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Scientific name - Haliaeetus leucocephalus. Order: Falconiformes. Family: Accipitridae , Genus Haliaeetus , Species leucocephalus The Accipitridae family,, which also includes hawks, kites, and old-world vultures. Scientists loosely divide eagles into four groups based on their physical characteristics and behavior. The bald eagle is a sea or fish eagle.

Falco leucocephalus Linnaeus, Eagles can open and close their talons at Life size bald eagle model. From November until February, one to two thousand birds winter in Squamish, British Columbiaabout halfway between Vancouver and Whistler. March They seem to carry everything you would need for this project with the exception of the feathers. The bald eagle placed in the genus Haliaeetus sea eagles which gets both its common and specific scientific names from the distinctive appearance of the adult's head.

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Bald eagles are sexually mature at four or five years of age. Reclining Cow in Playground! Chicken with Playground Egg. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Blonde girl summer webcams population increases in Washington may be limited by the availability of late winter food, particularly salmon. National Archives. When seen well, the golden eagle is distinctive in plumage with a more solid warm brown color than an immature bald eagle, with a reddish-golden patch to its nape and in immature birds a Life size bald eagle model contrasting set of white squares on the wing. University of Nebraska Press. New York, NY: Scribner. The highly developed talon of the hind toe is used to pierce the vital areas of prey while it is held immobile by the front toes. Baby Elephant. When hunting concentrated prey, a successful catch often results in the hunting eagle being pursued by other eagles and needing to find an isolated perch for consumption if it is able to carry it away successfully. Permits are primarily issued to public educational institutions, and the eagles which they show are permanently injured individuals which cannot be released to the wild. Knight, Richard L.

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  • The bald eagle Haliaeetus leucocephalus is a bird of prey found in North America.
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Enjoy these bald eagle pictures congregating in Alaska. At the bottom of this page, you will find more details of the bald eagle, and how climate change is affecting them. A portion of the sale is given to conservation groups that help bald eagles and other animals from the effects of climate change. This great bird, not only treasured as a symbolism of the country, is not found commonly outside of North America. We have a great variety of images in our bald eagle photo gallery.

The population of these birds found soaring the skies of Alaska is staggering. The bald eagle rightfully represents the US with its strive to be the best.

We capture their strength and also power in our pictures of eagles. The eagle is not only first to its prey, but it also builds the largest nests on the entire continent. Not actually bald, these birds are brown and white feathers on their head and also the tail.

They boast a large and also hooked beak which matches the color of its feet, and irises—a hypnotizing, bright yellow. Our American bald eagle photos are perfect for anyone who admires these beautiful creatures.

With feather-free legs and also talons to match, the bald eagle is fully equipped to capture its prey from above. We focus on their raw and graceful movements in our bald eagle photo gallery. Rather large in size, the eagle spans out a body length of 28 to 40 inches. On average boasts a wingspan of 5 to 7 feet or so. The female bald eagle is known to be 25 percent larger than the males. One of the things I enjoy so much is taking bald eagle pictures. These birds are mainly found in North America with a large population of them in Alaska.

The legs of this beautiful bird are feather-free, and the toes are short and so powerful with large talons. All images of bald eagles in our collection detail their natural movements.

The highly developed talon of the hind toe is used to pierce the vital areas of prey while it is held immobile by the front toes. The beak on this bird is large and also hooked, with a yellow cere. You can vividly see their characteristics and details in our pictures of eagles. Our American bald eagle photos tell their story. Following the birds from an early age, Bald Eagle photography can help place even the smallest details about their day-to-day life.

From their diet, consisting of fish and also preying on small birds to their mating habits. We captured their movements in a short film when taking pictures of eagles. Like humans and also penguins, bald eagle images are able to capture the monogamy of the birds. They are known to mate for life.

If one member of the couple dies, the survivor will choose a new mate. You can see how they interact with each other in our images of bald eagles. A life span of around 20 years, bald eagles know how to survive—and also to do it alone. Normally, these birds tend to choose remote areas to set up their nests away from human activity. I have captured newborns, male, and also female bald eagle pictures during my Alaskan visit. Fortunately, the numbers have increased and their population has since recovered.

On July 12th, , the national bird found peace again with its removal from the list of endangered species. Bald eagles are known to mate for life. However, if one member dies, the survivor will choose a new one. They have a life span of approximately 20 years. The bald eagle is usually quite sensitive to human activity.

As a National bird and also the national animal of the United States of America, the bald eagle appears on its seal.

In the late 20th century it was on the brink of annihilation in the United States. Populations have since recovered. The species was removed from the U. Firstly, The trip from New York takes over 18 hours.

From such close vicinity, I can also watch salmon swimming upstream. Finding a perfectly safe place to lay their eggs.

With the lens in hand, the sky is literally my canvas. You can see their mighty characteristic in our American bald eagle photos. You can see them soar in our male and also female bald eagle pictures as well. From a quality quick-action photo of a bald eagle on the shore grabbing salmon out of the water to also flying away after the catch.

If you love bald eagle decor, contact us with your desired print for pricing details. Which also makes for some great bald eagle pictures. When taking eagle images, these lenses have always worked for me above all.

This can be seen in our bald eagle photo gallery. This can help the bird get used to your presence, which can also be a great time to study their habits and mannerisms.

Each print makes the ideal eagle home decor for all lovers of the majestic bird. We also print on art paper, which is another medium included in our year guarantee. Upon request, we can also frame or put our images on plexiglass. Our patriotic eagle pictures come in different sizes and.

The numbers of this national bird have declined drastically over the last century, mainly due to pesticides and hunting. Our patriotic eagle pictures show their strength and also endurance like the American spirit. During the year, bald eagles will migrate breeding.

However, due to global warming , their food sources have been affected. The heat has also been threatening their ability to reproduce. The storm winds have also been proved as a danger to their nests and baby birds. This means a reduction of population and also a definite decrease in inspiring bald eagle pictures.

However, as a wildlife photographer, the birds in my eagle photos do not take to accepting forms of payment. So there is a great cause we stand behind with our eagle home decor. They do a great job helping animals in need and also give back to nature in that way. With every purchase of our eagle images and also our varied collections, we donate a percentage of the sale to these organizations.

So, not only do our customers, like you have an inspiring photo of the American national symbol on your wall, but you can also help conserve their well-being, helping them thrive in nature. Our patriotic eagle pictures are exclusive and limited edition. Perfect bald eagle decor for all lovers of birds and also animals. We offer our Limited Edition Bald Eagle pictures in 5 different sizes to beautifully fit in your home. Contact us today for your fine art photo print inquiries. Visit our wildlife blog for more stories of our extreme expeditions to photograph eagle images, wolves, polar bears, and also more.

If you enjoy black and white animal pictures, view our blogs on horse photography , wildlife photography , or wildlife home decor. Watch our expeditions around the world on our short films page where we travel to Alaska to photograph eagle photos and also pictures of bears. A: I have learned that it is best to carry a lens with an extended reach a mm to mm if you want to display details in your bald eagle images.

You should get as close as possible without disturbing them. Staying in one spot, and also allow the bald eagle to get used to you. This helps you to learn about their mannerism. A: Just forty years ago, the bald eagle was in danger of extinction. The destruction of their habitat, illegal shooting, and also contamination of food source led to the decimation of the eagle population. Habitat protection by the Endangered Species Act, the banning of DDT, and also conservation actions have helped bald eagles recover.

Each of our black and white pictures of bald eagles displays inspiration making it a great piece of art for any home. Contact us today for print sizes and also price quotes. In captivity with a nutrient-rich diet and also veterinary care, eagles can reach 50 years old. Toggle navigation. Follow us facebook twitter pinterest instagram youtube linkedin mail.

Characteristics of Bald Eagles With feather-free legs and also talons to match, the bald eagle is fully equipped to capture its prey from above. Watch our short film on bald eagles. Play Pause Unmute Mute.

Patuxent Wildlife Research Center. Department of the Interior. It is found near large bodies of open water with an abundant food supply and old-growth trees for nesting. The Bald Eagle: haunts and habits of a wilderness monarch. It chooses sites more than 1.

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American Bald Eagle - Scientific Fact Sheet

Shop By Animal. Our life-size stuffed bald eagle looks amazing, is a blast to play with, and is educational too! Hand cut fabrics, hand sewn stitches, and a hand finished face are just a few of the things that go into the thoughtful and highly skilled creation of our stuffed bald eagle.

This exceptional level of hands-on crafting and individual care ensures that each life-size bald eagle stuffed animal has a truly unique appearance. The intricate care put into creating this stuffed bald eagle is only a fraction of the loving care that it will soon receive from its fortunate new owner. The specific characteristics of a real bald eagle come alive in this stuffed animal with pinpoint accuracy and its realistic size makes it a one of a kind gift for nature lovers, plush collectors, and children.

Each life-size stuffed animal is designed by artists using portraits of the animal in its natural habitat. The stuffed animal's custom designed coat is carefully hand cut by skilled craftsmen for a distinctive look and unique personality.

Every piece comes with a teaching tag describing, in detail, the animal's habitat, lifestyle, gestation period, care of young and eating habits. These true-to-life stuffed animals look great in dens, offices, and display cases and also make excellent playmates.

We suggest surface washing for this stuffed bald eagle. Features Teaching tag includes information on habitat, lifestyle, eating habits, and more Completely hand sculpted with a hand finished face Hand cut, custom designed fabrics Measurements: 46 inches long wingspan 16 inches wide 24 inches tall.

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