space you have. Spring for a PC. Migrate to a graphical user interface like Windows or GeoWorks Ensemble, but only when your critical software demands it.

Move up to a personal laser printer; then connect all PCs and Macs if you have a mix with each other and with the printer. Install a fax board in your PC, or if your fax load is heavy, purchase a stand-alone fax machine. Install an additional phone line if necessary, and switch to a two-line phone. Alternate- ly, subscribe to such phone company services as call watting or distinctive ring.

Add a personal copier to your office suite, 1 0. Take your home office with you on the road. Buy a laptop PC and a portable modem and, if you spend more than a third of your workday on the phone, a portable cellular telephone. Room to grow; Wherever you de- cide to locate your home office, it won't be big enough six months down the road.

If possible, start by occupy- ing a small portion of a larger space; then expand as necessary. Attic, base- ment, sun porch, or garage space is ideal for this.

If your room is limited and you can't physically expand your home office, get more into that limit- ed space by moving things up, down, or out of the way. Accessories such as monitor arms, floor CPU stands, compact workstations, and printer carousels can pack your office with equipment without making it seem crowded. Curtis and Microcomputer Accessories are two accessory makers that have almost everything you1l need.

Curtis offers free of charge a publication full of design ideas. You never have enough outlets in your office, either. Line protectors for power and fax, such as those in the Brooks Power Systems Surge Stopper series, dissipate surges. This becomes neces- sary- when your office shares power with the rest of the house.

Uninter- rupted power may mean the differ- ence between business life and death, so think hard about some power in- surance — Dakota Microsystems' PowerSave plugs into an empty slot inside your PC and automatically kicks in when the power goes off, sav- ing all your work and shutting down your computer there's a special mod- el for based machines.

Support yourself. When you work from a home office, you're on your own in more ways than one. PC Tools Deluxe bundles an excellent backup program with several pro- grams for file recovery and disk drive enhancement.

Make technical support a criterion when you shop for comput- ers, printers, telephone, fax, and copi- er; then use it, even if it's not toll-free.

For more general advice, connect with other home office workers, preferably people who have worked at home longer than you. SAT 6 Product Information Little Rest at Home The advantages of your home office may seem overwhelming to an outsid- er who sees only the freedom and flex- ibility of self-employment.

You know different, or should. Home workers toil longer weeks — about 25 percent longer on the average. The reason for the long hours isn't only that home workers are bet- ter motivated though they generally are, since financial survival is at stake , but that they have to do nearly everything from the technical to the menial for themselves.

That's one reason why today's home office has to be as well equipped, if not better equipped, than the typical corporate office. You're spending so much of your time man- aging the business that -any timesaver, any productivity booster, any image enhancer is not so much a luxury as a necessity. You'll find yourself search- ing for new ideas. Each new technology, integrated into the base system of computer and phone, must meet only one require- ment: It must improve your bottom line.

All the tips and technologies in this six-day home office construc- tion kit are designed to meet this requirement. You can create an office in your home that matches anything you had in your 9-to-5 life.

The technology is here, and the services are at your dis- posal to turn any room in your house into an office. Why not use the technology to get a jump on the rest of the business world and beat a path straight back to your home?

You can make that dream come true, B ACT! Crosby Rd. One Canon Ptaza Lake Success. Box Mail Stop Austin. SE Cedar Rapids. Evelyn Ave. Maude Ave. Creek Pkwy. This month we're bringing you two packages that use your comput- er's power to give you the advantage you need. Just what are we bringing you? A commercial-quality personal finance manager and a terrific home inven- tory program. Managing your finances effectively gives you greater returns on your investments, lets you pay less interest on loans, and helps you make better decisions when it comes to ex- penses like insurance.

We've spent a great deal of time choosing these two fine applications. First, we sorted through thousands of online programs. Then, we download- ed hundreds of them and spent count- less hours evaluating them. Finally, we selected the very best programs and worked with the authors to get you the very latest versions. Cash Controf Cash Control simplifies your home fi- nancial recordkeeping. Enter transac- tions for checking, savings, or charge accounts; transfer funds between ac- counts; print checks on your printer; balance your account with your bank statement; remind yourself when pay- ments are due; and prepare reports and graphics of your recorded transactions.

It can use any monitor, so don't worry if you have Hercules or monochrome. The first thing you'll notice when you run Cash Control is the clean, ef- fective, well-planned screens.

They display information clearly and logi- cally. Options appear at the top of the screen so that even computer novices can easily understand and use the program. Entering transactions and infor- mation is just as easy as it can be, too. Pop-up windows tell you exactly what to input and make it easy to interact with Cash Control.

You'll get a lot of extras, too. A pop-up calculator and calendar serve as useful tools for getting the calcula- tions correct and planning things in advance.

Being able to search forward and backward helps you when you can't seem to remember when a trans- action took place. You can print checks on your printer for just the right professional look. And when you've made certain that your accounts are all in order, you can generate a number of reports.

Present your financial information in a variety of ways, and use bar graphs and pie charts for maximum effectiveness. When tax time rolls around, you can satisfy Uncle Sam with special reports. For those of you who suffer from IRS anxiety, these will go a long way toward alleviating some of the fear. And you're less likely to make careless mistakes that will cost you money at tax time or invite an audit. If you want to ensure that your ac- counts are balanced or that you've re- membered to pay your bills on time, or if you just want to maximize the effec- tiveness of your dollar, Cash Control is definitely for you.

It handles many of the jobs that accountants do — at a small fraction of the cost Personal Inventory 2. You can categorize and track items by room or location. That means that you can see and keep track of things more efTi- ciently. Mouse support makes the pro- gram's easy-to-use interface even easier and more professional. Adding, viewing, deleting, and editing items are a snap. It's easy to set up your printer just about any way you might want.

You can change printer ports, mar- gins, carriage and linefeed specifica- tions, and special escape codes with another menu. So your collection of ancient spider models can be cata- loged and tracked, too. And tracking warranties alone justifies the use of this program. It just went up in smoke," You don't have to wade through a lot of documentation to use Person- al Inventory, In addition to its excep- tional user interface, it has online help anytime you press Fl.

Backups can be created when you exit the program. It's great because you just answer Yes or No to the prompt, and the program takes care of the rest.

And the backups are com- pressed so they don't take up as much space on your disk. If you want help keeping track of your household items, maintaining re- cords for the IRS, or keeping up with similar applications, Personal Inven- tory 2.

You can protect your belongings by keep- ing track of them better. And that spells long-term rewards. You'll sample entertainment, learning, or home office software at a great savings. Ofter good white supplies last. Date - For delivery outside the U. Daytime Telephone No.

Please order SharePak separately. Building a spreadsheet within a graphical environment is much easier because you directly manipulate the work sheet's segments. For instance, you can define ranges by pointing with a mouse. You can also use the mouse to set the point size of text and move cell margins by dragging them to new locations. By comparison, in text- based spreadsheets you deal with the structural components at arm's length.

Simplified spreadsheet styling along with eye-catching graphics may be reason enough to migrate to a graphical-environment spreadsheet. Lotus liked Impress's ability to transform 's bland character-based displays into striking spreadsheet art.

The company acquired Impress, reworked its menus, and now bundles it with 3. Lotus hopes that will help revive I-2'3 's flagging sales. The combination of these two menus gives you access to the full arsenal of 's functions, com- mands, and features.

The slash commands provide the functions necessary to create a work sheet, such as entering formulas, com- posing macros, and accessing file- handling functions. The graphical menu mainly provides access to com- mands that control the appearance of the work sheet such as colors, type sizes, fonts, and text attributes.

The advantages of working with- in the WYSIWYG environment are so numerous that over time users may forever abandon 's traditional text-based display. Row width and column height are infinitely adjust- able, graphics and text can be mixed in any combination of colors and sizes, and onscreen text can be any of the colors in the palette.

Displayable font attributes in- clude bold, italic, underline, and color. In addition to Courier the de- fault , Swiss, and Dutch fonts, ad- ditional fonts are available at extra cost from Bitstream. Release 3, 1 moves one step closer to integrating word processing and spreadsheet functions. Using S. The text editor includes auto- malic word wrap, justified text, and the ability to manage multiple fonts within a selected range of text.

The timesaving global formatting codes in Release 3. These named styles can be applied to an entire work sheet, a range of cells, or a single cell Cell ranges can be highlighted with boxes, various borders, and drop shadows.

You'll find yourself using the mouse to open vertical or horizontal windows, select ceU ranges, make menu selections, and scroll within a work sheet or between as many as stacked work sheets.

Although you can enter commands with the key- board, a mouse or trackball is easier and certainly more natural. There's no limit to the graphs you can incorporate in a work sheet, and the graphs are dy- namic, immediately reflecting changes made to the data in the spreadsheet.

As in Lotus release 3. You cannot alter this re- lationship directly with the graphic editor. As an alternative to using the work sheet's data to create a graph, you can import. CGM metafile and. PIC graphic files. Use the mouse to drag structural elements into the correct orientation and position. You can directly edit in- dividual components or the entire graph until it's perfect.

Release 3. The default driver shipped with 3. Other behind-the-scenes im- provements to include the promised release of an enhanced Add- In Toolkit. Lotus designs these tool- kits to help small third-party software publishers create slick add-ins. To date, more than updated add-ins have been rereleased for 3.

With the new Toolkit now available, you can expect many more in the near future. Ironically, despite the ease with which 3.

The most interesting online conferences. All the most popular services. Get online. And check out our lineup. Users of other printers may need to use emulation modes which often Umit access to some of their printers' advanced features. Just how important is it that 3. One benefit of 3. Now, when creating large spreadsheets, will store data in extended or ex- panded memory and swap data to the hard disk to free up system memory.

It's a truism in the computer in- dustry that software sells hardware. Lotus release 3. If you have a number of large work sheets open, 1MB of R. AM may prove inadequate. Also, since graphic screens require longer to re- fresh than text-based displays, a fast CPU MH2 or better.

With determination and time, anyone can eventually learn to use this latest release. Exactly how much time will depend on your prior famil- iarity with , Users trading up from 3. Those upgrading from 2,2 need to learn about 3-D spreadsheets as well as the graphical commands — sort of like double jeopardy. They may feel that re- lease 3. They should con- sider making release 2. However, unless you need 3-D capability, consider release 2.

Additionally, Lotus's seven-day-a- week, hour technical-support group remains ready to answer any question on its toll-free support line. The support personnel proved courte- ous and knowledgeable when answer- ing routine questions. Lotus's unique in-store upgrade policy makes it easy to trade up. To upgrade to either release 2. But stay tuned because shortly Microsoft and Borland are certain to rise to the chal- lenge and roll out their own reworked models.

Ease of Use Packed with 38 PC batch-file extensions and power utilities, this easy-to-use disk includes in- dividual help menus for every program.

You don't have to be a computer maven— just press Fl for Help anytime! The power utilities alone are worth many times the cost of this disk. Our batch-file extensions add new commands to standard batch-file language. Now you can easily create menus, draw boxes, and write strings in your choice of colors anywhere on the screen- all with simple, easy-to-use commands.

Then, add some zest to your batch files with a command that lets you play a series of notes! Plus handy system tools let you delete an entire subdirectory with one command, find out if the system has enough memory for an application before it runs, cause the computer to remember the current directory so that you can come back to it later, and much, much more.

Shipping and Handling PotlaJ Code. The county registra- tion certificate that proves I'm a business! I need to find it so I can apply for merchant status for a Visa or Mastercard. That way Fll be able to accept charge orders for my new book. I know it's somewhere in this fil- ing cabinet under my desk. Or maybe it's in the carton of business papers in the closet — under six other cartons of chent files. I know I can find it in 30 sec- onds — faster than a speeding hard disk — if only I can dig out from 30 pounds of computer magazines that piled up since I went to a computer convention for a week.

That's when I decided to accept the guru's prophecy and use my com- puter to create the paperless office. You remember that computers promised us an office without paper. That's the worst lie since this program is so easy to use you don 't need a man- ual. Computers made it so easy to cre- ate paper that we created more paper rather than less. Thai's why I spent the better part of Thanksgiving weekend deciding what to keep.

The first thing I realized is that I need paper. I don't need voluminous printed versions of CYB Cover Your Behind memos, interim reports, and minor correspondence, which were all creat- ed on the computer years ago with my word processor, spreadsheet, and database programs and since safely stored on wafer-thin floppy disks.

Then I got down to the nitty- gritty. I asked myself these questions: Do 1 need press releases for a company that no longer exists? Will I use copies of my company news- letter, circa 1 ?

Ask yourself. Have I looked at this document in the past two years? If the answer is no, then ask yourself. If I get sued, will I need this? If the an- swer is still no, then toss it. Two hours later, I had reduced the contents of six huge cartons of files to half of a filing cabinet of mate- rial.

Besides the financial and tax ma- terial stored elsewhere, I saved copies of initial letters of agreements, letters of praise, and two copies of each cre- ative piece on the assumption that my biographer and the Smithsonian Insti- tution will want to store those docu- ments in their files.

I also became one of the largest single donors to the Dominican Col- lege of Blauvelt when I shipped it six milk crates full of complimentary computer software that I was never going to use. Then I went through my desk and read the labels on files. I can get rid of that one. Well, that one might be useful. My favorite file was from a com- puter company that printed this mes- sage in inch-high type: ''How to be prepared for that inevitable day when your boss asks you for everything you know about DCA.

But since I'm my own boss and I don't have any clients interested in this company, I don't need to know everything about it. Toss it. Those files are impossible to find — even with color-coded tabs. I finally found the business li- cense. It was in a file with no label. Here's what I do now. Make a commitment to rely on the computer for the documentation. No paper backups, except revenue- producing invoices, orders, and re- ports. Everything else is stored on disk. I back up disks monthly, and I store them in my safety deposit box at the bank.

This helps me save even more space. Each disk has these same subdirectories: letters, reports, publications cre- ative , invoices. This consistency makes the job easy and manageable. A year's worth of work for one client fits onto one disk. Work for a client with a larger account might spill onto a sec- ond disk around July or August. With color-coded disks for each client, I can find the right disk easily.

Color-coded disk boxes help me categorize the disks: my clients, my company reports, spreadsheets, mar- keting materials , and my book. I went through thousands of busi- ness cards, throwing out those for companies that were bankrupt, useless to my business, or unknown. Then I typed the remaining ones into Hotline, an autodialer that sits on my hard disk.

Hoi line has a notepad, so I can record the reminder message 1 scribbled on the back of the card. I still don't have a paperless of- fice, I have a less-paper ofrice. You can, too, if you adapt these steps to meet your business needs. In 30 minutes, Finesse can transform a beginner into a seasoned publisher You can turn out proposals worthy of the Fortune , design your own newsletter, or create powerhouse presentations from scratch. All for a fraction of what you'd pay for more complicated publishing software.

Finesse lets you effortlessly import text and graphics. Cut, paste, scale and crop images or wrap text around graphics. Now only with this special offec we've included a free copy of Logitech's Spell Checker for Finesse! Save over o off suggested retail price. To order, coll , ext. Offer valid in U. For coupon orders, allow weeks for delivery. Name Address. State- City Doytime phone. No doubt about il — selling is tough. With a few software tools, your PC can become a mini- ature movie theater, an electronic slide projector, or even a computer- ized banner.

If you're an at-home architect, for example, and you're already using a PC program to draft remodeling jobs, you can use old work to get new work. Simply run a slide-show maker, grab some sample screens of your best computer designs, and show them to prospective clients who want a sample of your abilities.

If your business takes you to trade fairs, craft shows, or any other place where there's a lot of walk-by traffic, producing a short animated or graphics presentation from scratch can turn some heads and get people thinking about your company. Though a tremendous amount of PC promotion and presentation soft- ware is available, here's a small sampling across the price and per- formance spectrum. FC Screen Presenter. One of the most inexpensive slide-show makers around, FC Screen Presenter takes snapshots of your computer screen and lets you assemble them in any or- der, add captions and arrows to high- light parts of the snapshot, and call on special effects called wipes and fades that shift from one slide to the next in an eye-catching way.

PC Screen Presenter is easy enough for beginners to use, though its three separate modules and the lack of preprinted documentation make the program less than perfect. Pick PC Screen Fresenter if you're in the market for an affordable, simple slide-show maker.

Once youVe taken your snapshots, you can organize and dis- play them. Collage Plus is fast, and it gives you plenty of options, from showing reduced images in full color to zooming in on any section of a screen. The package's Show module puts your slides back on the screen, though it's not for the beginner — you must write a batch file to produce an on-disk presentation. Collage Plus gives you a lot of advanced features.

If you're artistic or simply adventurous, you can jump into DeluxePaint Anima- tion, a topnotch PC animation pack- age. This is no simple snapshot taker though it includes a screen-capture utility but a full-blown paint program with loads of features to set those im- ages in motion once you've drawn and colored them. Simple anima- tions — titles that move, for in- stance — are within the capabilities of almost anyone, but to really take ad- vantage of Animation, you'd better have a healthy dose of artistic talent.

A playback feature lets you rerun with surprisingly tight control ani- mations for moving literally presen- tations and promotions. This package's point-and-shoot Windows graphical interface lets you grasp powerful features quickly. PowerPoint offers nearly 50 chart styles, auto- matically recommends color combinations so your charts don't clash, and includes a way to get your slides made fast, no matter where you live. You'll need at least a system preferably a with 1MB of RAM 2MB recommended to use PowerPoint, but the results — very slick, very businesslike, very cor- porate — may be just the thing when you want clients to think your busi- ness is big, not in the back bedroom.

PowerPoint is Microsoft's offering Tools and How to Use Them These programs are just four of the tools you can call on to make that per- fect presentation or expand your busi- ness with a timely promotion. Just having the tool doesn't guarantee suc- cess. You've got to know how to apply the tool for the right result. PC promotional strategies. You want to boost your business. You want to stand out from the competi- tion.

That's why you're thinking about PC promotions and presenta- tions. If done right, they can make your small business seem bigger, smarter, and more creative. Rather than a flier or business card pinned to a bulletin board at the laundromat, why not have an animated advertise- ment at a kiosk in the mall?

Onscreen presentations. Certain- ly the most common way to turn the PC into a promotions specialist, on- screen presentations are also the easi- est to produce. When you head to your banker for a startup loan or for money to ex- pand your existing business, show an onscreen presentation rather than simply tossing a business plan on the desk.

Mk Sugg. Not Just the Best Prices! B EXT. Pepper Rood Earringfofi, IL D jections, then add charts and graphs thai show your expected revenues, ex- penses, and profits. They're easy lo generate with a spreadsheet Hke Quat- tro Pro, Then insert screens from your word processor as transitions or to ex- plain the special problems thai your business faces.

CompiHng this presen- tation is fast with a program like PC Screen Presenter, Onscreen presentations, like any other pilch, should be focused.

Don't include a screen for every item on your outline, bul hit the highlights. Keep special effects to a minimum: Too much dazzle only obscures the presentation. This same advice ap- plies to color. If you're using some- thing like DeluxePaint Animation, for instance, pick three or at most four compatible colors, then slick with them throughout your presentation. On-disk presentations. You can be two places at once when you have your PC presenting for you.

Since all slide-show and most presentation software lets you put your electronic pitch on disk, why not send the disk instead of yourself? Here's how it works. You've created a standard pre- sentation that shows how your at- home pubHshing practice saves youi clients money and time.

The slide show combines charts ihat focus on your fast turnaround and low rates with sample Ventura Publisher screens that show off your best publi- cation designs. You get a call from a prospective client who wants lo see what you can do, but you've got dead- lines to meet. Don't turn down the chance lo land another customer In- stead, find out if the potential client has a PC; if so, simply drop off a disk or pop one in a mailer.

The on-disk presentation acts as your stand-in un- til you get back to the customer in person. You can even use an on-disk pre- sentation as a way to get more busi- ness from established customers.

Every new cus- tomer with a PC gets a copy of the disk, which acts as your electronic catalog. Point-of-purchase presentations. Retail possibilities for PC promotions are just as impressive. If you have a small retail business, dedicate some counter space to the PC and use it as an always-changing electronic billboard. County Rd. MN area. You could charge customers for the ads or use them to draw new customers by offering free advertising to businesses that use your center for their packaging and shipping needs.

If your home business is in ad- vertising, design, or promotions, you could add point-of-purchase presenta- tions to your service inventory'. Toot Your Own Horn You've got to sell yourself, and your business, every day. No one can sing your praises better than you. The PC you use to keep books, track customer addresses, and gener- ate correspondence can also help you sing louder than the competition. PC promotions and presentations are nothing new — major corporations have been producing them for years.

But they're an underused and under- estimated aid for the home-based business. For best success, start small, change your presentation to match the targeted customers and clients, and vary the delivery from in-person to through-the-mail for a complete and aggressive marketing plan. Your home operation may not have the wherewithal to air ads on television, but your PC presentations can give you the same result — new business.

New business is what PC promos are all about. And that's fine with you, isn't it? It's a beautiful Spring morning as you prepare to tee off.

You select your 1 driver ignoring your caddy's wisecrack ,.. As you approacli your second shot you notice every detail of your surroundings,. With every drive and putt, your ball will act according to the true laws of physics. And you'll experience all the sounds of a real tournament Gone are square-edged screens that look like Lego blocks. Filter by: Date added Past 24 hours. Past 2 days.

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LSL6CD transcript | Leisure Suit Larry Omnipedia Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Please try again later. Wait until Larry 7 to save your game! Try again later. Why'd you do that to me? That tickles! I'm mine!! Dropped it. This orchid is redolent. I have one exactly like that! Thank God! Good idea. I was thirsty! And once is enough!

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What am I supposed to do inside here while you're gone? Remember: we did it all with 1's and 0's! Have you found the dirty parts yet? While you were playing the game, we were examining your hard drive. Boy, are you in trouble! Geez, what a boring DOS prompt you have!

Now do you get it? Leisure Suit Larry was created by Al Lowe. Al Lowe bears no resemblance to any persons, living or dead.

Of course that's hard to believe. But it's true! If you didn't like it, keep it to yourself. No one really values your opinion anyway! Is it time for Letterman already? Exactly what are you going to do that's more fun than THIS? Warning: You are now entering real life! Don't go away mad Oh, come on. You've got enough time. Let's play just a little longer! Come back again when you can stay longer. What did you think you were going to see, you pervert?

Would you like to save now? Delete some save games and try again. You must run it before you run the game. Those are tits to die for! Since you neglected to bring proper swimwear with you, perhaps you'll just have to create your own! Perhaps you shouldn't play with electrical cords while they're plugged in! So's Your Time Shock it to death? The other end is now bare wire. You'd better be careful plugging this thing into an outlet. Those bare wires could deliver quite a charge! That's what makes the same brand of key fit into all other locks, but only work in one particular lock.

Not the key! You could file down this key with your file, but what would you use for a pattern? You carefully file this key with your bastard file, using the "Impressed Soap" for a pattern. What do you think you're doing with that key! You're not trying to make a copy of my tower key, are you? You'd better not be! You carefully file this key with your bastard file, using the lifeguard's key as a pattern!

You do not die. You'll have to find some other means! You don't know whose mouth has been on that beaver!! That file would really be rough on your beaver! It's a MALE condom! Six cold long necks! And look: most of them are naked! Nice expensive paper. They're only photographs of naked women! Try a match. But first, shouldn't you light the match? Your burning lamp bears a remarkable resemblance to the universal symbol of learning.

You presume this baby could easily double as his nightstick. Slick move, Larry! Nothing happens. You hope Art doesn't notice his flashlight now weighs considerably less than it did when he gave it to you. Why put them back in? Complimentary mint-flavored dental floss!

Not a bad idea. But since you are morally opposed to violence especially against you! Let's just say, "You'd better not! That might soften it up! A possibility. Maybe I could suck the air out of this beaver. You don't know whose mouth has been on that beaver! It's hard to tell right now, since it is still closed. Perfect for lounging around poolside! You may need that for reference someday.

Remove them and they'd be a perfect match! They are a perfect fit! If you could only fill it with something, it might light. Let's not be masochistic, okay?!

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Leisure suit larry naked video clops