Rileys canine academy-MuttSchool – Professional dog training to fit your lifestyle.

Previous Next 1 2 3 4. Damian has had a lifelong career working with dogs. His experience has not only involved breeding,showing rearing and training pet dogs. But also working full time as a Fully qualified Guide dog trainer and Mobility instructor. He also provides and carries out other dog training and care services.

Rileys canine academy

Rileys canine academy

Rileys canine academy

She has worked with a wide Roleys of canine behavioral challenges including shyness, reactivity, aggression, and separation anxiety. Non-necessary Non-necessary. Kate Riley, founder of Elite Canine Conditioning, has spent Rileys canine academy her entire adult life helping dogs live healthier, happier, longer lives. How do you get started? Have had 2 dogs trained here and am always amazed at the bond and trust training a dog properly builds. Contact Greg.

Facial hair beauty tip. If you’re ready to improve your dog’s health and wellbeing, we’d love to hear from you!

When I say "Lorretta" he jumps for cqnine leash. Call Rileys canine academy Class Rileys canine academy. We understand that when you return from your trip you want to be with your best friend as soon as possible. Our Rilrys dogs are allowed to run and play all day in the grassy yard around our facility as well as a climate controlled indoor facility. When we first adopted our dog she was very fearful and not socialized at all. The dogs got dropped off and looked great! Oops, there was an error sending your message. Canine Academy. Our Doggy Day Care provides a fun and safe environment for your dog to play and learn!

And when these systems are combined with fun-filled adventure hikes in the woods, at the beach and the park, the learning is fun and exciting and so dogs dive enthusiastically into the process; results are nothing short of spectacular!

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Kate Riley, founder of Elite Canine Conditioning, has spent almost her entire adult life helping dogs live healthier, happier, longer lives. Kate began her career as a veterinary technician, caring for critically ill and injured pets in a specialty veterinary ICU.

That experience led her into medical pet sitting for a number of years before opening a successful doggie daycare business. And she learned how much fun it is for both dogs and their owners when they work toward better health as a team.

So she decided to bring together her years of experience and knowledge to create Elite Canine Conditioning. Today, Kate helps both canine athletes and family dogs improve their physical condition and increase their quality of life.

Whether you want to prepare for an upcoming agility competition, train your dog to be a daily running partner, or help them shed a few extra pounds, Kate can help you achieve the fitness goals you have for your best friend. Cart 0. Home About Services. About Kate. Contact us to learn more! First Name. Last Name. What can we help you with?

Canine Academy is really a treasure; very professionally run and with so much heart. Thank you for contacting us. Name of Dog. We offer a number of packages to complimentl your puppies or adult dogs needs. Use them often and my dogs look forward to going there. Phone : What a relief!

Rileys canine academy

Rileys canine academy

Rileys canine academy

Rileys canine academy

Rileys canine academy

Rileys canine academy. Not everyone likes dogs, but everyone LOVES a well trained dog!


About — Elite Canine Conditioning

We put the GOOD in good dog! Professional dog training to fit your lifestyle. MuttSchool instructors teach by building lasting bonds based on mutual trust and respect instead of fear and intimidation. Affordability Training your dog makes good financial sense. If you think training is expensive, simply envision the cost if your dog were to escape your yard and get in a fight with another dog or injure someone.

You risk lawsuits, medical care, veterinarian care, legal fees and animal control fines. MuttSchool has many dog training options and we are happy to help you find affordable ways to train your dog. Flexibility Enjoy flexible scheduling—on your time and at your chosen location.

We want to train your dog, so we offer flexible service options to fit with your lifestyle. Puppy kindergarten. Start your puppy off on the right paw! This class meets twice a week on Sunday and Wednesday nights at 6pm. Attend until your puppy turns 16 weeks old.

Grades group classes. Purchase credits to use in our open enrollment foundation group classes. Focused skills group classes. A continuous 8-week course that focuses on specific skills you want to train such as recalls, loose leash walking and impulse control.

Dog sports group classes. Interested in doing something fun with your dog? Try our 8-week beginning agility, trick training or rally obedience classes. Private lessons Private lessons offer a personalized way to train your dog or puppy. These lessons can be held at your home, our training center or another agreed upon location. How do you get started? Sign up today for an evaluation! Foundation private lessons. Build a solid foundation for your dog while training on your own schedule.

Behavior modification private lessons. Behavior private lessons are for dogs that are exhibiting behaviors that are difficult to live with. Rowdy Rover behavior program. No time to train your dog? Let our professionals train your dog for you! Let MuttSchool take the stress out of training by letting us train your dog while you are busy during the day. MuttSchool offers several different options for people who want a professionally trained dog:.

Day Training. With our day training program, you drop your dog off in the morning and pick your dog up in the evening. Manners Camp. Drop your dog off with us for fun and first grade level training while you go about your day. Boarding School. Contact Renee at Wildcat Pet Resort, , for questions or to schedule your dog for boarding school.

Field Trips. Does your dog need work outside your house? Are walks difficult because your dog is too distracted? Let our trainers take your dog on field trips while you are at work to reinforce good leash behaviors around distractions.

Why choose MuttSchool? Experience Counts MuttSchool instructors have trained over 4, local dogs since our business began in Before moving to Kansas, our owner, Mary, taught classes and trained dogs in both Arizona and Washington state.

Personalized Programs There is not a one size fits all dog training solution. Every dog has individual training needs. And, each owner has their own lifestyle requirements. Finding a way to meld these together so you and your dog can be successful is why MuttSchool offers a variety of services for you to choose from.

Let us develop an individualized training plan just for you and your dog! Licensed, bonded and insured MuttSchool is licensed as a training kennel by the Kansas Department of Agriculture.

If you are searching for a dog trainer, these are important subjects to talk about with other trainers you interview. Not all dog trainers are licensed and bonded or carry insurance. You have a team of trainers working for you and your dog. Get to know our team of instructors.

You may notice the credentials at the ends of our names. Not all dog trainers have certifications. This certification demonstrates that your instructor has mastered humane, science-based dog training practices. You can rest assured that you and your dog are receiving the most recent, effective training methods when you bring your dog to MuttSchool. She has worked with a wide range of canine behavioral challenges including shyness, reactivity, aggression, and separation anxiety.

Now, she teaches private lessons, group classes and day training as well as working for our neighbor, Wildcat Pet Resort. Dawn has also volunteered for Helping Hands Humane Society by training dogs with behavior issues that might have made them unadoptable.

Jennifer has always been captivated by the human-animal bond and enjoys helping people learn how to communicate better with their dogs. She is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy for Professional Trainers, and has worked in both municipal animal shelters and non-profit organizations. Since childhood, Katey has been fascinated with animals and animal behavior.

Kate is a former Kindergarten teacher who has gone to the dogs. She has always enjoyed working with animals, and is currently enrolled in the Karen Pryor Academy for Professional Trainers.

While teaching, Kate spent her summers working as a naturalist and mammal rehabilitation provider for Kansas Wildlife and Parks. After School Events. Play Groups. Play groups are held Tuesday and Saturday evenings. Want to learn about pet-related topics from experts in their fields?

Watch our facebook event page for topics like pet first aid, massage, nutrition, and acupuncture. Staying current with recent developments and innovation in the dog training and behavior world is very important to your MuttSchool trainers. We want to pass that on to you by bringing internationally renowned speakers on topics that you may be interested in to the Manhattan area. Whether you are a pet owner or professional in the industry, you are welcome to join us for our seminars.

See our facebook events page. Testimonials Amazing, talented and extremely knowledgeable staff. When you want a facility to treat your dog like it was their own, this is the place for you! Have had 2 dogs trained here and am always amazed at the bond and trust training a dog properly builds.

They have never not been willing to work with me on any issue I have, training my dogs. My family has used Mutt School for various training over the past five years, and my experience has been nothing less than amazing!

From a group leash manners class to private sessions for BAT behavior adjustment training - and even a tricks class for fun! They may not be the cheapest in town, but their highly experienced and credentialed staff are certainly the best value.

Mutt School is wonderful. I couldn't imagine anyone choosing anyone other than this 5 star place. They are very knowledgeable, obviously love what they do and are so polite. We were made to feel welcome and our dog is doing great! Their certified trainers ROCK! The trainers have years of experience and explain what we need to do in easy to understand terms. Before Muttschool I thought you had to be dominant over your dog.

That made me feel uncomfortable and my dog would growl at me. Mary explained that I should build a positive training relationship with my dog and my dog will want to work for me willingly. I am amazed. No more growling and my dog never takes her eyes off of me.

She is always ready to try something new! Thanks Muttschool. Mutt School is a 5 Star training facility that is very professional.

Rileys canine academy

Rileys canine academy