Monkeys steal my underwear-Eye of the Needle: Monkeys Stole My Underwear

The stitching is great! That Pink is a mess! Elvis just sits there and looks so innocent! They are funny bunnies! Well, Elvis looks innocent!

Monkeys steal my underwear

The Monkeys steal my underwear at night. There's a frolic-ing kitty and dog and a sheep or something, and some birds and a hill with flowers and a big gravestone with room for Fluffy's Monkeys steal my underwear on it. Good to see that the monkey business is over and you could your monkey off your back! Thank Vagina onion odor for sharing your thoughts! Ceramic Round Ornaments. Everyone looked at her. Rectangle Car Magnets. It was fun reading them.

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We're crazy, and we'll just leave it at that. I don't think it has really sunk in with the kids yet. On my mind You may also like. Monkeys steal my underwear steal 'em too if I was your step son. Happy Birthday T! We have been wanting a new cat since the tragic death of our beloved Otis. He then manages to roll himself in to his bed, and sleep. How soon do people send out thank you cards after a wedding? I have never done so, because I believe it invades privacy and not that I'd do it anyway but I Momkeys people who have done it. I have never been so attached to an animal. Related Questions Help with returning stolen underwear? Call him out??? I say you confess whilst the cops take place, cooperate, and probably get off with a misdemeanor. Throw Pillows.

Need to know: Monkey Temple safety tips Why visit Lopburi?

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The Monkeys steal my underwear at night. By: Sam and Julia. I have no ownership…and I shall say it again, NO ownership, of these characters. I ain't making any money off it either, unless you want to pay me, lol, but other than that, this is just for fun.

Year: It doesn't matter, really, because if you think of them as 11 year olds going through this, and if you think of them as 16 year olds going through this, it's hilarious either way, lol.

Sam here! I'm doing the first chapter, and Julia will do the second…and so on, lol. All the students file in to the Great Hall for the usual welcoming feast, completely unaware of the monkeys lurking in the shadows, watching their every move. They didn't notice any of the monkeys all through dinner. At least, no one but Hermione. It's a monkey! Everyone looked at her. What are you talking about? Hermione went pink. Everyone just forgot about it and went back to eating.

After the feast, they all went up to their dorms. No one seemed to remember the monkey incident in the Great Hall. The next morning, screams were heard from the girls dormitories. It was Hermione. Everyone rushed to the room to make sure she was ok. By the time Professor McGonagall got there, a small crowd had gathered around Hermione, who was staring at her empty underwear drawer. She had known too much. Professor McGonagall tried to hold in a laugh.

It was very difficult, I mean, seriously, who steals underwear? The monkeys do. He rolled out of the room, down the stairs, across the common room, and, somehow, up the stairs to his dormitory. He then manages to roll himself in to his bed, and sleep. How he did, I know not. But he looked really freakin hilarious in the process. Ron walked in to the room. He too saw the empty underwear drawer, and fell over, landing on the bed.

Not just the bed, however, on Lavender Brown also. Lavender, who's been waiting for this since, forever, passes out in disbelief. Hermione eyes open just long enough to see a monkey cackling in the corner, which makes her close her eyes again. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

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That person needs to buy their own underwear Buy him his own pairs. They fit right in! Not ready for that yet. I stress to easy 8 years ago. Should I feel guilty for having this relationship with my mother or accept that it happened and move on? About product Boxer Shorts.

Monkeys steal my underwear

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The Monkeys Steal My Underwear At Night, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

Need to know: Monkey Temple safety tips Why visit Lopburi? If you love the furry little mischief-makers then this is a place you simply must visit. Lopburi is about 2 hours north of Bangkok and can be reached by car, train or bus.

It can be easily visited on a day trip out of the capital or make a great stop for those taking the slow route from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. As mentioned just a second ago, I decided to take the train to Lopburi for the day, starting in Ayutthaya. If you are tight on time, there are many travel agents that offer day trips from Bangkok to Lopburi, normally combined with a visit to Ayutthaya, but it is also easy to get to via public transport.

The trip takes a little over 2 hours and you probably need no more than 3 hours in Lopburi, and even that would include time for lunch. Check the Bangkok to Ayutthaya or Lopburi train timetable on Seat61 , an amazing train travel resource.

There are also buses that run regularly from the Morchit, or Northern, bus terminal. During my visit, I had the luxury of time meaning I could catch the train the day before meaning it was much easier to get to Lopburi from Ayutthaya. It was another yet another hot and humid day with the few wispy clouds in the sky offering little protection from the sun. I had been looking forward to this stop for a few weeks having heard about it while searching out the best places to see monkeys in Thailand.

As I left the station, a charming chap offer to take me to the temple in his pedal-powered tuk-tuk for just 10 baht. The driver or is it rider when pedalling was a relatively slender old man and with me in tow, he seemed to struggle with the slight incline. I ended up feeling somewhat guilty and offered to take over, but he was insistent.

As a temple, the Prang Sam Yod is small and handsome, but nothing extraordinary compared to others in the region. The temple is in the centre of grassy field enclosed in by a small metal fence. While it can easily be seen from the outside, to get up close and personal to the vast majority of our little furry cousins, I had to pay to enter the temple site. As soon as I walked in, I could sense eyes on me from every angle.

It is times like these that remind me why I had that rabies shot before I left the UK. I can only guess she thought that the cute little monkeys would sit on the floor, look up at her with wide eyes, arms out, pleading with her to hand over a bit of food. No sooner had she entered the temple area that one launched itself onto her back, she screamed as another climbed her leg and a third drew near.

She started to go into full blown panic mode and jerked around trying to shake them off; it looked to me like she had just been tasered. I felt bad for her, kind of like I should help. As the 4th monkey landed on her the temple guard finally thought he should do something having previously taken the same attitude as me, enjoying.

Seeing the attack had made me somewhat apprehensive, I made sure that my bag was properly zipped up and sauntered off thankful I made the correct choice about not buying food! While checking that my aperture was set I felt an unexpected jolt on my back which coincided with an abrupt squeak from my friend.

I knew right away I had a monkey on my back. Luckily in the aforementioned research, it suggested that to remove monkeys, simply rotate at speed and the monkeys will fly off you in all directions. It seemed after this initial breach I was now thought of as fair game. I am not sure if the others saw and assumed I was carrying something worth having but all of a sudden I had three monkeys bundling on me.

After a while, I learnt to accept it and enjoy the experience, especially the one that sat on my back and groomed me hunting for ticks. And it was. I felt a genuine closeness to them, almost as if I was one of their crew. In total, I spent about an hour in the monkey temple before heading off to wander around the town. It was then when I witnessed one of the most amusing events in my trip.

Well, they are semi-wild animals, so as with any animal encounter, there is always an element of risk. Of course. But if you are sensible, the risk is minimal. So, as long as you follow the tips above, you should be fine. Most bites happen when someone tries to take a camera or phone back from a monkey or shakes around vigorously trying to get one off their arm. If you keep everything zipped up and use the aforementioned spin technique, you should be fine.

Probably not. The risk is absolutely minimal, however, if you do get bitten, then you make that call. There is a hospital nearby that will give you a rabies jab if you do ge bitten, just ask the guard, and it is then up to you to get the following 4 necessary injections throughout the course of a month to finish the treatment.

Have you been bitten by a monkey? If you have a rabies vaccination before you travel, you will still need to seek treatment, it is just a lot less painful. I would always recommend the vaccination, as there are many animals that can carry the disease in South East Asia.

Just recently the local officials have actually started to give the rabies vaccination to the monkeys in Lopburi. Also, the more skin that is covered is less tasty flesh for the hungry rabid monkeys. Well, hungry possibly, especially at lunchtime. In my opinion, you will be fine The majority of the monkeys hang out at the temple, like teenagers in a shopping mall.

As long as you stay outside the temple area, you will notice them, but they will more than likely leave you alone. However, you should still heed the warning about keeping your stuff zipped up, as we are about to find out. The small city has a great night market, many ancient temples to explore and in a little under an hour away from Lopburi by train.

Looking for more monkey action? Check out my tips for visiting the Ubud Monkey Forest. So back to my experience. As I made motions to leave and head back to the train station, I noticed a lady pulling up to the local bank on her moped with an interesting looking plastic bag on her handlebars.

Sensing the imminent danger from the bank security the monkey scarpered with his bounty, edible or not, straight to the top of a post. The bank team were extremely helpful in trying to get the phone back. The tactic they used was tossing a small packet of rice at the monkey in the hope that he would catch the rice and drop the phone. After a couple of throws, they were right in one sense; the monkey caught the rice, however, clever little monkey turned out to be ambidextrous and now he had a phone and a bag of rice.

The first mango toss got the monkeys attention but was off target. The following attempt was a big success; you could see the monkey making a calculation in his brain, rice vs. It was no contest, as he seized the mango out of mid-air he dropped the phone and the guard was able to catch it, aside from a couple of teeth marks; good as new and everyone was happy. Having witnessed something that seemed straight out of a Carry on Movie if you are not familiar with what I mean by that, check them out, 60s and 70s British humour at its finest.

It was a nice walk through Lopburi that took me back to the station, it passed by a couple more temples, with fewer monkeys. Check out this DIY day trip for more information. Once a year the residents of the town put on a celebration in honour of the monkeys and give them loads of food to say thank you for keeping their town prosperous.

The main reason I want to go is to watch them set it up and just see how they get it all that food into the temple without the monkeys ripping it away from them.

I guess with very big sticks! I would just LOVE it there. I visited Monkey Beach in Thailand, but this looks even cooler. She threw the bag and started screaming and ran back to the boat. I was lmao! You took the best pictures Matt! I would cry with happiness here. I swear down now I nearly cried the first time i saw a baby orangutan in real life. This is one of my number one bucket list locations so now I know everything important.

Thank you??? Someone else can take pics with their phone??? This is seriously one of my favorite posts because I love monkeys! They are very mischevious and its never good to feed them. We have a lot of monkeys in Flordia. All of us natives were mad at them for messing with the monkeys because the state wanted to remove them from the park. So many monkeys? I find monkeys cute, but I am also scared of them because they seem to be very mischievous.

You sure had a great time! Great post! I think the temple is beautiful, but I would hesitate to visit because I am scared to be so close to monkeys! I have had bad experience with them. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I would have laughed my bum off too! My son spends half a year in thailand and I remember the first time he encountered monkeys and he thought they were cute too until they showed their true colours!! Great blog!! Sounds like a crazy and memorable time! I love the story with the phone, although I doubt the woman felt like it was enjoyable at the time!

I would LOVE to be able to be that close to monkeys!

Monkeys steal my underwear