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They forced me to cum

I was grabbed up and carried to a mattress, lying at the end of the room. As soon as I was on top of the 1st guy, the 2nd guy got behind me and pushed me forward I knew what was coming next. Unwanted, sneaky creampies 5 min Ritsusamp - 5M Views. Being a pro life person I could not bring myself to get an abortion. Girlfriend tricks her boyfriend and gets him They forced me to cum creampie her 8 min Marcel Hoskins - 1. Fucking revenge surprise 12 min Sordid-secrets - 2.

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Granny Flash It just seemed in the usual passing sort of manner, so I just said "Hey" in response. My boyfriend refused to put his cock in his mouth so the guy kneed him in the face and said "want some more rough focred, do you? Cu - Milf can't resist to tuch fantasy? If you would like a ro, enter your email address in this box:. She got up on her knees and kissed me, shoving her cum-covered tongue in my mouth. Magic Matures She swallowed and gulped every drop, except for the last They forced me to cum. He had both arms behind me and another arm around my neck in a Fuck when sleeping images lock. Chained up and forced to cum on my dildo. I was a little taken aback and tried to move his hands from my stomach. If that's a lady, I'm Margaret Thatcher. Mature 3

Unwanted, sneaky creampies.

  • I have always wanted to share my wife with other man but this is just a fantasy and when we talk about we are not serious just something to kind of get us going as it where.
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What's your story? Large Porn Films I was absolutely full of their cum and even pissing couldn't get rid of it. Heavy Cuties I had done it a few times to my Boy Friend and I was just getting used to his taste. I got on the bed, crawled on top of her, and slid my dick inside her cunt. He lay on top of me, and I could feel his penis rubbing against my stomach through his underwear.

They forced me to cum

They forced me to cum

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This was the first time I had ever had three loads of cum in me - all from different men. I had never had three loads of cum in me before from anybody. As he was pumping his cum into me it was starting to run down inside my legs. The first guy was saying "come on honey we don't want to be all night suck me you bitch.

I had been distracted by the guy cumming in me at the back and had stopped sucking. Now the second guy had pulled himself out of me and the guy in front was really working himself off in my mouth and I knew shortly he would cum again and I would have to swallow it. It made me sick to think about it. I had done it a few times to my Boy Friend and I was just getting used to his taste. I thought it wont matter but when he came I was almost sick. I gagged as his cum filled my mouth and when he pulled out I spat it out.

The third guy who was ass fucking my Boy Friend said - "How about you boy friend - what do you think - does she spit yours out? All the time he was still fucking my boyfriend up the ass and then he said "here I come lover boy," and he grunted a couple of times as he ejaculated into him. Fortunately he had a condom on. Now I thought it will end, but no, the second guy had come around and was in front of my boyfriend and he was saying the girlfriend couldn't make me cum, so it will have to be you boy, and grabbed him by the hair and lifted him up as his face was on the ground and then he just said "suck you bastard - suck me off.

My boyfriend refused to put his cock in his mouth so the guy kneed him in the face and said "want some more rough stuff, do you? My Boy Friend had never had a cock in his mouth before. My boyfriend said "haven't you all had enough" and he was crying which was from the humiliation or pain from being kicked and belted I didn't know which.

After being kicked again he did it and the guy was saying "you give the worst head ever, get your girlfriend to give you lessons boy, she is all right. I felt awful. I thought it was almost over but the third guy who had been bum fucking my boyfriend was now behind me and he was going to do it to me. He seemed to be taking a long time and I thought he must have decided not to.

Then I felt him rubbing the lube being rubbed into my ass I knew it wasn't going to be vaginal he was going to do anal on me too. He said "honey this is the only way I know, I have never had a girl or guy any other way. You may have been an anal virgin before you left home but you ain't going to be when you go to bed tonight" - and then he forced himself onto me. He was having a hard time even with all the lube he had on me and I was doing everything to try and stop him, tightening my ass hole up each time he tried to push it into me.

Then one of them said the boyfriend, we can watch her give him a mouth job. He certainly needs a lesson or two he is hopeless. They dragged my Boy Friend over as he couldn't walk, then stood him up.

His cock was all limp and they said "ok honey The guy behind had been still trying to get into my ass and as I was being distracted - he used a huge effort and pushed his cock up my ass so fast I screamed with the pain and burst out crying and my boyfriends cock fell out of my mouth.

I had never believed it could be so painful, my whole asshole was burning and he was laughing, "there we are lovely lady" he said, "did you scream that loud when he fucked your little cunt the first time. Now you know what its like to be a real slut, getting fucked up the ass is really slutty and now you have had your virgin ass fucked you will want it time and time again. Get your boy to do it like this next time you will love it. He really loved me fucking his ass - I know The first time is always the hardest.

Then he began to really fuck my asshole and after a while it went sort of numb and I couldn't feel it. I realized it was hurting and burning as I tensed up so I tried to relax a bit which was really hard when you didn't want it being done to you. Then he said "lets see if I can make you even happier," and he pulled out, and I thought thank god he has stopped. But no, he was doing something I turned around and realized he had taken the condom off and lubing himself up some more. You have a nice clean ass sweetheart I want a bit of bare back now.

Then wiped lube around my ass hole and then he went back into me. I cried even more, my Boy Friend had taken his cock out of my mouth and was just standing there with his limp cock in front of my face.

Then the guy behind had gone back into my ass without any trouble this time. He pumped himself for a few minutes then came and he said "ahhh, aahhhh, aaahhhh thats lovely, now honey you have had it the way every girl wonders about.

You have had four men tonight, three real men and a dickhead. You are a real gang banger now, lucky you I had cum coming out of me everywhere, my cunt, my ass and mouth. When I spat some out it some dribbled onto my tits so I had it on them too, I was virtually covered in it. I hadn't realized what the other two were doing while this was happening to me and my Boy Friend sang out you bastards and then I could see they had taken the radio out of my Boy Friend's car.

It was an expensive one and had cost him hundreds. Time to go now, we got what we came for, and some nice cunt as well. They held up the radio and said "sorry to have inconvenienced you, bye bye" and then left.

My hands and my Boy Friend, hands and feet were both still tied up.. He was in a pretty bad way having been punched and kicked and his face was all swollen.

There was no way they would come off either of us no matter how hard we tried.. I remembered the beer we had drunk and went over and got the bottle. Fortunately my hands were tied in front of me and I could break the bottle and cut the cable ties on his wrists. Then he cut mine then his feet.

We hadn't realized we still had the taste of their cum in our mouths. Never would I ever imagined that I would be gang raped. We sat for ages thinking about telling the cops but he said if that happened it would be in every newspaper in the country and neither of us wanted that.

I used our underwear to get wet in the river and washed as much of their filth off us as we could. Neither of us ever wanted to do that or have that happen again. I was absolutely full of their cum and even pissing couldn't get rid of it. I squatted down and tried to push as much out as I could. A lot did come out but there was still some inside me. However it did stop running down my legs. I said "I didn't know what would happen when I got home, I would have to shower.

I couldn't bear to have their filth and smell on me any longer. To do that would attract attention at home, as that was unusual for me to do that late at night. My Boy Friend said "we can use the shower in the granny flat behind their garage. Then he took me home. Teen Fantasy Rape. Mary is trying to cover herself with the sheets from the bed but one of the lads just grabs the end of the sheet and pulls it away leaving her completely naked with my cum running from her pussy.

One of the other guys gets on the bed moves to her face grabs the back of her head and shoves his semi hard cock in to her mouth and starts to slowly push in and out. All I can do is watch as his cock starts to grow in her mouth. The tears are streaming down her face as this guy fucks her mouth. This guy just laughs and continues to abuse her tits, pulling and biting her nipples.

He moves back to the bed and starts fingering Mary again. He climbs off the bed only for the next guy to get up there and shove his now rock hard cock deep down her throat making her gage again. I hear a muffled moan from Mary. She now has two cocks stretching her mouth and pussy to the limits. They move her into the doggie style position making sure I can get full view of what is going on. The guy gets up behind her and shoves his cock deep in her pussy while the other guy has Mary by the hair and is shoving her head onto his cock making her gage with every push.

The guy in her pussy starts moaning and pushes hard into her pussy and dumps his cum deep into her. The guy behind her is now positioning himself at her ass and looks at me and with a smile starts to push his cock up her ass. He starts to push in and out looking at me and laughing he starts to pick up his pace and shoves his cock deep into her ass.

I hear the screams from Mary turn into moans she is starting to enjoy this as well. The guy takes his cock from her mouth and she starts moaning louder and louder with every push of the other guys cock up her ass. The guy fucking her ass starts to push harder and harder and with every push Mary lets a louder moan she is defiantly enjoying herself now. Her whole body is shaking. The last guy gets on the bed and grabs the back of her head and starts to shove his cock deep down her throat.

This looks amazing Mary is now surrounded by three guys shoving their huge cocks into every hole she has and she is loving this and so am I. They keep fucking her for ages as they have all cum already they seem to be able to hold on longer than before.

Mary is still shaking from her orgasm. Wow what a feeling her ass in contracting around my cock. With one more hard push I dump my load deep into her ass. This gets another laugh from the lads. They grab me again and throw me off the bed leaving me on the floor they get back on the bed to fuck Mary again.

Mary has no problem letting them either her whole body has gone limp.

'forced cum inside' Search -

According to Colin Rowntree, the founder of Wasteland. In most of the the forced orgasm porn available online, the dominant partner constrains the submissive partner and then uses a vibrator on them until they orgasm. The vibrator is usually a Hitachi Magic Wand that is held firm atop the clitoris while the submissive recipient whines and moans in wild pleasure.

They usually feature women as the submissives, which is unsurprising given that women report more submissive tendencies than men, according to the largest study of sexual desire in the U. Justin Lehmiller. The psychological inference here is not that these women have been successfully conditioned by the heteropatriarchy and actually feel less powerful than their male doms, but instead that the act of submission allows women to experience massive sexual pleasure and freedom without being bound to the social expectations put on female sexuality.

So while they may actually be in physical restraints during these scenes, their attitude about their own sexual voracity is increasingly liberated. For example, a woman may have multiple orgasms while masturbating with her Hitachi, but not usually by leaving the vibrator on her super-sensitive clitoris without taking a break, dramatically increasing her level of stimulation.

There is a ton of this type of content online. You can find it explored in just about every permutation possible. Venus Babylon , 36, a phone sex operator, erotica writer and professional dominatrix based in the midwest, says she loved exploring this dynamic with a former partner without any toys. It was a very personal dynamic. Babylon says this countdown helped her relax and achieve orgasm more regularly in a way that pleased her partner and allowed her to relax.

As if I was a robot who could cum on demand, especially during activities that were flat out failing to make me cum. This Dom was actually very patient with how long it took me to have a clitoral orgasm and that was super healing for me. John, 28, a student and filmmaker in L. John discovered his interest in the kink through a meme on Instagram earlier this year. According to John, his partner loves how dedicated he is to making her cum, especially because she rarely came during sex with previous partners.

Heterosexual forced orgasm scenes are interesting to watch because the man often wields his power from the Hitachi rather from than his penis. A battery-powered, phallic departure from the visual aesthetics usually found in dick-centric straight porn.

Like all responsible novices, John was sure to talk to his partner about experimenting with forced orgasms long before they actually tried it out. Tierney Finster is a journalist, screenwriter, actor and model from Los Angeles, California.

She is a contributing writer at MEL, specializing in love, sex, mental health, drugs, queer culture and the cannabis industry. View this post on Instagram.

They forced me to cum