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Although it was in service for a relatively short time and never entered combat, it was the first carrier -launched aircraft to hold the world's absolute speed record, at The F4D Skyray was a wide delta wing design with long, sharply swept, rounded wings. The design was named for its resemblance to the manta ray. Fuel was contained both in the wings and the deep fuselage. Leading edge slats were fitted for increased lift during takeoff and landing, while the trailing edges were mostly elevon control surfaces.

This engine suffered serious delays in development, and the XF4D-ls flew Sky ray models 5, lb s. I think you are doing great work and are always an inspiration. Maximum speed at a gross weight of 24, pounds was mph at sea level. ,odels Gelnhausen-Meerholz. Sorry about that! Views Read Edit View history. The first was the F4D Skyray, a carrier-based fighter for the U.

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This model kit depicts the Douglas Skyray, which entered U.

  • Although it was in service for a relatively short time and never entered combat, it was the first carrier -launched aircraft to hold the world's absolute speed record, at
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This is an original print ad for Douglas Aircraft! If you've seen print ads used in set decoration for TV shows or films, you've likely seen our ads.

This is an original press photo. Looking a bit clumsy, the Skyray, the navy's newest jet interceptor, left the deck of the Coral Sea in a test in the Atlantic ocean. The plane, made by Douglas, reached speeds of miles an hour in earlier tests. F4D-1 Skyray Engine Set. Schuco Aviation. Model vehicles. Add to favorites. The A. Tamiya Beaufighter Mk II Douglas Skyray with Profile Drawings.

Scale Aviation Modeller. Approx Number of Pages. This Black Aluminium case and trays is for. I am a reasonable person and as long as the communication channels are open and clear, I have no problems accommodating special circumstances. Superbly illustrated by Richard J. The Douglas F4D Skyray always known as the 'Ford' because of its designation was intended to be the US Navy's first supersonic fighter, though in fact it was really a transonic aircraft. Turm und Drohnen sind abnehmbar.

Space Marine, Eldar, Codex usw. Benutzung ohne Berechtigung. Ohne Flugbase. Information on the collection: owned by a Mr. Stuart located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The firm was in operation from the mids until when he had moved to England. It has also been learned that Mr.

Stuart sold off in a giant sale. Inside card: Profile of aircraft including specification and performance data as photograph - see picture. Die Drohnen und die Raketen am Turm sind gesteckt. See similar items. Die Raketen und Drohnen sowie der Turm sind nur gesteckt. Photo is dated It may contain wrinkles, cracks, and possibly even tears due to its age and how it was handled before it got to us.

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It was notable for being the first carrier-launched aircraft to hold the world's absolute speed record. Flies like a trooper catapulted by an elastic band. Based on German research, the Douglas people came up with this really neat aircraft that was designed for Navy carrier and Marine use exclusively. It featured a scintillating rate of climb for it's day. German work on delta wing plan forms, directed by Dr Alexander Lippisch, led to a US Navy proposal in for a short-range carrier based interceptor fighter using a similar layout.

Project studies were initiated by the Douglas design team led by Ed Heinemann with the object of producing a fighter optimized for a high rate of climb and capable of intercepting enemy aircraft before they reached their targets. These studies led to a design which, rather than being a pure delta, was a tailless aircraft with a sweptback wing of extremely low aspect ratio, and the Douglas designers thus followed Lippisch's own evolution of this layout for the Messerschmitt Me target-defense interceptor.

This engine suffered serious delays in development, and the XF4D-ls flew with 5, lb s. Allison JA engines, the initial flight being made on January 23, Named Skyray, the F4D-1 was designed to carry an armament of four 20 mm cannon in the wings and, despite the interceptor role, was provided with six under wing strong points for bombs, rockets or drop tanks.

Both prototypes of the Skyray subsequently flew with the 7, lb st. This airframe-engine combination flew for the first time on June 5, , when the first production F4D-1 was completed. Three more aircraft were built in , and 32 came off the line in , but the first delivery to a Navy unit VC-3 was not made until April 16, , several flight-test problems having delayed acceptance of the aircraft.

With production building up rapidly, to nearly two a week in and nearly three a week in , introduction of the Skyray to Navy and Marine units continued rapidly, and the aircraft proved to be a highly effective fighter once in service. Production ended in December with a grand total of built, all in the basic F4D-1 version. The Skyray was redesignated F-6A in September , by which time the type had been relegated to second-line duties and assigned to Reserve Wings.

A development of the same basic airframe with a JP engine and other changes was undertaken under the F4D-2 designation, but the four aircraft of this type which appeared in and were redesignated F5D-1 before the first flight. The F4D was arguably an attractive aircraft; it was unarguably distinctive, different in appearance from any other jet fighter ever put into operational service. It was of modified tailless delta configuration, with rounded-off wings and a tail fin, but no tailplane.

The wing folded up outboard and featured inboard and outboard leading-edge slats, plus inboard and outboard elevons. There was a hydraulically-actuated airbrake on the rear of the wing root, top and bottom on both sides, for a total of four airbrake's. There were also guillotine-blade-shaped "pitch trimmer" control surface on each side of the engine exhaust. The tail fin was fitted with a two-section rudder. Makes up into a great little Navy model and the wings can be easily made to fold.

With a little hot melt glue, stretched out paper clip, hearty rubber band, and utmost caution Leave off the landing gear, it'll just get wrecked. Ironically one of the most unusual Skyray incidents ever was on November 19th, when one over flew the end of the runway at the El Toro Marine Corps base in Orange County, ending up on the Santa Fe RR tracks, whereupon it was hit by Southbound passenger train 75 going by at 75MPH and as expected it resulted in a train wreck where all 3 engines and all 7cars derailed but there were only a few minor injuries and no fatalities.

Dear FG, I have enclosed pictures of my first ever weenie plane and I think it's quite good. I would really like it if you could publish it on the website.

Yours Sincerely, Marcus Fenlon. Two suggestions on how to rig your model for flight. Delta wings do not have to be perfect triangles with acute base angles, as shown by the Avro Vulcan. Further, delta wings are not limited to use on tailless aircraft. The Douglas Aircraft Company of Long Beach, California, developed two major production models that illustrate both points well. The first was the F4D Skyray, a carrier-based fighter for the U. The leading edge of the wing root was squared off to provide dual air intakes for the engine.

To reduce the already short wingspan of 33 feet 6 inches for stowage on aircraft carriers, the tips of the wing could be folded upward. Altogether, F4D-ls were delivered between June andDecember Armament was four 20mm cannon and up to 4, pounds of bombs, rockets, or other stores.

To combat the trend of single-seat combat designs toward greater size and weight, Douglas designer Edward H. Heinemann was charged in with the task of reversing the trend without decreasing combat capability. It was and is primarily a bomber and ground attack type, not a fighter. While it featured a classic delta wing with straight leading edges and sharp wingtips, it also had a horizontal tail that in plan form was a smaller version of the wing , a big jet engine in the small fuselage, and little room for fuel in the thin 27 foot 6 inch wing.

The bare Skyhawk was a short-range plane. Extra fuel could be carried in external drop tanks, and the new technique of aerial refueling by the hose-and-probe method see Chapter 15 could extend the range indefinitely, leaving the under-wing racks available for military stores.

Armament was two 20mm cannon and up to pounds of bombs. Maximum speed at a gross weight of 24, pounds was mph at sea level. The A4D series A-4 since established a most remarkable production record-some 2, were delivered between August and February , a quarter-century of production for a first-line combat airplane. Skyhawk designations ultimately reached A-4M. A-4E specifications: Wing span 27 feet 6 inches; area square feet; gross weight 24, pounds; top speed mph.

Now I'm knee-deep in several projects. I think you are doing great work and are always an inspiration. I made some slight modifications, most notably on the jet exhaust, where the wing should actually overlap the fuselage slightly. I also added extra parts to build open gear doors and weaponry. The Navy Blue version is a "what if"-version, while the other two are authentic. It's already more than one year ago, that I did those, and I thought it was about time to send them to you. Do with them what you please, change the text on them, or whatever you think useful.

I hope You can release them in some way, for example in the Skyray folder, but it's up to you. Christoph Stahl. F4D Douglas Skyray-free downloadable cardmodel The F4D Douglas Skyray-free downloadable cardmodel Based on German research, the Douglas people came up with this really neat aircraft that was designed for Navy carrier and Marine use exclusively.

What people say I usually work in nothing thicker than 67 cardstock but at the moment I am recovering from a hand injury so as a challenge to myself I built the Skyray in the attached pics out of cardstock to see if I could work with such thick material and still have it come out nicely while in my condition. I then hand painted it using ordinary acrylic craft paints and added decals I printed up using inkjet decal paper from decalpaper.

The camouflage paint scheme is my representation of what I thought it might have looked like if the Skyray had been kept in service long enough to see use early in the Vietnam War and I intentionally did not add any unit markings as I wanted a simpler look to show off the paint scheme. I finished it off with a high gloss clear coat 4 coats for the final finish since the plane is for use a basic display model.

It will eventually be joined by at least 2 other ones with an unusual paint scheme as somewhere online within the last year I found a picture of a Skyray in either inky black or very dark blue, which one it actually was I do not know so I am going to do one of each and park them flanking the camouflage Skyray. Thank you for your time and I hope that you enjoy the pics. Plane Crazy Bil,,Monrovia, California PS : When you consider that the Skyray was not phased out until sometime in to be replaced by the F4 Phantom and that the even older Skyraider was brought back into service for ground attack duty in Vietnam then a camo scheme Skyray kept around for the same use by either the Marines or the Air force is not too far fetched an idea.

RE: flying as a glider.. Oh yeah it definitely is an airworthy model and I have seen repeated online mention of it being the favored glider model among model rocketry enthusiasts who praise it for the combination of simplicity and quality of the design, affordability and good flying characteristics.

We had heard of the organized model glider competitions held in the same general area and that led to our curiosity as to how well the Skyray models could do under certain conditions. Last fall on a reasonably cold day we went up there as we wanted to try the models without benefit of any ground thermals or tailwinds and used a location with around a foot drop off and a clear view in all directions for verifying how far each plane went.

The results were that each model flew well over feet away with just a forward drop launch and was in the air for well over 15 seconds each time. We would have continued the testing a bit longer but as the overlook was also above some RR tracks on the last launch one model was pushed off course by the bow wave of air from a fast moving set of downhill bound helper engines and flew off course and out of sight.

The other plane was pulled in by the tailwind of the same engines and got munched under the wheels of the next train to pass by a few minutes later. The Douglas Deltas. The pilot bailed out of the disabled aircraft, which crashed in the yard of a home at National Ave, about half a mile southeast of the San Jose-Los Gatos Rd.

Fortunately, there were no injuries.