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Character sheet for Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. If you looking for the Powerpuff Girls character page, go here. Note: Only list characters that have made a significant contribution to the story; that is, if they are only a cameo or have yet to appear in the story at all, leave them out. Leader of the Powerpuff Girls, naturally, although a bit more reserved in this version than in the TV series. Hasn't done much as of late in regards to the plot aside from striking up a friendly relationship with Dexter after being saved from Mandark.

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Doujinshi girls

Whether he was just humoring Zim or truly meant it remains to be seen. GIR then launched some smoke bombs at Buttercup to disable her movements while Bell was unconscious. She mocked Buttercup Douijnshi she Doujinshi girls going to kill Blossom, and Doujinshii slit her throat. Categories :. He saw that Betty and her crew were approching an unknown ship and infiltrated. Meanwhile Jack and the professor made a decided what to do with Buttercup and decided that Courage should Monroe evening starr with her and keep notes of what she was doing. Dexter quickly fleed and went Doujinshi girls her grave only to find Mandark, grieving at the tombstone of his lost love, Dee Dee. Buttercup did a final atomic buster on Bell gorls Blossom delivered a powerful kick against Sam's stomach. The New Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. She saw two things in mind but didn't know what decision to make.

Model tara hoffman. This webcomic provides examples of:

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Till' chapter 7 Bleedman mostly did all the work himself.

  • We opted to leave the sign untranslated to fit with her monologue on page 3 where she's unable to discern what's written on it.
  • No Jago Scylla-chan no.
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Till' chapter 7 Bleedman mostly did all the work himself. From Chapter 7, BeeAre helped with the story and Seiryuga with colors. But since Chapter 8 Seiryuga stopped, probably because of his own projects. The comic is a crossover of sorts based on the TV show: The Powerpuff Girls, though finding Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup slightly older and now going to school in a fictional, neighboring city of Townsville known as Megaville.

However, evil forces soon set their sights on the girls, which will no doubt lead to conflicts as the comic progresses. While PPG Doujinshi includes many familiar characters drawn anime -style , the comic also sports a slew of original characters, the most noticeable being Bell , a supposed Powerpuff Girl dressed in white who works for the villains.

Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi was updated regularly on Sundays until recently when the artist began to work on his related comic, The Adventures of Grim Jr. It is very fan-oriented, with several artists and writers influencing the work of the creator. There, they made friends with several other students, including a boy named Dexter. At first the girls didn't like that they moved to a new city and had to met new people.

The girls went to a new school, where when the teacher asks them introduce themselves, they talk about their abilities. Nobody in class believes them, and everybody - except Dexter start laughing at them. During recess, Dexter walks up to them and apologizes on behalf of the rest of the class.

He tells them he believes them about their powers, saying that its because he is a superhero himself, and asks for proof. Buttercup scoffs at his claim, and they fight to prove what each said. Buttercup first think he is easy to beat but it turns out that Dexter has a metal aran in his backpack.

At first he defeats Buttercup but Blossom and Bubbles join the fight. After Dexter defeats them again, the gym teacher Sensei Jack commands them to stop and takes them to the School's Dojo, while Bell and Dr.

X watch them from the top of a building. After Jack had a talk with them he decided to leave them over to Dexter. Bubbles then also met her new friend Courage. Jack explained to her that he got him from a nice old lady who asked if he could take care of him since he was badly wounded, but she never came back to pick him up. Bubbles was along with Courage outside playing when suddenly the Dread Dragon appeared from nowhere and attacked her while Courage went to the others to call for help.

Blossom, Buttercup and Dexter fight him but he is too strong, eventually Jack comes to save them. After his defeat Mojo Jojo seems to have been watching the fight. When he wants to leave he is encountered by Bell and she took him with her to their hideout. Jenny's mother Nora came to her and told to Dr. Brisbaine that it was supossed to be a simulation and not a slaughter.

Brisbaine commented that he had a miscalculation. He said to Boomer that he was in the "clouds" again and said to Weasel to have the report by his desk the next morning.

Brick knew that Boomer was thinking about the Powerpuff Girls again and said that he should focus on the operation. Back at the Megaville Elementary the girls were walking through the hallways and two fan-girls named Tootie and Suzy encountered Buttercup and reacted on her superhero powers. After they were gone Blossom had another encounter with Dexter, and Bubbles also became "friends" with Mandy.

Meanwhile in the lab of Nora she was trying to fix XJ-9 again with the help of Sheldon Lee who knew very much about robots and also was very in love with Jenny, to Jenny's dislike. Meanwhile Mojo Jojo was brought to the home of Bell. He encountered the Irken Zim and his puppy disguised dog GIR , who at first seemed to be their leader but turned out to just be a maid. Mojo Jojo had also met with Dr. X, Samantha and the Darkstar Council. X explained to Mojo that they were planning to take over the Earth but had some obstacles including their most giant threat the Powerpuff Girls.

He said that Mojo now is a servant of him and he is trying to seek other people like him and took Mandark Astronomonov as an example. Mandark was spying on Dexter and discovered that he had began a relationship with Blossom. Blossom and Dexter were in the library studying.

Dexter left and went to his secret lab inside the school, but was followed by Blossom. When she was inside of the lab she saw a dead girl hanging in the lab and first mistaken her for Bubbles but when she looked closely she saw it wasn't her. Dexter came and told her she shouldn't be here and kicked her out of his lab. Blossom searched for Otto and told him what she saw in Dexter's lab.

Otto told her that it was just an gynoid but also an except replica of Dexter's older sister Dee Dee. He took Blossom with him through time to let her show Dexter's past.

Otto told her that Dee Dee was very annoying and constantly destoryed Dexter's lab. But that was just a normal brother-sister relation. Dee Dee also took Dexter sometimes with her to talk about nature. Once of those times Dee Dee said to Dexter that if she dies that he shouldn't try to bring her back. Then on another day when Dee Dee sneaked inside of Dexter's lab Mandark broke in along with his Jackbots.

They began to battle until one of the Jackbots fired a laser towards Dexter and Dee Dee tried to save Dexter by jumping in front of it. Mortally wounded by the shot and with the lab destroyed, Dee Dee died from injuries, in Dexter's hands while Mandark fled in grief and terror. This whole scene was watched by Blossom, an experience that would change her forever.

Dexter couldn't accept that his sister was dead and began to make an android of her. But he wanted to make that gynoid as human as possible so he used real human organs in the gynoid. Suddenly Dexter heared voices of Dee Dee about the promise they made. Dexter quickly fleed and went to her grave only to find Mandark, grieving at the tombstone of his lost love, Dee Dee.

When he saw him Dexter pulled his scalpel and tried to kill Madark for what he had done to Dee Dee. When she was back in the normal time she encountered her sister and hugged them, Buttercup reacted angrily and reacted it towards Otto. Blossom was gone outside and sat at a tree when suddenly she was encountered by Bell and GIR, who began to fight with her.

Eventually some Cluster robots came along with Mandark and thay kidnapped her. Meanwhile Otto was at home eating with Larry and Buck , who saw that there was something up with him. Otto told it was about Blossom, but Buck and Larry thought immediately that he was in love with her so he couldn't explain anything. Dexter was in Dreamland where he dreamed about Blossom, with also Cosmo and Wanda appearing in his dream. But he wasawakened when Otto called him to say he got a message from Mandark that said that he had Blossom.

Dexter ordered Otto to go to her sisters while he goes to save Blossom. Dexter went in the Megas along with Coop towards the lab of Mandark. When they were there Dexter uploaded the moves from Dee Dee on the Megas to distract Mandark with those moves but it didn't work. Dexter went inside the lab while Coop stayed there to battle Samantha in her Megabee. While Dexter was breaking inside Mandark's lab, Dr. X had a discussion with Zim about Mandark.

X explained Zim the past of Mandark that he was grown up with hippie parents but he himself liked science much more. Dexter became his arch rival since he always made fun out of him. After he had killed Dee Dee he went into a depression until Bell came to him to take him with her and get a better life.

X raised Mandark like he was his own son and Bell saw him as her big brother. Meanwhile Mandark was in his lab and put Blossom into a coffin that filled itself with water so she would drown. Dexter broke in and the great battle between him and Mandark began.

After beating Mandark, Dexter freed Blossom but he was already to late, Blossom was dead. Grim was ready to take Blossom with him but the spirit of Dee Dee asked him if he could let Blossom live so he did. Meanwhile outside the battle between Coop and Samantha seemed to be ended when the Megas slammed the Megabee down. But Samantha was on the Megas and broke in and was about to kill Coop until suddenly Buttercup came along with Otto and sucker punched her.

One of the Darkstar Councils came and took Samantha with him so she couldn't cause more chaos. When Blossom was revived Dexter had a talk with Mandark about the murder on his sister. Dexter said that he couldn't care since he hasn't have a sister, but Mandark says he has and that she is called Olga Astronomonov.

He told Dexter about her and became mad and thought that Dexter was going to try to kill his sister, to get even with him.

So Mandark called a giant Cluster to battle Dexter. The Cluster grabbed Dexter and he became unconsious, and couldn't escape. Then Buttercup stormed in and rammed the Cluster and freed Dexter. Mandark then decided to commit suicide and take the rest with him, so he activated several bombs, and the girls couldn't escape. Suddenly the Megas came in and the girls and Dexter stepped on his hand and left leaving Mandark behind.

The lab exploded and Mandark was killed. Meanwhile at the home of Dr. X, Bell discovered Mandark was dead and got angry at her dad by not saving him although he knew. X responded that this was a battle between Dexter and Mandark and a test for Mandark that he had failed. Samantha was also angry of Buttercup and decided to take revenge.

Everyone went to the home of the girls.

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Doujinshi girls

Doujinshi girls

Doujinshi girls

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Character sheet for Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. If you looking for the Powerpuff Girls character page, go here. Note: Only list characters that have made a significant contribution to the story; that is, if they are only a cameo or have yet to appear in the story at all, leave them out.

Leader of the Powerpuff Girls, naturally, although a bit more reserved in this version than in the TV series. Hasn't done much as of late in regards to the plot aside from striking up a friendly relationship with Dexter after being saved from Mandark. The perky blonde of the trio. Not much difference between her version here and the TV version, and she hasn't done very much, either. The most recent arc seems to be trying to change this.

The rough-and-tumble brunette of the trio. Much more aggressive here than on TV, and has an amusing crush on Jack-sensei, the gym teacher. The titular boy genius of Dexter's Laboratory. Still the same Science Hero that we all know and love, though thankfully not as arrogant this time around.

Tests the girls' combat skills on their first day at Megaville Elementary, becoming friends with Blossom afterwards. He is haunted by the death of Dee Dee, his older sister, who died trying to protect him while he was fighting Mandark, his arch rival. He is now attempting to reconstruct her as an android. Dexter's sister. She died after Taking the Bullet for Dexter during a firefight with Mandark, returning later on to keep history from repeating itself with Blossom.

Yes, that Jack. Plays the role of gym teacher at Megaville Elementary and lives at a dojo located near the school. He teaches students basic self-defense while also helping to maintain order on campus, as demonstrated during the Powerpuff Girls' fight against Dexter.

Has quite a following amongst the female students. The little history wiz from Time Squad. Another one of the students at the school, and also a friend of Dexter's. In this version, he is an accomplished Time Ranger with the equipment to travel through time. He shows Blossom Dexter's past in order to help her better understand him. Later, he acts as the messenger when Mandark kidnaps Blossom, and ends up joining in on the rescue mission.

The big loveable buffoon of Megas XLR. Comes to Dexter's aid to help rescue Blossom, holding off Samantha and her mecha while Dexter deals with Mandark. Before that, he loaned Megas to Dexter for repairs and maybe some tweaking. A mysterious, faceless figure with a flaming head who has his sights set on taking over the world , starting with Megaville.

One of the strongest fighters in the Darkstar Council. She manages to give Blossom a real run for her money during their Cat Fight. Dexter's bitter rival in all things science. During one of their usual scuffles, one of his Jackbots managed to get clear aim at Dexter. Dee Dee, however, jumped in the line of fire to save him at the cost of her own life.

Mandark took her death as hard as Dexter did, possibly even more so , and with a little prodding from Dr. X and Bell, he convinced himself that Dexter was at fault and plotted to kill him for it by kidnapping Blossom and using her as bait to lure him out. Sure enough, Dexter comes to rescue her, and the two duke it out in one final battle, which cumulates in an emotional breakdown so severe that Mandark outright demands that Dexter kill him.

Dexter refuses on the grounds that Dee Dee wouldn't want him to do it, and Mandark, having completely lost the will to live at this point, triggers his lair's self-destruct mechanism and presumably dies in the ensuing explosion. Everyone's favorite Irken invader is seen here fulfilling the role of Dr. X's house maid, while his robot companion GIR is off with Bell.

X has promised him the chance to take a shot at the Powerpuff Girls himself. Whether he was just humoring Zim or truly meant it remains to be seen. Zim's robotic assistant. Silly and nonsensical as always, Bell has taken a liking to him to the point of unofficially adopting him as her pet, and the two can usually be seen together in any strip in which Bell makes an appearance. Why she joined forces with Dr. X is anyone's guess. She assists Mandark during his battle with Dexter by distracting Coop and Megas with her own equally powerful Humongous Mecha , and she has the upper hand until Buttercup shows up, forcing her to retreat but not before vowing revenge on Buttercup.

The Powerpuff Girls' arch nemesis; his obsession with destroying the girls caused him to follow them into Megaville after they moved there. After his initial attempt on their lives on the first day of school failed, Mojo was shanghaied by Bell and brought to Dr. X, where he was offered a place in the Darkstar Council. Just what plans Dr. X has for him remains uncertain. Jenny's arch-enemy and the former ruler of Cluster Prime.

She now leads a rogue faction still loyal to her and has teamed up the Darkstar Council. Became fast friends with Bubbles. Here, they're the subject of study in a secret government project called "Project Rowdy". Exactly what said project entails remains a mystery. In this version, Boomer is a little more innocent, while Brick and Butch are apparently planning revenge against the Powerpuff Girls for their last defeat.

Interestingly, the idea to include the Rowdyruff Boys in the comic at all wasn't Bleedman's, but that of a deviantART member. By the time of comic, the Rowdyruffs hadn't reappeared back in the TV show yet. The robot heroine of My Life as a Teenage Robot and also part of Project Rowdy, where she more or less serves as the boys' combat training opponent.

Their last simulation session ended badly. She lost an arm and was seen having it repaired. Has recently reappeared back in the story. Jenny's "mother" and another participant in Project Rowdy. She disapproves of the Rowdyruff Boys' extreme fighting style, particularly that of Butch. And isn't afraid to talk down to them in spite of their power. It was later revealed she in town from Tremorton for a science expo, which the ballet class from Megaville Elementary is opening for. The Grim Reaper, though he hasn't been doing much reaping lately.

His existence in this universe is expanded upon in the semi-related Grim Tales from Down Below. If the two comics do in fact share a universe, that is. Mandark's sister and previously unseen member of Megaville Elementary student body. Appeared immediately following Mandark's death and seems to be keeping an eye out specifically for Dexter and the Powerpuff Girls. Has apparently been head of the school's dance troupe since something happned to the previous leader presumably Dee-Dee dying and previously hung out with Mandy and Gaz.

Better known as Atomic Betty. Stars in a sidestory entitled The Forgotten , in which she and her crew come across a seemingly abandoned ship that turns out to be occupied by the Cluster. The outcome wasn't pretty. The Powerpuff Girls "father". Ended up moving his family to Megaville after a job opportunity and trying to help them adjust. A very loving father with a bit of a silly side occasionally.

Dexter's lab monkey who was given superpowers from his experiments, unknown to the boy genius as Monkey keeps it hidden from him. Was called into action by Honeydew one of the MC's of the science expo after the Darkstar Council invade it. Community Showcase More.

Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Darkstar Council A group comprised of all of the story's main villains and headed by Dr. Unsurprisingly, their ultimate goal is to Take Over the World. Of course! However it should be pointed out that the alliance members have conflicting loyalties so the alliance shouldn't make sense. Unless they're all planning on backstabbing each other. Show Spoilers.

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