Wanna take a ride happy feet-Massawyrm Cuts Off George Miller's HAPPY FEET And Tries To Feed Them To Him!!

Join Mumble and his comical penguin friends in this trilling, action-packed 4D ride film adventure. Immerse yourself in the excitement as they reach chilling speeds in their breathtaking icy journey. Look out though! Mumble's fun turns into a suspenseful chase as he comes face to face with a villainous Leopard Seal. But don't worry, this wild ride has a happy ending!

Wanna take a ride happy feet

Wanna take a ride happy feet

Wanna take a ride happy feet

Bill: Yes. Memphis: I haven't seen the face of Mumble for hours. What are we gonna do? So Mumble decides he is going to find the Aliens, ask them to stop taking the fish and prove to all the Penguins back home that their religion is wrong and his beliefs are correct. Adelie 4: Miraculous penguin! Brooke: The crack? Mumble: We will! But never dangerous.

Breguet xx. Happy Feet: Mumble's Wild Ride

She could also hear Raven's voice in her head, demanding she not let such a golden opportunity slip by. Does anyone know that song where the guy is wrapping in some suburbs wearing galaxy clothing and has a shaved head it's pretty Champagne cup boobs. Eyes wide she jerked bodily around, rocking the chair hard enough that both girls automatically reached out to brace themselves against the sides. Long fingers caressed Clarke's pulse point which threatened to hammer out of control. Lexa stared back, eyes wide. She wasn't scared enough to not notice the little squeak Lexa Wanna take a ride happy feet when she had latched onto her arm. Uh oh. It was a voice suited for speeches and soliloquies. Lay on your back, like you right there Don't have to say it twice, love, there's nothing here to fear Taking it back, back to where it's clear Rolling on and on, sounds of loving in the air. And slammed their heads together.

The group slide over as they fly all the way and land on the water from the slide as they swim to the beach, laughing.

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The group slide over as they fly all the way and land on the water from the slide as they swim to the beach, laughing. Outside, the gang made it all the way to the Forbidden Shore where everything is all foggy in a abandon town. Back at Cape Adare, the penguins are setting up a plan to stop the Feather God on the rock board.

At the garage, Esequiel take out one of his inventions which look like a device to the multiverse. Back at the beach of Paulet Island, Esequiel and the gang are together as the adelies are listening to Esequiel on this very serious announcement.

The background song "Chasing the Sun" by The Wanted plays as the adelie penguins started to learn some karate with Esequiel. Josesito design the cardboards with the shard drawings on it as Mumble, Montay, Cho Cho and Carlos throw snowballs at the cardboards. The Adelie Amigos, Carmen and Lovelace throw snowballs together in preparation for the shards' attack.

Will is teaching Bill to lift up a stick with two ices sticking by the stick. Carlos, Blazer, Dylan, Ting-Ting and Alto punch every cardboard of shards while Phoenix blast some fire to the pile of ice. Sven is throwing fish on the pile as Hugh throw the fishes to the target with a coloring of Feather God.

Esequiel is teaching everyone to water bend as many of the waters are bubbles and floating everywhere in the sky. Charles is using his fatmax hammer to smash all the ices as Michael and Bridgette throw the snowball at the cardboard of Feather God.

Esequiel and the adelie penguins are throwing water everywhere around the beach as the weddell seals swim back into the ocean. The background song end and back at the Ice Age, Buck, Gloria and the emperor penguins are still in the forest, miles away from the valley where the herd is. Back at the valley, Manny and the herd are decorating the place as many of the animals are bringing in food for the great giving with Granny and Louis joining in with the other geotopians.

The shards jump into the bottom of the volcano as they saw a bunch of crushed meteor shards on the ground. The shards smash the ground as purple lightning started coming out of the meteor shards and popping into the sky, making the clouds form into a circle on the surface. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This chapter is called "Prepare for War". Dilo: I don't know. I'm getting hot in here.

Tilly: Me too. Bill: I thought the antarctic is cold. Did summer came in early to cool ourselves down? Will: No. We are stuck in here. We are lost in the middle of nowhere! Mumble: But we are in a cave. We can't be that sweaty. Will: We didn't say that we're sweaty. Dilo: Then which way is the place to go to Snow Hill Island? Mumble: Um? That way? Tilly: That's a slide. Do you wanna slide on that big loop? Mumble: Uh I guess so. Dilo: I wouldn't say i would slide on it.

Tilly: Will ya? Will: Um? Bill: Maybe, maybe not. Dilo: I'll say we pass. Dilo: I'm sliding! Will: Dilo! Will: What the?

Bill: Hey! Mumble: Ha ha ha, they asked for it. Mumble: Watch it big seal. Slide like the wind. Dilo: I can feel it! Tilly: Race you both to the end. Will: Hey, what about us? Bill: You're forgetting about us.

Will: That's what we're talking about. Mumble: Ha ha ha. This is awesome! Dilo: This is exhausting. Mumble: You're tired? Dilo: No. I mean, this is amazing and wowzers! Mumble: This is so much fun. Will: I'm sliding! Bill: Whoa, this slide is so slippery. Will: What a slide. Mumble: This is a fun ride! Tilly: This never get old. Dilo: I feel like the speed racer in my heart. Mumble: There is only one loop out of this. Tilly: We would make it out of here.

Mumble: Slide me in. Will: Yabba yabba doo! The gang slide into a big loop and goes from another place to another Mumble: Woo. Mumble: You can't beat me!

Dilo: Oh, i'm going to beat you first. Mumble: Not without a single chance. Will: Wait up! Bill: Don't leave us all behind. Tilly: Just catch up with us and let's go. Will: You don't want to make me go super about this. Mumble: Other way! The gang turn the other way to the left Will: Ha ha ha, i'm sliding! Bill: Count me in big boys! Tilly: Wheee, wooze! Dilo: Who's going to do the flop? Will: Not me. Bill: This is getting overkill. Mumble: Are you guys feeling it?

Bill: Yes. It's amazing. Dilo: Look out you guys, you are about to take the biggest slide of all of Antarctica. Here we go. Dilo: This is the best ride ever! Tilly: We're getting blown away! Will: My arms are wiggly. Bill: Wiggle me too. Mumble: Soft me in. Dilo: I feel like flying like a superhero.

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Wanna take a ride happy feet

Wanna take a ride happy feet

Wanna take a ride happy feet

Wanna take a ride happy feet. Love Will Find A Way



Published at: Nov. CST by merrick. Movie News. Hola all. Massawyrm here. I mean, I do. Right wing blogs linked to it.

I received e-mails, lots of e-mail, going both ways even from people who made the film. It was not a pleasant experience. But for those that remember that debacle — especially those with selective memory — I simply thought the film was bizarre and somewhat subversive. But never dangerous. Never offensive. Because those are words I reserve for very special films that really, truly, shatter the barrier of what is appropriate in a kids film. Those are words I reserve for films like Happy Feet. Now before you even get fucking started laying into me for using words like "Dangerous" and "offensive", lets get one thing straight.

I get that. The trailers have done their job convincing you of this, and the immense cross-promotion advertising a dozen different products and companies has ensured that each and every one of your children absolutely MUST SEE IT this weekend.

Warner Bros. All of the cross-promoted products are counting on this. A lot of money and time has gone into selling this as a dancing penguin movie. And yes, half of it is. In fact, give me a copy of this film and version of Final Cut Pro and I will cut you a two-minute trailer that will make you shit your pants and give your kids nightmares for a week.

I do not say that lightly. It is fucked right the hell up. Kids are not stupid. Pure and simple. But kids will watch anything! Sure they will. We did too. En Espanol? And stories have always, first and foremost, been great metaphors. The works of Aesop, the allegories of Plato, even the lessons of Christ, Buddha and Lao-Tsu are all lessons wrapped in simple stories.

And these lessons become so steeped in our culture that they become part of our vernacular. Now think back. When was the last time you heard the story of The Fox and the Grapes? Maybe third grade? Wait, what? Back up a second. Did I read that right? The…evils…of religion? Happy Feet is a film about the dangers and evils of religion in the face of open-minded liberal thought.

Okay, okay. Wait a minute. Let me take that back. Because I know a lot of liberals. I have many great friends who are liberal, who hold very well thought out, respectable beliefs. Calling this Liberal is like those people that call Pat Robertson a conservative. Real conservatives cringe at that statement. No, he is an ultra right wing Christian neo conservative who teaches the word of Christ out of one side of his mouth and then calls openly for the public assassination of the democratically elected leader of a sovereign nation out of the other.

Real conservatives stand as far away from that scary goon as humanly possible. Happy Feet is the Liberal Pat Robertson. Happy feet is liberal like that unwashed hippie wearing the Look to the skies T-shirt that climbs and handcuffs himself to a tree to prevent someone from knocking down a forest on their own land. I fucking said it. I have no qualms about any theme whatsoever in mature films. Art is art. So let me take a poll.

Raise your hand if you know that this film is about a dancing penguin. Okay, all of you. Now keep it raised if you know that said dancing penguin gets kicked out of his community for dancing rather than singing. Okay, slightly less than before. Good, good. Not too many spoilers in the trailer.

Now keep your hand raised if you know that said penguin is kicked out of the community by the town elder for Heresy against the Great Penguin in the Sky. None of you? Think again.

You see, the penguins are starving. Almost to death. After talking to a predator sea bird that tries to eat him, our hero, Mumble, hears that there are aliens that abduct birds, probe them, then leave bright yellow tags on their legs to remind them of their abduction. This causes a hysterical screaming fit in which the town elder demands that Mumble renounce what he has just said or he will be banished, lest the town suffer the wrath of the Great Penguin in the Sky.

Still not making up a single word. So Mumble decides he is going to find the Aliens, ask them to stop taking the fish and prove to all the Penguins back home that their religion is wrong and his beliefs are correct.

So he goes to enlist the help of a charlatan mystic with a sacred necklace a set of plastic 6-pack rings. The one thing I found clever in this film was this character — a character who spends half the film choking. Named Lovelace. A porn reference in a kids film. Nice touch. But for the sake of speeding along a far too lengthy commentary already, let me just hit the highlights of relative insanity. He loses his mind, his personality and is trapped with a bunch of spaced out, mindless penguins, while he stares blankly at his own reflection.

He begins to frantically tell the people that the aliens are coming and the only way to get them to stop taking the fish is if they all dance together. The penguins dance. The Aliens film it. People all delight in watching the penguins dance. Mumble saved the day! He communicated with the Aliens…by dancing…and got them to…stop fishing?

Not over fishing, not pollution harming the fish. Fucking fishing. What the fuck? Are you fucking kidding me? I thought this movie was all about Mumble trying to find his place in the world and fall in love with a girl who appreciated his dancing. Ummm…oh yeah. So you thought this was just some film about dancing singing penguins?

You almost took your kids to an extremist film denouncing religion, obeying your parents and…giggle…fishing. And you know what? Because it sounds so crazy it must be seen to be believed. And more power to you. You see, I respect anyone who takes the time to educate their children in what they believe the ways of the world are.

Because the film plays out like this: Awww, cute. Singing penguins. Awww, cute.

Wanna take a ride happy feet