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Sexual information seeking is an important element within human information behavior. Seeking sexually related information on the Internet takes many forms and channels, including chat rooms discussions, accessing Websites or searching Web search engines for sexual materials. The study of sexual Web queries provides insight into sexually-related information-seeking behavior, of value to Web users and providers alike. We qualitatively analyzed queries from logs of 1,, Alta Vista and AlltheWeb. Differences were found in session duration, query outcomes, and search term choices.

Search engines sex

Search engines sex

Search engines sex

His research focuses on improving access to information in various domain settings including sponsored search, Web searching, and complex information spaces. You're covered. Accetto e prosegui Leggi ancora. Ixquick focuses on giving you very discreet search results. Bernard J.

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You might want to re-think your default search engine.

  • Google, Bing and Yahoo might be the most popular search engines in the world and a definite go to when looking for local businesses or travel reviews but their adult content search filters can prevent access to the top sex related sites.
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Searching for porn on the internet just got easier not that it was hard before. Boodigo , a porn search engine created by porn producer Colin Rowntree and ex-Google programmers, filters out the web's non-sexy content to get you exactly what you're looking for. No more pictures of old brass instruments when you search for rusty trombones. Boodigo goes straight for the gutter. This isn't the first porn-only search engine.

Of course not! There's PornMD , where you can filter your search results into three categories: straight, gay, and "shemale. What makes Boodigo stand out isn't the idea, but how it's executed. Boodigo, smartly, allows people to directly search Tumblr as well as the wider web. Tumblr is mostly known for fandom and teen fashion blogs, but it's also home to a huge porn blogging community. When Yahoo bought it, Tumblr tried to clean up its act , and made it hard for people to search for explicit content.

This pissed a lot of people off, but it didn't really change Tumblr's reputation as a great place to find porn. Boodigo has a special tab that lets you search Tumblr's obnoxiously obfuscated porn tags. Rowntree's product may help dig up the dirty stuff, but he wants Boodigoo to be an ethical porn hub: No pirated porn allowed. Boodigo blacklists tube sites known to host pirated content.

And Boodigo wants its users to feel comfortable indulging in their weirdest sex searches, so it won't track your movements:. Boodigo does not use cookies or other user-tracking technologies to gather information about our users. We aren't interested in building a "profile" on our users; our core mission is simply to help you find what you're looking for in a way that's as efficient, effective and enjoyable as possible.

In other words, using Boodigo means finding what you're looking for without having to worry about what someone else might be finding out about you. Aw, Boodigo. I wish non-porn-exclusive search engines had the same kind of policy towards user tracking!

The A. Kate Knibbs. Filed to: Boodigo. Share This Story.

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Search engines sex

Search engines sex

Search engines sex

Search engines sex

Search engines sex. How come these sites are so hard to find

The site works with the major video hosting sites as well as crawling lesser known TGP and Tube sites. Content is returned from multimedia galleries as well as other sources of adult content and you can tailor your preferences to further filter the results to exclude certain websites, keywords or even by length of clips.

In addition to the large number of mainstream porn providers, Pron. What makes Pron. What is returned in your results is an impressive and comprehensive match for your search term. Additional features include a complete results list by pornstar as well as information on trending searches so you can stay on the pulse of what is popular. Search results are therefore not as comprehensive as some other engines on this site but the library of content available is pretty good.

It might not be your number one go to but for certain search terms you may find that FUQ. Ranked in the top websites in the world, FUQ. Adult Webmaster Net also run some other adult search engines that provide a similar service, including Find Tubes popular in China as well as the US and Germany and Tube Galore ranks well in most English speaking countries.

The site acts more like a curator of great content, providing free lists of adult content, all guaranteed to be Malware and Virus free links. Porn Planner has been growing in popularity over the last 12 months and is most popular in China, India and Egypt with more users from the US and Germany adding to its traffic. Not only does the search results perform well against other competitors but BadJoJo also provides additional features including an adult app store.

Search via keywords, popular channels as well as porn star. You can even limit your search to return content that is filmed in VR.

My Porn Bible is an almost identical copy of Porn Planner but instead of being owned by an Italian company, this domain is registered to a company in Panama. The unique selling point of BoodiGo is that you can search for adult content using an anonymous and secure search engine.

Developed by a mix of content creators, advertisers and site operators, BoodiGo uses software to return only results that are free of intellectual property, safe from malicious content and are as safe as possible from containing illegal material.

Results are varied but you can choose to search either the web, Tumblr or Blogspot to vary what is returned. Curating video content only from across other video hosting services, PornDex offers a registration service so you can tailor your profile to return better search results. The directory is large and accesses the major porn channels.

PornDex is a popular adult search engine for Germans looking for porn and also ranks well in China and South Korea. You can access a good range of free video clips; some are streamed directly from RO89 whilst others are redirect links to other hosting sites. You register a profile and choose the kind of adult content you would like to see photo, video, animated, erotica or audio along with the sexuality straight, bi, gay etc and then either randomise or choose popular search results.

You then rate the content you are shown and the more you use the site the better the results from your searches. A relative newcomer to the adult search markets, Better Fap has grown from the top 60, sites in to the top 15, in the world. Most of this traffic comes from the States but its rise in popularity can also be attributed to users in China, Canada, Germany and the UK. Videos are curated from the major porn tube sites like Red Tube, XVideos, Spank Wire and ePorner but there are some smaller and lesser known channels included as well.

Relevant XXX may not be the most unique of adult search engines but it is free and you may find the way content is collated a little different to some other sites. Google is the Don of this realm but they are like a snobbish politician who understands that he has hookers and pimps under his rule, but he understands that he needs to look the other way because he's also guilty of using the services of these hookers.

Google is tolerating porn and it is not the top priority in their search scripts. Of course, sex is something that needs to be shameful so let's pretend that it doesn't exist. That's why you have these directories as they are called, that are designed to make your search that much easier so that you can find what it is that you are looking for.

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Think of them as the welcome comity of the porn. If you need direction, the directories will point you to the right direction. Just like a tourist info desk, these sites have the same role, it's just more adult oriented. Now, if you want to find something that's just too detailed or maybe a fetish, it might be better to give these sites a try since our Big Brother, Google is not going to give you a helping hand. You need to ask someone who's specialized in this topic and those are the ones on our list.

As you can see, the list is not that long, it's decent. All you need is to check the ones that you find the most appealing and most easy to use and run with it. We didn't select the ones that have the looks, we went for the jugular, for the ones that are giving us the best results and that are the most efficient.

You wouldn't believe how easy these sites are to use There are some sites that are used just like Google. All you need to do is enter the desired query and you will get the results in under one second. It is that simple. Now, after a few, this all gets to be boring and you will want to see what else is there that's relevant with porn.

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Sexual and pornographic Web searching: Trends analysis | Spink | First Monday

The level of sexual or pornographic Web searching is a major subject of political debate, particularly in the United States. United States federal prosecutors recently, as of , requested that the major Web search engines, Yahoo, American Online AOL , MSN and Google provide a sampling of their search queries and indexes of Web sites, in order to allow the examination of various aspects of pornographic searching and retrieval.

This paper examines studies that have analyzed Web search logs to determine the level of sexual or pornographic searches on publically available Web search engines from to Results show that sexual or pornographic queries have declined as a proportion of all Web queries since and currently represented less than four percent of Web queries.

Web searching is a daily activity for many people. Recently, U. Federal prosecutors preparing to defend a controversial Internet pornography law in court asked Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! Specifically, the U. Google refused to provide the data later do so under court order.

The current controversy surrounds the role of Web search engines and search engine logs in society Shaker, For instance, Internet addresses obtained from the Web search engines could be tested against filtering programs to evaluate their effectiveness. These recent activities show that the level of sexual or pornographic Web searching is a major subject of political debate, particularly in the United States.

For academics, human Internet sexuality is an area of research in the social sciences Cooper, Social scientists have for example studied gender differences in Internet sexuality Cooper, et al. One such search characteristic is the query the user selects to access sexual information on the Web.

In this paper, we analyze the studies that have examined Web search logs to determine the level of sexual or pornographic searches on publically available Web search engines. Table 1 provides an overview of the nine studies conducted from to that examined the level of sexual or pornographic Web queries, including the single Web search engines Excite, AlltheWeb, Alta Vista, Vivisimo, and Dogpile. Table 2 shows the distribution of Web queries across topic categories for the nine Web search engine studies.

Table 3 shows the top 20 query terms across the nine studies. Table 2 shows that the Web is a major source of information for most people, demonstrating the strength of a move toward the use of the Web as an economic resource and tool Spink and Jansen, Individuals use the Web for an increasingly variety of information tasks Spink and Jansen, The temporal findings across all data sets support the continued drop in sex and pornography as a major topic for search engine users. Web queries related to business, computers and people increased as a proportion of all Web queries.

Recently, Koshman, et al. This represents a sizable proportion of all queries. In addition, one in seven queries was related to people, places or things. These queries include personal names or the names of locations. In , Goodrum and Spink found that 25 of the most frequently occurring terms in multimedia related queries terms submitted to the Excite commercial Web search engine were clearly sexually related.

Spink, et al. Jansen and Spink found that sexually related queries were less than 4 percent of Web queries and that only some 3. This finding only included Web searches that explicitly stated terms for child pornography.

Bogaert , conducted a number of studies exploring what sort of sexually explicitly material men choose to see in a free choice situation. In the studies, undergraduate males, who were already participating in a study were given the opportunity to sign up for experiment credit, for additional research that would involve viewing their choice of 14 videos depicting common sexual acts, novel sexual acts, sexually insatiable females, sexual violence, or child pornography.

Results showed that when given the opportunity to choose the modal selection 51 percent of all men was to not see any sexually explicit material at all either because they did not need further experimental credit or because they were simply not interested and the least common choice was to view violent pornography 4 percent or child sexual activity 3 percent.

Fisher and Barak base their position in the Sexual Behaviour Sequence SBS Byrne, model, a social psychological model of the antecedent and consequences of sexual behaviour that can be applied to conceptualizing experience with Internet sexuality. The SBS model posits that individuals respond to erotic stimuli with affective and evaluative responses as well as with physiological sexual arousal. In addition, individuals acquire their affective and evaluative responses to erotic stimuli over their entire life span.

Thus, in regards to sexual Internet activity, the SBS model emphasises that the individual brings a lifetime learning history, involving emotional responses to sexuality, beliefs about sexuality and expectations and imagination concerning the outcomes of sexual behaviour.

For example, Cooper, et al. Some 2, participants took part in the study. Cooper, et al. Similarly, Boies sought to explore the online sexual activities on university students. The study revealed that the participants most frequently used the Internet for seeking new people and dating. The work by Cooper, et al. To this end, it could be argued that once an individual has used a Web search engine to search for a social activity or community that they wish to participate in i.

Armed with the necessary URL, an individual can bypass Web engines. In addition, word of mouth, marketing via other media i. TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines may also provide relative URLs. As such, the results of the current study may provide only a partial picture of online sexual activity. In light of the current focus on levels of sexual and pornographic querying on Web search engines, our study has provided an overview of the key findings from existing studies.

Our paper provides some potential insights into why this phenomenon is occurring. Further ongoing research is needed to track the nature of Web queries to commercial Web search engines. The authors are conducting ongoing studies into many aspects of public Web searching. Her research focuses on information behavior, information literacy and the digital divide.

Bernard J. His research focuses on improving access to information in various domain settings including sponsored search, Web searching, and complex information spaces. He has numerous publications in a variety of outlets.

Bogaert, Boies, Brym, and R. Lenton, Toronto: MSN. Byrne, Cheney, Is Pornography Out of Control? Cooper editor , Sex and the Internet: A Guidebook for Clinicians.

Cooper, S. Mansson, K. Daneback, R. Tikkanen, and M. Ross, Cooper, J. Mathy, and M. Maheu, Goodrum and A. Spink, Fisher and A. Barak, Hawkes and J. Scott, Scott editors. Perspective in Human Sexuality. Jansen, A. Spink, C. Blakely, and S. Koshman, in press. Jansen and A. Spink, and J. Pedersen, Spink, A, and T. Saracevic, Koshman, A. Spink, and B. Jansen, in press. Parks and L. Roberts, Rainie, Shaker,

Search engines sex

Search engines sex

Search engines sex