Vintage yard darts-FACT CHECK: Did the U.S. Ban Lawn Dart Sales After a Child's Death?

This post is part of Mashable's You're Old Week. Break through the haze of nostalgia with us and see what holds up, what disappoints, and what got better with time. There are a lot of dangerous children's toys from previous decades, from Sky Dancers to Moon Shoes, but one particularly perilous game stands apart from the rest: lawn darts. It was essentially the same game as horseshoes or cornhole, only with metal spikes raining down from the sky instead of bean bags. If you've never played the game, there's a good reason.

Vintage yard darts

Vintage yard darts

Read instructions carefully. The most recent injury occurred last week in Elkhart, Ind. The ban did not, however, include a recall of darts darrts Vintage yard darts already been purchased, and the commission sent out a press release pleading for the public to destroy their darts or keep them out Vintage yard darts the hands of kids. He sat in meetings listening to datts co-workers talk about work Stephen mayhew nude. Anyone ever get hurt at your family picnic? Hell, this was probably just pre-Atari; we had to be bored.

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Our parents simply spent the time and instructed us on what to do and what NOT to do. Lawn darts also known as Javelin dartsjartslawn jarts or yard darts is a lawn game for two players or teams. Should we stop cheerleading? Discussions Share best Vintagw, tips, and insights. So silly that ebay took down my regent lawn darts listing last week. Same with playing horseshoes - should we ban them, since they're steel? In Canada, lawn darts resulted in at least Vintage yard darts serious injuries. The thread that refuses to die. We never got hurt. How one dad got lawn darts banned. Vintage yard darts 3 of Eacy year, about teen drivers were involved in car crashes in which someone died. Namespaces Article Talk.

Lawn darts, or Jarts, were all the rage in the s.

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  • Lawn darts also known as Javelin darts , jarts , lawn jarts or yard darts is a lawn game for two players or teams.
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Sparklers, barbeque, family and backyards. The games were classic: Badminton, Croquet, Horseshoes, Bocci ball and My brother reminded me over the weekend.

We whined to our Dad about how bored we were. Remember no cable or cell phones? Hell, this was probably just pre-Atari; we had to be bored. We convinced him. He took us to Sears and picked up some nice outdoor activities. It was a 3-pack combo game set. Maybe my Dad knew exactly what he was doing. We were pretty whiny. Jarts have become known as one of the big, "OMG I can't believe anyone thought this was a good idea" type of toys.

How did we survive this? Created in 's or 's. I couldn't find the exact year but it started with some guys who wanted to take their dart came outside the bar. Brilliant But it didn't gain in popularity as an "outdoor sport" until the late 's. The sets contained four Jarts. Each about 12 inches long.

It's all about accuracy. Toss the Jart into the middle of the target. To insure sticking the landing, you needed it to come straight down. The instructions showed throwing them with a rainbow arc. All of this, in the middle of your friends and family filled backyard.

It turns out, people were getting hit with Jarts all the time AND consumers complained. Whoever they called or wrote weren't answering. At one point there had been a ban due to accidents.

Someone acknowledged the complaints. The companies that produced them offered the courts a compromise: They would come with a warning label and not be marketed to children.

Courts said, have a nice summer. They went back on the market. From the backyard it sailed over the house, to the front yard and hit her with an unbelievable 23, lbs of pressure. She was killed instantly. This heartbroken and frustrated Father decided to fight Jarts until they were taken off the market. He held his ground and didn't give up til it was done. David Snow heart broken Father was able to get them to relook at the statistics and it was telling.

The majority of injuries were to the head, face, eyes or ears, and many had led to permanent injury or disability. I had hoped to find what seems the ultimate vintage party game wasn't as dangerous as we thought. Wrong, it is. So if you find that set at a garage sale and decide it's the 80's again, be careful! Did you have Jarts when you were a kid? Anyone ever get hurt at your family picnic?

Tell me about it in the comments. Skip to content. Join our email for the latest! Were they so bad? Memories of Memorial Days past and future Fourth of Julys. What could we have even been doing?!

Are Jarts as dangerous as we've been told? Let's put the pieces together. Even Sears had a version. Get Season Opener Tickets Now! Vintage Garage Info. Sell Great Vintage?

Sign In Help Guidelines About. Senior Lament: My memory's not as sharp as it used to be. Perhaps jarts are not very safe for young children but, then again, neither are lots of things. Message 4 of Message 9 of Re: lawn darts. Jan 28, PM.

Vintage yard darts

Vintage yard darts

Vintage yard darts

Vintage yard darts

Vintage yard darts

Vintage yard darts. Покупки по категориям


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Snopes needs your help! Learn more. On 2 October , criticism appeared on social media about a lack of federal action on gun safety which invoked the U. Lawn darts. The sale of lawn darts in the U. The issue was forced back into the national spotlight through a campaign by David Snow, whose 7-year-old daughter, Michelle, died at her California home in April after a lawn dart penetrated her skull. At least one researcher estimated that the steel-tipped dart hit the girl with a force of 23, pounds per square inch.

Because if I had seen that warning, I would have never brought this product home. Snow went on to contact several federal legislators and testify before a House subcommittee regarding the dangers that lawn darts carried, and his campaign spurred the CPSC to reinstitute a ban on the sale of lawn dart kits in May The CPSC said at the time of the decision that:. Three children — ages 4, 7, and 13 — are known to have died in lawn dart-related incidents.

An estimated lawn dart injuries are treated each year in U. Three quarters of the injured are under 15 years old. The types of lawn darts associated with the three deaths will be banned by the CPSC action.

I made seven trips to Washington. I got blisters on my feet. But I just kept at it and today is the payoff. At least now I can say I kept my promise to my little girl. Which is the greater evil — lawn darts that kill three people or guns that kill … thousands in a year? Canada instituted a similar ban on sales and importation of lawn darts in June We investigate as thoroughly and quickly as possible and relay what we learn. Then another question arrives, and the race starts again.

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Vintage yard darts