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When a woman reaches her third trimester of pregnancy, it's common for her to start freaking out about what's about to go down in the delivery room. She might wonder how long she'll be in labor, if she'll be able to stand the pain, and if everything will go smoothly. But many people don't realize that women also have other worries, namely what the heck to do about their pubic hair since they can't see over their pregnant bellies to shave. If that's you, good news. A midwife on Reddit just shared the lowdown on what birth professionals really think about pubes and the thread is hilariously informative.

Nurse start to shave me

Procedure for shaving a bedridden elderly man: encourage elder to participate as much as he is able to do Place all the assembled equipment on a bedside table close to elder Raise the head of the bed so the elder is sitting up as much as possible. What do you do about hair down there? Read this next. By continuing to use our website without changing the settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. About 5 percent of ladies groom daily, but a monthly regimen is more common. Apparently it contains healing qualities and is still used to day, in the treatment of stubborn, slow-healing Xenosaga sex - which must be how she seemed to know so much about it. Filed Under: Personal Care. The drugs were so strong that it all fell out almost immediately. This is Nurse start to shave me.

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It was a slow day on the floor and my patient, whose hair was falling out from chemo, had just asked me to shave his head.

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  • When your year-old screams from the bathroom that they need your help right now, you moan and grumble to yourself that you thought potty training was supposed to free you from these particular shackles.
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It was a slow day on the floor and my patient, whose hair was falling out from chemo, had just asked me to shave his head. Some cancer patients find the process of waiting for their hair to fall out intolerable.

During showers they feel awash in hair. Cancer drugs target quickly dividing cells, and that includes the cells in hair follicles. Patients tend to lose their hair 10 to 14 days after the start of chemo. The patient today was a big guy, not overweight, just solid, in his mids, with a boyish smile and a sly sarcastic streak that made me laugh.

My friend Christi said she had shaved plenty of heads and offered instruction as well as moral support. His wife insisted on taking pictures and tried to get me to leave him with a mohawk.

The next day, though, a different patient — this time a woman — asked me to get out the electric razor. She reminded me a bit of myself. She was roughly my age, 44, and had an year-old daughter, whereas my twin daughters are Her hair was already fairly short, cut into an almost-shoulder-length bob. When the doctors had come in for morning rounds she had stood up and then, looking embarrassed, brushed off the layer of hair that had fallen out and covered her shoulders and back.

She had been losing so much hair, she said, she felt like she was shedding. That evening I got ready to shave my second head in two days, but the atmosphere in the room this time was completely different. Her husband had been with her during the day, but now she was alone. Before I started I asked if she wanted me to cut her hair short first before shaving it, but she said no, to just shave her head. She was sitting in a chair facing one of the large windows in her room.

Partway through she noticed a ghostly reflection of her half-shorn head in the window glass. And suddenly I felt very awkward, even guilty, about what I was doing. I realized for the first time how difficult it can be to lose your hair as a byproduct of saving your own life.

But this woman, my patient, had asked me to shave her head, and so I did. But as her hair came off she revealed a few things. Her biggest worry was what her daughter would say. When we were done, she headed to the shower to wash away all the small pieces of hair that were clinging to her.

My son and I went together to have our heads shaved and our local paper made a video of it. We both had fairly long hair and I had a hairpiece made out of our hair. Sometimes it was comical, perfect strangers coming up to ask me if I had breast cancer and who was my doctor.

And sometimes heartbreaking, once a mother brought her tiny 8 year old son over to me and asked me to tell him that he was going to be OK after his 3rd round of chemo.

That being said: My partner, who later died from breast cancer, went for the bald look after her hair reached the wispy state, and she wore a cap only on the coldest days. I think she decided to take advantage of one of the few freedoms left to her, freedom from primping according to the tastes and demands of society. What you did was a wonderful service for those patients. I lost my hair twice due to different treatment regimens and each time there were emotions associated that I did not expect.

It is not the effect of your barbering but of thier heads. I remember when my dad had cancer and started to lose his hair. At first, as a business man, he was definitely self conscious.

I think cancer makes you appreciate your life a lot more, and by the end, what you look like goes out the window, and how you feel becomes much, much more important. This is at least the transformation my dad went through, and it was definitely eye opening for me and the way I looked at my own life. Just a note to let you know that I can no longer read your column. You are just sooooooooooooooo depressing all of the time. Not everything about cancer is so bleak.

Thanks for this post. She had breast cancer and chemo and the inevitable hair loss that accompanies. My wife felt very vulnerable during this period. Rest assured though — it will grow back!

Our kids were fine with their Mom being bald AT HOME, but when she was at school they requested that she wear a wig so she would look normal. Thanks for doing what you do — it means a lot. My father-in-law, a barber, shaved my head when I was undergoing chemo for breast cancer. I am lucky as can be to have such an incredible father-in-law.

This is sad. If found guilty of cancer the patient is treated like those hapless victims of the Auto da Fe painting of Spanish art. Good by, hair, hello shaved head. Bless those nurses and others who help to ease this traumatic event. Cancer treatment professionals need to put their heads together and try to let each other and their patients know what works best with the least damage. There must be master oncologists who can balance doses that do the least damage but result in successful treatment.

Yesterday there was a column on making the health insurance plan work by using a system the USDA field offices did to improve farming practices.

They also research who ask the pros and pass on the best information. I bet there are nurses out there who know tricks of the trade such as the best time of day for treatment.

Is it morning? Then perform the drips only then. Only afternoon? Hair loss for a woman is very emotional, even devistating, especially if it will never grow back. I suffer from alopecia universalis. On top of no hair on the head, there are no eye lashes, no eyebrows, etc. Chemo patients get financial support for wigs required during chemo. It can have a permanent effect on your social outlook and ultimately your life.

Of course no one wants to champion this problem before any legislature. Deciding when to lose your hair is one of the only things that chemo patients can exercize control over. When my wife started chemo we had a drawing at her office. Everyone contributed a dollar amount and got a number. The person whose number was drawn got to shave her head. The proceeds went toward cancer research. None of the wigs looked right on me and I ended up going without, which was very freeing.

I am jealous of the men who can choose to be bald and not stand out as strange in our society. To be rid of all that messy hair that is always in the way!

For the most part, no one treated me differently. I met several cancer survivors that way, as it was a badge of honor instantly recognizable at the grocery store, or out on the street. When my hair grew back, so many people made comments about the color and the curly texture it had been and is now again straight. What is it about hair or lack thereof that is so important to us?

Made me feel better about the temporary hair loss. My mom let her hair fall out as she went through chemo and finally asked a good family friend, who happened to be a retired hairdresser, to cut some of it off. When he came over and started snipping, she just ended up asking him to shave it all off and let me tell you, she had a gorgeous bald head!

A few dozen hats later and my mom is in remission and is now rocking a beautiful short cut. She looks fabulous! But I will always know the beautiful bald head hiding under all that hair. Like Bobbi wrote: hair is one of the only things I felt that I could control. I set about making a plan and delayed getting my very long hair cut until after I got the all-clear. When we told my then five year old that I would be losing my hair, he had two requests. A few years later, he told me that he was worried that he would laugh if he saw my bald head.

I was 13 when I was diagnosed with leukemia. THis was As a 13 year old boy, the thought of losing my hair was brutal. The thought of being different was hard to handle. As silly as it sounds now, after the countless bone marrow tests, spinal taps and chemo, the thing that bothered me the most during those 2 years was not having my hair.

The drugs were so strong that it all fell out almost immediately. To Aging Boomer from a surgeon: It is almost impossible to get a scalp infection because the blood supply to the scalp is so good. Besides, the best health care professionals are not guided by liability — they are guided by what is best for the patient.

After having my wife go through and beat breast cancer and now her mother going through chemo for metastasized cancer, I have to say you have an odd viewpoint of a killer disease. I am surprised at how traumatic this is for some men.

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Nurse start to shave me

Nurse start to shave me

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This was not going away. Hard to argue with that. This was not to make her look like something out of a porno flick. This was not because of social media or her peers. Before you go, check out our slideshow below:. So I said yes. To my year-old. Shaving her pubes.


Safety concerns before you begin — is the elderly man on any blood thinners? If so you will want to use an electric razor. When using an electric razor — it should not be shared with other men for infection control reasons. Assemble all of your equipment before you start getting the elderly man ready for the shave. Procedure for shaving a bedridden elderly man: encourage elder to participate as much as he is able to do Place all the assembled equipment on a bedside table close to elder Raise the head of the bed so the elder is sitting up as much as possible.

Moisten face with warm water from basin with washcloth to soften beard. Use firm, short strokes. Shave in the direction of the hair growth. Rinse safety razor in warm water after every stroke. Repeat shaving cheek until all the shaving lather is removed. Continue shave with other cheek.

Using short strokes, shave from under nose to lip. Shave from under lips in downward strokes to chin in short strokes. On the neck area the strokes go from the base of the neck -upward towards the chin. If the elderly man is able to put his head back this will help considerably in tightening up the skin and making it easier to shave. Remove all remaining shaving lather with moist washcloth.

Apply after shave lotion. If the man is nicked during shaving, applying pressure with a small piece of tissue will stop the bleeding. Several nicks will mean that you are not using the correct razor. Maybe the razor you are using is too inexpensive, look for a higher quality razor. Virginia Garberding, R. You must be logged in to post a comment. Your email:. Nurse Virginia Caregiver Support. About Book. Filed Under: Personal Care. Speak Your Mind Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Nurse start to shave me