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But there seems to be one big exception — Christian radio. In many ways, this is a great thing. The Word of God never changes, and today God is still using many of those great preachers to bring thousands to Jesus Christ or to help Christians grow deeper in their faith. Because of technology, those preaching programs also can live on beyond the earthly life of the speaker. With nearly stations, AFR is uniquely positioned to mobilize its audience for causes and ministries it promotes.

Urban adult contemporary. The Word of God never changes, and today God is still using many of those great preachers to bring thousands to Jesus Christ or to help Christians grow deeper in their faith. OCR Privacy policy. The small-town physician's good humor, innate common sense and scientific training helped drive off a series of villainous types who tried to interfere with the peaceful lifestyle of River's End, as well as dealing with personal problems Vintage christian radio his many patients and the majority of those who lived in town. Chritsian Audio. Christian Family Life Network. State of Washington. Retrieved 17 May Alternative radio. View More.

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Electronics Australia Hobbyist magazine from to History christjan Broadcasting A 's collection of reprints of significant broadcasting titles from the 20's to the 50's. List of Searches. Electronics Vhristian Single publications and one-time editions related to electronics. QSL's and "Veries" from real radio stations. FM schedules and entertainment from Los Angeles. Radio World article about this site from the December, edition. Error Report - Click. Radio Handbook T he annual radio engineering reference from the editors of "Radio" Network 40 's Radio and Music trade magazine. Duncan's American Radio Trilogy : Ratings trends by market Early Radio Collection One of a kind single Vintage christian radio or small sets from programming to technical. J ames Caesar Petrillo A collection of articles, books and VVintage about the controversial head of the Vintage christian radio Federation of Musicians. Popular Electricity In Plain English to magazine written in non-technical language explaining new technology. Cash Box Magazine to

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At in the afternoon on April 30, , the Federal Communications Commission granted permission for a new radio station to begin broadcasting in Madison at About half an hour later the new station — WRVB — signed on the air.

The radio station was the fulfillment of a dream for a Christian Radio Ministry in Madison for local businessman Paul Stewart. Stewart and many others in the community prayed and worked and prayed some more before the station was finally a reality that April afternoon sixty years ago. Initially, broadcasting only about 10 hours a day, the station promised to increase hours as finances permitted. With the purchase of a new tape-recorder in , the broadcast day increased to am — 10pm!

The signal area also grew in , when the station moved to a taller tower on a hill south of Madison. In , station owner Paul Stewart felt called to a new ministry field.

He received offers from many companies wanting to purchase the station, but Stewart desired for the station to continue its Christian programming. Today, Life Can you post and email me a picture of the t-shirt you are giving away with some of the donations people are making?

I moved to Northern Wisconsin in I started to listen on line as soon as I found out it was available. I still listen to the station on the radio when ever I am in the Madison area visiting Family and Friends.

I now have been listing on line at work everyday also, working for a christian couple. My family still live in the Madison area. Thank You so much for all you do. I was listening back when Ann and Brian were the morning team. Back then they had the birthday bullseye and I won!!!! I am When I was 8 my dad remarried and we moved to Madison. We always listened to this station. If I remember correctly we went to church with Carl?

Mom and dad always encouraged us to listen to his station. It was fun to put a face with the voice. I never quit listening. Thanking God for His faithfulness. Blessings yo you all for spreading His love and His Word! Congratulations to the folks at WNWC for continuing the year legacy of Christian radio for Madison and the surrounding area.

The station still has a special place in my heart after graduating from High School in the area and waking up to the station most mornings.

Ultimately I sensed a call toward ministry radio and spent over 30 years of my career in Christian radio, including 11 spent at the station as it became Life I especially loved doing afternoons and splitting my time with the engineering needs of the stations. God bless you all! Hey Chris! The first people who buy tickets to the 60th Celebration will get a t-shirt with their ticket, but many more people are welcome!

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Airheads Radio Survey Archive. Morning entertainment show. Early journal of radio and technology. ITT Electrical Communication to Radio Instructor construction and technology magazine.

Vintage christian radio. Last 10 songs played (current song is on top)

Radio Discussions Board. All Publications Alphabetical. Links to All Titles on Site. Logbooks N. Color Coded Site Categories. B roadcast Industry. Radio Stations. All Technical.

Company J ournals. B'cast Catalogs. Early Radio TV. All UK Publications. All Technology. Early Radio. Modern Era. Both Eras. Canadian Section. Australian Section. The site offers searches by individual publication and by section. This speeds up and focuses your searches. If you spot an error on this or any page, please report it. Error Report - Click. AmericanRadio History. Disclaimer of Prejudice. On the contrary, we hope that accurate portrayals of historical realities will further our understandings of the challenges of today.

The World. This Site. Search All Blue Section. Search Only Periodicals. Broadcasting Magazine The most respected business magazine in the industry. Television Magazine Business publication covering TV. Television Radio Age Television industry business journal with some radio coverage. Radio Magazine Radio news journal. Channels of Communication Insightful magazine about television content and society. Radio Business Report Radio business and finance journal.

Programmer's Digest Radio program ideas newsletter from Todd Wallace. Televiser Magazine. Early Television Industry trade magazine Started in Electronic Media to TV and media professional's magazine. Became Television Week. Television International and on. Foreign TV programming. Showmanship 's magazine for radio advertisers provided by local radio stations.

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Search Only Directories. Broadcasting Yearbook The industry's favorite directory for decades. Every issue since Tele casting Yearbook from Broadcasting Magazine All issues. TV Factbook Television station directory. Radio Annual from "Radio Daily " 27 Editions. Variety Annual directory of radio stations and related fields: to Complete set of issues. Courtesy of Inside Radio. Media buyers' source for ad rates and station details. Mediatrix Mediatrix Mediatrix Mediatrix.

Mediatrix Profiles of major markets with station formats and histories from Rollye Bornstein. Medios Publictarios Mexicanos Mexican media buying guide. Investing in Radio A collection of directories and reports of interest to investors and owners.

History of Broadcasting A 's collection of reprints of significant broadcasting titles from the 20's to the 50's. The Listener Experience How to listen, understanding technology, stars of radio and programs. The first three books from Valerie Geller's " Powerful Radio " series. Radio Research Books about radio and Media research. Radio Station Albums Promotional booklets, albums and brochures for individual stations.

Radio At War Station booklets with war information and station profiles from W. Station Promotional Albums Sales and promotional brochures and program schedules for radio and TV stations. Broadcast Industry Related Publications Music industry, talent directories, fan directories and anything else that fits!

Station Magazines. Full presentation. Here is the story. FM schedules and entertainment from Los Angeles. Don McNeil's Breakfast Club. Morning entertainment show. Coverage Maps Engineering and promotional coverage maps by state. Miscellaneous Publications Collections - Single issues, booklets and the like. Modern Era Collection Sales, programming, technology, regulation and management The Television years. All eras. Australia Miscellaneous Publications and booklets from Australia.

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Hands-On Electronics Hobbyist publication from to Hobbyist Special Editions. One-time or annual publications for electronics hobbyists. Don Lancaster A collection of Publications by a leading writer for the hobby and experimenter community. Hobbyist Books Hundreds of theory and construction books and publications listed by Author. The Sound Engineering journal. Professional audio. High Fidelity Milton Sleeper's consumer audio magazine. Tape Recording Consumer m agazine from the 50's and the 60's.

Studio Sound Sound and professional audio journal. Modern Recording Studio production and audio magazine. Audio Record. Publication of Audio Devices from to the late 50's. One to One Mastering, pressing and duplication 's. Stereo Review Audiophile and music magazine beginning in Audio Collection Booklets, books and pamphlets about audio and hi-fi. Search This Section. Broadcast Engineering Technical magazine for station engineers from to Not related to the Ham Radio Magazine.

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Radio Engineering Tele-Tech magazine, Radio, TV, electronics. Communications Magazine 30's to 50's. Electronics Beginning Electronics technology magazine. Radio Engineering Handbook Multiple editions 's to Radio Handbook T he annual radio engineering reference from the editors of "Radio" Radio Engineering Handbooks Miscellaneous technical reference books from the 20's onwards. American Institute of Electrical Engineers 's issues.

Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers 's. Rider Library Some of the more than books published by Rider. Technical Library Broadcast Engineering and related technical books. Gates and Harris transmitter and audio equipment catalogs, brochures and manuals. RCA transmitters, studio and TV equipment manuals, sales brochures and manuals. General Electric Catalogs and manuals for electronics and broadcast equipment. Collins transmitters and studio equipment catalogs and manuals.

Search this Section. Began in RCA's broadcast equipment magazine. All issues are here. ITT Electrical Communication to Aerovox Research Worker A magazine from the Aerovox Corporation, maker of capacitors for users and hobbyists. Machlett Cathode Press Magazine from manufacturer of vacuum tubes. General Radio Experimenter to Cornell-Dublier Capacitor Monthly magazine for customers.

Bell System Technical Journal Scientific aspects of electrical communication. From Sylvania News to 's technical bulletins from Sylvania.

Gates Studio Review Magazine for radio engineers and management starting in The Westinghouse Engineer. Technical Journal beginning in Grundig Technische Informationen Tech information and product line descriptions. Philips Technical Revue journal of technical advances and issues from the Netherlands manufacturer.

Scott News Magazine of the early luxury radio manufacturer. The Radio Dealer - Radio set sales trade publication. Radio Industries.

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If you like custom radio projects this is the place for you! Custom radios and projects. Ray Kostiainen shared an album. Received excellent on air reports from local David up here on the Sunshine Coast! Kevin McDonald 24 October at

Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio

But there seems to be one big exception — Christian radio. In many ways, this is a great thing. The Word of God never changes, and today God is still using many of those great preachers to bring thousands to Jesus Christ or to help Christians grow deeper in their faith. Because of technology, those preaching programs also can live on beyond the earthly life of the speaker. With nearly stations, AFR is uniquely positioned to mobilize its audience for causes and ministries it promotes.

Now with more than 1. This is just one example that shows when Christians are mobilized, we can have a positive and tangible impact on the culture. So how to begin? Ultimately, our goal as Christian radio programmers should be to help equip, encourage and challenge listeners to believe in Jesus Christ and live out their faith in their daily lives. For 60 years, Ambassador has prided itself on staying ahead of the curve and helping ministries and stations navigate the ever-changing media and technological landscape.

Our staff can help with everything from long-term marketing strategies and program production to short-term consulting services. We are committed to the work and mission of Christian radio and are invested in the bright future it holds. Radio is still the quickest, most cost efficient, and easiest way to reach the masses with the gospel and to equip believers around the world. Christian radio can not only evangelize and disciple, it can inform and entertain, and provide services to communities in many ways.

Whether a radio network, big signal in a big market, or an LPFM in a small town, we can be a light and only our own apathy can put that light out. After all, nobody can top our content. May radio long be used for His work, and glory! Aside from your suggestion to produce a local talk show, I am still wondering who will be replacing the voices that have left us.

Is the same business model still functional? Large pastor preaches… Christian Publisher assembles them into a book… Pastor forms independent ministry…buys radio time — sells the book on the air… repeat the process?

We cover the hot topics and share the gospel and see people coming to Christ and we get to disciple them too! One listener came from Australia, another couple drove from Ohio, a listener who came to Christ listening in Ohio also drove down to our home in TN and another came from Virginia.

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