Repairing stripped spark plug hole motorcycle-Spark Plug Repair: How to Repair Stripped Spark Plug Threads |

Spark plug repair can be done a number of ways. One reason a spark plug needs repair is because it is stripped and perhaps the reason for this is due to wear and tear. Spark plugs are parts of an internal combustion system that helps in firing up an air-gas combo to be able to start a vehicle. Repairing it may seem easy but if you are a novice with these things, you need to practice repairing scrap parts first before attempting it on your own vehicle. Better yet, if you have no experience in automotives it is best to leave it to the experts to avoid further damaging your vehicle.

Repairing stripped spark plug hole motorcycle

Repairing stripped spark plug hole motorcycle

I'm sure others who have this trouble later will appreciate it. Thread Tools. Likewise, if you choose to have a pro do Beaver habitat eastern washington, make sure they stand behind their work. After doing research here, I purchased a spark plug repair kit at Kragens. Stop the insanity. That sucks. I was able to torque a plug into it, but I would never have had enough confidence in the repair to take a long trip without having a nagging worry that it would blow out at any moment. Doing this with a hand-held ratchet is simply too imprecise. This is a type of thread insert fastener inserted into the cylinder to add an additional threaded hole.

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This grabs the insertion tang on the bottom of the helicoil. All blind hole thread repairs require a great deal of care. DO not over tighten a plug if you have a heli-coil in the plug Teenager bras This common Gay audition initially leads to loose fitting parts and leaking gaskets. The last coil of the helicoil should be level with the plug seat. Is this the safest best way or are there any other technique to get it done safely with less work? You should know that. The amount of damage depends directly on how much force was applied with a wrench. If you Repairing stripped spark plug hole motorcycle get a completely assembled used head in good condition, you should be able to replace the head in about the time it would take to helicoil both plug holes, and with ohle whole lot less aggravation. The spark plug thread is Repaiiring x 1. The repair methods also vary greatly. I'd give your mechanic a shot at fixing the threads before I held his feet to the fire.

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  • One of the great things about old bikes is that they're typically pretty simple to work on.
  • This process was necessitated by a spark plug that popped out of the head while going down the road.
  • Bert spent 25 years working as a home-improvement and residential construction contractor in central Florida.

Petersburg, Florida. Posts: 37 Joined: December Hillbilly bike Tridentman Magnetoman Most Online 14, May 5th, Key: Admin , Global Mod , Mod. Print Thread. Rate Thread. Joined: Mar Joined: Sep Ger B. They did not have a brochure in Gastonian, so learn my language and read this one. Or just watch the pictures. One of the possibilities There are more. Joined: Jan Asheville, NC. Mike Baker. Maybe not the only way, but a helicoil sparkplug repair kit worked for me on a Honda XL Never had any problems with it.

Melbourne Fl. If it ever fails or strips out, you still have enough material to put in a threaded insert. If you do the threaded insert first, that's it. Also a good mechanic can put the helicoil in with the head on the bike. Joined: May Johns Creek,Ga. One of my plug holes 'wallered out' a while back, and I bought a helicoil kit at Napa. I fixed it with the head on using a heavy dose of grease on the tap to catch as much shaved bits as possible.

My dad was a good mechanic, I know just enough to be dangerous. Old guy who owns local cycle shop said he would do it for six dollars head off. Queenstown, N. Joined: Jul Central Virginia. I'm surprised that everyone is so "ho hum" about the probability of aluminum swarf and chips going down inside a motor. Putting some grease on the tap "should" catch "most of" the chips, and maybe try to dab out the rest with a screwdriver. I did that ONCE in , spit out a spark plug near an automotive machine shop, the guy said "We can do it with the head on", put lots of grease on the Helicoil tool, inserted the Helicoil, we fired it up, it turned about 5 times and compression went away.

NOW we pulled the head and found aluminum chips under the valve seats, luckily I don't think any of them went any further down into the motor. Pulling the head on a Britbike is just not that big a deal.

Why take the chance? Joined: Apr Virginia, USA. One way to do this job is to turn the motor until the exhaust valve is open. Connect a vacuum cleaner to that exhaust spigot while threading. I think a bigger problem is the possibility that a bit of the helicoil will stand proud in the combustion chamber and cause pre ignition. This can better be discovered with the head off. Joined: Aug Ron - in California R. I suspect there is more to this story Heck I sure hope you took him a 6 pack..!

If not, DO IT..! The guy took a liking to you, and should be rewarded..! BSA was what he rode in the 'old' days Gippsland Australia. I have put in a few spark plug helicoils I keep a selection of kits now and most of them with the heads on.

Never had swarf cause a problem, never had one come out and NEVER had the coil protruding into the chamber. The piloted tap is important as it keeps the thread square to the plug seat which is important.

Joined: Nov Hey rafIs the local "old guy" a secret??? If not please let me know thanks tim. Cape Carteret, NC. Mr Mike. I have done this on a VW with the motor still in the car and have helicoiled other threads also. So in a pinch I guess it is ok. I use a small tube to try to vacuum up the chips, but I much prefer the head off method as you can be sure it is not set too deep into the combustion chamber and for sure it will be free of chips in the combustion chamber.

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Since the thread tap is a three-part tool guide, reamer, and thread tap there will be a good bit of it sticking down in the bore, and you don't want it running into anything. HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc. Excess thread-locker in a blind hole can stop the end of the bolt from bottoming out. Be sure to not have both of these off at the same time, otherwise the exhaust cam won't have anything holding it in. Coat the kit-supplied thread-tap with a light oil. Before starting, remove all grease and grim from the work area and read the manufacturer's instructions.

Repairing stripped spark plug hole motorcycle

Repairing stripped spark plug hole motorcycle

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As some of you heave read, I had a stripped spark plug hole that I wanted to repair. After doing research here, I purchased a spark plug repair kit at Kragens. It wasn't a HeliCoil, it was a "thin aluminum tube" threaded on the inside to accept a std 14mm spark plug, and threaded on the outside, too. The kit came with a tool for boring out the aluminum head to accept the insert.

The tool is about 4" long with a drill-bit like front end, tapering to a tap-like back end. To use the tool, one "simply" insert it into the spark plug hole and attach a spark plug socket to it, and then hog out the hole with the drill bit end until the tool punches through the existing hole. You then continue boring but now with the thread tapping section of the tool, creating threads for the insert to screw into. The result? Although I was careful to keep the tool as well-aligned as I could by hand, the hole still became oblonged and the insert would not seat well enough for my taste.

I was able to torque a plug into it, but I would never have had enough confidence in the repair to take a long trip without having a nagging worry that it would blow out at any moment. I advise anyone who thinks they're going to do this by hand with a ratchet--as the instructions indicate--not to waste their time.

Doing this repair well requires that you be able to accurately, securely mount the head onto a drill press table. Doing this with a hand-held ratchet is simply too imprecise.

It was one hell of a lot of effort about an hour of heavy-handed wratchet boring , and I still have the wound well beyong a blister to show for it. Of course, your results may differ from mine but at least you now know one man's experience.

So now I'm buying a set of stock remanufactured ported heads. I decided not to go with SE heads since they make their power at higher RPMs than my cam--and my riding style--calls for.

View Public Profile. Find all posts by Z. Well that sux. So would your advice be to leave it for the experts to fix if a spark plug hole thread is stripped, or just go straight for the new heads? Did you strip the thread in the first place? If so what advice would you give to avoid this other than let a mechanic change your plugs? Find all posts by iwant1. That sucks. You made the right choice in the end to replace the head.

I am sure you knew deep down inside that was your best option. I tried a kit years ago on a crappy dirtbike, and it failed! I will never do that again. In the end, I figured I would have already had the head removed after wasting my time. I am not sure what a new or used head costs, but I would bring it to a machine shop and get an opinion after removing the head.

They can do miracles sometimes. Find all posts by Rocket Received 1 Like on 1 Post. I had one on the rear cylinder dealer caused took it in and they graciously fixed the problem asap , with apologies.

Even though this is how it should be , it was a good experience. Find all posts by nidan. That's a crapper. I've used Helicoils before, not the thing you listed, but there is definitely no room for error. Find all posts by grunt. Best thing to do if you are doing you own maintaintance is to use the anti-seize on the threads and then use fingers only until seated then go for the rachet for the final torque. I have even used the socket WITHOUT the rachet to get to the more difficult plugs in some of the vehicles I have owned and have never had a problem, knock on the wooden head here.

The biggest thing is that the heads are alumimun and softer than the plugs threads. I know it is a PITA but this is one place where slow is good. A smart move to remove the head so that you have the confidence to go out and ride and not have to worry about that roadside repair.

Find all posts by dyna Bought mine used and found the back plug cross threaded, and no anti- sieze ever used! Pulled the head and just tapped out the hole to 14mm instead of 12mm. Called several spark plug companies tech lines and got part number for a 14mm plug with same heat index and properties of their suggested 12mm plug. So now have two size plug holes, but with correct plugs, working just fine.

Find all posts by ReeseSS. Thanks for the follow-on adivce and observations. I'm sure others who have this trouble later will appreciate it. Buying a used one leaves you, potentially, with someone else's overtorqued plugs that are ready to strip. If you choose to buy used, get a waranty. Likewise, if you choose to have a pro do it, make sure they stand behind their work.

After the insert is in, there's no way to tell if it's done well or not. I put new plugs in the bike a month after buying it used. The threads seemed jacked-up on the rear cylinder it took a while to get the plug started correctly when re-installing , so I think the threads were already jacked.

They held the torque wrench setting I applied, but the threads ultimately failed. I am in the process of purchasing a set of remanufactured, ported, stock heads with a one year warranty. I'm the first person to ask for a warranty, but you can see why, I'm sure. Rocket Yeah, I pretty much expected this to fail but I was willing to give it a shot. After all was said and done, the buddy who helped me suggested I take the head to a machine shop and have them weld and re-drill the hole.

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Repairing stripped spark plug hole motorcycle

Repairing stripped spark plug hole motorcycle