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Michal was the younger daughter of King Saul. Her mother was Ahinoam. Her older sister was Mereb. Was she the baby in the family, used to being spoiled? Her future was dictated by her status.

Michael wife of king david

I found the writing pretty dry and some of the dialogue was Gloryhole sex bit awkward for me. However, he makes it clear that God didn't choose to bless their marriage, and she understands that. Some biblical experts claim that Michal was David's favorite wifewhile others insist that her loyalty to her father blighted the marriage of Michal and David. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I am thankful for my Heavenly Father who has such a huge heart and Micael patience with the likes of me! She was his wife. David brought his Michael wife of king david of spouses to seven when he later married Bathsheba in Jerusalem, so David had well under the maximum of 18 wives.

Discussion bb hardcore politics. Who was David?

References for the Many Wives of David in the Bible. A ravid spear circa 1,BC. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved 12 Font teen people — via Google Books. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society. David is also known because he played the harp and wrote psalms. Follow Christian Living. He told the soldiers to collect David and bring him to the palace, even if it meant carrying him on a stretcher, or on the bed he supposedly lay on. These were dangerous times. David C Cook. David didn't take the bait because in verse 19 Merab is married to Adriel the Meholathite, with whom she had 5 children.

David is familiar to most people as a great hero in the Bible because of his confrontation with Goliath of Gath, a giant Philistine warrior.

  • David is familiar to most people as a great hero in the Bible because of his confrontation with Goliath of Gath, a giant Philistine warrior.
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  • In the biblical narrative , David is a young shepherd who gains fame first as a musician and later by killing the enemy champion Goliath.
  • David's first marriage to Michal pronounced "Michael" , the younger daughter of his rival, King Saul, was a political alliance that scholars still debate.

Bible References : 1 Samuel Back Story : King Saul went to war with the Philistines. David killed Goliath, the Philistine champion. The bride price that King Saul wanted from David was Philistine foreskins. The foreskins were proof that David killed Philistines. David brought King Saul Philistine foreskins. David married Michel.

The Bible says that Princess Michal loved David, however, there is no record that he loved her. When King Saul attempted to kill David, Michal warned him. She provided a way for David to escape and fooled King Saul, thus protecting David against her father. While David was hiding from King Saul, he made no effort to have Michal join him. Instead David married two other women who stayed with David. To do that David would have had to give Michal a written letter of divorce and send her from his home Deuteronomy King Saul declared the marriage between David and Michal over; they were divorced.

King Saul gave Michal to Palti as his wife. Palti was the son of Laish, of the town of Gallim 1 Samuel Apparently, Palti was a supporter of King Saul.

If his actions are any indication Palti loved Michal 2 Samuel 3. She was his wife. Pondering Relationships : Clearly, both Palti and Michal were adulterers. Under Mosaic Law only a husband had the power to divorce his wife. Despite their adultery, the Bible recorded no place that either Michal or Palti were punished stoned to death. David would have been within his legal right to kill Palti, but then he would have had to enact the same punishment on Michal, which David was unwilling to do.

David with her help fled her father; David married other women. David made no effort to reclaim Michal. The king and her father ordered Michal to marry Palti.

Reflection : Princess Michal was a pawn of her husbands and father. Have you ever been an adulterer according to Mosaic Law? Enjoyed the read on the minor charactors of the Bible,or those less talked about but as important.

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Retrieved 12 February — via Google Books. David is richly represented in post-biblical Jewish written and oral tradition, and is discussed in the New Testament. Past Issues. King Saul felt threatened by David because it was obvious that the Lord's blessing was with David and that it had left Saul. However, these were only some of David's many accomplishments.

Michael wife of king david

Michael wife of king david

Michael wife of king david

Michael wife of king david

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She was born in Israel, God's chosen people, although among those who had failed to follow Him. She married one of the most-godly men in the Bible but didn't worship his God. Michal's name means "Who is like Jehovah. Michal was in love with David as I'm sure many women of Israel and Judah were. David was handsome, powerful and successful in everything he did. He was a great warrior and a popular leader.

King Saul felt threatened by David because it was obvious that the Lord's blessing was with David and that it had left Saul. When Saul became aware of Michal's love for David, he planned to rid himself of the powerful rival. Saul announced that he would give Michal to David as a wife for the simple dowry of one hundred dead Philistines. Saul's plan was that David would die in the battle because this would have been an impossible task for any ordinary man.

However, David and his men won the battle and brought back the proof that Saul required. David claimed his bride and Saul became even more afraid of his power. Saul took more direct action. He sent men to David's home to kill him. Michal heard of the plan, warned David and helped him escape through a window. Then she put an idol in the bed and covered it to give the impression that David was sleeping. Saul's men went in to get him, only to discover the deception.

Michal lied, saying that she was forced to help David. David was on the run - a wanted man - and for a time Michal was given to another man as his wife. David later demanded her return and received her back from her tearful husband. As the story goes on, David became king over Israel. Read the entire story in 1 Samuel, chapter 14 through 2 Samuel, chapter 6. David led a procession that was bringing the Ark of the Covenant into the City of David.

This was a time of celebration because the Ark brought with it the sacred blessing of God. David had shed his royal garments and wore a priestly garment of linen. He danced with abandon before the Lord. Everyone was celebrating the return of the Ark, except Michal.

As she watched from a window, she was embarrassed to see her husband behaving in an undignified manner. In that one day of battle she lost father, brothers, and royal status. But for David, it was a golden opportunity, and he seized it. He led his army towards the capital, Hebron, and by allying himself with former enemies he was able to make himself king, at least over the local tribes of Judah. David gained the upper hand and Ishbaal made overtures of peace.

David agreed, but on one condition. He wanted Michal to be handed back to him, since he argued that he had paid the original price of one hundred Philistine foreskins and therefore retained the right to her.

Having the daughter of the former king in his harem would bolster his claim to the throne. The walled area in the lower right of the image shows Jebus Jerusalem at the time of David. No doubt Michal objected, but she was over-ridden. It was political expediency. Ishbaal tore her away from her husband Paltiel, even though she begged to stay with him.

There is a poignant description of the grief of Paltiel, who was forced to surrender the wife he loved to an uncertain future. Only then did he relinquish her. Once that was done, Ishbaal was speedily murdered, and David reigned supreme in Hebron for seven years before he conquered the fortress of Jerusalem.

During this time, Michal lived in the palace harem as a virtual prisoner, but never conceived a child of her own, which suggests that there was animosity between David and herself — as well there might be. Illustration from the Maciejowski Bible: Patriel and Michal are parted. After some time, David decided to move the Ark of the Covenant from Kiriath-Jearim to Jerusalem, to establish his new capital as a religious center, not just a political one. Because of his dread of the power of the Ark David left the Ark in a house outside Jerusalem for three months, but when he heard that it brought good fortune to the people who were caring for it, he decided it could after all be safely transported inside the city walls.

In the procession accompanying the Ark, David cavorted and leapt in a most unkingly way, dressed only in a lightweight linen loincloth. His genitals were exposed. Michal, standing at the window of the palace, saw him behaving in a way that might titillate a serving women, but was certainly not the regal behaviour of a king. She went out to meet him, and all the pent-up anger inside her came pouring out.

David replied that he, not Saul, was king now, and that he would do whatever he wanted. This blazing quarrel is the last that we see of Michal. Ominously, the text notes that she remained childless all her life.

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Bible Woman — Michal, wife of King David. Who was Michal in the Bible? Michal marries for love Michal was the younger daughter of King Saul. Who was David? Replica of an ancient harp. A socketed spear circa 1,BC. Gold and pearl tiara. Search Box. Michal links.

Michal, King David's First Wife

The Rabbis ask how David could have married two sisters, an act that is prohibited by the The legal corpus of Jewish laws and observances as prescribed in the Torah and interpreted by rabbinic authorities, beginning with those of the Mishnah and Talmud. Lieberman] The Scroll of Esther is read on Purim from a parchment scroll. Megillah 15a. The Torah she-bi-khetav : Lit. II Sam. Afterwards, the prophet Nathan tells him II Sam. Since Michal was not included in the list of his first six wives, but was already married to him before this statement by the prophet, the Rabbis identified Eglah with Michal.

Expanding on this, the A type of non-halakhic literary activitiy of the Rabbis for interpreting non-legal material according to special principles of interpretation hermeneutical rules.

Expanding on the Biblical account I Sam. I was afraid of him, and I helped him to escape. The Rabbis emphasize that even when Michal was given to another, she remained faithful to David. I Sam. According to the Rabbis, Saul did so upon the evil counsel of Doeg the Edomite. Doeg told Saul that since David had rebelled against the king, he deserved to die, and indeed, was already considered to be a dead man: his life was free for the taking, as was his wife.

Saul accordingly gave his daughter, who was already married, to Palti Gen. Rabbah The Rabbis maintain that although Michal and Paltiel lived together as a married couple, they did not engage in intercourse. Saul, in striking contrast, made light of the sexual prohibitions, and gave a married woman to another; accordingly, he was punished by the loss of his kingship Lit.

Seder Eliyahu Rabbah , chap. Michal, the daughter of royalty, who was accustomed to all the details of protocol at the royal court, could not distinguish between the honor of God and that of mere flesh and blood.

When the procession reached Jerusalem, all the women gazed upon David from the rooftops and the windows and saw him dancing carelessly and merrily. When Michal daughter of Saul saw David acting like a commoner, she found this disgraceful.

Michal went out to him, but she did not let him enter the house; instead, she gave him a tongue-lashing and began quarreling with him.

But you stand and reveal your clothing as one of the worthless ones! I made merry before the King of kings, who chose me from among your father and all his house.

Sukkah , 55c; Num. Rabbah ; Midrash Samuel The punishment prescribed for Michal II Sam. The midrash speaks of three women who had difficult deliveries and died in childbirth: Rachel, the wife of Phinehas, and Michal daughter of Saul.

This aggadic tradition was meant to resolve the difficulty raised by the identification of Michal with Eglah. This difficulty could be circumvented if Michal gave birth to Ithream on her dying day. Another Rabbinic proposal is that from that day on Michal was punished by not bearing any further children, but before that fateful day she already had a son by this name BT Sanhedrin 21a.

Merab was married to Adriel the Meholathite and bore five sons. When Merab passed away, Michal raised them as if they were her own offspring, and therefore they are attributed to Michal. This tradition sought to resolve the problem created by the text in II Sam. Lieberman] ; JT Kiddushin , 65b. The Rabbis further relate of this righteous woman that Michal would put on Phylacteries tefillin every day, and the sages of the time did not protest, even though there is no The legal corpus of Jewish laws and observances as prescribed in the Torah and interpreted by rabbinic authorities, beginning with those of the Mishnah and Talmud.

Kind of a sad story that Michal would dispute what David was doing and David to me reacted too righteous towards her. Read SOlomon took wives, is that true? Probably explains why the house of David prospered more in Judah then in Israel with kings doing evil and killing one another for the throne.

Awesome clarity! So much to learn and yet so little time. The earth is truly the Lord's and the fulness thereof, because only He alone will ever fathom the perplexity of His designs.

God is magnificent and perfect in ALL His ways. Bless the Lord! Great article! I find the Ark of the Covenant incident to be more complicated than what first meets the eye. While there may have been some "spiritual confusion," there were other matters and events leading up to it. I also like the approach of Michal and Eglah being the same person. I'm torn. I find the by Sarah Patten.

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Michael wife of king david

Michael wife of king david

Michael wife of king david