Pretty skinny-You have to be skinny to be pretty

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Click here to message the mods. I just want to be skinny and pretty self. I hate this so much. I just want to have a body and face that I love. I want to love my self. I hate everything about me. My stomach isn't flat, my boobs aren't round, my butt sags, I want to be skinny. I hate that I have a butt. I want it to be smaller. Every part of me has cellulite, My thighs, my stomach, my hips, my boobs. I hate it. I don't even have a pretty face. Everytime I look in the mirror I'm just disgusted by my self.

I'm always trying to think of ways to make my self look better. I'm constantly checking my reflection and being let down by what I see. Sometimes I'll think I look prettier then I actually do, then I see my self and get let down. My face is asymmetrical. It's dumb that I think like this but I just want to know how to like my self. I want to know how to be pretty. I'm tired of being jealous of other girls for no reason.

Nice girls who are genuinely pretty. I'm not pretty. I'm mean, I'm ugly, and I lay in bed all day and do nothing. I hate this. After classes I would hit the gym, make a plan for myself, and cut anything unnecessary out of my diet. Point is, you can do it! I recommend making a schedule and stick to it no matter what.

You got this, keep your head up and make the change happen. The last two sentences are the problem. Or be miserable forever you choose. It seems like you may be dealing with depression if all you do is lay in bed all day and have no motivation. I'd focus on dealing with your depression talk to your doctor and eating healthier and exercising always helps. It sounds to me like youn are severely depressed. No diet plan can help that and asking as your depression doesn't get better you will probably continue to lay in bed all day and do nothing.

I've been there. You get your head straight first. Exercise, eat right. We are our biggest self critics. It took me a lot of time but eventually I learned to love myself and the way I look, like really really love myself. Hope you soon realize the same. Of course I don't know you but I suggest you check your BMI and if it says that you are in the healthy range then you don't need to loose weight. Be careful and don't go down a path of horrible calorie restrictions.

For all the comments about going to the gym - an unexpected side effect of it is in my own experience at least that your goal changes. I started going 4x a week about a month ago and my goal has shifted from hot-instagram-girl with no cellulite or fat completely unattainable to someone who's stronger and who likes themselves. I've started - slowly - looking at my body, with all its imperfections, as a constantly changing thing because that's what we are.

Starting is horrible took me a month to work up the stones to go and pulling yourself out of that depression and self hatred lump feels impossible at times, but you can do it! Even if it might not feel like your thing, start hanging around other positive!

Having female friends who lift you up and are a good influence in your life is undeniably brilliant for your mental health. I was the same way. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.

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Thanks for submitting! Subscribe for the Secrets to a Younger You. Pretty Skinny Show Subscribe Now. All Videos Play video. Jenn visits the Four Seasons Hotel, goes out for some fancy tea, and takes a late afternoon stroll on the Vancouver boardwalk. Welcome to the Pretty Skinny Show! Tune in weekly to learn the skinny on the tips and tricks to a younger you! Enjoy Jenn educating you on the different bottled waters and their PH balance.

Some say Alkaline water is better for you and some say it is harmful. You can be the judge for your self. Essentia wins with the Highest PH level for Alkaline! Learn more about what sets Secret Body Las Vegas apart. The interview talks about coolsculpting and freezing away stubborn fat. Her insecurities are revealed in this episode where she reveals herself in a bikini after the Coolsculpting procedure.

Jenn ends up at the top of the mountain where she lunges in the snow. The show ends with Jenn talking about the revolutionary Coolsculpting Procedure.

Wearing Lululemon. Learn more about the revolutionary Coolsculpting and watch Jenn get real with people wanting to know more about Coolsculpting.

Pretty Skinny Show. First Name. Last Name. Tell Jenn Your Story. Submit Story.