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The Internet Adult Film Database IAFD is an online database of information pertaining to, in United States , the pornography industry : actors , actresses , directors , studios , distributors and pornographic films. IAFD itself was started by Peter van Aarle, who had collected data on adult movies since , when he began keeping notes on index cards on adult movies he had seen or were reviewed in Adam Film World. The two exchanged databases and began work on a WWW -based database. Van Aarle later collaborated on this Web database with Ron Wilhelm, who went by the pseudonym of "Heretic". After Wilhelm left the Internet to join the military, the site eventually fell victim to link rot.

Hi Claire, thanks a lot for your feedback. Get login help. Passion's flames are rapidly kindled and result in steamy encounters. Action Comedy Drama Comedy. Set against the background of the Adult movie surch Adulg student riots. After an unsuccessful assassination attempt, a thankful oil Sheik opens the gates of a thousand delights to his wonder-struck American visitor. Adult sitemovie database. Possession R min Drama, Horror 7.

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Why was a well known actor not listed in the credits? What does uncredited mean? What do the roman numerals, like I and II , after people's names mean?

You show actors as appearing in TV series before they were born! How can this be correct? What is the difference between "Screenplay" and "Written by" credits? What do codes like [se] or [hr] following a production company or distributor mean? How do I find out if a DVD has subtitles in another language? I live in the US. Can I order a video from Amazon UK? How can I find adult titles on IMDb? You can enable or disable adult titles in your IMDb account two different ways: 1.

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Sign in. Not Rated 97 min Crime, Drama, Mystery. Events over the course of one traumatic night in Paris unfold in reverse-chronological order as the beautiful Alex is brutally raped and beaten by a stranger in the underpass. R min Drama, Romance, Thriller. A New York suburban couple's marriage goes dangerously awry when the wife indulges in an adulterous fling.

R min Drama, Romance. Various lives converge on an isolated island, all connected by an author whose novel has become inextricably entwined with his own life. R 85 min Drama, Romance. Coming of age. In Buenos Aires, Eloy is on the verge of manhood.

He studies physics, helps with the family headstone business, and does advertising - handing out flyers while walking on Votes: 2, Not Rated 87 min Drama, Mystery. Marc is sitting in his bath one morning and asks his wife, "how would you feel if I shaved off my mustache?

Votes: 4, Not Rated min Comedy, Crime, Mystery. A bestselling crime novelist who is desperately looking for a new story hones his focus on the apparent suicide of a small-town woman, an aspiring model who thought she was the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe. Not Rated min Drama, Romance. A loving young creative couple, Max and Anna, experience inexplicable difficulties which tears their relationship apart.

Votes: A chronicle of the life of a middle-class French girl's sexual adventures, her then fall into prostitution, and her ultimate redemption. Votes: 9, Unrated min Drama, Romance. One day at a colleague's going away party, Anna meets Domenico, a virile, slightly older chap who's married with two small kids.

Passion's flames are rapidly kindled and result in steamy encounters. R min Drama, Mystery, Romance. A woman faces deadly consequences for abandoning her loving relationship with her boyfriend to pursue exciting sexual scenarios with a mysterious celebrity mountaineer. Votes: 16, R min Drama, Mystery, Thriller. A New York City doctor embarks on a harrowing, night-long odyssey of sexual and moral discovery after his wife reveals a painful secret to him.

Not Rated min Drama, History, Horror. Maria Francisca, a wealthy young heiress and her friend Mariana De Castro, a young protestant widow, are accused of witchcraft and taken before the Spanish Inquisition of Lima, Peru. Unrated min Drama. Jasna is a teenage girl living in the poor suburbs in the south of Belgrade, Serbia. She likes to record everything around her using a mobile phone camera.

She is making videos of herself, Votes: 5, Not Rated 83 min Drama. NC min Drama, Romance. A young American studying in Paris in strikes up a friendship with a French brother and sister. Set against the background of the '68 Paris student riots. Not Rated min Drama, Fantasy. A filmmaker holds a series of boundary-pushing auditions for his project about female pleasure. One day he comes across Dora, a young Not Rated 71 min Drama, Music, Romance.

In London, intense sexual encounters take place between an American college student, named Lisa, and an English scientist, named Matt, between attending rock concerts. R min Drama, Thriller. A committed dancer struggles to maintain her sanity after winning the lead role in a production of Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake". Not Rated 81 min Comedy, Drama, Horror. A disturbed and delusional high school student with aspirations of a career in medicine goes to extremes to earn the approval of her controlling mother.

Director: Richard Bates Jr. Votes: 19, R 93 min Biography, Drama. The story of Linda Lovelace , who is used and abused by the porn industry at the behest of her coercive husband before taking control of her life. R min Drama.

After a chance meeting at a hotel in , Holocaust survivor Lucia and Nazi officer Max, who tortured her, resume their sadomasochistic relationship. Votes: 10, A woman becomes involved with a man she barely knows. Complications develop during their sexual escapades. Approved 98 min Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy. Barbarella, an astronaut from the 41st century, sets out to find and stop the evil scientist Durand Durand, whose Positronic Ray threatens to bring evil back into the galaxy.

Votes: 29, NC min Biography, Drama. Intrigued by them both, she begins expanding her sexual horizons with her husband Hugo as well as with Henry and others. The discovery of a severed human ear found in a field leads a young man on an investigation related to a beautiful, mysterious nightclub singer and a group of psychopathic criminals who have kidnapped her child.

NC min Comedy, Drama, Music. R min Biography, Drama, History. In 17th-century France, Father Urbain Grandier seeks to protect the city of Loudun from the corrupt establishment of Cardinal Richelieu. Hysteria occurs within the city when he is accused of witchcraft by a sexually repressed nun. Votes: 12, R min Drama, Horror. A woman starts exhibiting increasingly disturbing behavior after asking her husband for a divorce. Suspicions of infidelity soon give way to something much more sinister.

France before When a widow hears that her lover is to marry her cousin's daughter, she asks the playboy Valmont to take the girl's virginity. But first she bets him, with her body as prize, to seduce a virtuous, young, married woman. NC 98 min Drama, Romance, Thriller. A young female landowner in s Jamaica marries a just-arrived Englishman to avoid losing her property. All seems to be perfect, love arises, and happiness is on the way, but she is Multi-narrative adaptation of Richard v.

Krafft-Ebing's notorious medico-forensic study of sexual perversity. Not Rated min Drama, Fantasy, Romance. A sexually unsatisfied young woman decided to pursue various sexual experiments and scenarios. Votes: 1, R 84 min Drama.

Although deeply in love with her boyfriend - and indeed sleeping in the same bed with him - a schoolteacher cannot handle the almost complete lack of intimacy he will allow. Unrated 77 min Drama. A woman employs a gay man to spend four nights at her house to watch her when she's "unwatchable". R 97 min Drama, Horror. A love triangle develops between a beautiful yet dangerous vampire, her cellist companion, and a gerontologist.

R min Comedy, Drama, Romance. Two attractive young lesbians, Maggie and Kim, meet in Vancouver, develop a passionate romance, and move in together. Meanwhile, Maggie's well-meaning but naive mother Lila gets divorced Fate brings two diversely different women together, and sets them on a collision course that will shatter their preconceived notions about love, life and the power of one's soul.

R 94 min Drama, Romance. An uptight and conservative woman, working on tenure as a literacy professor at a large urban university, finds herself strangely attracted to a free-spirited, liberal woman who works at a local carnival that comes to town. Not Rated min Crime, Drama, Romance. In Victorian England, Sue, a young thief, participates in a scam to defraud a rich heiress by becoming her maid. Things take an unexpected turn and Sue's plan goes horribly wrong.

Votes: 7,