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Sleepover parties, a growing trend among teenagers, are a fun idea of getting some alone time to interact and catch up on life. Most teens love to throw these parties where food is the next best element after friends and fun. Keeping awake all night long is just a trend in these parties. If your teen is looking for ideas to have an amazing sleepover, MomJunction brings you a list of sleepover games and activities for teens and tweens. Knowing the estimate of people is good.

Be careful. Teenzge post contains affiliate links for Brunette picture pretty convenience. Instead of volleyball you use a balloon, and instead of hands you must use your feet!! The colour dictated the team that way, I mixed up my school friends and church friends, and no one could accuse me of always going with a specific friend or group of friends. Then the other girls had to guess what it was. Sardines is a twist on hide and seek that will gjrl get the girls giggling.

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Fun and bright neon colors, big signs and of course a lot of balloons! In this game, each girl plays for her own self. Your teens will love making their own sleepover eye masks and these unicorn ones are the coolest! Now put the truths in green bal Forgot about that one, didn't Buyer ca lump Your tweens will absolutely adore these fabulous fuzzy slipper cookies! Just cut out the questions and put them in so the girls can get laughing. Pajama Party Games. Do you remember the game of M. When all the girls arrived xleepover my teenage slumber party, we prepared for a long night with dinner for Teenave teenage slumber party. Sugar is best. Skittles A cool sleepover game, and family party game. Tweens and teens loving getting their photo taken and these free photo props from Oh Happy Day will make it way more Teenage girl sleepover games. Camera Game This game is good for sleepovers, for dinner parties, and any event where you can get your friends in a circle for a bit of fun.

Don't just read these titles and think, been there done that.

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  • As you know, slumber party games really are a favorite fun activity for children, teenagers, and even adults.
  • These sleepover games will make your next slumber party one that the girls will never forget.
  • Sleepover parties, a growing trend among teenagers, are a fun idea of getting some alone time to interact and catch up on life.
  • Don't just read these titles and think, been there done that.
  • The invitations for the slumber party were chocolate bars.

If the thought of sleepover games makes your daughter wince "Really, Mom? We're, like tweens, now. We're waaay too old for games" , maybe she just needs some fresh ideas. Once your kids get over the fact they learned these sleepover games and activities from you, they'll be just as obsessed as you were at their age. To play this predict-the-future sleepover game, write MASH at the top of a piece of paper, and then fill in categories underneath -- think husband, car, number of children, jobs, colors—adding five options per category.

The first player then counts through the list, starting with the letters MASH, crossing items off along the way. When one option is left per category, it gets circled. Read through the circled items for your future. An oldie, but goodie; Mom, stay within earshot so it all stays PG. The rules are simple: One player asks another "Truth or Dare? If she opts for "Dare," she's obliged to complete a funny or slightly embarrassing task. Wanna get crazy? Promise to repeat means you have to repeat a phrase, however humiliating, 10 times.

Expect a lot of "I love Principal Jones" with that last one. These paper fortune tellers are as essential to a good slumber party as freezing someone's training bra. Sort of like an origami version of the Magic 8 Ball, for this sleepover game you fold the corners of a piece of paper and then write numbers and colors on the different flaps to create the cootie catcher.

You ask the player to pick a number, then move the catcher that many times. With colors, you move the catcher the number of letters in the word. Eventually, you open the flap, where a fortune has been written underneath. In the '80s, yours may have been, "You will marry Kirk Cameron.

Here are instructions from The Daring Book for Girls. But for a beauty theme, have the slumber party participants sit in a circle, taking turns spinning a nail polish bottle. Whoever the bottle points to gets a mani in that color. Send the girls home with the bottles that "chose" them, too, as a fun favor.

They ran around screaming for the first half hour, snarfed their pizza in a matter of minutes, broke out the candy and made it through less than half of the Katy Perry movie before declaring there's nothing to do. Treasure hunt time! Come up with a list of clues that lead the girls from one room to another—outside is fun if you and the neighbors can handle it—offering a prize at the end.

If you or your daughter prefers to mix a few organized sleepover games into the slumber party festivities, this is a fun one. Place the girls in two teams, each standing in a circle with their hands behind their backs. Mom or Dad or little sis who has been begging to be included places the orange under one girl's chin and she then has to pass the fruit to the person next to her—without using her hands.

Orange drops on the floor? It must be picked up sans hands. Hilarity ensues. First team to make it around the circle wins. We don't know about you, but when our daughters get together with their friends, makeup is always involved.

If you have some budding beauty queens in your slumber party mix, they might get a kick out of this twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey. One guest is blindfolded, and then must perform a "makeover" on a friend. Be sure to have a camera and plenty of makeup removal wipes on hand for this one. You remember how to play: One person spins the board, declaring "right hand, blue," or "left foot, green," forcing the players into all sorts of funny positions.

For a modern spin, try Twister Dance, where you follow the lights to learn dances to songs like "Whip My Hair. Give your slumber party a DIY touch by adding a craft to the evening's agenda. Decorating pillow cases is fun, easy, inexpensive and sends the girls home with a memorable birthday party favor they may actually use. Find plain pillowcases at a big box retailer, buy some fabric paint or fabric markers from your favorite craft store, or use Sharpies, iron-on letters and stencils. Set up an area where they can get a little messy and, in the morning, they have a fun take-home for the next slumber party extravaganza!

Make a game of it by bringing back this classic communications game. Have the girls stand in a line. The girl at the start of the line whispers a saying or phrase to the girl next to her, who passes it on to the next girl in line.

This continues until it gets to the last girl, who announces what she heard. See, who said you need an iPhone 5 to have fun playing telephone? Lesley Kennedy writes for ShopAtHome. Follow today. Sign Up. Hottest new toys for spring: Untamed by Fingerlings, flavored bubbles April 27,

Cucumber Face Race. Yes No. The invitations for the slumber party were chocolate bars. Pajama Party Games. Every teenage girl enjoys to get treated just like a beauty queen for the night. Your Name.

Teenage girl sleepover games. Invitations

How do you play charades? You know, when you act something out, pull on your ear for "sounds like", put two fingers in the air to signify two words, but you never speak. Yeah, that game. So, fold the paper up into skinny rectangles, slide it inside a balloon , blow it up, and use it as a party decoration. When you are ready to play charades give each guest a balloon. Have her pop it - sitting on it is the most fun, read it, and act it out for the other guests to guess.

Super Fun! Shouldn't it be called "Humiliation or Bullying? Sleeping Bag Switch. For this game , each girl brings a sleeping bag or sleeping pad to the party. To start the game, the girls unroll their bags and lay them out on the floor. Then, one girl goes out of the room and the remaining girls pick someone else's bag to hide in. The girl then returns and tries to guess who is who or who is where. You can also have only two girls switch, and see if she can tell who switched.

Fun times! Crazy Makeovers. Time to pull out the make up, and let the girls give each other makeovers. No peeking until it is done. The beautician can choose to make a crazy makeover or a beautiful, glamorous one. The girl getting the makeup has to guess which type of makeover she got before the big reveal.

Fun Things to Make at Home. Make your Own Glitter Body Scrub. Find small jars that seal tightly, fine glitter, white is nice coconut oil, a wonderful moisturizer for the scrub scented extract, and sugar or coarse salt.

Sugar is best. Salt is great for exfoliating, but bad if it gets in your eyes. Choose an extract: Peppermint, Almond my favorite Coconut, or Vanilla.

Add a few drops of extract to the sugar and glitter to make a paste. When purchasing coconut oil you want this kind, extra virgin coconut oil. Coconut Oil for Glitter Scrub. Dress Up Divas. Place the gowns in a large bag. Before you let the girls see the gowns, have them make blindfolds that double as beauty masks. Once everyone is blindfolded , have them choose a dress by touch alone. After they model the dresses, they can trade and have a fashion show or make up a reality show.

Don't forget a full-length mirror. For a blindfold or sleeping mask tutorial visit Henry Happened blog. Pillowcase Decorating Activity. Purchase pillowcases to decorate. Grab fabric makers, tacky glue, and ribbon. If you plan in advance, you can decorate a large gift bag for each guest. Load it up with all that Birthday Party Swag! Birthday Party Activities for Teen Girls. Printable Dorm Supply Checklist. Cup Stacking. When you are buying party supplies, get some extra cups for the party guests to stack.

Take turns to see who can get the most cups stacked in a minute or who has the most creative tower. Even better, everyone can start at the same time. This makes it more nerve wracking and chaotic! Hey, don't knock my tower down! Minute to Win it Games. Imagine the possibilities! Just like cup stacking, come up with several activities that can be completed in one minute. This is a fabulous sleepover theme that lets your kids be a little spoiled for the night with delicious pancakes as they play in their pajamas and make friendship bracelets!

This is SO cool and sure to be the hit of your sleepover! Try this fun DIY out for the craft of the night and get your kiddos having fun squishing slime between their little fingers. Little bohemian tents for all the tweens to sleep in for the night. Everyone gets their own individual tent with sleepmasks, headbands, and party favors.

Maybe this way they will actually want to go to sleep? We can only hope! Seal the friendship with a colorful, crazy, and cute friendship bracelet! This is a wonderful way to keep the tweens busy for the night having fun until it's time to shut their eyes.

Your teens will love making their own sleepover eye masks and these unicorn ones are the coolest! Give them a hand by making the first one and then let them take it from there!

Careful using hot glue guns! Oh my! Your tweens will absolutely adore these fabulous fuzzy slipper cookies! Or even better yet, for an evening activity, you can make the cookies with everybody lending a hand and decorating their own slippers! Every tween sleepover needs a good old fashioned pillow fight! So get your contestants ready with their soft and cushiony customized pillow fight pillows!

Unicorn popcorn is the new must-have at any sleepover party! Kids, tweens or teens will adore this special addition to their late night movie fun! This is an amazing slumber party activity! It's a great way to get all the tweens fed while still having fun!

Each tween gets to personalize their own pizza to their own taste and you get to make sure everyone eats! Every amazing party needs games! Game night at your house will be a night they won't forget; complete with snacks, drinks and all the board games you can imagine!

Check out your local thrift store to find cheap board games but make sure you check that they have all the pieces. Design the most perfect invitation to your teens totally cool slumber party! Charm your guests with funky eye mask invitations with all the details of what to bring, how to get there and what time to show up. Relax your young teenagers with a pampering spa night before they tuck into bed with a romantic chick flick!

Soaking their feet while drinking virgin Mimosas and painting their nails… What a hard life they have! Building a blanket fort is one of those things that is fun to do at any age! Even as an adult! It's a great place to get away with friends and drink mocktails. So set up your teens at their next slumber party and help them build the ultimate blanket fort! Keep their fingers warm with a hot cup of cocoa. The best part? They get to make their hot cocoa exactly how they'd like it!

Don't forget to put out the marshmallows! Decorations at your tweens slumber bash is super important! That's because everybody will be snapping selfies and the background has got to be spot on! Every slumber party needs a photo booth and every photo booth needs props! Get silly with your teens and take hilarious pictures with big moustaches and funny glasses. Give your teenagers a glamping experience right in your backyard. A place where they can gossip, talk about their favorite new movie, and play fun games!

This is an all girls slumber bash! A place where you can get together with your besties, paint your nails, talk about that cute boy, and take selfies! Fun and bright neon colors, big signs and of course a lot of balloons! Truth or Dare will always be fun! It's just one of those games that make you laugh, scream and be surprised!

It's a great way for everybody to get to know each other better and to have a good time. Print out a list of your favorite chick flicks and then get all the party guests to vote on a number! It's an easy way to make up your mind on which Netflix film you're going to watch. When you're staying up late with your besties gossiping about the cute new guy in school there's gonna need to be a midnight snack!

So grab your scissors and glue guns and start making up those slumber party invitations! Having all the kids over to your house will be such a blast when you've got the whole thing planned out! Start with some fun crafts and activities to get the party going.

DIY eye masks, friendship bracelets and unicorn slime are fun ones! Afterward, play some board games or make your own pizza dinner. When it gets a bit later, get comfy in the living room and laugh out loud while watching that new animated movie for kids or that hilarious chick flick for the teens!

Of course, when it's time to go to sleep and all the kids crawl into their own sleeping tents you can finally relax. As you can see, there are lots of ways to host a totally awesome slumber party no matter how old your kids are! Fun and colorful, trendy and stylish or themed to their current interest. Get creative and have a wonderful night with everyone.

22 Fun Sleepover Games And Activities For Teens ( 9 To 18 Years)

When your teen has a sleepover there's a good chance he or she will resist any ideas for games or projects while their friends are over. Try some of these fun ideas to make it a memorable night without embarrassing your teen with "stuff for little kids.

While many people assume all teens like the same thing, the fact is that not all teens find the same things entertaining. You know your teen well; don't present an idea that makes it sound as though you're planning a sleepover for younger children or something that doesn't actually appeal to their interests.

You will need a room that you can open up by moving furniture to the side for your teen's own dance club. Dim the lights, pump up the music, and then let them have the room to themselves to dance. If you have a strobe light or disco ball, this experience is definitely elevated. This will go over better if you, as the parent, don't stand there watching them dance and certainly don't take photos of them as they will feel more inhibited in their dancing if there's an audience.

Instead, allow them the freedom to enjoy the "dance club" freely. Be sure to play music they enjoy instead of your favorites. You can also increase the fun factor with some dance- and music-themed activities. Chances are good that your teenager probably already has an impressive variety of nail polish colors at her disposal. Gather these up and set up some chairs for a spa experience. Add some homemade face masks and you have all the makings of an at-home spa that won't cost a lot of money to pull together.

Add some herbal tea to the moment and play some soothing music to accentuate the ambiance. Perhaps they'll relax so much that they will actually sleep at some point in the evening. You can also include:. This activity takes a little pre-planning. Before the sleepover, comb the bargain racks at stores to find inexpensive trinkets that the teens might like makeup, hair accessories, phone accessories, etc.

If your budget allows for more expensive items, buy things you know your teen will like and set them aside. The night of the sleepover, set all the items out on display in a room of your house.

Find your teens, hand them all bags if your budget allows reusable bags are great, but paper or plastic bags work too. Declare that "the store is open," and usher them all into the room with the trinkets. You already know that the teens are likely not going to sleep much - or perhaps not at all - during the sleepover, so why not use this as an opportunity to demonstrate how important sleep is to cognitive function?

This game is ongoing throughout the night. Every hour or two, record the teens answering a short series of questions that make them think while holding a sign showing the time; you can be the person recording or assign your teen as the designated interviewer. You can also have them attempt to solve puzzles. As the night wanes, their responses will get less precise and definitely slower. The in between time gives the teens time to hang out and have unscheduled free time which they'll appreciate.

You'll wind up with a funny video that shows how much the brain slows when not given proper sleep; burn the videos onto a DVD to pass out as everyone leaves the next day.

Not all sleepover activities have to be a full-blown "experience. The teens sit in a circle. The first teen whispers a question to the person to her right, which the person answers aloud. Everyone in the circle then votes as to whether or not they get to hear what the original question was; this game becomes more fun when you limit the number of times the group gets to hear the question in a round.

Without warning, one person puts their hand up to their ear, as though listening through an ear piece. Everyone else who notices it does the same, until there's only one person without their hand to their ear because she didn't notice. Everyone yells, "Get down, Mr. Teens love getting new stuff, and with a little organization you can create a fun swap or auction where no one has to spend a dime.

On the invitations , specify that guests bring one or more of their own gently used items to swap or auction based on a chosen theme clothing, accessories, video games, movies, fun stuff to decorate a bedroom, etc. You can set up an area for a swap or set up an auction where each teen gets a certain number of tokens she or he can use to "purchase" items from the auction block.

If you have an active teen, or for earlier in the evening when teens still have a ton of energy, consider some more active games. You can create many of these with items around the house:. If you're teen is on the creative side, gather items she can and her friends can use to create some fun and crafty items. These can be recycled crafts or made with inexpensive items from the dollar or craft store.

Ideas include:. It's no secret that teens love watching movies at sleepovers. Enhance the experience by creating a simple DIY trivia game based on some popular teen movies. You can also create a "concession stand" area could be a dining room table, kitchen counter, etc. This doesn't have to be expensive for parents; microwave popcorn served in individual paper bags will mimic movie theater popcorn, just as off-brand soda served in disposable cups with ice and straws will give the feel of a movie theater.

Of course, if you want to go all out with full size candy bars, nachos, and hot dogs, you'll wind up presenting an impressive concession stand. Teens want to hang out with each other and don't necessarily want adults swooping in to navigate the entire evening.

Set your teen up with snacks and friends and let them steer the course of the evening. Whatever your plans, just make sure they leave ample room for goofing off and hanging out with friends. College Online Cheerleading Homeschool Family Teens Teen Activities and Things to Do Fun Ideas for Teen Sleepovers When your teen has a sleepover there's a good chance he or she will resist any ideas for games or projects while their friends are over.

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