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Political cartoon from depicting Stephen A. Spanking or smacking is the most commonly-used form of corporal punishment , consisting of one or more sharp smacks applied on the buttocks. The verb to spank has been known in English since , possibly onomatopeic in nature. It is remarkable that English and several other languages have a specific, common verb for spanking, that distinguishes it from corporal punishment applied to parts of the anatomy other than the buttocks. Thus in Latin the only word derived from culus buttocks was culare, meaning 'to spank,' similar to the Italian sculacciare ; in French, the verb is fesser , also from 'fesses' buttocks.

Spankingart spanking machine wikia

Spankingart spanking machine wikia

Spankingart spanking machine wikia

Spankingart spanking machine wikia

This is our own specialized Wiki for our own very special community. In Wikipedia Add links. In Britain and many Commonwealth countries smacking Naked redneck boys whacking is used as the general term; machjne spanking usually referring to bare-handed discipline. Maybe I'm just too demanding. The Happily Spanked Girl. The Disciplinary Couples Club.

Josh booty wife. Media in category "BDSM whipping in art"

That is our first priority as a steward of your work. Didn't receive the code? For the safety and privacy of your Pornhub account, remember to never enter your password on any site other than pornhub. By using this site, you Spsnkingart to Spankingart spanking machine wikia Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The same machine was also said to be perhaps planned to be used at the Denver Industrial School For Girls. VermilionThorn Jack808 February UTC. Remember me on this computer not recommended on public or shared computers. Thanks for the concern. The first thing to say, is that the content is safe. As much as I've, at times, had problems with some of the child related content on this wiki, Spnaking always supported it because I think its continued existence is a pretty clear cut free speech issue. Why wasn't there any warning? All we know is that some complaint about the wiki's content was wikua much for this multi-million-dollar hosting company to handle decisively "on a Friday afternoon" or, evidently, wikiq successive three afternoons. I thoroughly enjoyed the SpankingArt Wikia, Vintage ducati basket, as with all things inherently "democratic" barring all classical use Spankingart spanking machine wikia Spsnkingart termthe Powers That Be ignore Majority Rule in favour of Minority Rule, those small groups who wanna bitch about some hypermoralistic semantics and just so happen to have the entire system by the shorthairs. Main page Mature Moms TV does not own, produce or host the videos displayed on this website.

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  • A spanking machine is a machine built to administer a spanking.

Political cartoon from depicting Stephen A. Spanking or smacking is the most commonly-used form of corporal punishment , consisting of one or more sharp smacks applied on the buttocks.

The verb to spank has been known in English since , possibly onomatopeic in nature. It is remarkable that English and several other languages have a specific, common verb for spanking, that distinguishes it from corporal punishment applied to parts of the anatomy other than the buttocks. Thus in Latin the only word derived from culus buttocks was culare, meaning 'to spank,' similar to the Italian sculacciare ; in French, the verb is fesser , also from 'fesses' buttocks.

All of these terms testify to the historical or persisting prominence of this punitive target in many cultures. Spanking, by today's definition, consists of striking the buttocks , usually as a physical punishment , with either an open hand or various implements such as a cane or belt. In the empirical research literature, spanking is also know as customary corporal punishment CCP that consists of a swat of the hand on the child's buttocks or thighs, for the purposes of suppressing behavior judged offensive by the parent.

CCP is part of a larger class of aversives, ubiquitous in childrearing, ranging from ignoring behavior or verbal disapproval, to stern correction and confinement. CCP is sometimes mistakenly equated with beating, which includes parent hostility and rage that produce trauma and physical injury in the child. In the United States and Canada , all discipline applied to the posterior is usually known as spanking. In Britain and many Commonwealth countries smacking or whacking is used as the general term; with spanking usually referring to bare-handed discipline.

The two subsections group the various spanking spheres for convenience: the 'domestic' model spanks in a paternalistic mentality, intending or at least claiming to re educate the spankees, often 'for their own good', and more informally, which often includes the use of conveniently available objects made for another purpose, such as a hairbrush , belt , pointer rod , Physical punishment yardstick or various household objects, etc.

Spankings are administered in particular to children by their educators , i. Although non-erotic fiction usually shows or says corporal punishment for adults as administered above the waist, in most cultures and legal systems it was at least as common to administer on the buttocks, i.

For obvious practical reasons adults are rarely spanked over knee or lap, rather bending or bound over some object or construction closely resembling the child's exposure, without the skin contact that is often undesirable or even indecent for the official spanker , in fewer cases standing or hanging as usual for punishment above the waist as against a wall or whipping post.

The very parallel with child discipline is part of the deliberate use of public humiliation as part of punishments. Hence, the condemned is often bared, completely or partly to expose the buttocks, or only covered for modesty, with little protection against the instrument; this is still usual under sharia in many countries.

While even the back is sometimes left clad for an Islamic whipping, as in Saudi Arabia , in ethnically mainly Chinese Singapore and Muslim Malaysia it is more common to cane the bare buttocks. In some schools, spanking is allowed as a means of disciplining students. Such schools often allow elementary students ages 6—11 , intermediate students ages12—13 , and high school students ages14 —18 to be so disciplined. However, schools or school districts usually specify the circumstances under which spankings may be administered and which personnel may administer them.

World Corporal Punishment Research [4] has compiled "Regulations of individual schools or school districts" throughout the nation, state by state, and internationally, "with external links to present-day school handbooks" that specify the circumstances and personnel who are authorized to administer spankings. Spanking is still permitted in 22 U. In New Jersey and Iowa, all corporal punishment, including spanking, is prohibited in all schools, public and private.

Spankings are usually used as a last resort, after previous, alternative methods of discipline have been unsuccessful. Even then, students are often allowed to elect an alternative punishment if they prefer to do so. In some cases, however, spankings are mandated, and no alternative is provided. Spankings are usually delivered with a paddle, with a predetermined number often three to the child's buttocks. Spankings are given in private so as to protect the student's privacy. Usually, the principal delivers the spanking.

In some cases, a teacher is also permitted to spank a student. Parents are also frequently permitted to spank their children at school. When school officials spank a child, a witness must be present. In its most common use as a means of domestic corporal disciplining, spanking usually refers to a child lying stomach down across the spanker's lap — misleadingly referred to as taking a child 'over the knee', though that is also possible — and the parent or teacher bringing their open hand down hard on the child's posterior.

The buttocks are filled with nerve endings and the sting from sustaining repeated swats in quick succession is immediate and highly uncomfortable. Hence the 'last resort' reputation of this form of punishment. It is generally believed that this is the safest way to spank since striking a standing child could cause back injury.

Spanking advocates argue that the buttocks are the safest place to administer corporal punishment since it produces a sharp stinging pain, but injury is unlikely; indeed even the judicial cane in, say, Singapore is applied there, with protective padding just in case the back, especially the kidneys, are accidentally hit.

Some child specialists say that if a parent must administer a spanking, it should not be done in anger indeed discipline must be rational and consistent, not emotional satisfaction — and only as a last resort when other forms of discipline have failed. They say that for a spanking to be educational it must be perceived as logical and just: the spankee must know what exactly it is for, the severity fitting the 'crime,' preferably according to previous warnings; and the threat should be systematically carried out, not whimsically, nor the severity altered without justification.

Especially with young children, it should follow quickly upon being caught, and some warn against consecutive comfort such as hugging as that might confuse the child, maybe even lead it to think that the beating and the crime leading to it earned it the affection. Some recommend preceding the spanking with an explanation to the child of exactly why the spanking will happen — or in the case of older children, having the child explain this reason to the parent — so that the child understands what the misdeed was.

Spanking is generally considered corrective punishment, without intention of permanent physical injury; however, such intentions do not always have their desired result, nor is the amount of the emotional injury easily quantifiable. There are questions over what level of pain is appropriate until it crosses the threshold into abuse. Up until the midth century it was perfectly acceptable in most communities for a spanking to cause a child to cry in pain throughout and have trouble sitting down afterward, even leaving stripes or bruises for days, sometimes even lasting scars.

Today some including courts in some countries consider even mere redness of the skin abusive, though others would call it effective discipline. Spankings are delivered over a diaper usually merely to emphasize humiliation, but not to cause pain , over clothing , over the undergarments , or upon the bare buttocks depending on the amount of pain or humiliation intended; the latter is greatly increased by witnesses, such as the household, the class, or even a school assembly.

The removal of the clothing by the spanker may be seen as humiliating as the child is made to experience being undressed by someone other than oneself. It also induces a feeling of helplessness as the child is no longer in control of the situation. Most educators in modern-day Western societies consider avoidable humiliation inappropriate. Others consider the humiliation of exposing one's bare buttocks a legitimate or even essential part of the punishment, as the main purpose of spanking is to cause a psychological deterring effect by means of pain.

The deterring effect of humiliation can be lessened or even outweighed by macho pride or, "taking it like a man". There are documented cases of British Royal Navy captains requesting corporal punishment under regulations prescribed to be publicly administered on the 'bare stern' with an instrument other than the one used on the bare backs of sailors.

They considered being struck a 'man's punishment' and a virile badge of honor, worth the physical pain. Spanking — like corporal punishment in general — is a hotly debated social issue in many countries. Questions exist as to whether children should be spanked see the sections below , whether it is an effective method of discipline and if so how it is best done, see above , and whether or at what point it constitutes child abuse.

Most of the points mentioned apply more generally to most or all forms of physical punishment. The level of abusive punishment, over and above CCP, is not known in these data. NLSY data also indicate that over half of all parents who use CCP with younger children taper their use by the time the child is in second grade, suggesting the behavior problems were not severe and were resolved.

NLSY data also show differences appear along racial lines. In the United States, African American children are spanked more often than white or Hispanic children, and later into the elementary school years. NLSY data also show differences according to sex, especially after three years of age, when boys are spanked more often than girls; this sex difference is most evident around the early elementary school years. Arguments for the use of CPP fall into four categories: empirical research evidence, civil rights, religious belief, and philosophical.

A review of the outcomes of parental use of nonabusive or customary physical punishment. Pediatrics , 98 4 , Baumrind, D.

New York: Garland Publishing. A blanket induction against disciplinary use of spanking is not warranted by the data. Pediatrics, 98 4 , Kuhn Authoritative parents, who exhibit a more controlled and systematic manner of addressing discipline situations, occasionally use CCP, especially under the circumstances described, and experience lower levels of behavior and emotional problems with their children.

Such is not the case with the extremes of other parenting styles, which vary between excessive authoritarian punitiveness, and permissiveness; the latter form encourages in children higher levels of sustained anger, moodiness and in more extreme cases, social pathology. Permissive parents tolerate higher levels of defiance, but may also be more inclined to verbal aggression when their attempts to redirect the child are ineffective and they judge the behavior intolerable.

Other anecdotal arguments used by some proponents of spanking is that proper and effective spankings cause only temporary pain and no damage. It has been claimed that when parents and children are engaged in a prolonged struggle for authority, the anger and bitterness that results can cause an emotional estrangement that far outweighs any possible negative effects from moderate spankings, while a sound spanking on the bare bottom would "clear the air.

Since a child's learning process is believed to be less complex than that of an adult, they claim that children are more likely to be influenced by such a conditioning. Additionally, there is anecdotal evidence for a widespread and deep skepticism among pro-spankers of all the arguments against spanking, and a general feeling that the practice of spanking recalcitrant children has proven its worth over a period of many centuries.

They believe that the bias against spanking is arbitrary and an improper application of egalitarian principles to what they claim is an inherently unequal social relationship. Civil rights advocates who accept spanking often frame the issue of CCP as a matter of parental rights, stating that parents have the right to raise their children in the way they consider most appropriate.

They also hold there is little evidence that moderate spanking is harmful. Religious rights advocates of spanking refer to Bible verses mentioning "the rod", and assert that spanking is therefore an acceptable punishment from a Christian moral or religious point of view. Some attribute the quotation "spare the rod and spoil the child" to the Bible; in fact, it comes from a bawdy poem entitled " Hudibras " by Samuel Butler.

The Bible verse itself reads, "He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him. Proverbs NIV ". A later verse also advises, "Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you punish him with the rod, he will not die. Punish him with the rod and save his soul from death. A precis on the philosophical principles of the use of CCP in child-rearing and the development of conscience is developed by Cross Anti-spanking advocates argue chiefly that spanking is abusive, that it is ineffective, and that it teaches children that physical violence is an acceptable way to deal with other people.

Some also believe that this may contribute to physical abuse in cases of bullying at school and physical abuse on siblings in family battles that occur between the children. Many cases of bullying at school have been linked to physical abuse cases. Spanking is also criticized for being a violation of human rights.

Teresa Whitehurst said "The literature is replete with accounts of rape victims who never came forward to name their accuser or even to admit they'd been violated because they were so ashamed at their bodies' involuntary response to touch, thinking that this would suggest they enjoyed the assault.

Nerve endings can and do function without our conscious consent. The pendulum is beginning to turn against spanking and paddling as science amasses more and more evidence regarding the sexual role played by the buttocks, and the ways in which any touch--with a hand or with a paddle--can create unwelcome but unavoidable arousal.

Baker Books, , Project Zero, Harvard's premier research institution. Opponents also hold that spanking is ineffective and that other forms of discipline are more successful at teaching a child to behave properly.

Also, unlike taking away a child's favorite toy, spanking is permanent and cannot be reversed if it is determined that it was not actually warranted. Spanking may lead, it is argued, to psychological damage and even possible PTS syndrome-related effects due to prolonged fear, feelings of mistrust and being un-loved, alike with bullying at school or other forms of abuse.

It's been four days since the wiki in dispute has been taken offline, and yet the company has still failed to issue a single clear comment to the community elucidating the fate of the content or the progress or conclusions of its administrative review. In French, a paddle is called tapette. Wikia had to choose between the principles they claimed to support, and corporate sponsorship. Thank you. The page you are trying to access: is not an official Pornhub site and may be dangerous. People who do things on their own such as obtaining new domains, starting new servers, posting links to what might be called "internal process" related to the move, and so forth are undoubtedly well-meaning, but cause confusion because their actions are not coordinated with the group leader's efforts.

Spankingart spanking machine wikia

Spankingart spanking machine wikia. Full list of categories :

White speculated on a similar device to apply bastinado automatically. Since that book is a parody of as well as sequel to Gulliver's Travels , the same sprit of the early Age of Reason as in the Bentham quote is plausibly invoked. Walt Disney featured a mouthsoaping-and-spanking machine, connected to a lie detector, in their animated 8-minute film The Practical Pig YouTube. The following gallery features vintage illustrations and cartoons of spanking machines.

In those days, an often featured aspect of the spanking machine concept was that such a machine could be built to chastise not just one delinquent but a whole row of offenders simultaneously, for group spankings. A French conception of a spanking machine, driven by a steam engine, for little boys left and little girls right. Little Nemo comic strip from February 7, The following gallery features contemporary spanking machine drawings and rendered art. Cassie from Dragon Tales in a spanking machine.

Drawing by Fred Vegerano link. The drawing to the right shows a spanking machine in which the machine does not actually do the spanking, but rotates a group of spankees such that a single spanker can spank them all from one position. A special case are self-spanking machines. These are machines that are constructed such that the spankee actually powers the machine that spanks them, typically built on the bicycle principle.

For more on this, see spanking bike. Jump to: navigation , search. A Russian conception of a spanking machine. A German conception of a spanking machine. A seated man watches a machine switching a group of young women. Unknown artist and year. The opposite of a spanking machine: a machine to test a mother's spanking strength Another spanking machine by CopyKats Spanking Machine is the debut album by American punk rock band Babes in Toyland , released in The working title of the album was Swamp Pussy , which later ended up becoming the opening song on the album.

It was recorded in , before the band's sessions with Jack Endino, at Technisound Studio and produced by Brian Paulson. The single was backed with "Spit to See the Shine". A promotional video for the song "He's My Thing" was also recorded, though the song was never released as a single. Recorded during a live show at Minneapolis' First Avenue, the video was recorded on a 16mm camera by Mike Etoll. Spanking Machine received generally positive reviews from critics, with Mark Deming of AllMusic stating:.

Other bands interested in the underground music scene - most notably Sonic Youth - were fans of the album, so much so that Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore invited the band to perform on Sonic Youth's European tour [7] to promote their latest album, Goo.

All songs written by Kat Bjelland , except where noted. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Babes in Toyland. Retrieved March 17, Entertainment Weekly.

April 27, Retrieved May 18, In Brackett, Nathan; Hoard, Christian eds.

The Spanking Art Wiki – A Gift to the Community | The Woody Back to School Unit

Help - Search - Members - Calendar. Full Version: Boy Scouts are for spanking? Peter Damian. I'm not so delighted to see that photo copied into a Wikia called "Spanking Art", to enhance an article about Boy Scouts that reads: While nowadays the Scouting movement prohibits the use of corporal punishment as part of its activities, this was not always so, and in spanking stories they often go hand in hand, especially with Beaver and Cub Scouts.

There are also some spanking drawings that show young scouts, e. Exactly what kind of perverts are Wikia and the Wikimedia Foundation enabling, by allowing them free and unfettered access to simple pictures of boys, that are then twisted and exploited on your for-profit company's website, so that they are interwoven into adult perversions and roleplay?

I know I'm not supposed to link there [direct link to WR, horrors], but you really ought to spend a minute or two reviewing this analysis of what's going on, before you unwittingly spawn a worldwide boycott of Amazon. Is there a reason that you are complaining on Wikipedia when the problem you have is with Wikia?

Another site is using our image or rather the Wikimedia Commons' image in accordance with copyright in a way that you find inappropriate. There is nothing that Wikipedia can do. Wales for his development of Wikia, Inc. I assumed that it would also be the place to bring criticisms of Wikia to light. It would appear that the photographer of the Boy Scouts image doesn't much care about how the picture is used at Wikia.

Since there is such indifference to this within the Hive, perhaps the twisted minds of Wikipediots would be better persuaded by pointing this out to the Boy Scouts of America, so that they can issue a take-down order to Gil Penchina? Even better, somehow find the moms and dads of the specific boys in the photo and point them to how Jimmy Wales and Amazon see fit to exploit them for the edification of "spankophiles". An angry mom or an outraged dad is far more potent than a DMCA take-down notice!

It's one thing for a year-old man to wear a diaper and ask his "mommie" to spank him. It's another thing altogether to find a photo of some year-old Boy Scouts and slap them on a page that's drooling with anticipation of spanking their bare behinds. I warned them! The Joy. I still don't understand why the wiki- and pedo- worlds seem to cross so much. In normal, healthy life, there are diligent organizations and regulations developed to protect the vulnerable from predatory behaviour such as the above.

But in Jimboland, which is dominated by a privileged but naive class with no idea of the margins many people live on in real societies, these necessary regulations are no doubt deemed "censorship". They are rejected out of hand, resulting in a revival of practices that haven't seen the light of day in civilized society for decades.

This doesn't really impact this privileged class so what do they care? On the ground, away from the Florida poolside dreamers, a culture further disintegrates. And the people who don't bask in Jimbo's internet bonanza, and who don't get to go to Press dinners with Richard Branson, get it in the neck. Same old story of hubris and exploitation. A few more comments on Wales' page suggesting some people are now 'getting it'. Since the image is not being used commercially, and the boys are not recognizable celebrities, there can not be any personality rights issues involved in the U.

Maybe David Shankbone i. Web groups, however, can also cause much frustration because practically all hosts such as Yahoo! Such a deletion can be a catastrophe for the group's members -- like a bomb out of a blue sky it extinguishes all files, postings, the list of members, and all other content the group may have built in years of work, without any way to recover any of it. On inquiry, if they do reply at all, they will usually send a standardized reply that says the group "violated their Terms of Service" without specifying any details.

Tue 22nd January , pm. Jimbo, in his capacity with Wikia, certainly has the power to get rid of the image even if the use is legally permissible. I am not a lawyer either so I don't know if the use is permissible, but I'm certainly concerned about the possibilities. What do you think the odds are that any person involved in Scouting is going to contribute any Scouting-related photo if a company owned by Jimbo Wales is going to misuse those photos?

I can tell you that if this photo stays up, I have contributed my last photo to Wikimedia projects. If this were a third party using it, ok, there isn't much that can be done, or at least whining about it here isn't going to accomplish anything. It's a question of moral obligations. I cannot speak to the legal obligations of personality rights - I am not a lawyer. The potential for abuse of images, making wiki look bad, condoning child porn here is huge.

Please act, Jimbo. I also took the photo out of the article because I realised I could, and really don't think it should be there a moment longer than it has to I think we'll see the closure of that wiki before too long today, hopefully - but time will tell I don't really like WAS 4. Long time troller, first time poster. I think people are confusing a number of issues here: the only issue that I see as relevant is Wikia hosting an objectionable wiki.

It should probably stop doing so right away; certainly that's what I'd do if I was Wikia. But this has nothing to do with the relationship between Wikimedia and Wikia incestuous thought it may be; I'm not sure. It has nothing to do with people who take photos for Wikimedia being betrayed, any more than it would if somebody totally unconnected with Wikimedia or Wikia took a free picture they found on Wikipedia and used it for nefarious purposes.

There may also be laws preventing the appropriation of minors' images like this; I hope they are. But it's still just an issue of Wikia hosting something objectionable. You guys are arguing against freedom. Against free speech. Against free culture. Against the free reuse of media. Against WikiMedia and Wikipedia. Go sell your love of slavery elsewhere.

Privatemusings leading the charge! How much do we have to complain before, say, the police get called in? Has Amazon been told? Anyway, I registered and joined in the fray. Does the sexual depravity of wiki-world know any bound? It seems Wikia is now acting on the complaints.

Man, the chick doing the spanking in that photo looks an awful lot like Elonka Dunin? Could that be her???? This may or may not include some consumption of the material, consumption of which may carry health risks. If I ever have to buy that much equipment to get off, I'll kill myself. Also I wish someone in Wikimedia could obscure a face without it looking ridiculous. In the UK, any adult has to be CRB checked including my 18 year old daughter who has been in the sea scouts for several years and is now a helper.

That is jargon for going to the criminal records bureau. That came about because of the Soham murders especially, where it turned out that a person who had come to the attention of the police several times had not been checked when applying to be a school caretaker. Naively, but having being watching the zoophilia debate shudder!

I have been CRB checked for being a guide dog puppy walker. It slowly dawns that it is not a joke after all. The UK Scouting Organisation goes to great lengths to ensure there is a rigorous process to ensure not just physical safety on expeditions, but that there is also a process for parents to be reasonably confident that the people in charge of scouting groups are suitable, including parent helpers who would now be CRB checked even if going along to help with a supervised expedition.

If that was a picture of an English boy scout, the national organisation would be absolutely horrified and would take all possible measures to identify the person involved and ensure they were removed from the scouting organisation. I am not sure what the International relationship is between the organisations, but I am fairly sure that I could contact the right people in the UK to put pressure on both Wikia and The Scouting Association in America.

I am acutely aware that going public with the media is likely to go in the wrong direction: I am a great supporter of the Scouting Movement as a worthy organisation which has been a tremendous help to my family and I would hate this to end up harming them rather than Wikia.

I want to contact the UK movement, but I am not sure I can frame the right wording to translate the technicalities into plain English. Could we work together to come up with a standard letter?

Basically it needs to say, "Watch out. Wikia is hosting material which both brings the scouting movement into disrepute and appears to be condoning and encouraging violence against children and sexual abuse. It would be very interesting to know the legal position. And in the words of Wikipedia, for all those Wikipedians browsing this, that is a legal threat.

You are damaging an organisation I am proud for my family to be involved with. Pass the message on - this will get nasty. Is it any wonder Wkipedians are worried about what might bring them or their project into comparable disrepute? The UK Scouting Organisation goes to great lengths to ensure there is a rigorous process.

I took the pic, so yes I can release it. And no the boys aren't ID'd. Anything I need to do hear? Also, does Metros believe that User:Rlevse the photographer explained the GFDL to these or year-olds, and did they comprehend it?

Does Rlevse have the authority to release the photo without permission from the 5 boys' parents? Sent email, posted this "The potential for abuse of images, making wiki look bad, condoning child porn here is huge.

If such use is condoned, I will no longer submit images of children to wiki. OK enough is enough.

Spankingart spanking machine wikia

Spankingart spanking machine wikia

Spankingart spanking machine wikia