Myspace naked baby pic-Tom Hardy Finally Comments On His Old Myspace Photos Going Viral | HuffPost

He was a 19 year old teenager. Granted, he was an adult at the time he was charged with this crime, but the pictures he was accused of taking, and later plead guilty to, were taken when he was a teenager. I have a bit of a problem with this story. Reading it reminded me too much of my defense of James Grady back in on similar charges here in Colorado. Anthony D.

Myspace naked baby pic

Myspace naked baby pic

Myspace naked baby pic

Myspace naked baby pic

Oleg Sergeichik. Thanks, Cyndi, for your compliment! Phillips was apparently quite angry about this turn of events, and he responded in a most unadvisable manner. I showed them haked my 6 year old daughter so she can see what to expect when I have our baby in May!!! Reading it reminded me too much of my defense of James Grady back in on similar charges here in Colorado. Facebook Twitter.

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My friend and sometimes blogger Snikta recently had a baby and, like any proud papa these days, he posted photos of his newborn girly to his MySpace account.

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Perhaps forgetting that we should all be so lucky to find something we love -- even if that means that something is taking borderline naked selfies while making the much-maligned duckface -- the Internet believed the resurfacing of these photos would become the bane of the actor's existence.

Instead, Hardy wasn't even mad, maxing his rightfully earned self-assurance in an interview with Sky News. Tom Hardy's MySpace profile neverforget pic. I'm so so so so glad Tom Hardy had a myspace and uploaded terrible pictures of himself to it.

In some nod to humility, Hardy admitted that he "might not be an Adonis, but I like to think of myself as an Adonis in that photo. Tom Hardy's old Myspace pictures They resonate because they're probably more real than anything you're willing to show in return. For a constant stream of entertainment news and discussion, follow HuffPost Entertainment on Viber. US Edition U. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons. Terms Privacy Policy. Part of HuffPost Entertainment.

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Myspace naked baby pic

Myspace naked baby pic. Galleries showing myspace sluts

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38 Myspace Pictures That’ll Take You Right Back To The ’00s

My friend and sometimes blogger Snikta recently had a baby and, like any proud papa these days, he posted photos of his newborn girly to his MySpace account. He received the following generic message from MySpace, which had already yanked a couple of the photos, those of his daughter in her first moments in the outside world:.

Subject: We had to delete one of your photos Body: We had to remove an image or images from your account because they violated our Terms of Use. If you continue to violate our Terms, we may be forced to remove your account.

You may feel singled out, but be assured that we delete each and every one of these images as we locate them. The nudity provision was violated by the images, but we tend, culturally, to have a higher general acceptance of naked babies and small children than of adults.

Heck, I saw the photos and thought twice for a split second about birthing any babies. A new CDC report indicates that the teen pregnancy rate rose in for the first time in 14 years — would a little reality check really hurt anyone? I worried about freaks and pedophiles and their reaction to a naked baby. What a beauty! How amazing to capture this moment. Funny, though, when I looked at the second picture, her legs flop up almost like she was in a breech position.

Was she breech? I had to write this up for MCB to appear midmorning tomorrow. The birth went perfectly in every way. Thanks, Cyndi, for your compliment! Tom must be a pretty busy guy! YouTube recently took down a sweet vintage Sesame Street clip of Big Bird learning about breastfeeding while acast member breastfed her infant son.

I am sick of silly censorship. We should all protest against silly editorial decisions. This is crazy! PS- um, unless you know what the photos are about, those baby pics are frightening. Angel, Just to be clear. They did not make me take them down. They deleted them and then told me about it. Teegan, I suppose the pics could be found a little frightening if you were not aware of the context. No one who would have been able to see the pictures should have been unaware, however, because they had all been notified a couple days before I posted them about the birth.

I, too, am bothered by the larger issue of corporations and other groups-who are dependent upon their users for content- deciding that materials that are educational I refer to the youtube video are not appropriate for their audience.

These pictures are not intended to educate, but I suppose one could find some educational value in them. Shame on myspace!! Those are wonderful pics! I showed them to my 6 year old daughter so she can see what to expect when I have our baby in May!!! Nothing at all offensive about these pics!!!!

Come on people…rules are not meant to be broken. Everyone wants to get away with something for some exceptional reason or another. Yet, not everyone needs or wants to experience YOUR personal experience with it! Myspace did what was right and hopefully they will get around to the half naked men AND women exposing themselves for personal gain online also, but until then, lets at least keep the dignity and safeguards of our children intact.

Come on people…really. Nobody was being forced to look at them. The rules themselves are not all clear, giving considerable wiggle room for what is considered obsence. Well Rachel, lets just agree to disagree. It seems to me your not a neutral to the situation, so I feel my point was valid and strong.

Then again it is just MY thought. I am a 22 year old young woman i have an 8 yearold son. Chrystal, congrats to you for handling it all. Yes, pictures like this should be shown in the classroom.

I do have one consideration, though. I think we should respect the feelings of children. But parents, of course, routinely invade the privacy and reveal the secrets of their children. Otherwise, you have my support to keep posting photos like this. Myspace are worse than our national news!

The red nasal syringe told me that this child was born healthily, even though her extremities are a wee bit bluish… Some unwitting viewers might initially get the unfortunate perception that this was not a happy ie. I am one of those people that finds childbirth and everything associated with it absolutely the MOST disgusting sight I have ever had the misfortune of witnessing.

I am glad that sites like Myspace and photobucket delete those types of pictures. I do not find them appropriate to be posted on any public site. I am curious however if the pictures were marked as viewable by friends or private only?

If that be the case then you should be allowed to post them on your profile but only as long as they are kept to those limitations. To make them public so that just anyone can stumble upon them is inappropriate. I had to run to the bathroom and be sick just happening across them during a benign photo search on Google. David- What you said about context is very important. The context was this: it you were able to access the album where the pictures were posted, you knew this was a happy birth.

Cher- The pictures were in a private album, accessible only to friends. The pictures were taken by our labor nurse, Debbie, who grabbed the camera and started snapping away. What that Cher lady had to say is off the wall. I put pics up that are far less appropriate then a picture of a new born baby.

I myself get tired of seeing all the nudity on the internet and their going to have a fit over a baby. So I have to say get over it and complain about something that might have an impact in the world. I myself know fourteen and fifteen year old girls that are having children, maybe if they would see more stuff like that they would use a condom or wait to have sex.

Its people who think that stuff like that should stay in the labor room are enabling our child to have a false look at child birth and pregnancy. I myself was in a labor room at age 12 and I used protection because of it when I became sexually active. So maybe Myspace needs a reality check. Baby cannot consent. Baby is completely anonymous at the moment, and is welcome to ask me to remove them if she finds that she is embarrassed nonetheless at a later date.

I agree birth is a beautiful thing for the close family and very close friends. These are not the kinds of baby pictures I would upload and share with my friends. But then again others may have a different view on this than I do. Even as a mother of two those pictures looked a little harsh. Maybe had he waited until baby was cleaned up it would of gotten a better response. I have a ten-month old and would have loved to see this when I was pregnant….

To be honest this could be a disturbing photo to see for a young person. On MSN there is a video MySpace deletes burned baby photos , of a couple who had their sons imgs removed from their myspace page.

Bc the way the child looked offended someone. He died at the age of 7. Can you imagine having to deal with that pain. Then to put up photos, the only thing you have left of your son, only have them removed bc some heartless jackass found them offencive??? What pictures are next? Certainly not the nude or partially nude images of any hot chicks.

Seriously, what do people expect newborns look like when they come out? Unfortunately, this actually just happened to me as well. I posted three pictures of my newborn son with his private area covered up using an editing program and only one was deleted.

I have since deleted the others so as not to get banned from myspace. My son was not overly bloody and his private area was covered, why then did they have to delete his picture? We can do without those kinds of photos on Myspace, thank you very much. I think Benetton ran a campaign with a similar image. The campaign was banned in Catholic countries.

It infringed on the notion of the purity of birth. And yes they will make mistakes…after all the people that run Myspace, and others are human, and often times, very young humans at that…. I have a 1 year old daughter.. Think twice before publishing — maybe this child thinks like me.

Myspace naked baby pic