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This is a list of vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaner manufacturers. A vacuum cleaner is a device that uses an air pump to create a partial vacuum to suck up dust and dirt, usually from floors, and optionally from other surfaces as well. The dirt is collected by either a dustbag or a rigid cartridge, which may be emptied and reused. Vacuum cleaners are used in homes as well as in industry, and exist in a variety of sizes and models. A Baby Daisy manual vacuum cleaner.

Vintage electrolux vacuum cleaners

Vintage electrolux vacuum cleaners

Vintage electrolux vacuum cleaners

I think for the money they are an excellent value. Vintage General Electric Vacuum Cleaner for sale in excellent condition. The original metal canisters are cleaned and painted. Vacuum Cleaners. The company began manufacturing hinges Cathiter sex all sizes for everything from jewelry boxes to airplanes.

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The eldctrolux time the hose gets yanked around a corner, pulled onor run over by the Spokane washington jaxx radio tricycle, it's a leaker again. Prospect, IL. Pretty neat. Ask for prices, accessories, and availability. In addition to this, keeping an eye on Vontage Trader is not a bad idea! The Sunbeam Mixmaster has never been quite duplicated, but very often imitated. It has a built in cord re-winder. Photo courtesy Bissell With the Vintaye popularity surrounding Vintage electrolux vacuum cleaners exploration, Hoover unveiled its Model 82 Constellation in Here are some new items I've decided to add to the web page. Beware of what might look like a good deal. Not complicated. The motors come with a One Year Guarantee from the date of purchase. It's powerful dirt eating machine. I think the older, vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster's are a really neat, retro kitchen appliance, and do warrant keeping them running and looking good.

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  • A popular vacuum choice for homemakers in the s was this My Little Queen carpet sweeper, and related items, from Bissell.
  • New hoses are an option available when the originals are collapsed, and no longer useable.
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Great vacuum cleaner from Harvey Norman. Come with spare bags. Selling to move interstate. Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner for sale, just 2 years old. In very good condition. For Sale! Electrolux lithium stick cordless vacuum cleaner. This unit is in great condition and work well. The unit is light weight perfect for hard floors and low pile carpet and it so easy to use.

The unit features a base unit, dusting attachments, a two in one profile, led running lights and two speed for suction. The unit is the upgraded Lithium unit so has extra power and lasts longer. Check out my other ads. One year old. This cordless vacuum cleaner features Easysteer manoeuvrability, so you can easily vacuum from space to space. Includes turbo nozzle. In perfect working order - only selling due to being given a newer model. Pick up from Travancore only please.

Battery needs replacement. Everything else works. It is available until the ad is visible. These 3 machines are D's with a brown and orange colour scheme. The Dp's 2 of can be used with a powerhead. Sign In Register. My Gumtree Post an ad. Suggested Searches: electrolux vacuum electrolux vacuum cleaner electrolux vacuum parts vacuum vacuum cleaner stick vacuum old vacuum cleaner vacuums electrolux ultraflex used vacuums for sale vacuum cleaner vacuum vintage.

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It draws 80 inches of water lift on the vacuum testing gauge, which is an impressive, high performance machine. I have a few Sunbeam accessories for all of the mixer's.. This model 30 comes just like you see italong with the wands, carpet, bare floor tool. This G is in Hammertone Blue. It's one tough, dirt eating vacuum cleaner. Neat , Unusual, Factory ,Electrolux accessory item--and it works very well.

Vintage electrolux vacuum cleaners

Vintage electrolux vacuum cleaners

Vintage electrolux vacuum cleaners

Vintage electrolux vacuum cleaners

Vintage electrolux vacuum cleaners. Вы находитесь здесь

Spangler was kept on as a partner, and soon had his. An early model of Hoover. The Hoover experienced the height of its popularity between the s and s.

The brand has become a generic term for vacuum cleaners around the world. The first models were not very effective, but were improved throughout the years. The model was discontinued in the mid s. Singer Deluxe model vacuum cleaner.

In its early years, Singer exclusively sold sewing machines. In later years, the company expanded its product portfolio to include a range of household appliances.

The Singer Deluxe vacuum was popular in the s. Royal Lexon sold over one million of these models in an era where only a few million homes had electricity. The Hoover Dustette, circa , was the first handheld vacuum produced by Hoover.

The Hoover Dustette was the first handheld vacuum to be designed and sold by Hoover. The machine had a unique motor that gave it extreme durability. It is interesting to know that many Dustettes still work today. The Museum of Clean is home to an extensive collection of the earliest vacuum cleaners that were invented.

Hamilton Beach made a technical advancement in vacuum cleaning through this model, which could work on either AC or DC currents. The Kirby Company usually only produced one model at a time. The company, until recent years, relied heavily on door-to-door sales, which did not garner a sterling reputation. The museum features a massive exhibit devoted to the vacuum.

Nearly 1, different models, from various makers, produced between and , is on display. The interactive exhibit is one of the highlights of the museum.

I have replacement power cords for the Standard Model 30 Electrolux. Type 30 Replacement Dust Bag Here is a Genuine, Original Electrolux canvas replacement dust bag for your Model 30, if yours has a hole in it or it's worn out or gone. This is the only dust bag that will fit the Electrolux Model 30 and comes with a new door rubber gasket attached.

This is NOT an aftermarket replacement bag for the Model Electrolux Model 30 Dust Filters The Model 30 Electrolux was possibly the first vacuum cleaner to have a Hepa type dirt capturing dust filter on the vacuums exhaust.

It is easily replaceable, and fits inside of the back grill. They should be changed every 90 days. Stick the vacuum hose into the exhaust door, attach it to the sprayer, and you can spray just about anything you want. Electrolux Model 30 Vaporizer This attachment also goes into the exhaust door of the Model 30 or actually any Electrolux and you fill it with moth balls, lay the vacuum cleaner in the closet, run the cord under the door, and plug it in. It'll kill every moth you have, think of having, or might ever have.

I've had many folks ask for a good original hose. New nylon covered, original hoses are tough to locate. Folks have been pouring Latex down their hoses trying to repair the leaking hoses and this isn't the answer. The first time the hose gets yanked around a corner, pulled on , or run over by the kids tricycle, it's a leaker again. I have developed the right way of doing this job, and the hoses are leak free, and draw the same suction at the end of the hose as it does at the intake of the Vac.

You can send me your hose to renew, or I still have a few nice looking hoses that I can seal. Either way, i have the fix for ths age old problem. One note; If your hose is fractured,, fraying, crushed, or flattened out, it's all done. Nothing but a new hose can fix this problem. But--if your hose is in nice shape and is losing suction through the woven rubber bands inside and through the nylon webbing on the outside, I have the Fix. Inquire, drop me a line and ask for details.

It's a mid 50's Garment Aire clothes protector. Garment Aire Instruction Manual Here you can get an idea of how this accessory works, and how it hooks up to the exhaust outlet of the Electrolux. It will work perfect with any early or later model Electrolux. It was first made available with the Model 30, 60, the T, and probabaly into the first E's. Spray the floor cleaner or shampoo on the floors and turn on the Vacuum with the floor scrubber attached to the wand.

The spinning brush does all of the work-- It does a real nice job, and it really works well on rugs--it scrubs the dirt out and fluffs the pile up real good. Electrolux Model 60 LX Here's the next vacuum Electrolux made--and the first vacuum to have a self ejecting, disposable paper dirttbag. When the bag is full, the front door pops open, shuts the vacuum off, and the machine automaticly ejects the full bag out of the machine. Pretty neat. It was manufactured in to compete with Hoover and their economy model.

It's production run was for about 6 months, and then Electrlux discontinued it. It was a sales flop, and the profit margin for the dealers was slim. They used it as an advertising gimic and usually moved the potential customer up into a higher priced Electrolux once they had him in the door. It's a plain Jane, but pretty rare just because of the limited time it was built, and how unusual it is.

It's an excellent running, unusual, rare Electrolux vacuum cleaner. It has disposable paper type bags. It has a built in cord re-winder. This G is in Hammertone Blue. Now here is an ultra rare find!! It was presented as a sales award to an Electrolux salesman excelling in sales in one months time his given region. The G has never been used, it's been stashed in a closet since it was presented.

It is Brand New! What a find! Nice Find for a collector, or for somebody that wants a brand new G to use. A collector has found this Gold G and it has sold. I thought I leave it posted here so it can be looked at and drooled over. One sweetheart of a Vacuum. It's a Hospital G, and with the filter on the exhaust, it grabs all of the dust particles blowing out of the machine.

It's a very rare example of an Electrolux G. This Hospital G is sold. I run into these unique machines from time to time. It uses disposable 4 ply paper dust bags.

It develops excellent suction. This machine has a manual cord rewinder. I have the correct optional automatic rewinder's avaiIable for the F's. This white L has an automatic cord rewinder on it-- The L's all have manual non automatic front doors. You have to examine the dust bags to know when they are full.

No rewinder, no automatic front door or shut off. It has excellent suction , been totally rebuilt--it looks like new Electrolux Gold L Here's a side shot of the rare gold colored L with the automaic cord rewinder mounted. All of the L's have an electric outlet on the front side of the vacuum to power the optional electric power floor nozzle. Every one of the L's have the same accessories that come with it--plus the optional power floor tool is available.

All kinds of purchasing options. The Electrolux L's are light weight, and powerful vacuum cleaner's--a real good dirt eating machine. Electrolux Here's Electrolux first move into the more modern looking appliance age. It draws 80 inches of water lift on the vacuum testing gauge, which is an impressive, high performance machine. The hose has an electric outlet that the power wand plugs into.

Note; To power this floor tool up on your Vac, you will need to purchase either a new electric hose or a optional hose power cord to make it function. Your Electrolux will also need to have the electrical outlet on the front of it. The cost of the tool does not included the proper electric hose or the proper electric cord--which I do have available --Inquire about this update.

If you already have an electrc hose or the hose with the power cord on it, or in it--you will need nothing else to make the floor tool function. It's one tough, dirt eating vacuum cleaner.

Nice It has adjustable suction feature that allows you to increase or decrease the suction depending on what kind of dirt you want it to eat, a automatic front door opening feature, that pops the door open when the paper bag is full.

It has a built in automatic cord rewinder. This is one real nice Electrolux. Side View of the Electrolux Super J You can see the cord re-winder on the back side of the vacuum in this picture. It's powerful dirt eating machine. This B Olympia One has 83 inches of water lift and is a serious dirt sucking machine. It too has a rebuilt motor and is in very nice overall condition. It works perfect. If you need to know the Vintage Vacuum to bag application, please drop me a line--I'll let you know what bag you need.

Vacuum Testing Instrument--Suckometer Here is exactly how I determine how much vacuum any of the machines I remanufacture is pulling.. It also measures the free wheeling amperage draw, and loaded vacuum draw. The top gauge is the water lift gauge, the bottom one is the amperage.

The red light indicates a good complete circuit. The testing inlet is on the right hand side of the box, and this is where the hose is placed for the test. The box get's plugged into a outlet, the vacuum gets plugged into the outlet in the tester.

It'll tell you right away what the vac is doing--in real time.

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This is a list of vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaner manufacturers. A vacuum cleaner is a device that uses an air pump to create a partial vacuum to suck up dust and dirt, usually from floors, and optionally from other surfaces as well. The dirt is collected by either a dustbag or a rigid cartridge, which may be emptied and reused.

Vacuum cleaners are used in homes as well as in industry, and exist in a variety of sizes and models. A Baby Daisy manual vacuum cleaner. The power unit and canister of a central vacuum cleaner system.

A robotic vacuum cleaner is an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner that has intelligent programming and a limited vacuum cleaning system. Some designs use spinning brushes to reach tight corners. Others combine a number of cleaning features mopping, UV sterilization, etc. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The hose plugs into the wall port in central vacuum cleaner systems. Technology portal. Retrieved 27 September Categories : Vacuum cleaners Lists of manufacturers Technology-related lists.

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Vintage electrolux vacuum cleaners